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WWE Hell in a Cell

Welcome to WNW’s Hell in a Cell 2016 Predictions! Hell in a Cell will be emanating from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. This time around, we have myself, Zack Krasney, The Retro Goat, Joshua Tucker and Kendra Bunyon providing predictions. (Going forward, this will primarily be the group of writers predicting Raw pay-per-views.) Let’s get to it!

Kickoff Match
Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado & Sin Cara vs. Drew Gulak, Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari

The Retro Goat:

The CWC was one of the absolute best shows WWE has put on in years. To have a WWE Network and not watch it is a disservice to yourself. Virtually nothing the main division has done could even hold a candle to it. Including...the Cruiserweight division. Tragically, everyone not going for the title (I.E one guy) is a very bland one dimensional good guy or bad guy. Which is very frustrating after literally having just seen them put on multiple unanimous Match of the Year candidates to immediately getting the Divas (not Women's) treatment is just disheartening. With that also comes the fact that this match means literally nothing. With nothing at stakes and little reason in story to care, I'm guessing the Face team will win. Just to start the PPV with a win for the good guys.

The Retro Goat's Predicted Winners: Alexander, Dorado & Sin Cara


This should be a high paced and fun way to kick off the show and get the crowd into it. Let these 6 just go at it and have some fun and they will fire up the crowd. Cedric, Lince, and Sin Cara should pick up the win here and hopefully start showing some character and personality afterwards. They will never get over on the main roster without it no matter how good the matches are. The Main Roster fans are an entirely different beast then the NXT/CWC/Indy fans were and you have to make them care about you or they will cheer off the wall things like we saw in Cincinnati a couple weeks ago. It’s time to start investing in the personalities of the cruiserweights and bringing those to the forefront and let’s see then what we got with them.

Joshua's Predicted Winners: Alexander, Dorado & Sin Cara


This should be fun to watch, as most Cruiserweight tag matches are. I'm going with the heels on this one because it seems the babyface teams always win. Plus, Gulak and Nese deserve a victory under their belts.

CJ's Predicted Winners: Gulak, Nese & Daivari

Kendra's Predicted Winners: Gulak, Nese & Daivari

Singles Match
Bayley vs. Dana Brooke


I’m usually pretty flexible with wrestlers when they are green because it’s not their fault and they just need some experience. That said, I can’t stand Dana. She botches the simplest stuff! Like putting someone’s foot on the rope. She’s just green as grass and it makes Bayley look bad to be in a rivalry with her. Mainstream fans don’t know who Bayley is and what she accomplished in NXT and WWE is doing a TERRIBLE job of letting Bayley get over. I don’t know what the hold up is, other than possibly waiting for a Sasha Banks heel turn. WWE needs Emma back ASAP so they can have another legitimate woman on the Raw roster that can keep the division alive because right now it’s just Sasha, Charlotte, and Bayley. Bayley better win Sunday.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Bayley

The Retro Goat:

It makes me want to cry a little to see Sasha and Charlotte hopefully make history multiple times over at Hell in a Call, while seeing the just-as-talented Bayley get stuck with Raw's Eva Marie. It really wouldn't surprise me to see this match go all of four minutes and will most likely happen again on Raw the day after. For now though, I'm going with Bayley. Build Ms. Underdog up again.

The Retro Goat's Predicted Winner: Bayley


Well, the booking 101 has been going into overdrive on this feud. Dana wins the first match and they script and injury angle and now the rematch is on. Bayley is the Ultimate Underdog and will overcome all the odds here “injury” and all to defeat Dana and then the Hug life will set Dana Brooke free from Charlotte.

Joshua's Predicted Winner: Bayley


Bayley has been the "underdog" throughout this feud even though we all know she is above taking losses to Dana. It's obvious Bayley will win. I foresee both women participating in the Traditional Survivor Series match for Raw.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Bayley

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Bayley

Tag Team Match
Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson


I’m torn between who I think should win this match. Enzo and Cass should win because they are the more entertaining team and honestly Anderson and Gallows just don’t do anything for me. I think The Club (are we calling them that?) have fallen flat in WWE. It could be their booking, it could be just them. Either way, I find them boring and I find Enzo and Cass to be a better team. That said, if we are going to start trying to rebuild Anderson and Gallows there need to be some legitimate matches and legitimate wins. Beating Enzo and Cass could definitely do that. Then again, Enzo and Cass could use the win since they never got redemption for losing to Shining Stars. Honestly, I think Enzo and Cass should pick up the win and that’s what my guy is telling me will happen.

Zack's Predicted Winners: Enzo & Cass

The Retro Goat:

It's always nice to look at Raw and realize we have the better Tag Team division by far. Smackdown has Jordan and Gable, we have literally every other decent tag team.Though both have poor handling storyline wise, unfortunately. This is a match that one wouldn't think would have issues in terms of story, but such is Vinnie Mac's version of The Club. While I do sincerely like Gallows and Anderson, I recognize it's hard to care about two ass kickers immediately after they were portrayed as glorified comedy jobbers. Now they're just regular jobbers, I guess. I'm expecting Enzo and Cass to get the win, so they can go on to face New Day at Survivor Series.

The Retro Goat's Predicted Winners: Enzo & Cass


This should probably be called the match no one cares about. Neither teams are really go anywhere right now. Both could probably use the win here. I feel because Enzo and Cass are so over WWE can probably see them as more likely to be able to absorb the loss and come back from it as the Club has been wadded up and thrown in the trash from how little momentum the have now. I think they win here though I’d rather have Enzo and Cass win.

Joshua's Predicted Winners: Gallows & Anderson


This one is a little tough for me to predict. I feel that both teams should take the win and neither should lose. Enzo and Cass have scored the TV victories, so I'll give the PPV victory to the heels this time.

CJ's Predicted Winners: Gallows & Anderson

Kendra's Predicted Winners: Enzo & Cass

Cruiserweight Championship Match
TJ Perkins (c) vs. Brian Kendrick


I am gonna be honest. I’m pulling for Kendrick just because I loved him in WWE the first time around and I love him now. I think he deserves to be the champion and I think as the most recognizable wrestler in the Cruiserweight Division he should be the champion. Either way, the match will be strong, I’m sure because both men are incredibly talented and know each other well. WWE needs to do a better job of building up the rest of the Cruiserweight Division and giving people legitimate personality and storylines so that fans can get invested. Sooner or later fans will get bored without a direction. Especially because the division seems to have been shackled and aren’t performing at the top of their game. It seems the crossover from the CWC to the main roster has hit some barriers. We will see where WWE goes from here. If they want to keep Kendrick vs. Perkins going then Kendrick is going to need to win gold here.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Brian Kendrick

The Retro Goat:

In a PPV where every Raw title is coincidentally on the line (immediately after the Raw PPV where that is the exact gimmick...) it's fairly easy to assume at least one title change will happen. With TJP being the blandest of the non-Samoan Raw champions and Brian Kendrick's story being quite literally the only storyline going on in the entire Cruiserweight Division, it's a fairly safe bet this would be the one to feature a title change. Almost certainly due to a dirty finish, but a win's a win. Though it does beg the question of where to go once this feud is over, since as mentioned earlier it is literally the only feud in the entire Cruiserweight Division.

The Retro Goat's Predicted Winner: Brian Kendrick


I expect this to be a pretty good match. These two have been the best built up of the Cruiserweights so far as they have been given and actual storyline and things to actually make them stand out from the crowd. I like TJ and I think he’s got a bright future. Brian Kendrick is a reliable Vet and would make a Fine Cruiserweight champion. I’ve gone back and forth on who I’d thought would win this match ultimate I decided to just flip a coin and go with that. The Coin landed on tails so I’m going with a New Cruiserweight Champion and say the Brian Kendrick steals the championship with an underhanded tactic.

Joshua's Predicted Winner: Brian Kendrick


The direction of the Cruiserweight division is somewhat questionable at this point. Perkins vs. Kendrick is the only real storyline we've seen, so one has to wonder if it will continue? Kendrick is probably taking the title, but for some reason I'm sticking with TJP.

CJ's Predicted Winner: TJ Perkins

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Brian Kendrick

Raw Tag Team Championship Match
The New Day (c) vs. Sheamus & Cesaro


Honestly, Cesaro and Sheamus have been really entertaining together. That alone is reason to leave them together. That said, they shouldn’t beat New Day, at least not yet. They need to start getting along a bit more before they can beat New Day. Either that or there needs to be a chink in the armor of New Day. I say New Day wins here and over the next few weeks Sheamus and Cesaro get more friendly, only a little, and then they can beat New Day at the next PPV.

Zack's Predicted Winners: New Day

The Retro Goat:

WWE may throw a curveball for the sake of a shocking swerve and give the titles to Big Punchy McEuropeDudes (trademark pending) but does anyone legitimately expect New Day to drop the titles when they're a few days from the absolute all time records? To a team that formed a month ago? Love 'em or hate 'em, New Day's holding those titles until a team exceeds them in overall popularity. It may be kind of hard to fathom, but they are at a point where beating them for the titles is a legitimately huge accolade, and one that shouldn't be given to a thrown together tag team that could be called "Cesaro's contract is coming up soon and he hasn't signed a new one yet." If it wasn't so wordy, I guess. Sticking with Big Punchy McEuropeDudes though.

The Retro Goat's Predicted Winners: New Day


If The New Day Don’t lose the titles here then you should probably just go ahead and give them the tag team title reign record because the next PPV being Survivor Series with that 5 team vs 5 team suvivior Series match that will probably have the Tag team Champions in it they wouldn’t defend there and the next PPV after that is WWE Roadblock which is 4 days after the record is broken. I’ve enjoyed the interactions and things of Sheamus and Cesaro. It has been fun to see the bitter rivals having to try to form an awkward and vety reluctant team. But because they won on Monday I don’t see them winning the titles at the PPV. The New Day will remain your WWE Raw Tag team champions. *Hip rotations*

Joshua's Predicted Winners: Still your (Sorry Not Sorry Big M) WWE RAW Tag Team Champions The New Day


I'm going with the oddball option and picking Cesaro and Sheamus to end New Day's historic run. I guess it's more that I'm cheering for them because I'll be very shocked if they pull it off.

CJ's Predicted Winners: Sheamus & Cesaro

Kendra's Predicted Winners: New Say

United States Championship Hell in a Cell Match
Roman Reigns (c) vs. Rusev


Let me just start by saying I don’t think this match should have been inside Hell in a Cell. Roman and Rusev’s rivalry is one that entertained me for the first match and hasn’t done much for me beyond that. Honestly, I don’t have much in the way of expectations for this match, but that might be the best thing for it. I don’t think they’ll take the strap off of Roman, I don’t think anyone expects that, so it’s pretty much a given how this one will end. I can only hope that somehow we get a new rivalry after this match. Maybe someone beats down Roman post-match or something because I’m done with this rivalry.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns

The Retro Goat:

I feel bad for Rusev. Roman Reigns is almost a kiss of death to anyone working against him, and poor Rusev is perpetually stuck as Roman's incompetent arch rival. There's just no legitimate chance of Roman losing this match clean a month after getting the title. Beating poor Rusev used to mean something too. As something of a side prediction, I'm betting this'll be the worst of the three(!) HIAC matches, and possibly the one that uses the gimmick the least. There just aren't really any stakes, and this isn't a captivating blood feud that NEEDS the demonic structure to settle it once and for all. Undertaker and...well, anybody, this HIAC match is not.

The Retro Goat's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns


This is the only match that truly feels like it should be in the Cell. It’s been so personal and heated that the cell is the perfect place to end this feud. I also feel because of this, that this match should be the Main-event over the Universal Championship match and the Women’s Championship Match. I may be the only one but I’m expecting a pretty good match out of these two with the cell coming into play and being used to its fullest in this match as far as PG rules will allow. It’s also a good thing this is in the match that ends feuds because Roman needs to move on as US champion and feud with someone else. Roman puts an end to the Bulgarian brute in his way here and makes the US title matter just because he’s the one that has it.

Joshua's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns


Having these two battle one more time in this structure is the perfect ending to their feud. It's been fun, but it's time to move on with Roman continuing his run as champ.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns

Universal Championship Hell in a Cell Match
Kevin Owens (c) vs. Seth Rollins


I am excited about this match because both guys can flat out go and are going to pull out some crazy stunts for the Cell. I can’t tell if they’ll involve Jericho in some way or wait for play things out with him and Owens after Sunday. Either way, this will be a helluva match and I’m really looking forward to it. I think that Owens retains, too early for him to drop the title, and we see him go on to face Jericho. As for Rollins, he is doing really well with his face turn and probably won’t leave the title picture. Then there is the question of Triple H….Do we see him tonight or do they wait? I think they’ll wait but a lot of people disagree. We will have to watch to find out.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Kevin Owens

The Retro Goat:

Tragically, if there's only one person against an idea and that one person is Vince, the idea almost certainly isn't happening. Such is the case for the Women's Championship match main eventing. While it should happen, it isn't like Kevin Owens VS Seth Rollins for a world title inside Hell in a Cell isn't a totally worthy main event! This match should be badass, and it's status as Match of the Night wouldn't be in question if it wasn't an almost certainty the women were going to give every last thing they have inside their HIAC match to prove once again that they deserve to regularly break history. I still believe it's too soon for Kevin Owens to lose the Universal Title, since the poorly named title does need the prestige of not being hot-potatoed. Unless Jericho makes Kevin Owens lose the title, deliberately or not, I'm expecting this feud to keep going with Owens as the champion a little while longer. Likely culminating in a Triple Threat between Rollins, Owens, and Jericho.

The Retro Goat's Predicted Winner: Kevin Owens


This feud is the least logical to be in this match type. It’s also sad that both Owens and rollins have been outshined by Jericho who isn’t even part of the match. I’m over the feud and Owens needs to move on to someone else while Rollins moves on towards his eventual match with HHH. Owens needs to move on even more or his reign will begin to look weak. Him and Jericho need to have their falling out and then they need to build to Owens vs a returning Finn Balor for Wrestlemania season.

Joshua's Predicted Winner: Kevin Owens


Between Kevin's reign being premature and Rollins winning the triple threat, it's safe to say Owens will most likely retain. Expect some form of interference from Y2J or even Triple H.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Kevin Owens

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Kevin Owens

Raw Women's Championship Hell in a Cell Match
Sasha Banks (c) vs. Charlotte Flair


This match better go on last. There is word floating around that McMahon is being stubborn about them not closing the show. At this point, why wouldn’t you put it on last? You’ve got the WWE Network, you’re already putting them inside a Hell in a Cell match, just put in on and make history! I am actually concerned about the match itself. I know how far these two women are willing to push themselves and that’s what makes me nervous. Sasha has hurt herself in regular matches for glory. Now add in that it’ll be the first ever Women’s Hell in a Cell and it MIGHT be main eventing? They’ll put everything on the line, but let’s not go crazy in there and get hurt. Either way, this match is THE match for me. I’m basically tuning into Hell in a Cell 95% for this match. I want to see the boss walk away on top, too. The pop in her hometown will be insane.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Sasha Banks

The Retro Goat:

Smackdown can keep their top heel/#1 Contender losing a PPV match in five minutes to a replacement, we have arguably the most important women's match in over a decade happening on our show, and it legitimately could main event. Tragically, Vince is old. It's beating a dead horse, but his finger hasn't been on the pulse in fifteen years, and he just kind of lucks out on the good things in WWE recently instead of actually creating them nowadays. As is the case with the Women's Division, where it could actually main event a PPV. A throwaway B-PPV before one of the big four, granted, but it's still never been done on WWE's main roster before. Ever. And wouldn't it be so fitting for this legitimate feud, featuring two great athletes with the title on the line inside Hell in a Cell, to main event? Plus to make even more history, I'm betting on Charlotte's PPV undefeated streak to finally come to an end. No matter what though, this won't be a great women's match. This will be a great match period. Best of luck for the two of them, who will likely put on Match of the Night.

The Retro Goat's Predicted Winner: Sasha Banks


History for the sake of history is never a good idea. I have a really bad feeling from this match that someone will get hurt badly and WWE will regret this and it will kill the women’s revolution. These two have traded the title back and forth all summer but this feud has never really felt like it was really all that personal or spiteful. That lack of feelings from this feud makes having this match in the Cell seem out of place and meaningless. I really hope they are done with playing hot potato for a while with the women’s championship and Sasha holds it for a while.

Joshua's Predicted Winner: Sasha Banks


These ladies have earned the main event and I have no doubt they will steal the show. Sasha is just getting started, and there's really no reason why Charlotte should win.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Sasha Banks

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Sasha Banks


Thanks everyone for reading our predictions this round! Feel free to post yours in the comments below, and don’t forget to join us tonight at 7 PM EST for our live coverage and Open Thread Party for Hell in a Cell! Fun fact - WNW's own Kendra Bunyon and Brendan Wahl will be in attendance!

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