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WNW Predicts - Money In The Bank 2014

Welcome to WNW’s Money in the Bank 2014 Predictions! Money in the Bank will be emanating this year from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachutsetts. This time, we have Kendra Bunyon, CJ Blaze, Jamie Welton, and Chris Surrancy providing full predictions, while Alex Barie, Gesus Oliver, myself, Mike McCarthy, and WNW reader Nicholas Lal are providing quick picks. Also, David Jr has indulged us with more of his rhyming predicts! Let's get to it!

Big E vs. Rusev


Okay, it's time for Big E to go over Rusev, and for them to find a new direction for Rusev. If it wasn't for Lana, Rusev wouldn't have lasted half the time he's been around already. It's time to fish or cut bait with Rusev, and either way, that means Big E wins.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Big E

Sam's Predicted Winner: Big E


I can’t say that I’m looking forward to this match, but I’m glad Big E is staying on TV. I honestly don’t care for Rusev. I just can’t get into his gimmick and ring work. These two had a short match at Payback and then WWE slowly continued this program as way to put another match on the card it seems. As much as it kills me to say it, Rusev goes over here.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Rusev


This match has been pretty much thrown together at the last minute and is WWE booking itself into a corner with the Rusev character. On one hand I expect him to go over and continue his domination. On another hand if he loses then it makes everything WWE have put behind Rusev a waste of time. When I weigh up the situation I just can't look past a Rusev win here, although I expect Big E is going to give him the biggest test he has had to date and we hopefully get to see a side of Rusev we are not familiar with; him wrestling something other than a squash match.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Rusev


A battle of the brutes, I'm expecting a trainwreck in this one. While both men can work, I don't expect this to be match of the night. Personally I think they should have gone the route of Swagger versus Rusev, at least then Barrett wouldn't be hurt right now. I'm looking forward to seeing this one because I have always loved unbridled brutality. Big E will put up one hell of a fight but in the end, just as last time, he'll fall to Rusev once again.

Chris' Predicted Winner: Rusev via The Accolade


Big E has fought him once before.

Unlike Apollo Creed in Rocky IV.

Wait Rusev, not Ivan Drago.

Now which way will this match go?

I think it should be Big E.

But Rusev is who I see.

David's Predicted Winner: Rusev

Alex's Predicted Winner: Rusev

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Rusev

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Rusev

Nicholas' Predicted Winner: Rusev

Mike's Predicted Winner: Rusev

Special Guest Referee Fandango:

Summer Rae vs. Layla


This is absolutely the comedy match of the night, but I hope the Divas get a few solid moves into this mess. Honestly, I really don't care much about the match, but I think Layla looks better out there dancing with Fandango. I know they had Layla in because she can dance while Summer Rae was out filming her movie with Miz, but I'm not sure they have the chemistry that Summer Rae and Fandango have. Now, I'm not a Summer Rae fan, and haven't been since she first started with Fandango, something about her just rubs me the wrong way. It was before she was on Total Divas, and I think it's because her face reminds me of my arch nemesis from high school, but that's the type of thing that sticks with you, whether you want it to or not. All that being said, Summer Rae is back, and she's grown on me some, and Fandango seemed to enjoy kissing her, and didn't run to console Layla. I think Summer Rae is going to win this match, and win back Fandango in the process.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Summer Rae

Sam's Predicted Winner: Layla


I was asked this week if I thought this match should take place at MITB and I said sure, why not? It actually has some build! And I don’t see why they would do this feud on TV and not have a “big” blowoff. I think adding Fandango as a referee makes it even more interesting for those that care. Now that Summer is back, is it possible that they pair them back up? Whether or not WWE chooses to make things “interesting”, I’m predicting that Fandango helps Summer Rae win and they get back together.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Summer Rae


Normally I wouldn't honestly care about a match involving Summer Rae as I'm not a fan of her in the ring, however because she is facing Layla and the way these two have made the build up interesting I am actually looking forward to seeing these two face off. With Fandango being added into the mix as a special guest referee this adds an interesting element to the match in who will he choose? Both women have clearly got into his head and I'm seeing that clearly he needs to pick one or the other. With Summer being part of Total Divas season three I expect her to go over in this one, however I expect Fandango will remain with Layla in the long run and for this to be the start of a face run for Summer.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Summer Rae


Seriously? First off, where do they get off having two Divas matches on a card? Secondly, does ANYONE care about this "feud" at all? I'm going to make the bold prediction that I'm sure the majority of fans would like to see happen anyway, I see this match having no true finish as the ref walks out on the match leaving the women behind. We finally see a more serious side to Fandango start to show as he focuses on himself and winning titles instead of who he has on his arm. (Personally I would have preferred a tag team MITB match, but screw it.)

Chris' Predicted Winner: Fandango leaves both in the ring.


Summer Rae used be with Fandango.

Then Layla started coming out with him on the show.

Fandango and Layla they would kiss.

Summer Rae said Fandango, she did miss.

Now they will fight and Fandango will referee.

I think Summer Rae, who the winner will be.

David's Predicted Winner: Summer Rae

Alex's Predicted Winner: Layla

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Layla

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Summer Rae

Nicholas' Predicted Winner: Summer Rae

Mike's Predicted Winner: Layla

Goldust and Stardust vs. Rybaxel:


I'm so excited about Stardust, and how he's selling it. I think the Rhodes brothers have to win this match. GoldStar could make this summer that much more fun. As I have said from the start, I don't want to see Cody as Stardust forever, but he's running with this character in ways I never thought possible. This just proves that Cody can do anything, and really is turning into an amazing work horse for the company. So impressed with this direction, and that GoldStar could be getting another solid push!

Kendra's Predicted Winner:GoldStar

Sam's Predicted Winner:GoldStar


The Stardust character has my attention and I can’t wait to see him in action again. It feels too early for Stardust and Goldust to split after they literally changed everything about Cody Rhodes for the new gimmick. The match should be good and I expect these golden stars to pick up another win.

CJ's Predicted Winner:Goldust and Stardust


Through the Stardust character we are seeing a whole new side to Cody Rhodes. While the character has similarities to Goldust Cody has managed to make it individual at the same time. Rybaxel have seemed to get the better of these men until Stardust made his debut. I see a Goldust & Stardust victory in this one to continue the push of the Rhodes brothers. Rybaxel have been on a great roll lately but I think this is the end of their run of victories.

Jamie's Predicted Winner:Goldust and Stardust


It may sound weird to hear but I'm actually really looking forward to this match, I've become a fan of RybAxel as the two men actually seem to have gelled as team, and who hasn't loved Goldust, especially with the addition of Stardust? We'll actually see some solid tag team wrestling here but in the end it can only go in one direction. Stardust will hit Diamondust on Ryback for the pin and the victory.

Chris' Predicted Winner:GoldStar


When Cody Rhodes left Goldust.

Finding Goldust a new partner was a must.

After many weeks trying to find a new one.

Cody Rhodes believed the search was done.

It is Stardust, Cody Rhodes' alter ego.

Rybaxel challenged them to a match on the show.

While the brothers may feud one day.

But Goldust and Stardust are the winners I say.

David's Predicted Winner: Goldust and Stardust

Alex's Predicted Winner:Goldust and Stardust

Gesus' Predicted Winner:GoldStar

Jesse's Predicted Winner:GoldStar

Nicholas' Predicted Winner:GoldStar

Mike's Predicted Winner: Goldust and Stardust

Diva's Championship Match:

Paige © vs. Naomi


I have to admit I'm kind of pissed at VKM. He develops wrestlers and character in a fishbowl that is Full Sail, then push them on WWE TV in a way that doesn't make much sense, then blames them when they're not over like clover! Personally, when Paige is on TV, I'm glued to my TV, but then again, I write about wrestling everyday, and have done so for over ten years, and the WWE has missed quality wrestling, especially from the Divas, for too long. But since VKM is down on Paige, and Naomi should have been Champion, before Aksana decided to stupidly drop a knee into Naomi's eye. I still think that was malicious, but that's just me, and Aksana is gone, so we won't have to worry about that any longer. My only worry is that Cameron will cost Naomi the match in some way, but I'm more thinking that Naomi will win the strap, and that will be the final divide between them, and they will go on to feud.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Naomi

Sam's Predicted Winner: Paige


I had the privilege of seeing these two face each other at a live event a month ago so I’m excited to see them working against each other again, but this time it’s for the title.This triangle between Cameron, Naomi, and Paige intrigues me but is also confusing as to who’s face and who’s heel. I really think Naomi needs to break away and shine in singles competition and it looks like this is the first step. I wouldn’t be against Naomi having a run with the title as I love her in-ring work, but I don’t think it’s time for Paige to drop the belt yet.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Paige Retains


It's fair to say that while I believe Paige is a great choice as Divas champion her reign hasn't gone probably as well as most would have expected. That isn't the fault of Paige but I would say is more down to the lack of quality opponents she has faced. Anyone who watched NXT ArRIVAL and saw the match between Paige and Emma can testify that Paige is without a doubt one of the most talented Divas in WWE. She finally gets to come up here against a classy opponent in Naomi and I hope that this match lives up to the expectation I have for it in my mind already. Naomi was on a fantastic roll last year before she suffered an injury to her orbital bone thanks to a botched Aksana knee drop and I believe that she would have been the Diva who beat AJ Lee for the championship had that injury not occurred. Naomi gets her chance to show that she can be a great future Divas champion but I believe Paige will retain when we see Cameron turn on Naomi and cost her the match. Given once again Total Divas season three is coming up I would expect Naomi and Cameron going from being a team to feuding to be a heavy feature of the season so it makes sense to book this match with Paige going over without turning her at the same time.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Paige


I see this match going one way, and it's pretty obvious, Paige and Naomi will actually put on a good show with one another, it'll be back and forth and entertaining even though some people may not care for it. At the end of the match it'll look like Naomi has the win close at hand, as she's getting ready to hit her finish all of a sudden Cameron interferes and costs her the match and the championship, thus finally splitting the Funkadactyls and leading to a feud between Cameron and Naomi, with the possibility that they work a triple threat for the title at Battleground.

Chris' Predicted Winner: Paige


Paige has been Divas Champion since leaving NXT.

And at Money in the Bank, she'll have to face Naomi.

I really want to say Naomi's going to win.

But I think there will be interference from Cameron.

So I see Cameron costing Naomi a chance of winning.

And Paige will be holding the title up high in the ring.

David's Predicted Winner: Paige

Alex's Predicted Winner: Paige

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Paige

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Naomi via DQ, Paige retains

Nicholas' Predicted Winner: Paige

Mike's Predicted Winner: Paige

Tag Team Championship Match:

The Usos © vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan


As much as I love the Usos, I really see Harper and Rowan winning the TTC. I've enjoyed seeing them feud to this point, and I'm sure they're going to continue feuding as the Usos try to get the straps back. I see this going to SummerSlam, at least, if not further.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Harper and Rowan

Sam's Predicted Winner: TheUsos


I’m really looking forward to this match for a few reasons. This match has the most build to it. Not only have they been feuding before Payback, but these teams have put on several great matches since Harper and Rowan debuted last summer. The Usos have a had a successful run as champions and many think it’s time for Harper and Rowan to get some gold with the possibility of Bray walking away from the show as champion as well. But I’m going with the bold prediction and saying that I don’t think The Usos are done yet. This match could very well be a show-stealer like The Uso’s match last year. Look for Harper and Rowan to come close to capturing their first titles on the main roster, but not close enough.

CJ's Predicted Winner: The Usos


This match has been one I have been waiting and waiting on for a few weeks now. Anyone who reads the Smackdown Breakdown knows I have stated that if there is one tag team in WWE who can take the tag titles off the Usos I believe it is Harper and Rowan. With the rise of the Wyatt Family this year this is the perfect opportunity for WWE to legitimize this team as one of the toughest and best they have right now. I was so pleased for the Usos when they won the Tag Team championship before Wrestlemania, and their inclusion in the Cena and Wyatt storyline has only further elevated their stock. The time is right now for them to drop the titles and move on to bigger and better things. For me Harper and Rowan are going over and coming out with the world and the tag team championship in their hands.

Jamie's Predicted Winner:Harper and Rowan


This should be one hell of a match, The Usos have come into their own lately while Harper and Rowan have been outstanding since their debut. Seeing the battle of speed and agility versus power and brutality will be entertaining, and I actually see a crowning of new champions happening here. While the Usos will put up one hell of a fight, the power of Harper and Rowan will prove to be just a bit too much, Harper will hit that beautiful discus clothesline of his on one of the twins while Rowan brutalizes the other outside the ring, getting the pinfall and the victory.

Chris' Predicted Winner: Harper and Rowan


The Usos should be a round for a long time.

I can't wait to see them hit their prime.

While I can see them having reigns more than one.

I think their first reign is about to be done.

Erick Rowan and Luke Harper is who the winners will be.

The new Tag Team Champions, the Wyatt Family.

David's Predicted Winner: Harper and Rowan

Alex's Predicted Winner: Harper and Rowan

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Harper and Rowan

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Harper and Rowan

Nicholas' Predicted Winner: Harper and Rowan

Mike's Predicted Winner: Harper and Rowan

Money In The Bank Ladder Match:

Dean Ambrose vs. DolphZiggler vs. Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Seth Rollins


Going through the list of the wrestlers in this match, there's no way Kofi will win, they just have not pushed him into that role, and I don't see that changing. Swagger continues to screw Swagger at every turn – though I have to look at whether Swagger caused another injury, or if Barrett is snake bit. RVD has absolutely lost that spark that made him so great. That leaves Ziggler, Ambrose and Rollins. As much as I love Ziggler, I think he'd sooner be IC Champ, depending on what happens with Barrett, than winning this match. So then there's Rollins and Ambrose. Ambrose promised to ruin the PPV if he wasn't in this match, and then Rollins told Trip that he could handle Ambrose. I see them working some HUGE spots in this match (though I'll be shocked if we don't come out of this remembering the absurd thing Kofi does), then fighting off into the distance, only to return and one of them winning the match. But which one? Honestly, I can see Ambrose winning this. It will put Rollins in dutch with Trip for a bit, but in the long run, it will push this feud that much further, and make it that much more fun.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose

Sam's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins


I’m so glad there’s a second ladder match for the briefcase! It just doesn’t feel the same without it. I will admit that Barrett was one of my picks to win this match, and of course now he’s most likely out of it. I’m very pleased with the rest of the participants involved. Kofi, RVD, Ziggler, and Rollins will most likely pull off the biggest spots in the match. Dean Ambrose is another great addition. Jack Swagger... As long as he doesn’t do much, everything will be fine! At first it seemed obvious Rollins would lose with Ambrose in the match, but I honestly think he’s the perfect pick. Although, I think it would be cool to have Ambrose shockingly win. I can’t wait to see who’s next in line to be pushed!

CJ's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins


This is a match I didn't expect I was going to see at first going into the Pay Per View. To say this one has been thrown together last minute is probably a huge understatement but instead of focusing on the negatives lets look to the positive of not only getting to see this match but that I expect it could be the show stealing match of the night given the names involved. Going into the match we may already be one participant down with the potential of Bad News Barrett being removed from the match due to the shoulder separation he suffered on Smackdown. I wrote these predictions before I watched Smackdown so you can read my thoughts on the injury spot in this weeks Smackdown Breakdown. As for the match itself I can only see one potential winner here and that is Seth Rollins. It would be a huge mistake for WWE to have him turn on the Shield, join Evolution and then see him lose in his first big test. I expect some high spots and some serious OMG moments in this one and I see Rollins victory leading to something later in the night.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins


This match is seriously confusing to me, I know who I WANT to win the match, but I don't know if that's possible now. We all know that Bad News Barrett suffered an injured shoulder at the Smackdown tapings, and there were rumors of him being taken out of the match, but there's been no real confirmation of that. As a result I'm going to go ahead and take an interesting stance here, I see Rollins and Ambrose up at the top of the ladder toward the end, they battle back and forth and eventually taking a bump from the ladder together, as a result we're left watching, waiting, wondering who's going to get up and win the match. All of a sudden a man in a suit sprints down the ramp and climbs the ladder, taking down the case and heading back up the ramp in a rush.

Chris' Predicted Winner: Bad News Barrett


Who will grab the Money in the Bank Briefcase?

And then join the WWE Championship chase.

Kofi Kingston is in it to do something amazing.

He won't be holding the briefcase in the center of the ring.

Jack Swagger and Rob Van Dam won the case before.

But I don't see either winning this ladder war.

That's leaves Rollins, Ziggler, Barrett and Ambrose.

Will Barrett even be on the show? Who knows?

I'd probably have picked Barrett but who knows with his injury.

So I'll pick Seth Rollins to win out of the three.

David's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins

Alex's Predicted Winner:Seth Rollins

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Bad News Barrett if in, Dolph Ziggler if not

Nicholas' Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins

Mike's Predicted Winner: The Miz as a surprise return, otherwise Dolph Ziggler.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match:

Alberto Del Rio vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Cesaro vs. John Cena vs. Kane vs. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus


I'm really torn on this match. The WWE could go so many directions with this, but since it looks as though they might be going with Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, that knocks out a number of people right off the bat. Of course Cesaro can't face Brock at SummerSlam, Heyman would implode. Orton is a heel, and heel versus heel rarely works. I could say the same for ADR, but I don't even think he's worthy of being in this match, so he's out of the running. Sheamus has been too smiley and corny lately, acting as if he's Cena Jr., plus he's already US Champion. As much as I love Kane, and he is an absolute work horse, and they could run with the storyline that Kane wants to face Brock to avenge his brother from WrestleMania, but Kane is a heel, and the whole feel if it just isn't right.

That leaves Cena, Bray and Reigns. Now, MITB is being held in Boston (not crying over not having tickets – or at least not crying at the moment), and the Boston crowd is one of the hardest on Cena because they're basically his hometown audience. Then there's the fact that this would make him 12, or 15 time Champion, depending on how you count things, and I don't see them giving him another Championship run for all of two months, only for Brock to beat him at SummerSlam. It doesn't make sense to add another reign on Cena's list just for that short time. Honestly, I think it would be he perfect chance to strap someone new and unexpected, and give them a chance to prove themselves with a definite cut off date. It could work well for both the winner and the WWE. With a short and definite reign, the winner would have that specific time to learn and prove themselves without question as to when it will end. Cesaro would be great for that, but again, Heyman would implode to have his two Heyman Guys in a match fighting for the WWE WHC at a major PPV. So that leaves Bray and Reigns. Honestly, both of them could benefit from a short reign with an already decided cut off point. I don't think it would be pushing either of them too much, and if they can't handle it, they can always change things up and put the strap on someone else next month, though two single month reigns could look crappy. So there's two guys who could run with the strap for two months to prove themselves, and I don't think it would be pushing either of them too hard at this point, just giving them the chance that few get. For me it comes down to which of these two guys would work better against Brock at SummerSlam. As much as I love Bray, he's quirky and creative, but he's not a power house the way Reigns is. Bray is also a heel, even though the fans are behind him, and love him more than any other heel in a very long time. So that leaves Reigns. If it wasn't for the short title reign, I would absolutely suck it up, try not to worry about Boston rioting, and give it to Cena, but it is what it is, and I think it's time for Reigns to have a short run to prove himself.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns

Sam's Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt


What a mess WWE has had to take care of these last several weeks. I think they have done a nice job of handling the situation and I can’t wait to see this ladder match! My only complaint is Alberto Del Rio being in the match. Where’s the logic there? Sure the guy may be a former world champion but he hasn’t meant anything in months! But I think the other participants fit in quite perfectly. Orton and Kane are the two that I don’t want to see win this at all, besides Del Rio. While I would like to see Sheamus have another run at the top, it doesn’t seem like this is the time. Everyone has been saying Cena is walking out with the titles again, blah, blah, blah. You know what, wouldn’t you rather see Cena as champion than Del Rio?! I honestly would be fine with Cena winning, take that IWC!

This brings me down to three people that have had a great year so far: Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, and Roman Reigns. When thinking about what’s being planned for SummerSlam and how WWE would book things, I have to be careful about who I can choose out of these three. Sure, Roman Reigns is on fire and seems like the next big thing, but is it really time to strap him? Cesaro is also at that point as well. I have to remember the possibility of Lesnar going after the WWE Championship and stuff like that, but I’m going to go with Bray Wyatt winning. Some may argue that it isn’t his time either, but I know he has what it takes and I would love to see The Wyatt Family take over WWE!

CJ's Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt


It's fair to say when Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus were two of the first participants in this one there was a collective sigh of disbelief working it's way round the IWC. Luckily WWE added names like Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, John Cena and Roman Reigns to the line up to give it some star power that people cared about and wanted to see. The addition of Kane on Monday night wasn't a great surprise to me but it seems a little bit like once again Kane is the sore thumb sticking out given he is the biggest guy in there. Luckily he has Money in the Bank experience and given that he is a trusty veteran you can rely on we know Kane will perform to the level we all expect on the big stage.

When it comes to scenario's for a winner in this one I have been going back and forth on this one all week. I've had three scenario's I have gone back and forth on all week but I've finally come up with my decision. I called Bray Wyatt the next champion in the Smackdown Breakdown when he first qualified for the match, and I believe that will be what happens, but I now do not believe it will be here he first wins the title. I have to go with John Cena walking out as champion given the fact WWE needs to put the belt on someone reliable going into Summerslam. BUT I also believe Roman Reigns will be a champion too. How? Well it's simple; both men will grab a title each which will de-unify the two belts and return WWE to having two champions. While I don't think it's something WWE should do I feel like creatively it will be WWE's way of giving an opponent for Lesnar at Summerslam, whilst furthering the story line with Roman Reigns and the Authority. Now here's where Seth comes into the fold. After the match is over in all the confusion Rollin's comes out with Triple H and cashes in his briefcase against a beaten and battered Roman Reigns to win his first championship. While it seems far fetched can't honestly see WWE having just one winner and instead opting to pull a swerve and shake up the championship scene going forward.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: John Cena AND Roman Reigns (Title Split)


This match has the chance to be a complete clusterfark, but at the same time there's a chance it could be one of the most outstanding matches we see all year. There are rumors all over the place on this match, hell Vince himself can't even decide where to go with it, but I've had one plan in mind since the first seven entrants to the match were announced. What made me proud but angry all at the same time today? Reading that Vince was considering one of my ideas, almost to a tee. Taking that into account I'm going to go with my idea anyway because I believe it's what trul is best for business. The match will be brutal and Roman Reigns will look amazing in it, but at the end of the day I see John Cena getting the WWE Championship while Bray Wyatt takes down the World Heavyweight Championship. This sets up a battle between Cena and Wyatt at Battleground in Tampa next month, although my plans are probably much more grand than what McMahon has in mind, and I'll explain them in an article to be posted sometime before the main event Sunday.

Chris' Predicted Winner: John Cena and Bray Wyatt, leading to Unification at Battleground.


First we have Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio.

Am I picking them, I would have to say no.

Now the United States Champion we must discus.

I can't see the WWE Champion becoming Sheamus.

I also don't a see another World Championship reign.

For the Big Red Monster, the Demon Kane.

Then there is Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns and Cesaro.

Any of those three would be a great way to go.

All of them one day, may hold WWE Championship gold.

But I don't think right now, truth be told.

So that's seven guys, that leaves one left there.

I'm picking John Cena to be one behind Ric Flair.

David's Predicted Winner: John Cena

Alex's Predicted Winner: John Cena

Gesus' Predicted Winner: John Cena

Jesse's Predicted Winner: John Cena

Nicholas' Predicted Winner: John Cena

Mike's Predicted Winner: Cesaro


Thank you for joining us here for Predicts! Don't forget to join us for our live coverage here on WNW tomorrow night starting at 7:30 PM EDT, come to the Live Blog if you are a Premium member for mine, Kendra's, and more of the writer's live thoughts and analysis, and feel free to give us your predicts in the comments below!

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