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WNW Predicts Money In The Bank!

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MITB Briefcase

Fandango & Tyler Breeze vs. The Golden Truth

Morgan: Yippie. Friggin'. Skippie. Talk about a dream match. It's kinda funny how half the card is Wrestlemania tout-able, while the other half is only fit for Main Event. I can't think of a single reason to care about this match itself, and I'll likely forget it happened right after it ended. But I do need to predict it, so....I think I'm going with FanBreeze. Just to keep the uhh...underdog story of The Golden Truth going. Not that anybody wants that, but I'm betting that's what WWE plans on doing.

Winner- Fandango & Tyler Breeze

CJ: As much as these guys were featured on a weekly basis, it surprised me to see this match announced so late. I really don't care about the storyline anymore because WWE has (finally) established Goldust and R-Truth as a team, plus Tyler Breeze gets TV time. Breezango has been "winning" this feud for the most part, so I think it's time Golden Truth get the win.

Prediction - Golden Truth

Zack: Golden Truth

Moose: Breezdango

Kendra: Golden Truth

Jesse: Golden Truth

The Dudley Boyz vs. Lucha Dragons

Morgan: Look, I know these gentlemen need their show bonuses, but was there literally any build-up or reasoning for this match? Or is this and the other Kick-Off tag match just using up every tag team not relevant enough to be in the Fatal Four Way match? I mean, if that's the case, The Uso's and The Shining Stars are free. Whatever. I guess I'll go with The Dudley Boyz, just because I'd like The Lucha Dragons to split up and feud together. It sounds fun! Or at least more fun than they're gonna do with anything else regarding Kalisto. Wonder if Kalisto is gonna borrow Ryback's Pre-Show Stealer belt if he ends up doing any more Kick Off matches...

Winners- The Dudley Boyz

CJ: This one is nothing other than filler. Both teams have been treated as jobbers for awhile now. Nothing is at stake besides the possibility to be re-entered into the Tag Team Title picture. The Dudley Boyz have tried and tried, while The Lucha Dragons have had a few opportunities over the last year. I say put Kalisto & Sin Cara over in case they go for the gold again.

Prediction - Lucha Dragons

Zack: Lucha Dragons

Moose: Dudley Boyz

Kendra: Dudleyz

Jesse: Dudleyz

Apollo Crews vs. Sheamus

Zack: The booking of Sheamus is exactly why I was against him being WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Look at what they've done with him since he dropped the title. He was in League of Nations, which wasn't too successful. Then, directly after the League of Nations he became a lower mid card guy again. I'm not saying that Sheamus deserves this kind of booking, but what I am saying is this is how WWE treats him. I haven't been extremely over with Apollo Crews, mostly because WWE hasn't given him any real personality. He comes out and he smiles but that's about it. Now in the ring, that is an entirely different story. Apollo is incredibly talented inside the squared circle. It might be a good idea to get him a mouthpiece so that he can be talented in his area, and allow someone else to be talented to cover his weak areas. I I'm torn as to who should win because I don't I think that Crews should lose his first big match in the WWE main roster. On the other hand Sheamus has been treated as a main eventer in the last year, and shouldn't be overlooked. In the end I'm going to have to give it to Apollo, because I think he's got real star potential.

Winner: Apollo Crews

Big M: Apollo is yet another NXT standout that has not been given the proper backing on the main roster (this is becoming a bad habit on WWE’s part) but unlike Corbin, I do have some optimism about this match.

Sheamus is best in a “gatekeeper” role of being an upper mid card guy who can main event when needed.

Part of that “gatekeeper” role is having enough credibility to put over the new guys while still maintaining his spot.

I expect Apollo to go over here and I’m sure he and Sheamus can put together a great match.

Winner: Apollo Crews.

Morgan: Now, I admit to not following a single thing Uhaa Nation has done pre-NXT, and while I liked Apollo in NXT, nothing about him screamed that I should be hyped for his main roster debut. I feel like poor Crews was the latest to just get blindly tossed to the sharks without a real plan, since he hasn't done a damn thing but smile and be athletic. I've had Create-A-Wrestler's with more personality than Apollo has shown so far. Though I'm hoping this win will lead to something of note for him. I'm not souring on him just yet, but a probable show-opener with one of the top five least interesting Superstars isn't the best start. But I think he'll win it, so that's a start, I guess.

Winner: Apollo Crews

CJ: Apollo Crews hasn't been able to secure a pay-per-view match since his debut, which is quite unfortunate. The dude is really good, but he hasn't been able to show that. I'm not quite sure Sheamus is the best opponent to bring out his hidden talents; then again, who else is available? Sheamus has nothing going for him right now, so the best option is to put over the younger talent.

Prediction - Apollo Crews

Zeppelin: Apollo Crews

Moose: Crews

Kendra: Apollo Crews

Jesse: Crews

Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin

Zack: Dolph Ziggler vs Barry Corbin in a pre-show match, there is some creative and innovative thinking for you. Right now, this is the third time in a row we have done this match. They have given this rivalry very little television time, so why should I care enough to watch the same match three times. Not to mention the matches that they had on live television. Honestly, I'm ready for them to move on from this rivalry so that we can have both Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin move on to bigger and better things. This is a waste of their time and our time. I'm going to give the win to Baron Corbin because he is the up-and-coming Superstar and deserves to win. Hopefully, from here he can move into a secondary championship title picture.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Big M: Baron Corbin is another great worker from NXT not given anything substantial to do on the main roster after debuting.

I would have thought given his Anti-IWC gimmick he ran with in developmental he would’ve been given a decent opening program on the main roster (Cheap digs at the IWC has become WWE’s higher-ups new favourite pastime after all) but instead he gets shoved into a meaningless feud with “Ziggly Puffs” that none of us can get into.

I expect Baron will get the win here, but it won’t do anything for him.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Morgan: If I'm not mistaken, this match doesn't have a stipulation. So they had a No-DQ match, a pure wrestling match, and now to settle the feud of the century....a match. Just a regular match. One that isn't particularly exciting and hasn't been interesting for the most part either. I just want it done, this mini-feud is holding both of them back and I'd rather Ziggler be in the MitB just because he's great in ladder matches. But if this finally ends the generic feud, yay. So I'll go with Corbin getting the win over Ziggler, to help establish the man you already forgot had a Wrestlemania moment.

Winner- Baron Corbin

CJ: I'm glad WWE is trying to create longer storylines, but this story has nothing that interests me anymore. Ziggler is mad he can't beat the new guy, right? Corbin thinks he's hot stuff because he walked in and won the battle royal at WrestleMania. I have no idea what's next for these two, and that's probably why WWE has kept them together. Just end it here with the right man going over.

Prediction - Baron Corbin

Zepp: Baron Corbin

Moose: Baron Corbin

Kendra: Baron Corbin

Jesse: Corbin

Rusev vs. Titus for the United States Championship

Zack: This match feels extremely loved it. I know that they've done things on television progressed the storyline, but I honestly don't feel like they have. I'm glad that Titus is getting some kind of recognition and push, but it feels very half-assed. Honestly, I'm really enjoying this reset push that they're doing with Rusev. They are treating him like they should have before he lost to John Cena. I would rather them continue this push with Rusev then shut the title on Titus to quickly. I just don't know if I feel like Titus is ready for a championship. I would rather WWE build him up for a while first as a singles guy. Also, I don’t remember Titus wrestling at all? Has he had a single match? Going with Ruru.

Winner: Rusev

Big M: I am so happy Rusev has recovered from his program with Cena (it did him no favours what so ever) and the heat Lana caused him announcing their engagement mid-storyline (guess WWE doesn’t consider Kayfabe dead after all) and even though I was disappointed WWE did nothing with Kalisto as U.S. champ I’m glad they seem to be doing something with Rusev as U.S. champ.

That being said Titus hasn’t exactly had a fair shake either after the whole arm pull incident (he shouldn’t have done it of course but Vince probably wasn’t upset by it in the least and most likely only suspended him because the incident could’ve sent the wrong message to talent), But its cool to see him given something to do now.

This match will be better than people expect I think as Titus is pretty underrated in the ring in my view, and Rusev has proven he can do more than just “Rusev Crush”.

But it's pretty obvious Rusev will go over here as he’s only held the title for a month.

Winner: Rusev

Morgan: Alright, I keep forgetting this match is even taking place. To the best of my recollection, Titus never even won a Number 1 Contender's match for the title. Or has even had a single's match since he came back from his "Make an example out of you" suspension. I'm fairly certain the whole reason for this match is Titus being the latest man to go "AMERICA! F*** YEAH!" when he saw Rusev, and now they fight. While I do like Titus (though I don't think he'll ever be World Champion) I'd say he's got a snowball's chance in hell of winning this match. Rusev's reign is going longer than several people, myself including, predicted, thanks to Cena facing AJ Styles. So good for him, a throwaway match to add one more successful defense to his name is his prize.

Winner and still champion- Rusev

CJ: Perhaps I'm being too negative, but I can't stand the fact that WWE built the United States Championship up so much last year, only to let it slide down to be the least important title (besides the fact that the Intercontinental Championship is absent). I'm really happy to see something fresh here with Titus getting the opportunity. It's the storyline, though, that gets me. So what, Rusev runs around destroying everyone. We've seen that before. I think we should get a Father's Day treat and WWE should strap Titus.

Prediction - Titus O'Neil

Zepp: Rusev

Moose: Rusev

Kendra: Rusev

Jesse: Rusev

Charlotte & Dana Brooke vs. Becky and Natty

Zack: I'm going to go ahead and start off by saying that the women's division has taken a couple steps backward since WrestleMania. Not only are the women featured in short matches again, but the storytelling has been lackluster. I think it's pretty inexcusable to have a champion not featured in a championship match at a pay-per-view. There are a few exceptions to the rule, but they are few and far between and this is not one of those situations. It's baffling to me that out of all the women in the women's division of NXT, Dana Brooke got called up first. I'm not saying that she's a bad time, but what I am saying is she's very green and shouldn't be put at the front of the line. I'm sure we're saving Bayley for SummerSlam, at least I hope, but maybe we could have gotten Carmella or someone else. Let's not even get me started on where Sasha Banks has been. Completely wasted that's where she's been. Regardless, as the championship isn't on the line in this one, I'm going to give it to Natty and Becky Lynch. Let the faces win for once.

Winners: Natty and Becky

Big M: WHERE IS THE BO$$ SASHA BANKS? (Sorry I know I keep asking that non-stop, but the fact she hasn’t been around much since Wrestlemania is bloody mind boggling)

Ok, now that I got that out of the way I’m feeling uneasy about this match.

Rumours suggest that WWE wants to make the green as grass Dana Brooke the star of the Women’s division over far better options like Becky Lynch, Natalya, Sasha Banks and Paige.

Which if true speaks volumes on WWE’s higher-ups still valuing aesthetics above everything else when it comes to pushing talent (especially female talent) and the recent tease of problems between Charlotte and Dana on Raw sadly gives credence to the rumor.

I have an awful feeling this match will be used as the catalyst for Dana to turn on Charlotte or vice-versa signaling the beginning of Dana’s push towards the Women’s Title.

But whatever happens on that front I don’t expect Charlotte and Dana to go over in this match as both Becky and Natalya are due for a win.

Winners: Becky Lynch and Natalya.

Morgan: Instead of skimpy model-turned-Diva bathroom break matches, we have professional female wrestlers in bathroom break matches. Awesome! Sarcasm aside, I don't really care about this match. I doubt it'll get more than a few minutes, it'll probably be a breather match for one of the bigger matches on the card, and it likely won't elevate anyone. Now I don't need every title defended on every card, but with the Women's Champion in a throwaway tag match (and one of several on the card, at that) and the IC Champion literally posting Facebook updates about a made for DVD movie he's in, I feel like this card isn't elevating the smaller titles this time around. Still, with Charlotte and Dana Brooke apparently already having issues, and WWE's tendency to jump the gun, I'm guessing they're not gonna win this one. The talented but lost in the shuffle faces pick up a meaningless victory, and Charlotte and Dana Brooke dissect further.

Winners- Becky Lynch & Natalya

CJ: We are still under the impression Sasha will get Charlotte at SummerSlam. What that means is we are stuck in this limbo stage where WWE doesn't want to create a major storyline for the Women's Champ. This tag match is a culmination of two feuds that had to merge because of Emma's injury. When booking this match, we have to remember there is one more pay-per-view before SummerSlam. At Battleground, what will Charlotte do? I'm guessing we'll have to book a triple threat or four-way because I don't think another Charlotte/Nattie match will do. To set that up, Natalya and Becky will find a way to beat the heels.

Prediction - Natalya & Becky Lynch

Zepp: Natalya and Becky

Moose: Charlotte and Dana

Kendra: Natty and Becky

Jesse: Charlotte and Dana

Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Championship Match- Enzo and Cass vs. Gallows and Anderson vs. The New Day vs. The VaudeVillains

Zack: I'm really torn for the Fatal 4-way match because I think that three of the teams really deserves beat tag team champions. I think that New Day deserves to retain, and break the record for longest running tag team champions in WWE history. I think that the Club should Championships, Enzo and Big Cass deserve championships for the work that they do. That makes it very tricky for me. In the end, have does this is only one of 3 Championship matches on the card for the evening, and I don't think the other two are going to change hands I do think we are likely to see a tag team championship title change. I think that we will end up seeing The Club take the Championships to build them up going into a summer program. Then again I could also see Enzo and Cass taking it as well. I'm very split. With Vince being more about Heel vs. Face feuds I see them as more likely to pass the belts over to them. In the end, I have to go with my gut, and my gut says that New Day will retain.

Winners: New Day

Big M: Considering the amount of incredible talent in this ring I wouldn’t be surprised if this match to stole the show just like the IC Fatal 4 Way match at Extreme Rules did.

Enzo and Cass are entertaining as hell, The New Day is still incredibly popular (although I still can’t fathom why) Gallows and Anderson have made an impact but they’ve haven’t been able to show what they’re capable of just yet, and as far as the Vaudevillains go…honestly, I think they are flopping badly on the main roster.

I expect Tag Team war in this match with great spots and storytelling with The New Day dropping the Title (Sorry New Day fans but its time).

Now we all know The Vaudevillains are NEVER walking away with the Title obviously, but I’m honestly struggling which of the other two teams should win.

My heart says The Club (the Puroresu fan in me) but my head says Enzo and Cass, especially after the promo Enzo, Cass and the New Day cut on each other on Raw.

Either way, I think The New Day’s long and successful Title run is coming to an end on June 19.

But if you were to put a gun to my head…I’ll pick Enzo and Cass.

Winners: Enzo and Cass.

Morgan: I'm really hyped for this match, and I'm really hyped for there being a tag team title match worth being really hyped for. While the other THREE tag matches are essentially throwaways, this should be unpredictable and fun as hell to watch. Now while I love unpredictable matches, I am kinda still *trying* to predict them anyway. With that said, I don't think The New Day is going to lose the titles at Money in the Bank. Summerslam, maybe, but not here and not now. Both Enzo & Cass as well as The non-copyrighted Club will both most likely be tag team champions one day, and maybe even The Vaudevillains if things somehow go their way, today's not that day. It's ironically not a new day! That was bad, I'm sorry.

Winners and still champs- The New Day

CJ: It kind of seems like Vince didn't know which team should get the title match, so he just threw all three of them in there. The Vaudevillains have failed, while the other two teams haven't received a shot yet. The ring work will be fun, there's no doubt about it. I'm over seeing The New Day as champions honestly. It's time for The Club to finally show everyone what all the hype is about.

Prediction - The Club

Zepp: New Day

Moose: New Day

Kendra: Enzo and Cass

Jesse: The Club

AJ vs. Cena

Zack: This is going to be a phenomenal match! (See what I did there?) Honestly, I think that the combination of AJ's skill, his strong work ethic, and desire to put on the best match will result in a stellar match. I know they keep saying that we have a lot of Wrestlemania matches on the card, but I actually believe it for this one. Outside of the ladder match, I could see this being the night. It will be interesting to see if there's any outside interference from The Club. If WWE follows the usual John Cena-esque build up we will see AJ win the first match against Cena, then Cena win the next two. It will be interesting to see if they break this pattern and finally put somebody over John Cena, not just in one match but in an entire program. If ever there were a guy to deserve to go over Cena it would be AJ. I’m betting that we see AJ go over because he has gone under too many times in a row now with Jericho and Reigns. AJ needs to build up some momentum and how better than beating “the face that runs the place.”

Winner: AJ Styles (clean)

Big M: If anyone has ever asked the question “What would happen if TNA’s ace AJ Styles faced WWE’s ace John Cena” this match is indeed every bit the dream match WWE is selling it as.

What has surprised me the most about this match though has been the build up.

AJ turning heel was a given (Even though he’ll still be cheered like crazy going up against Cena) but it's how Creative is selling the match that's getting me pumped.

Cena mentioning AJ accomplishments elsewhere is surprising enough for a WWE storyline, but the fact Cena has been mentioning the Bullet Club stable, and other promotions AJ excelled in (Ring of Honor and New Japan) is downright shocking.

AJ promos haven’t exactly been short of draw dropping either, Saying things like “We all know guys like you bury guys like me”, I mean WOW just WOW.

It's been said on WNW comments section that WWE’s higher-ups must be reading IWC message boards and honestly, it may not be that far-fetched.

I’ve been calling for a WWE vs IWC type feud for a while now and it appears WWE’s higher-ups have decided to do so, tackling their critics head on while doing so.

Now as far as an outcome goes there are plenty of ways they could go with this.

One rumour suggests that Fin Balor will make his debut and either assist AJ with the win and joins the Club. or assists Cena to gain revenge on AJ for kicking him out of the Bullet Club in Japan and assuming its leadership.

Honestly, I don’t care who wins the match, but I do care who wins the program between AJ and Cena as I feel WWE’s need to protect Cena ensuring he wins almost every program he’s in has now become completely counter productive in an age where they are struggling to create new stars.

Cena is pushing 40 and has nothing left to prove in WWE, it's time he started putting people over.

Winner: AJ Styles.

Morgan: I may be ragging on half of this show's card, but the other half should be really cool. While I wouldn't necessarily call this a dream match, it's still a fresh and enticing match that I most certainly can dig. That being said, I really truly doubt AJ would ever walk away from his first match with John Cena on pay per view the winner. Especially clean. There's no way Vinnie Mac would let that happen. I'm thinking AJ and Cena are gonna have a hell of a match, but AJ will notice he's not able to keep Cena down, or he'll get taken out and Cena will go for the 3, and The Club will storm the ring and attack Cena for the DQ win. While I'm not keen on AJ losing...every single PPV he's been on since coming to WWE if memory serves, I'm hoping that this feud will keep going and help establish AJ Styles as someone who can hang at the time and make it look easy. To Vince more than anybody, honestly.

Winner- John Cena via DQ

CJ: The dream match is on! What better timing too as we weren't sure where AJ Styles was headed. The last place we wanted to see him was without a PPV match. I have loved every second of this program. Their promo work is phenomenal, thus making this even more must-see. We didn't need build-up for this honestly. We know that The Club is banned, but Finn Balor isn't... What does that mean? Even if we don't see a Demon sighting, I still think Styles will "shock" the world, like Kevin Owens did last year.

Prediction - AJ Styles

Zepp: AJ

Moose: AJ

Kendra: AJ

Jesse: AJ

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Zack: You know I'm really excited for this match, but the build-up has been really average. It upsets me that we haven't seen Roman OR Seth wrestle since Extreme Rules. It’s pretty inexcusable to have the WWE World Heavyweight Champion NOT wrestle a single match in an entire month. With Seth, I can understand if they want him to have more time to rehab his knee before his first match back, but there’s no excuse for Roman. If they think that keeping him out of the public eye will keep the haters quiet when he returns they are dead wrong. Roman’s heat is going to be just as bad as it would have been if he was wrestling the whole time. It does add a bit of “big fight feel” but not enough to justify keeping Roman out of the squared circle. Rollins will undoubtedly get a huge pop and Roman will get no reaction because Kevin Dunn will be muting all the boos. I don’t see a clean ending and I do see Roman retaining here. It would be interesting to see if we get some outside interference that takes out both men. Maybe a Balor call up? I won’t hold my breath. Maybe a Bray Wyatt return? Have you seen the picture of him with the new weight loss? Dude looks good. Maybe WWE can help him put some weight back on; I’m thinking about 12 pounds of gold if you catch my drift. Anyway, I’m calling Roman to retain but it won’t be clean.

Winner: Roman Reigns (dirty)

Big M: Well here is yet another Main Event where Roman is booked as the babyface hero and yet gets booed out of the building LOL.

Despite Seth Rollins best efforts to get the crowd to boo him fans still, want him to win.

Despite WWE’s attempts to mute house mics to drown out the cheers, fans still want him to win.

Despite WWE “allegedly” piping in positive crowd reactions for Roman Reigns, fans still want Rollins to win.

And it's precisely the reason Seth Rollins won’t win because WWE’s higher-ups are still nowhere near ready to concede that Roman Reigns as a Babyface Champion and future Successor to John Cena simply isn’t working out.

Not that any of that is Roman’s fault or Seth’s fault or the fault of the fans, the fault lies squarely in WWE’s higher-ups and creative for botching Roman’s push from the start and continued botching it ever since.

If Roman were to write his autobiography today it would be titled something like Right Guy, Wrong Era.

So how will WWE book this one, they don’t want Roman to look weak but they can’t have Seth lose clean his first match back.

Rumours suggest a returning HHH will cost Roman the Title but again that would mean Roman losing the Title, and WWE’s higher-ups still want him as Champion no matter how loud the boos get.

So honestly I don’t know how they are going to pull it off but Roman is not losing this match.

Not in a million years.

Winner: Roman Reigns (Please Las Vegas, don’t riot)

Morgan: Ah, the ever rare and always risky Heel VS Heel match, and for the title too! That's...not as sarcastic as I'm sure Vince wanted it to be. But hey, what's the solution to finally getting a match out of these two the third attempt? Why, just not have them wrestle anyone at all throughout the whole build up! It's paranoid, but at least we are finally getting this match. As much as I (and everyone else not named Bret Hart) love Seth Rollins, I still doubt Roman Reigns is gonna drop the title anytime soon, even to the rightful heir. Though I also don't think this will be a one-off feud. So who knows, it might end up back to Rollins someday soon, just not today.

Winner and still champ- Roman Reigns

CJ: I'm so, so glad to see 'my guy' Seth Rollins back in the ring where he belongs. And finally, we are able to see this epic match that has been two years in the making. Obviously fans have been critical of Roman's reign, and automatically think Seth Rollins will dethrone him. That may be the case, but I'm not convinced Roman is dropping the title here. I will say this gives the company an "out." If they don't think Roman's reign is working or will work, then Seth can easily take the title, or possibly whoever wins the contract. I want to see Rollins as champ again as much as the next guy, but I still think WWE can get something out of Roman being "the guy." Seth, you're time is coming.

Prediction - Roman Reigns

Zepp: Seth but Roman retains

Moose: Reigns

Kendra: Reigns retains in a mess with a teased cash in from Ambrose

Jesse: No contest due to The Club interference

MITB Contract Ladder Match

Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho vs. Cesaro vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose

Zack: This is the match that everybody has been waiting for. The match that we're all tuning in to see and the one we are all talking about. God I hope they don't screw this match up. Let's be honest WWE has made some really great choices for money in the bank winners, and they've made some really questionable ones as well. If we are all being honest, we all want Kevin Owens to go over. If you don’t want Kevin Owens to win, I politely ask that you question your life choices. We all think Kevin Owens deserves to go over. WWE has talked about Kevin Owens going over. So sadly I fear that he's not going to go over. All I can say is that if Alberto Del Rio or Chris Jericho wins I'm going to be royally pissed. If not Kevin Owens, at least give it to Dean Ambrose. That guy is a future champion who should be a former Champion by now. It's too early for Sami Zayn, and I don't think they're ready to push Cesaro to this level either. This is going to be the match of the night, not that it needs to be said. Though there is some fierce competition in the other matches tonight. In the end, my love for Kevin Owens is winning out and I’m picking him. I mean just imagine the tremendous promos we’re going to get from him as Mr. Money in the Bank. He’s already the highlight of most Raws, this is just going to push him even further over the edge. Plus, the night he finally decides to cash in will be nothing short of absolutely epic. I can hardly wait!

Winner: Kevin Owens

Big M: Man alive the talent in this match, the possibilities in this match, the overwhelming desire we all have for Chris Jericho and ADR to NOT win this match.

Money in the Bank is one of my favourite events of the year based purely on this match.

The money in the Bank concept has served WWE well and has helped to make careers.

The debate on who should win the next MITB match amongst fans has now become almost as prolific as the debate on who should win the Royal Rumble match, and for good reason.

Obviously expect the usual car crash high spots we all know and love in multi-man Ladder matches but who should we expect to win the actual match.

Obviously, the front runners are Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose, both are incredibly talented, both got over on their own, both deserve more than WWE is giving them and both can and should be Main Eventing shows.

Either way, I fully expect KO and Ambrose to be much bigger deals after the brand split, and both will most likely wind up being Main Eventers on whichever brands they wind up on.

So honestly for me its a toss up between the two.

Winner: Toss-up between Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose.

Morgan: Let me see if I can keep up my once-a-prediction misc. trivia. Dean Ambrose is the reason weed whackers are outlawed from all wrestling events. The details are gruesome. That aside, I am really hyped for this match! A Money in the Bank where there's only two people I don't want to win! But uhh...where's Wyatt? If I'm not mistaken, he's medically cleared, and he should be a main eventer by now, so MitB would be great for him, buuuuuut apparently this seven man miscalculation turned out to mean nothing. As much as I wanna root for Cesaro, and as much as I know people are going with Dean Ambrose, I think Kevin Owens will be getting it. The Money in the Bank itself goes better with pragmatic heels, and K.O. deserves a future rise to the top. Though honestly, I'm alright with literally anyone but ADR. I wouldn't be happy if Jericho won, but quite literally anyone is better than ADR. I'd rather see Bo Dallas hold the damn briefcase than him. Still, as mentioned, I think Kevin Owens is taking the briefcase. It might be a slight underdog pick, but what's life without a few risks?

Winner: Kevin Owens

CJ: Ah, the match that practically guarantees someone will be a main event star within a year. All six of these guys have proven themselves. Not only that, but WWE has built this match really well, making it must-see for me. My top three picks, in no particular order, would have to be Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose, and Cesaro. I would love to see all of them win the WWE Championship soon, but only one of them can win this bout. I believe this is the perfect opportunity to launch Owens into the World Title scene. However, I have this dream. And that dream is to see the Shield triple threat. The match is on the horizon, I just know it. With that said, what better way is there to get the ball rolling? I'm thinking Owens wins, but hoping Ambrose does.

Prediction - Dean Ambrose

Zepp: When it comes to Money In The Bank, this outcome is intended to set up an opportunity to get a new star over to that next level. Let's take a quick look at the guys deserving of that push. Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio don't need the briefcase. They are in this match to add star power. Cesaro won't win it either. He still needs to really grow into his character and other people just flat out deserve it. Sami Zayn is out because he is still very fresh to the main roster. That only leaves Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens. Dean Ambrose is the obvious favorite with the dream match being The Shield Triple Threat at SummerSlam, but I don't think Dean needs the briefcase. Owens on the other hand, would be a perfect fit for a surprise cash in when the time comes. He is a man who is loved and seen as a potential main eventer. He has all the makings of a top dog, and this briefcase is the start of that push.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Moose: What I would like to happen: I would like to see various high spots from the “Indy” guys all over the match. I also hope Y2J gets enough offense in to remain relevant in the event he leaves due to a Fozzy tour (glorious sparkly jacket return) . I can see several false finishes between the likely candidates of Ambrose, KO, and Zayn only to have Finn Balor enter as the 7 th man to capitalize and claim the briefcase while everyone else is laid out. – Finn Balor

What will likely happen: I could see the same type of spots and false finishes as described in the previous prediction. However, let’s assume WWE is going the bland route. I could see them tease / troll everyone with a possible Ambrose win, only to have Del Rio climb the ladder and claim the contract. It’s almost as if your worst nightmare comes to fruition. Your hero comes within inches of winning a WWE WHC contract setting up a Stone Cold Steve Austin kind of pop at the end of Roman and Rollin’s match. Ambrose could even set up a triple threat that is worthy of a Wrestlemania Main Event. Unfortunately, reality sets in that Vince is still in control and has the “Greatest export of Mexico – JBL” climb the ladder and claim the WWE WHC contract.

Winner– Alberto Del Rio

Jesse: Now, I always look at the MITB match as something special. It's a way to establish a new star, or severely elevate an older one. And with few exceptions (Sandow, Swagger, Ziggler), it's always made big waves. I expect this year to be no different. But, we have to analyze this for whom can be best benefited from it. For the first time in years, I can safely say there is only one dud in the match: Y2J. There's no way he's going to win, and much less of a chance he's going to still be around after this PPV. Fozzy does have an album coming out next year, after all. From the remaining 5... Sami Zayn is the least likely to win. He's in the Daniel Bryan "B+ Player" position right now. And I'm REALLY hoping booking changes for him soon, as he may be able to get the fan sympathy, but it will hurt him if they keep seeing him lose, no matter what the agents think. Cesaro is in a similar boat. He's got the tools, but the case isn't what he needs right now to be elevated. I think he could take the IC Title places, and make it the stepping stone to the WWE Title again. That makes it to where Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, and Alberto Del Rio remain. And while it is going to sound completely crazy... I'm going to have to go with ADR. Ambrose and Owens both have absolutely no need of the case to hit the top of the mountain, especially with the brand split coming on fast. They will be quickly fighting for the World Titles. But ADR... He's Vince's pet project. He paid ADR HANDSOMELY to come back. And ADR has been less than enthused with his booking and is considering walking when his contract is up. So why not give him the promise of a Title reign to lure him back in? And if he still has issues... You can pull a Ken Kennedy and have him lose the case.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: ADR

Kendra: Ambrose

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