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WNW Predicts - Money In The Bank 2015

Welcome to WNW’s Money in the Bank 2015 Predictions! Money in the Bank will be emanating from Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Because of the short turnaround for this PPV and the fact that matches were announced at the last minute, as well as your suggestions from last time, we decided to have two writers take each match on the card and do a full rundown of it, with a couple of exceptions. Please let us know if you like or dislike this format in the comments below. This time around, we have Kendra Bunyon, CJ Blaze, Paul Rathert, Lee Herbert, Jamie Welton, Chris Surrancy, Zeppelin Mayers, myself, and Moose on the different matches. Let's get to it!

Preshow Match:

King Barrett vs. R-Truth


King Barrett has become the mid-card drifter of late. He wins all of the big mid-card style matches. Intercontinental wins and title hunts, even winning the lackluster King of The Ring tournament of this year. He sadly can’t win the big matches, like WrestleMania or any World Championship style matches. This mini feud with R-Truth won’t lead to anything, but it could build Barrett up enough to challenge Ryback down the road. King Barrett looks to have a better reason for the victory than R-Truth, and that is who I am going out with as my pick.

Zeppelin's Predicted Winner: King Barrett


Truth’s segment on Raw was one of the naturally funniest bits WWE has had in some time. He has such great natural comedic timing and is entertaining enough in-ring that I’m glad they have found a way to use him at all, even if it is for comedy relief. His post-Raw segment was an excellent accompaniment to it. I’m glad they didn’t have him steal Barrett’s royal apparel as this would’ve just been a rehash of what they did with the IC title. Barrett has persisted despite a terrible win/loss record and there’s no reason this can’t continue. I can see Truth coming out of this match with the victory and claiming to be the new king. Neither really has a feud going right now and both are so good on the mic that if they did have a storyline together we should at least get entertaining segments if not four or five star matches, which we don’t really need or expect from them. If not: “my…my bad. Sorry, Kane. This one’s on me…”

Paul's Predicted Winner: R-Truth

Diva's Championship Match:

Nikki Bella © vs. Paige


I thought long and hard about this Divas Championship Match. There's been so much of the good, bad, and ugly in the Divas Division lately, so it's hard going from match to match, because some are so fantastic, and some are so botch-tastic! There's been little continuity to the Divas Division on WWE TV, the way there is in NXT. AJ Lee stepped up and changed what it meant to be a Diva, and Paige said she was going to change the Division. Both of them have done so much for the Divas Division, and the Divas in NXT shows how the Divas have grown, and where they could be going if McMahon actually let them go where they are capable of going. As much as I love Naomi, and really thought she had what it takes to be the Divas Champion, it seems as though she's not been able to hit the mark when in the big matches. In fact, it looks as though she's lost a lot of what she had that made her so unique and such a great wrestler, so it makes sense that it's just Nikki versus Paige in this match.

I really want to see the NXT Divas in the WWE. Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Bayley and Becky Lynch are all hard hitting with some seriously sick moves and holds, and I think that's what most of us want to see from the Divas Division on WWE TV. The Bellas have both stepped up their games from when they first started and could barely handle working the ring, and always cheated to win. They have obviously been working with their significant others to raise their games. As Paige said recently, she's been in the ring since she was in the womb, before her mother realized she was pregnant. Her whole family is in the industry, and you can see that wrestling lives in her soul, it oozes from every pore, is in every part of her being.

All that being said, AJ Lee holds the title for being the longest reigning Divas Champion with 295 days, and has held it the most days of any Diva with 406 days total through her three reigns. Nikki is in her second reign, with just over 201 days this time, and 6 days in her first reign. While I thought that it might be the right time for Paige to win, looking at the numbers, I have a feeling that Nikki is going to retain. Something in my gut tells me that the WWE and McMahon are so petty that they're going to sweep much of what AJ did under the rug – though hopefully not all the strides she made for the upcoming Divas who really kill it in the ring – and push Nikki to have a longer reign than AJ did. While that doesn't fare well for Paige, in reality, that only brings Nikki to Night of Champions. As long as Nikki keeps pushing hard in the ring, as she has been recently, I'd have no troubles with her retaining until NoC, except it shows how petty the WWE can be, and screws over Paige. Honestly, as long as we keep seeing stronger and stronger ring work, the Divas pushing as hard as they do in NXT, I'm going to be a happy WWE fan. If that means Nikki is going to lead the fight, I'm kind of okay with that – for right now.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Nikki Bella


After being taken out of the Divas Championship picture (so she could go off and star in a film) Paige has thankfully come back into the Divas Championship picture and has added an alternative twist to the scene that makes things headed into the summer interesting. Paige brings an edge to the Divas division that is different to that of any of the other girls on the roster. She is a one of a kind talent who can not only wrestle but can cut a promo too. Her transition from NXT to the main roster wasn’t perhaps as simple as she hoped but Paige has gone on to prove just how good she can be over the last year becoming a two time Divas Champion in the process at the young age of only 22.

Sunday, I believe will be the day Paige becomes a three time Divas Champion because to me she is simply the better in ring talent and will no doubt out class Nikki Bella in the ring in terms of her performance and strategy. The run of Nikki Bella as Divas Champion is now overdue coming to an end and Paige has shown she can be a legitimate threat to Nikki over the last month since her return to WWE. While she came up short in the triple threat match with Nikki and Naomi at Elimination Chamber last month and suffered a loss following some ‘twin magic’ recently on Raw at the hands of Brie and Nikki Bella, I believe Paige has the focus and the momentum to go into this match and capture the Divas Championship. Will Brie play a part in Sunday’s match? I have no doubt the Bella’s will attempt the same antics as they did on Raw, but Paige will be one step ahead this time and I believe has the number of Nikki. This leaves opportunity perhaps to build toward a triple threat between Naomi, Nikki, and Paige at Summerslam, which would be a good watch.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Paige

Intercontinental Championship Match:

Ryback © vs. Big Show


Paul "The Big Show" Wight has been part of WWE since 1999 and won his (almost) weight in titles but he is not a superstar that gets a lot of love from fans these days. I remember as a 14 year old seeing him burst through the ring and being genuinely terrified for my hero "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. I used to worry when he faced The Undertaker but now there was someone I genuinely believed could destroy "The Rattlesnake" and dominate WWE.

That didn't exactly happen and although not as mobile as he was 20 years ago he is still capable of putting on a decent show (excuse the pun) as we saw in his match against Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules. Before the PPV it wasn't a match that exactly had people salivating but it was without a doubt one of the matches of the night. a couple of weeks before I saw him and Reigns battling out just a few feet away from me in Manchester and again I was impressed with the display from Wight.

Yes he has had his problems and hasn't looked after himself as much as he should have done as professional athlete, but Show has been a long-term victim of the WWE creative assassination team. As documented in this fantasic article by Kendra back in February, his character has turned over 30 times. This does nothing in terms of building a character and getting the audience to buy into it.

At WrestleMania the internet groaned as Wight won the Andre The Giant Memorial as for many it was seen as a pointless exercise and an opportunity to give someone new a push wasted. In hindsight that view, which I held myself, I don't agree with anymore as the trophy itself has hardly been referenced outside WrestleMania. I would go as far now as to say it was quite fitting for him to win it having spent 20 years being compared to Andre.

Now that he is coming into the latter stage of his career I think Big Show is ready for a long term character build and a run with a title. I think a heel Show, that stays heel for longer than the career average of 7 months or so, could make for a great Intercontinental champion. I think that this Sunday he should win the title and then be used to bring on a younger babyface talent such as Neville. WWE have been struggling for a storyline for Neville and a feud with the experienced Show for the IC title could be just the ticket. Standing at only 5ft 10 it would be a real life David vs Goliath.

Ryback may be in his first title reign but I just don't see him as a title holder and I think after Big Show shows him who the real "Big Guy" is he will eventually go back to his natural spot in the lower end of the mid-card. I've no doubt Big Show can bring to the IC title what John Cena has to the US title and take it up a level.

Lee's Predicted Winner: Big Show


Ryback as Intercontinental Champion provides WWE with the opportunity to create fresh matches and feuds over the next several months. It is my hope that Ryback’s reign as champion lasts until SummerSlam, at the very least. This is Ryback’s first title run in the company, and it needs to be a good one. The Big Guy’s first challenger is no one other than the Big Show.

The Big Show is a reliable veteran in WWE. Show has won many titles, and has had his fair share of main event runs. It’s no secret Big Show’s career is winding down, as he is already 43. He’s also put over the likes of Rusev and Roman Reigns over the last year. Putting over the young guys is something we should expect from Show at this point.

Does Big Show feel threatened by Ryback’s rise to the top? We don’t have a real story on why Big Show wants to stop Ryback besides the fact that Ryback refers to himself as “The Big Guy.” To some fans, the match may come off as nothing more than filler and stepping stone for Ryback as champion. Personally, I’m really looking forward to the match. I’m not expecting a four or five-star match at all, but I foresee Ryback and Big Show giving it all they have to prove who the better big man is. On top of that, I feel that the Intercontinental Title is being elevated in a storyline like this.

There’s no doubt that I expect Ryback to retain. His reign is just two weeks-old and there is really no reason for Big Show to win. (Like I said, Big Show is at the stage in his career where he is putting over others.) Plus, there is another developing part of this feud... and that is The Miz. The Miz was unexplainably inserted into a title match the night after Elimination Chamber with Ryback before Big Show came out and knocked Miz out. The Miz sought retribution this past week on Raw when he struck Big Show during Miz TV.

Whether or not The Miz interferes in the title match at Money in the Bank, I predict we will see Ryback go on to defend his title against Big Show and The Miz in a triple threat at Battleground next month. Ryback’s reign can be built as someone who overcame the odds with every challenge he faced. The Big Guy won the Elimination Chamber match, will beat Big Show, and will then beat Big Show and Miz at the same time to look as strong as ever headed into SummerSlam.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Ryback

Tag Team Championship Match:

New Day © vs. The Primetime Players 


I love the PTPers and am glad they are getting a push. Once Titus is more polished in the ring he should get a singles push for the Heavyweight title, in my opinion. Their time will come, but I don’t think it’s just yet. The New Day are still being established as the best heel faction in the company right now and think they’ll keep the titles for a while longer. There’s a real chance that Kofi Kingston has a chance to win the MITB match enabling an evolution from The Freebird Rules to The New Day Rules where any of the members can cash-in, not just Kofi. I think this could make for some interesting storylines and given the diversity of the faction (Big E is the muscle, Kofi the athleticism, Xavier the classic heel who can hold his own in the ring) could make for some unexpected and interesting matchups based on who the champion at the time actually is. It can’t be overstated that they’ve taken a garbage, stereotypical, awkward gimmick and turned it into gold. With Tyson Kidd presumably on the shelf for a significant amount of time (thoughts and prayers are with you, Tyson! Spinal cord injuries are worrisome to hear about and I wish you a speedy recovery) this feud will likely replace it. Titus is a beast of a man, but the PTPers are outnumbered. The way they’ve incorporated Ziggler into the segments also leads me to believe the feud will continue with him evening the odds for the PTPers. I predict The New Day wins via some type of heel shenanigans.

Paul's Predicted Winner: New Day


This is an interesting matchup, obviously we know that it's going to be Big E and Xavier Woods in this match since Kofi has his shot at the Money in the Bank contract this year. I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit of a mark for Titus O'Neal, and Darren Young is no slouch himself. While it's fun seeing New Day with the titles and seeing them run the Freebird rule, I think it's about time they change up things a bit. Something needs to happen to help New Day find their edge, to push them over the limit from being the overly positive heels to being angry and aggressive. What I think will help spur on that change is for someone to swoop in and snatch their coveted tag team titles and I can think of no more fitting team for that spot than Titus and Darren, the Prime Time Players.

Titus is one hell of a worker, he's got the size needed to be a top star, he's got the charisma, he's a perfect fit for a top of the card WWE Superstar. Granted, he's a Florida Gator, but I can't really hold that one big flaw against him, he's got it all. Darren Young is an incredibly gifted athlete in his own right and may finally be getting a chance to shine having come back from injury at possibly the best he's been since getting to WWE. I'll admit I originally hated the team and called them a big rip off of Cryme Tyme, but I feel they've been able to pull away from that since being reunited. Their vignettes have been solid, they've helped get over that these guys have some serious personality, and with the renewed emphasis on the tag division that's key to being a successful team.

I think the match will actually be one of the better on the card, the contrast of styles offered at different points will make for an exciting bout. At the end Kofi will actually wind up costing the team their titles by not wanting to interfere and risk getting hurt before his shot at the Money in the Bank case. We'll get a nice little back and forth with people hitting their high spots and finishers, Titus will be in control when Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise and gets caught in position for the Titus O'Neal trademark fall away slam. Kofi will wiggle free and run up to the middle of the aisle, he'll watch from a safe distance as O'Neal and Young hit their finish on Woods to get that final pinfall and walk out with the titles. This moment will cause friction between the New Day members, it will also open the door for Kofi to be ousted due to his treasonous actions, bringing in a new member and a harder edged attitude. We'll also finally get to see Titus with some gold, well copper, around his waist, and who doesn't want to see that?

Chris' Predicted Winner: Primetime Players

Champion vs. Champion:

US Champion John Cena vs. NXT Champion Kevin Owens


Two weeks ago, I called for WWE to take the initiative to change the guard, to let their standard bearer John Cena fall to Kevin Owens in his debut match on the WWE main roster. And while that was what I wanted, I never expected WWE to truly follow through with it! But now that it has, WWE needs to keep on rolling with it. Owens is quickly becoming the hottest thing on the main roster, thanks to his no punches pulled attitude and roughneck style that few employ these days. He is a heel's heel. And WWE has already put that momentum behind him to be a major player in the future. So logically, the only way he can continue to be a force in the future is if he keeps on winning.

Honestly, I was quite disappointed when they announced a rematch the same night as Owens' win, but then I got to thinking on it. What other way could they take this win going forward? Owens still has the NXT Title. Anyone else on the main roster is really a step down for him. So a rematch is the only logical choice. And Owens needs the win. Why? Because the writing is already on the walls. WWE is having a big event in Japan on the 4th of July, and the marquee match is Owens vs Bálor for the NXT Title. If there is any doubt that Finn is going to win there, I'd love to hear it. So as of the 4th, Owens will be without a prize. And with two wins against Cena, he'd be perfectly in line to face him one more time at Battleground on July 19th for the U.S. Championship. It will make him the most viable contender Cena has had in years for a title match, and lend some huge credence that he could very well lose the match again.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Kevin Owens


Kevin Owens shocked the world when he beat John Cena clean in his debut match. When the rematch was announced, many suspect for John Cena to make a comeback victory, but hope for another successful Kevin Owens win. With another dominant victory between Kevin Owens and John Cena, what story would be left to told? If John Cena pins Kevin Owens, then we run into the typical pattern of Cena’s rising talent feuds that end with him having the numerous comeback victories. John Cena needs a win, but he can’t pin Kevin Owens. I hope WWE realizes this as well. Best scenario is for Kevin Owens to beat John Cena so bad, and to lose so much control, that the referee disqualifies him for not listening to him and continuing to destroy Cena. John Cena still gets the win, but Kevin Owens can gloat about destroying the image of John Cena, and the rest of the story is John Cena trying to restore that image.

Zeppelin's Predicted Winner: John Cena

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:

Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Neville vs. Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Kane


There's so many great men in this MITBLM, and any number of them could win this match – except Kofi. I feel bad for Kofi, but he's been in five of them, but has never won. But, he's also proven that he's a mid-card wrestler – no matter how far some of us thought he would go before Orton squashed his career – and does a great job in that spot. Kofi has great spots, but he's also a fantastic botcher. Sometimes – mostly prior to New Day - it felt as though Kofi was kept around as a jobber, and that one person you expect to hit the shocking and stunning moves in this match, and the Royal Rumble Match. It's sad to think about, but at least he has a career in the WWE, and no longer has to fake a Jamaican accent.

All that being said about Kofi, I could see Neville taking Kofi's exciting spots and elevating them to something none of us could even dream about, but I think it's way too early for him to win a MITBLM. And then there's Sheamus who just cannot seem to get over that hump. He came off the blocks with a shot, but hasn't been able to be a top player, no matter what he does. He has everything needed to be a top Superstar, but he's missing things by just that much. It's a bummer, but I see him leading the mid-card wrestlers for years to come, because so many of the younger Superstars are flying right past him and showing him up in a huge way. Kane is a workhorse, and he's going to have a lot of near misses in this match, but he cannot win this match. Kane just isn't a MITBLM winner. And then there's Orton. Orton is a top guy, but it's time to let a younger wrestler step up and push forward. Besides, if Orton is going to be running with a weapon, it needs to be a cast on his arm.

That leaves Reigns and Ziggler. Now, a lot of people think Reigns shouldn't have won the Royal Rumble Match, and that he was pushed too quickly, but he's really grown into the character worthy of the push, even though much of his fan base if female. Heck, Rocky's fan base was mostly female for a long time. Nothing wrong with that! The thing is that Reigns doesn't need to win the MITBLM to get a WWE WHC shot, and seeing Reigns carry that case through the stands to the ring each week wouldn't look right. Further, I could see the case being quite a hazard going through the stands. In my mind's eye, I see a kid getting accidentally cracked in the head as he was reaching to touch Reigns.

That leaves Ziggy. I know Ziggler has won the MITBLM before, and became Champ from it. But it wasn't the best title run. Every time Ziggler starts getting a solid push, something happens to derail it. Sometimes it was his fault – talking smack publicly about the WWE – other times it was all about timing, and then there's storyline issues. The most recent that was a dagger through my heart was when Ziggler was last man standing, taking out The Authority, with the help of Sting. Then The Authority was back and Ziggler was 'fired' for a bit. When he returned he worked quite a bit with Ryback and Rowan, but the push he had been getting fizzled because he wasn't able to carry through after his huge PPV win over The Authority. Ziggler might not be one of the 'younger' group of wrestlers, like Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose, but in reality, he's only 5-6 years older than them, he's more than proven that he's the shit. It's time Ziggler wins the MITBLM, become WWE WHC, and really prove that he's the man and can carry the strap with the best of them. I'm behind Ziggler 100% because I know he has everything it takes to lead from the top.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Dolph Ziggler


For me there is one man most deserving of winning this and that is Roman Reigns. It has been an up and down 12 months for the companies supposed "chosen one" but he has come into his own in the last few months and winning "Money In The Bank" will set up an intriguing three way battle for the title between the ex-Shield members.

This time last year Reigns was immensely popular before his injury, then the crowds turned against him for committing the terrible crime of being on the receiving end of a perceived "undeserved" push. Embarrassing scenes unfolded at the Royal Rumble as the crowd loudly jeered from the point of Daniel Bryan's elimination onwards.

The treatment Reigns received would have broken a lesser character, even The Rock, a man who has had his own share of abuse in the past, looked shocked and extremely awkward. WWE failed to protect him and if the events that had unfolded at the Rumble had been booked properly I think the reaction would have been very different. It went on for weeks and still hasn't completely disappeared. However I said at the time and have said since, the biggest problem with Reigns was the badly scripted promos that he was being made to deliver. The cheesy profile videos of his family and his childhood, it was more Walt Disney than WWE at times.

I said that if the writers stop over thinking things and just let his own personality shine through his mic skills will develop he will win people over. You only have to look at the journey of his cousin, or Steve Austin, to see that the best superstars play a twisted, exaggerated version of themselves. A guy in an office cannot create that kind of magic.

Since that time Reigns has continued to improve the quality of his ring-work, including an impressive showing in the WrestleMania main event (which for me is probably the best 'Mania main event of all time) and the cheesy scripts have been dropped. Instead we are seeing a bit more of his personality and his mic work is a million miles away from where it was at Christmas. His fantastic on-screen chemistry with Dean Ambrose is natural and entertaining and has played a big part in the current Ambrose/Rollins feud.

WrestleMania may have come a little too soon but Reigns has worked so hard and developed so much in a short space of time he is starting to win over even the harshest of critics. He dropped back down the card after 'Mania and put in some sterling efforts in matches with the Big Show and deserves to be back in a main event spot. A win and positive crowd response on Sunday would be a fitting reward for someone who clearly has all the attributes to be the next big star for WWE.

Lee's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns


Where did the time go? It seems like it was just a few weeks ago that the 2014 Money in the Bank winner, Seth Rollins, cashed in DURING the main event of Wrestlemania, creating a triple threat match. As we all know, he not only made history by being the first to cash in during a match, but he also won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He went from a somewhat silent member of the Shield to, arguably, the top heel of the company. Breaking away from the group and winning the mentioned events was an fast lane to the top. Would he have eventually made it to the top without all those pieces falling into place? Probably, as he is certainly talented enough to have accomplished it, but it worked very well for him. So, who's next?

We have several established Superstars in the 2015 Money in the Bank match with Randy Orton, Kane, Sheamus, and Dolph Ziggler. Kofi Kingston has certainly been on the scene in the WWE for several years, but he hasn't achieved that main event level whether he is capable or not. Some may argue they all have had their chance and a it's time for new blood. The new blood is that of Roman Reigns and Neville. Unless you have been living under a rock, it is fairly obvious Reigns is being groomed as the next “Face” of the company. We all know things can change at anytime, but for now, he's “The Guy.” Having said that, he should be the obvious choice to win the Money in the Bank contract. I think that is too predictable. While WWE may very well go with Reigns, I would like to be surprised. WWE sometimes likes to take a left turn when everyone is expecting a right.

My pick for the winner of the 2015 Money in the Bank match is (Adrian) Neville. As soon as I saw his first match, I was hooked. I haven't been this impressed with a newcomer (to WWE) since Brock Lesnar debuted on Raw the night after Wrestlemania 18. Neville may not entertain like Lesnar with his “Hulk smash” persona, but he brings a level of excitement to the ring that leaves me wondering “what will he do next.” Several times I have wondered what can't he do. Neville proved he knows his way around a ladder when he won the NXT Championship from Bo Dallas. I can't wait to see what he can do with some of the seasoned veterans in this year's match. Perhaps he and Kofi will show off a bit to blow the roof off the Nationwide Arena?

I fully believe Neville has the ability and charisma to carry the briefcase, whether it be for a month or twelve. I also believe he has the ability and charisma to win and carry the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. People like Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels proved you don't have to be 6'5'' and 260 pounds to be champion. Neville has “it” and should be given the nod to win this weekend. If he doesn't this weekend, he will soon.

Please WWE, “swerve” us by having Neville climb the ladder and take that briefcase. Reigns is already headed to the top. He really doesn't need the contract. Capturing the briefcase could be the spark that sends the “Man that gravity forgot” into orbit. Like Rollins, I believe he is talented enough to do it on his own, but it would certainly propel him forward. WWE needs to get behind capable Superstars like Neville. If there is only one focus, we get the John Cena effect. I love John Cena as a person, but we all know his character is stale. Besides if your focus is narrow and that person gets injured, who do you fall back on? Do you have other equals waiting in line with believable storylines to slide right in, do you have to make a sloppy story and build someone up that isn't ready, or do you toss in a 10+ year veteran that everyone has seen before and is bored of? Give Neville the chance and he will come back with every brass ring in the sky.

Moose's Predicted Winner: Neville


We've seen the seven men listed to be in the Money in the Bank ladder match quite a bit lately, leading to that stereotypical Monday night segment where every worker involved shows up, makes a couple comments then a series of matches are set up between the combatants. If you watched Raw on Monday night you saw one of the most entertaining little moments that you've seen on WWE television is a fairly long time. Everyone in the ladder match kept taking turns walking out to talk trash about their opponents and say how they would win which completely pissed of Kane as he couldn't get a word in without people popping up with an interruption. While we expected the other stars that are involved in the match we were given a treat with a small promo run by someone who actually isn't part of the Money in the Bank ladder match.

Earlier this year we got to learn a little something about one R-Truth when he was included in the Intercontinental Championship ladder match at WrestleMania. Apparently Truth has a bit of a problem with phobias, whether it be arachnophobia, agoraphobia, or the most important of them all acrophobia. It seems that one Mr. Truth has a problem with heights and climbing a ladder to get up to said heights. Being in a ladder match while being afraid of heights is quite the conundrum, especially in a business like pro wrestling, but Truth took the match, went head on and faced his fear in a bid to become Intercontinental Champion. It would seem that not only has he taken on his fears, he seems to have conquered them, so much so that he started to talk about what he's going to do Sunday when he chases the golden briefcase...there was just one problem...Truth isn't part of the Money in the Bank ladder match.

We learned a little something else about Truth during his Intercontinental Championship chase earlier this year, he has a bit of a kleptomaniacal side to him. One of the recurring themes during that times was Truth stealing the belt and then passing it from person to person when it actually belonged to Wade Barrett. Thinking of this quirk in his personality actually gave me an idea on Monday as Truth went on about how he's conquered his fear and would be taking the briefcase on Sunday. We have a man here who once feared heights, but no longer suffers from that fear. This same man happens to have a penchant for taking things that aren't really his, can you see where I'm going with this yet? I get this strange feeling that Sunday night we'll be watching the Money in the Bank ladder match, Neville will make one of his death defying leaps outside the ring from the top of the ladder and knock out every other competitor in the match, then we'll see a head pop up just above the apron on the opposite side of the ring.

You see, for years now I've been saying that ladder matches have a bit of a loophole and you'll occasionally see said loophole used on the independent scene, but I've never seen it truly play out on WWE television. It's been hinted at a few times, and while it wasn't quite the same there was the time when Dolph Ziggler kept the IC title because he was dropped from the hook at the top of the ladder and since he caught it he was declared the winner. If you think about it, all we hear is “whoever climbs the ladder and retrieves the case gets the contract.” Following that plot hole I've seen indie workers who aren't involved in a match take a title down and they're declared the new champion, so why not Truth? Once his head pops up from the other side of the ring I see Truth sliding in, moving the ladder to the middle of the ring and him climbing it like a kid in a tree, grabbing the briefcase and hauling ass out into the crowd. Call me crazy, I'll agree, but at the end of the day this idea is just crazy enough to work, lets hope for some creativity Sunday.

Chris's Predicted Winner: R-Truth

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match Ladder Match:

Seth Rollins © vs. Dean Ambrose


I anxiously and nervously watched Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose battle back and forth at Elimination Chamber for the most coveted title in WWE. I was on the edge of my seat while clenching my toy WWE Title against my Seth Rollins shirt. (Call me a mark, I know it to be true.) While disgusted to see Kane, Noble, and Mercury constantly interfering, I was delighted to see Ambrose had won the title. I was crushed for Seth, however, I was marking out on the inside because I had no idea how long we would have to wait until Ambrose would win the title. I was convinced Ambrose may be another one of those guys that never would’ve had a run with the World Title...

And then we were all snapped back into reality when the match was ruled a disqualification, meaning Rollins had retained. (I marked out at that announcement too.) Seeing Ambrose raise the title and the fans explode with joy was magical. It was so magical, I was under the impression that Money in the Bank would be the place where Ambrose officially won the title. That was until Seth Rollins appeared to be breaking away from The Authority.

We aren’t sure whether it’s a babyface turn, a break from The Authority, or just a trick. The possibilities seem endless. Ambrose has literally run all over the place with the WWE Championship, all while Rollins has been told he can’t get the job done by himself. Money in the Bank is where Rollins looks to turn all of that around.

A Ladder Match is the perfect stipulation for these two. Let’s face it, there isn’t one stipulation that would keep someone from interfering. Not a steel cage or the Hell in Cell structure. This Ladder Match allows Rollins and Ambrose to go all out to prove who is worthy of being champion. That man is still Seth Rollins. I’ll be shocked and rather pleased if Rollins makes it past SummerSlam with the title. I believe I stated in my Elimination Chamber predictions that I want Rollins to have a reign like CM Punk.

If it is time for Rollins to drop the title, then I can say that I was satisfied with the run. Trying to predict what’s next for Rollins and Ambrose after Money in the Bank is too hard for me, as there are so many options possible and rumors swirling about the summer plans. Let’s also not forget about the third wheel in all of this: Roman Reigns.

I have my fingers crossed that Seth Rollins climbs the ladder and retrieves his WWE World Heavyweight Championship without any help, and without a Money in the Bank cash-in. I firmly believe there is more for him to do as “the man.”

CJ's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins


Make no mistake about it Dean Ambrose has shown everyone why he is one of the hottest talents in wrestling today over the last few weeks, and why he is deserving of a spot in the main event scene of WWE. Ambrose has taken on what many fans describe as the role of a Stone Cold Steve Austin character, and his appearance recently on Raw in a police paddy wagon after being released from prison was one of those memorable and iconic moments in Raw history. His capture of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, holding the title hostage has been a joy to watch and I’ve enjoyed the way Ambrose and Rollins have been working together. Their match at Elimination Chamber ended in the way I expected it to with Ambrose picking up the win but not taking the championship. The match itself was an excellent watch and I have high expectations for this match at Money in the Bank.

So with the addition of a ladder and the fact that anything goes you can’t help but argue here that Ambrose has to have a huge advantage over Seth in this one thanks to his background in wrestling with weapons in companies like CZW. This is the type of element we have seen Ambrose even thrive in when he teamed with Rollins and Roman Reigns in the past as part of the Shield. Ambrose is crazy enough to take any kind of risk to win this match, and with the fact a ladder is involved I imagine there are going to be some totally insane spots taking place. With no back up at ringside for Rollins in this one either it’s hard to believe that he’s going to pick up the win here. Could there be some kind of swerve in this one? Naturally. But I think now is the moment to let Ambrose have his chance as I think he is more than capable of running with the championship. Let's be honest, it’s looked good on his shoulder the last few weeks anyway so why not make it official. This is the era of the Lunatic Fringe, and I believe that the time is now for Ambrose to take his moment in the spotlight.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose


After last year's winner Seth Rollins waited 3/4 of the year before cashing in how about we see an on the night cash-in. The internet went crazy when Kevin Owens beat Cena, imagine if we see Roman Reigns win the briefcase and the title in the same night.

There is still lots of talk about a reunion of The Shield and Reigns would certainly be the obvious choice as leader and champion if they were going to reform the old gang and take on The Authority.

Seth Rollins has been made to look weak recently and in a one vs one situation there is only one winner. Dean Ambrose would also be no match physically for Reigns and wouldn't resent his friend taking his opportunity, he would rather him have the belt than Rollins.

This would be a real game changer for WWE as it is these unexpected moments that we all remember and ultimately watch for. Reigns would make for a dominant champion who it would take a real "Beast" to defeat.

Lee's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns


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