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WNW Predicts - Night Of Champions 2014

Welcome to WNW’s Night of Champions 2014 Predictions! Night of Champions will be emanating from the Bridgestone Arena in the heart of TNA, Nashville TN! This time, we are doing something a bit different, as we will be giving a lot of the writers from our sister site the chance to get their opinions out there. My hope with these has been to give the readers a diverse array of opinions, and the last few sets have been a little similar for my tastes. So lets get to it!

Editor's Note: These Predictions were written before the injury to Roman Reigns was known about. While I could have edited them out, I left them as is, so that you might enjoy the analysis of our writers.

World's Strongest Man vs. Bulgaria's Biggest Brute:

Mark Henry vs. Rusev

Mark Moore:

Like most Rusev feuds that has been solely built around patriotism and a wrestler’s need to put a stop to Rusev and Lana’s propaganda. Both guys a big and strong and if kept mercilessly short, like Rusev vs Big E, they could have a decent power match. Though many thought the same when Henry took on Ryback at WM29. Ultimately I believe Rusev will win as surely his future lies in being beaten by John Cena. Going forward that seems the most likely path Rusev will take. As for Henry there really isn’t much more WWE can do with him at this point aside from a permanent tag team run with Big Show.

Mark's Predicted Winner: Rusev via Submission

Joshua Tucker:

To put this simply, this match means much more for Rusev then it does for Mark Henry. Henry has nothing to gain from winning this match. He’s already done everything he can possibly accomplish in this business and is now the vet that gives back and helps build the future. Rusev beating henry would be huge for him. Henry is a former world champion and former upper card talent. Rusev making Mark Henry submit would also be huge because it would really put over his submission move since henry is a big guy and is also extremely strong even at this age. Rusev will continue his winning ways as it’s not time for someone to beat him.

Joshua's Predicted Winner: Rusev via Submission

Zeppelin Mayers:

My complaint with this feud is where is the growth for Rusev. The man has taken down all these men, but nothing has come of it. Mark Henry does have the best chance of stopping the super athlete, but I don’t think it will be at this show. This seems to be a program that will extend, and if done right, will involve a heel turn by Big Show.

Zeppelin's Predicted Winner: No Contest

Zack Krasney:

This rivalry has been really randomly built. First it started, then it stopped, then it started again, then some how it became the closing segment on Raw. It has been all over the place. It’s been a slow build for Rusev which is actually impressive since they usually strap the rocket pack to guys like Rusev. Usually guys like Rusev are pushed too hard too fast and end up back in the lower/mid card. Now, I’m not saying that Rusev won’t eventually end up back in that area, but at least WWE hasn’t been overly pushy with him. I know Mark Henry has kind of turned into that “this is the mountain, watch him get climbed” type guy. Big Show has a history of being that guy, too. They are so big and powerful that if a wrestler can beat them, then they look tougher by default. I really hope that isn’t the case with this match, but I have the feeling it will. I think in order to really turn this into a rivalry, they’re going to need to extended it. My recommendation is have Mark Henry over power and start to beat Rusev, only for him to walk out. Makes Henry look good, doesn’t make Rusev look bad, just draws him more heat, and we get to extend the program. Win win.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Henry via Countout

Triple Threat for the Diva's Championship:

Paige © vs. AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella


Ugh... I can't believe that WWE has managed to find a way to shoehorn in the Bella Twins' feud into possibly the best Diva's feud of the past 5 years. AJ Lee and Paige have a chemistry with one another that few in this business seem to obtain. But by adding Nikki Bella into this match, WWE is distracting the viewers from what should be the main feud in the division. And they are doing it with the two worst actresses I think I have ever seen in a WWE ring! And you know that Brie is going to HAVE to get involved in this match at some point due to the fact Nikki is in it. But I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that not only is Brie going to cost Nikki her chance at becoming Diva's Champion, but she is going to stick it to Stephanie one more time by costing Paige her title to (hopefully) Steph's next feud, AJ Lee!

Jesse's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee

Mark Moore:

Aside from maybe trying to shake up the Paige/AJ feud, not that it needed shaking up, I fail to see why Nikki is in this match. No doubt this match will get overshadowed by the “mannequin” Bella twins saga, see it does pay to sleep with John Cena, and the title will become an afterthought. Which is a shame after the hard work Paige and AJ have put into this feud. Moving forward Nikki will no doubt have a match with her sister that unfortunately may well include the Divas title as WWE seem to be all system’s go on the Bella dolls. Thankfully Paige and AJ should hold the match together as far as quality goes but without a title to fight over I’m really not sure where either will go.

Mark's Predicted Winner: Nikki Bella, Pinning AJ Lee

Chris Surrancy:

What should be an awesome match will be dragged down by the stupid Bella storyline. I see the match going very well when Nikki isn't involved, the end of the match will see interference, which will ultimately cost Nikki her shot at the title. I had one finish planned, but suddenly had another one strike. The match will end with Paige retaining in typical cheap heel fashion, AJ will be out of the ring, Brie will distract Nikki, and Paige will catch her with a roll-up in order to walk away with the Divas title still around her waist.

Chris' Predicted Winner: Paige (Distraction finish)

Zack Krasney:

I can only hope that this means the end of the crappy Bella Twin storyline, but unfortunately I don’t think it will be. In the mean time there are two legitimately talented diva’s wrestling, in AJ Lee and Paige. I will be legitimately upset if Nikki Bella walks out as champion some how. Paige deserves it, AJ Lee definitely deserves it, Nikki Bella doesn’t deserve it at all. It’ll be interesting to see if she rises to their level or if she looks even worse in the ring with two experts. I’d like to see Paige retain to establish her a bit more as a believable champion, and also because otherwise the Divas title is just bouncing around too frequently. I’d like to see Paige win in typical heel fashion by having her steal the win from AJ, after AJ hits her finisher on Nikki.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Paige (Steals win from AJ)

Tag Team Championship Match:

The Usos © vs. Goldust and Stardust

CJ Blaze:

This feud has surprisingly surprised me? After SummerSlam, I figured we would see a multi-tag team match, but instead, Stardust and Goldust turned heel. I love both teams and want them to succeed, so it's hard to choose who wins this. Stardust is so entertaining and he's worked with every character thrown his way. Goldust is still on top of his game as always. The Usos have held the titles since March so it almost feels like whoever beats them is "receiving the passed torch." I've loved The Usos since day one and I want to see them succeed. Many are feeling this is where the titles are dropped, but not me. I'm predicting that The Usos once again pull out the win to continue their awesome reign.

CJ's Predicted Winner: The Usos

Zeppelin Mayers:

I love both of these teams. The fact that the ‘Dust Brothers are now heels adds a whole new level of intrigue to their characters. The match will undoubtedly be a highlight for Night of Champions. As for the winner, it is about time The Usos drop the belts. Not because they don’t deserve them, but to freshen up the tag division. Plus, the promo work as new tag champions from Stardust & Goldust would be awesome.

Zeppelin's Predicted Winner: Goldust and Stardust

Mike McCarthy:

Ladies and gentleman, the moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived, Goldust & Stardust will finally get their hands back on the WWE Tag Team Championships. The Usos have outperformed many and have made huge strides as Tag Champs and have done a lot for those titles. But it’s time to let Gold & Stardust shine, Cody has done a tremendous job under the new Stardust gimmick and I really feel he’s made gold out of anything that WWE threw his way. The one thing that has people skeptical about a title change here is the lengthy reign of The Usos, and I have a very important point I want to make on that matter. Someone who has “made it” in the WWE aren’t the people that have a very long title reign, it’s the people who are capable of getting those long reigns multiple times. Pushing The Usos huge once isn’t going to make them go down in history as one of WWE’s greatest tag teams. What will is having the confidence to give them that lengthy reign a 2nd time, and a 3rd time. If they want to solidify The Usos, take the straps off of them and wait 4-6 months, and then give them the titles again and let them have an even longer reign. The Usos will not go down in history based on what they’ve done in 2014, but based on their ability to stay relevant for the many years to come. I think both of these tag teams are two of the best we’ve seen in a long time, they all know each other very well in the ring. And I hope to see them put on an outstanding match, but giving Cody the Stardust gimmick will have been pointless if he loses two Title matches right out of the gate.

Mike's Predicted Winner: Goldust and Stardust

Joshua Tucker:

While I think it’s time to take the titles off The Usos since they aren’t doing much with the titles I don’t think The Dusts are the team to do this. The Dusts are a good tag team however I want Cody Rhodes as a single star NOW!!! Being Tag Team champions does nothing for that goal. I think the team to take the titles off of The usos hasn’t been called up yet. I can hear the groans now because I know person disliked the dominance The Ascension had in NXT. I expect to see them up soon and to take the titles easily from the Usos.

Joshua's Predicted Winner: The Usos (Pin)

Intercontinental Championship Match:

DolphZiggler © w/ R-Ziggler vs. The Miz w/ Damien Mizdow


I've been happy that WWE has seemed to pull Ziggler up even a slight peg from the lower card Hades he was once suffering in, but The Miz is one of the last people I want to see him in a feud with. Don't get me wrong, Miz is a talented guy, but he just doesn't appeal to me. And pairing Sandow with Miz, while it has been somewhat entertaining, is a waste of the man's talents. But what comes out of left field for me is the addition of R-Truth. He's been less than irrelevant for years now... Ever since he jobbed out to Cena at Capitol Punishment and split from Miz post Survivor Series 2011, he's had little success. Wait a minute... Considering they have a previous working relationship, and the lack of quality midcard heels... Maybe this could be a way to turn R-Truth heel again! I can see it... Sandow interferes earlier in the match and gets himself ejected, leaving Just Miz, Ziggler, and R-Truth. Ziggler gains the upperhand, and then Miz bumps the ref. Miz starts pulling some dirty tricks, like usual, and R-Truth comes in, seemingly to help Ziggler. But as he is staring down Miz and Ziggler is standing up, Truth nails Ziggler with a Lie Detector and rouses the ref to give Miz the win and the title, reforming Awesome Truth in the process!

Jesse's Predicted Winner: The Miz

Joshua Tucker:

To be honest I’m pretty much punting this one. I don’t really want to see this match and I’m over this feud. I’m picking the thing I want to see most of all and that’s seeing Damien Sandow get traction and get a push. I expect him to find a way to steal the IC championship and turn face when he refuses to give the title to Miz. I’m just wanting to see some reward for the burial of Sandow over the last year.

Joshua's Predicted Winner: Damien Mizdow

Zack Kransey:

The build to this match has been fairly laughable. They have tried, I guess, which is more than I can say for some other rivalries recently. Still, I feel like it’s a joke which is a shame because both wrestlers involved are actually very talented. They are the victims of burnt out writers who are faced with the more pressing issue of the WWE Championship. Either way, the match should be good, Ziggler always delivers and Miz isn’t bad either. I’d like to see this rivalry blown off at Night of Champions. I’d be happy if Ziggler could move up the ranks, but with Brock Lesnar firmly on the WWE title and no where else to go, I guess it’s Intercontinental Championship or nothing, better to be a champion right?

Zack's Predicted Winner: DolphZiggler

Jamie Welton:

This has been a bit of one side booked feud from the start with Miz very quickly dropping the title to Dolph at Summerslam. Pretty much since then I would say that Dolph has had the upper hand throughout the feud. I’m not seeing any change to that in this match and believe Dolph is going to win this one, despite an expected attempt by Damien Mizdow to interfere and R-Ziggler getting involved (The stunt double thing is just becoming a joke now). I expect this match to be the blow off to this feud and to see Dolph go on to bigger and better things. I can see his run lasting up to around Survivor Series before he drops it. I’m expecting this to go no longer than 15 minutes as a match but these two should put on a solid performance.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: DolphZiggler

Chris Surrency:

This match should be fairly entertaining, Miz as an egotistical ass has worked well so far, and Dolph has been his typical amazing self in the ring. So far I seem to be the only one who has had the really “out there” idea that I've got about the finish to this matchup. What I'm seeing is Miz gets waylayed and ends up out of the ring. While he's incapacitated his stunt double gets in the ring, hitting Dolph with a SCF from behind. He rolls Dolph over with the ref counting to three. In an interesting twist, Sandow is your new Intercontinental Champion.

Chris' Predicted Winner: Damien Sandow

Singles Match:

Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

Chris Surrency:

This match could go a couple different ways, but with the rumor that Orton may be looking for some time off I'm going to go with a bit of a crazy idea. Jericho and Orton will put on a great match, because in spite of his horrible personality Orton is a solid worker and we all know Jericho is amazing. After a competitive match going back and forth between the two combatants, when it looks like Jericho may finally have it in the bag, the pyro hits and out comes Safari, no, Corporate Kane, yeah, Corporate Kane this time. Everyone expects him to come down and take out Jericho, but that's where the twist comes. Kane gets in the ring, stares down Jericho, then turns and chokeslams Orton. After the chokeslam, Kane decimates Orton to the level that he has to be stretched out and gets his desired time off.

Chris' Predicted Winner: Randy Orton (DQ)

Joshua Tucker:

Jericho is supposed to be touring with Fozzy at the same time as the show. So he needs to be written off tv so he can go tour. What better way to write him off then with the patented Punt Kick of Randy Orton. I just don’t see any point in Jericho winning this match even how low orton has been the last year. Orton wins after the punt by referee stoppage and Orton starts to find the legend killer within and hopefully steps away from the authority.

Joshua's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton via KO/Ref Stoppage thanks to the PUNT

Mark Moore:

This match almost feels like it’s been thrown together just to get both participants on the card. Honestly……I wasn’t overly excited when these 2 met in 2007 and I fail to see how another 7 years on either man will make me change my mind. Jericho’s feud with Wyatt wasn’t what it should have been and Orton just seems to be treading water. Going forward it’s known that Jericho will be taking another hiatus from the company and will no doubt be back either next year or the year after. As for Orton he is a more interesting case. Maybe a face turn is in the offing but Orton always works better as a heel unfortunately he can’t fully revert to being the Viper whilst a part of the authority. Remember Orton was a part of Evolution in 2003, the fact he just another part of another faction in 2014 is not great progression. Orton will take the win as Jericho is on his way out.

Mark's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton via Pin

Mike McCarthy:

Oh boy how WWE has cuffed their hands with this one. Most would assume that Chris Jericho would put over Randy Orton on his way out the door once again. But WWE has put them in quite a complicated situation with this match. If I’m correct that DolphZiggler will be the only babyface leaving Night of Champions with gold (while Rusev remains unbeaten), WWE really can’t afford to have another heel win on this card. Even if Roman Reigns picks up the win, that’s only two faces with wins on a crucial PPV. However, that doesn’t mean this match can’t be used to progress Orton further. I think that Chris Jericho wins this one regardless of how it’s booked. It can be via DQ or count out, or they could have Jericho win clean with a post-match beat down. Personally, I think Jericho will get the pinball victory in this one, only to be taken out by The Authority later in the night. Chris Jericho coming back only to be putting over people is a trend that needs to stop. Jericho is someone that just gets more exciting with age, but how can they expect the crowd to get excited for his returns when he loses in most of his major programs? Jericho needs to look solid in the ring on his way out. And write him off after an attack, planting the seed for a return program.

Mike's Predicted Winner: Chris Jericho

Zeppelin Mayers:

To be honest, I am not super excited about this match. I am not saying that the match will be bad, but I just don’t care about it. They literally just put these guys together for no real reason, other than fabricated tension. I do think there's a hidden reason for this match though. It is time to get Orton back to that villainous form. He has taken a back seat within The Authority and to Brock Lesnar. With Chris Jericho’s time ending after Night of Champions, it would be in WWE’s best interest if they had Randy Orton get the win and finish off Chris Jericho with a punt. This would get Jericho off television, and bring back that missing edge to Randy Orton.

Zeppelin's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton

United States Championship Match:

Sheamus © vs. Cesaro

Jamie Welton:

I’m expecting to see Sheamus retain his United States title here. This is a match I don’t seem to feel any real excitement about as neither man seems to really be going anywhere right now. It seems Sheamus is just holding the championship because creative doesn’t have much else to do with him while wanting him to remain relevant while Cesaro just can’t seem to catch a break as just when you think he might get the green light to go to the next level he comes back to earth with a thud. This will probably be a strong match with both working hard to give the fans an entertaining watch. I’m just not sure Sheamus going over is going to be a popular decision with the fans in this one.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Sheamus

CJ Blaze:

It seems WWE is "restarting" on Cesaro after pushing him after WrestleMania and then turning him into a jobber. Cesaro is too talented to be a jobber! Sheamus' reign as United States Champion has gradually become an after thought. His last feud that made it on PPV was against Cesaro at Payback! Cesaro needs something to stay relevant, and right now the only thing that is open to him is the US Title. This is the perfect opportunity for Cesaro to win the championship. These two always have excellent matches and I'm sure we will see yet another one at Night of Champions. One new thing I want Cesaro to keep using is the Texas Cloverleaf that he used to beat Zack Ryder last week on Main Event.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Cesaro

William Araguz:

Sheamus and Cesaro for the United States Championship is one of the more polarizing matches of Night of Champions. On one hand both competitors are extremely talented inside the ring while on the other some fans have clearly grown tired of Sheamus and his constant pushes near the top of the card while having almost predictable matches akin to John Cena. Still there is no doubt that when Sheamus is on his game he has the crowd eating out of his hand. Cesaro on the other hand is an interesting case. Formerly known as Claudio Castagnoli while in the independents he became known as one of the most skilled technical wrestlers of this ear and amassed a significant following of fans before even hitting the “big time” with the WWE.

This Sunday’s matchup will be a contrast of styles. Sheamus is not going to win any style points inside the squared circle. Instead the long time WWE veteran employs a smash mouth, hard-hitting brawler style into all of his matches. His Brogue Kick is one of the best delivered versions of the bicycle kick since Booker T. retired from the ring since he can hit it from almost anyway and his Beats of the Bodhran move where he holds his opponent with their back to the ring ropes with their arms wrapped around the ring ropes while he delivers clubbing forearm blows in succession looks to be among the most painful in the business. Still this is one of the more anticipated moves of Sheamus’ matches and the crowd loudly every time Sheamus sets an opponent up for the move. Add in moves like the Irish Curse Backbreaker and the Celtic Cross and this makes Sheamus a force to be reckoned with anytime he steps into the ring.

Cesaro on the other hand mixes his strength and power moves with a more technical style that harkens back to wrestlers of a different era. Also, Cesaro is a hell which means the fans are supposed to boo him, however due to the amazing feats of strength Cesaro has shown when delivering his Cesaro Swing maneuver by holding even the Big Show up for multiple revolutions, the crowd cheers anytime Cesaro shows he is ready to set the move up. This makes Cesaro one of the more unique wrestlers in the WWE. Like Sheamus, many of Cesaro’s moves are simplistic. One of his “weapons of choice” is a European Uppercut, which he will often use when his opponent is coming at him from the top rope as a defensive maneuver. Cesaro employs more classic moves like suplexes, multiple backbreakers powerbombs, and moves such as the Michinoku Driver and a side Death Valley Driver in his arsenal. This more varied moveset allows for Cesaro to take many moves and hit them seemingly out of nowhere.

As stated before both men get a mixed reaction during their matches. Though the WWE has kept Cesaro as a heel for most of his career with them pairing him up with the likes of Zeb Colter (now a face himself), Paul Heyman, and a brief stint with The Authority it seems inevitable the WWE will one day have to give into the fans’ demands and make him a fan favorite. His ovations are some of the loudest fan reactions on any given show for the WWE. On the contrary the WWE has pushed hard to keep Sheamus a face for a while now, though some would say he is a more natural heel. The mixed reaction he gets during his matches might support this theory, and a change could freshen up his character. He has played the role before and shown he could handle it quite well. Cesaro may be the one who is more deserving, but seeing as how WWE has shown by keeping Sheamus the champion for a while I don’t see this changing. I would like to see Cesaro take the title away from Sheamus, but I don’t see it happening due to those in power being high on Sheamus and his work. My prediction is Sheamus by pinfall in a match that will be back and forth and highly contested.

William's Predicted Winner: Sheamus (Pinfall)

Mike McCarthy:

Who would’ve thought that five months after WrestleMania 30 we’d be talking about a 2nd United States Championship reign for Cesaro? After 2 months of extremely questionable creative decisions, Cesaro will finally bounce back and win the strap from Sheamus. Unfortunately, Cesaro will once again have to try and prove himself while holding the not-so-prestigious US Title. Hopefully we get a champion who defends the title frequently, but we hoped for the same from Sheamus who just endured 3-PPV’s without defending in a row (His last PPV defense being against Cesaro at Payback). I feel Sheamus & Cesaro’s wrestling style compliment each other very well and I hope they’re able to put on as good of a match as they had at the Payback. Both have outstanding in-ring skills, and I feel this could really be a show-stealer (if it’s given enough time).

Mike's Predicted Winner: Cesaro

Mark Moore: 

Another match that seems to have been born out of “who else will either guy face?” Sheamus has had an uneventful run as US Champion not helped by a lack of crowd reaction in a lot of cities. Maybe it’s time for a heel turn for the Irish native? Cesaro on the other hand seemed destined for stardom after WM30 but an ill-fated non face turn and alliance with Paul Heyman literally sucked the life out of him. No doubt someone in WWE is finding it hilarious that an Irish man and Swiss native are battling it out over the US Title but on a card where patriotism is high on another match the US strap could have been put to better use. Of note these 2 also faced each other at Payback in a great little match which if given maybe 10 minutes could be replicated. Going forward major change is needed for both men.

Mark's Predicted Winner: Sheamus via Pin

War of the Shield:

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins


For me, this is the easiest one of all to call. After soundly beating Rollins Monday on Raw, Reigns won't even go to the ring. He will come out to the top of the stairs like he normally does, mic in hand, and cut a promo similar to this: "Now, hold up little man. I'm done with you. I whooped your ass Monday night, and I have no reason to face you again. But... I know someone else who has a reason to fight you.." Then we will hear the sound of an engine revving up... And out through the other side of the crowd will come the Lunatic Fringe of WWE, Dean Ambrose! He will start beating down Rollins, and Triple H will come out on the ramp and say: "You know what, ring the bell! If he wants a fight that bad, he can have it! No DQ, no countouts, NO HOLDS BARRED!!!" We will then be treated to another epic battle between these two men, which will end with some Dirty Deeds onto the concrete for the 1-2-3!

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose

Jamie Welton:

This has the potential to be the show stealing match on the card as both these men have put on some of the most memorable performances this year. I’m expecting this match to be no different and I expect a solid performance from both these up and coming main event talents. Somehow I see this one ending with Rollins picking up a disqualification win as a returning Dean Ambrose will more likely come out to attack Rollins. Reigns will stand the taller of the two by the end as I’m sure he will take Rollins down with a spear. I see there being one, maybe even two more matches left between these two following on from the feud. I would be all in favour of this going on till Survivor Series where Reigns and Ambrose have a team and Seth Rollins has a team and think that would be a good way to end this feud before Rollins goes on to look at cashing in his briefcase next year and Roman Reigns continues his build to becoming the winner of the 2015 Royal Rumble.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins (DQ)

CJ Blaze:

I had no idea we would be seeing these two face off so soon, but I think it fits in perfectly. I figured we would see Reigns vs. Orton and Rollins vs. Ambrose again, but obviously that isn't the case. I was slightly disappointed to see they clashed on this week's Raw because "Reigns couldn't wait." Yeah, okay WWE. My initial prediction for this match was for Reigns to go over clean. My thoughts sort of changed with Reigns going over clean on Raw. They gave us a good preview and I'm excited to see what they have in store for us on the PPV. I wouldn't rule out a Dean Ambrose appearance or interference, but either way, Roman Reigns shall win once again.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns

Chris Surrency:

I originally had this match ending with Kane interfering so Rollins could win, but I decided to allow Kane to have a role in the Jericho match instead. This match will end with interference, but it'll be in the form of someone helping out Roman Reigns. Reigns will keep the upper hand most of the match, while not overshadowing Rollins in the process. Rollins winds up catching Reigns with a curb stomp onto the briefcase after tripping him up. When he goes for the pin a “fan” comes running from the crowd and starts beating on Rollins. When security comes in to separate the two men we realize it's Dean Ambrose. Rollins crawls back into the ring to get away from Ambrose and while security is taking Dean out of the building Seth yells out at him down the aisle. He turns around to grab his briefcase, and eats a spear from Reigns who leaves him laying and walks away.

Chris' Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins (DQ)

Zeppelin Mayers:

This was one match I was super excited to see, until WWE gave it away for free. That is possibly the worst creative decision I have ever seen. You just don’t advertise and build towards a huge match like this for a pay per view show featuring Brock Lesnar, and then give it away for free on Raw before the advertised event. They didn’t even give us the decency of ending the show with the match. I feel like we will see a dirty finish. Whether by a returning Dean Ambrose or Kane. Either way, I will give the win to Roman Reigns, because Seth Rollins still holds the dreaded briefcase of burial.

Zeppelin's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Brock Lesnar © vs. John Cena

Adam Eaton:

So I am just going to jump right in here and say it. Lesnar sucks as champion! I absolutely hate him as champion. I never wanted him to return and damn sure didn’t want him to become champion. This isn’t even a part timer doesn’t deserve the belt argument. A part timer could hold the belt and make it work but there was two weeks in a row that he didn’t appear at all. But there are a few positives that have been going on. Cena seems to have gotten some sort of character progression going on and Heyman has been the most entertaining part of Raw since Summerslam. What I am looking for here is a much better match than the one at Summerslam, that match was complete crap. I hated being in the crowd watching that match. What I am hoping for is that Cena not only puts up a fight but wins his title back. The WWE seems to have flip with quickly with their mindset and Cena. Hopefully it will continue with a title change. The WWE should be panicking with all the crappy Raws and usually when they panic they turn to Cena.

Adam's Predicted Winner: John Cena

Chris Surrency:

I actually see this match going along the same lines as SummerSlam, although I'm sure I'll be the only one thinking along those lines. What we saw Monday was a desperate attempt by Cena to look like he could handle Lesnar. Once out of the ring he was able to use his surroundings to get an advantage. I see Lesnar avoiding the outside of the ring, for the most part. Unfortunately for Cena, Brock will once again realize how dangerous he is outside the ring as well as in the ring. After he's done toying with Cena, Lesnar will put him out of his misery, hitting Cena with a German Suplex through a table outside the ring before putting him through the announce table with an F5. He rolls him in the ring and pins Cena's lifeless body.

Chris' Predicted Winner: Brock Lesnar

Jamie Welton:

This is going to be entirely different compared to the one sided massacre we saw at Summerslam. The way Cena has been booked since the Summerslam match has been hit and miss from me. While I think it’s good they’ve built Cena back up to look stronger and like he actually has a chance this time around I can’t help but feel like Cena looking like he has a chance makes the Summerslam match look cheap. If they had booked Cena to make him look like he under estimated Lesnar last time round it might not be so bad but this is a scenario of Cena going from no chance to looking like superman all in a month. I’ve been liking the work with Heyman and Cena with the tease of Cena having to go to a more violent and dark place to stand a chance of beating Lesnar. I really hope to see Cena do something different in this match that will benefit his character progression in the long run but I just can’t see WWE taking that risk with him. As for the outcome I think it’s only inevitable that Lesnar retains the title here with a pin fall victory. Expect to see several near falls toward the end of this one that has the potential to be a great match but could be booked to make you wonder why Cena couldn’t go like this first time round.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Brock Lesnar (Pin)

Mark Moore:

As I have previously wrote about we all know why WWE felt obligated to promote a rematch that had such a one sided dimension to it just 5 weeks ago. A need to promote the Network, push Cena no matter what the effect on the rest of the roster and the fact there is literally no one else means we are being fed Lesnar vs Cena 4. Oh yes don’t buy into Jim Ross’ crap about this is the rubber match etc. If good old JR wants to use history then these men fought on PPV back at Backlash 2003. The rubber match was SummerSlam, this is just another match. Another match that unfortunately Cena has to win. Sure WWE have added a few more costly dates to Lesnar’s contract but nowhere near enough to keep the title active on house shows etc.

Cena will still take a beating no doubt but valiantly fight back and win. As previously stated Cena will no doubt go on to derail Rusev and Lesnar can take a “well-earned 3 month break”. Lesnar won’t be back until Royal Rumble at a guess.

Mark's Predicted Winner: John Cena via Pin

Zack Kransey:

This one is tricky, you’ve already had Cena get jobbed out to Lesnar. There’s a thin line between putting Brock over and making Cena look weak. At the same time, you can’t have Lesnar lose or you have wasted all his momentum, wasted him beating The Undertaker’s streak, and in all honesty, a lot of money, for no reason. What I’d like to see from this match is a little bit of back and forth with Lesnar mostly in control, and have it progress Cena into another storyline. This would also open up Brock Lesnar for a new opponent Monday on Raw. I can say that I definitely don’t want Cena “overcoming the odds” because what has changed between SummerSlam and Night of Champions other than Cena got his ass kicked? Nothing. There can’t be that much of a change or it just seems unrealistic to me. I think I would like to see Seth Rollins interfere on behave of the Authority. It makes sense storyline wise as Lesnar is their “Plan C” and, more so, I’d like to see them try and elevate Rollins into more of a main event storyline. In the end, I think it’d be one of the worst booking decisions in WWE history to have Lesnar drop the title. Victory goes to the Beast Incarnate.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Brock Lesnar

CJ Blaze:

Most of us were shocked with the match booking of the main event of SummerSlam. I'm really hoping we don't have to see that again. If they book Brock so dominant again, no one will be able to touch him and there needs to be competition and eventually a challenger that beats him. Last month, I provided you all with a bold prediction that Cena would retain and the IWC would have a cow. Well, I'm back with more wacky booking. I'm not a fan of Lesnar being champion and probably never will be. I've never been a fan of part-timers and probably never will be. One result that I've heard thrown around by the IWC and other writers is having John Cena beat Lesnar. In the last few years, we have seen a couple of instances where champions shockingly lost their titles. Cena beat Alberto Del Rio in 2011 to win the WWE Championship and then lost it a few weeks later. Last year, Daniel Bryan beat Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship, and of course was stripped the next night. So what if this trend continues this year?

Everyone would probably throw a fit if Cena wins this time, and I'm sure WWE would lose 9.99 subscribers (sorry, I just had to). Cena would celebrate as the fans booed and cheered until Seth Rollins' music hits and the ones cheering start to boo, while the ones booing sort of cheer. Seth successfully cashes in and becomes champion. Brock hides under a rock, while Cena and Rollins feud over the title. There are some loop holes in there, but I doubt this will actually happen.

CJ's Predicted Winner: John Cena, followed by a successful cash-in by Seth Rollins!


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