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WNW Predicts – Slammiversary

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Sunday, June 15th, TNA presents Slammiversary from Arlington, Texas. I could, quite possibly, be the worst person on our writing roster to be compiling TNA Predicts – Slammiversary, yet here I am trying to tuck my ire at TNA way down deep to put this together for the readers who really do care about TNA and what the WNW writers have to say about Slammiversary. First off, I have to say that Adam Eaton has done a lovely job with the TNA Blog Zone, and is running with it in a way that I know I couldn't have done. Secondly, I have to thank everyone who has stepped up and committed themselves to writing the TNA Predicts this month. I have a big mouth when it comes to TNA, but it takes all types, and that's why WNW is such a great place to work.

We have a great group this month with myself, Alex Barie, Jesse Sherwood, and Adam Eaton writing full predicts, and with quick picks are CJ Blaze, Mike McCarthy, Mark Moore, and Edward Taylor. David Jr. is joining us with his nursery rhyme version of predicts!

Alex -

Every TNA Wrestling pay-per-view I try to tell myself that this will be the pay-per-view that will impress everyone. This one pay-per-view is the reason why the company eliminated their PPV schedule. They wanted to create long-term stories. They wanted to build hype. They wanted to develop characters. They wanted to create the most interest possible for a pay-per-view, so they figured by allowing 2-3 months in between PPVs that they will be able to reach that level. How great did that turn out last year? The only thing I remember from last year's TNA PPVs is Bully Ray revealing himself as the Aces & 8s leader and winning the TNA World Championship at Lockdown. Sadly, that was over a year ago. Over a year later and I am still waiting for TNA to deliver the build-up they said they could achieve. I am waiting till we actually see proper hype and interest for the show. Don't get me wrong, the Slammiversary match card is jam-packed with 8 matches. There's going to be at least one match that will make the fans go crazy. There's always one. However, a pay-per-view isn't going to sell without proper build. A match is nothing unless there is a story behind it. Would you see a movie if you didn't even know it was playing? No, because you actually had no idea that it was in the movie theater. The difference from a movie and the wrestling world is that the story is told in the movie in a matter of one hour or so while the wrestling world has weeks, possibly months, to build a story. Imagine if you watched a movie that only had 2 people sitting in a room, having a conversation, and then walking out - End of movie. Would that sell? Would that get positive reviews? Do you think there will be a sequel? Slammiversary is the celebration of TNA's anniversary... their 12th anniversary! I am proud of TNA Wrestling and everyone involved from beginning till now for helping TNA grow, develop, and become the number 2 wrestling promotion in the world. However, the buildup to this pay-per-view is symbolic to TNA Wrestling's build in the past 12 years and that's - No direction with sudden announcements for easy pops. That is Slammiversary... that is TNA Wrestling... 12 years in the making!


Normally, I try to come into these things from a very positive perspective. I have been a TNA fan since the first weekly PPV. I have seen it all. The awful Russo era gimmick matches, Jeff Jarrett keeping the entire roster at his feet for years on end, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff coming in and changing everything positive I and most other fans loved about TNA and further accentuating the worst parts, and the never ending cycle of awful heel stables and corrupt authority figures. I have lasted this long, and how is my faith rewarded? By TNA pulling a Russo and making MVP lead yet another heel stable that leads TNA and is sucking up tons of the weekly broadcast, as well as forcing himself into the main event. And to make matters worse, he gets injured while TNA has weeks of TV in the can, so all changes to the card are advertised to the maybe 100,000 fans who see their social media accounts. And considering that TNA had dedicated almost the ENTIRE show before this PPV to build just the title match, now it feels like TNA wasted any effort they put into it. With everything going on the way it has, I am nearly at my breaking point with them. I just hope TNA gives us one Niflheim of a show.


The build to this PPV has been lackluster. I was very excited following Sacrifice and thought Slammiversary was going to be a new beginning for TNA. I thought we would begin to see some direction heading into the summer. If the build, storylines, and illogical decisions leading up to Slammiversary is any indication of what is to come then we are in for a long summer. With MVP’s injury there seems to be a renewed interest into this event especially the main event. I think it is sad that MVP’s has caused more interest in the event. I have always been an MVP fan and this story of his takeover has potential and I do enjoy it. I was just never looking forward to the MVP EY match. The great thing about TNA talent, is that even if the build to an event is horrible, they have the ability to make a PPV very entertaining.

6 Man X Ladder Match: Sanada, Manik, The Wolves, Tigre Uno, Crazzy Steve

Ken -

The X Division was what made TNA worth watching. My daughter Ellie and I would rush home from picking her up from school on Fridays so we could catch the amazing moves and high flying on Fox Sports. The X Division is what made TNA such a successful alternative, but then Hogan and Bisch came in, and the X Division has been treated like absolute crap since. This match had no build, and honestly, I didn't know who the X Division Champion was since right after the last TNA PPV, because all we've seen is the MVP show! I have to say that most everyone in this match is worthy, except maybe Crazzy Steve. There's only one really crazy Steve in the industry, and that's the famous Dr. Stevie, all others pale in comparison. Also, I have to admit, I didn't even know Manik was still on the TNA roster, and that's not cool for any wrestler. Either of The Wolves would be great to win this, but they should be defending their Tag Team Championship, not running around in this match! I'm at a total loss for this match, so I'm going with Tigre Uno, as he would be a great X Division Champion!

Ken's Predicted Winner – Tigre Uno

Alex -

This is one match I am truly disgusted over by how TNA has handled it. First off, the company cared less about the X-Division and tag team division for Slammiversary. There's no build for the X-Division. There's little build in the tag team division. The company throws this match together on the internet and expects everyone to know it. Not everyone who watches Impact Wrestling checks out their website every single week. There are fans who just watch the product each week. This past Thursday's episode didn't even talk about this match. The sad thing is, it is for the X-Division Championship and it has the Tag Team Champions in it. It makes me sick that the company threw this together just to get these stars on the card. The other part that I dislike is the way they use Manik. The last time we saw him was at Lockdown. Now his return is at Slammiversary. Is he just a pay-per-view guy? Do the regular fans even know of him? Do they even remember him? TNA's ratings are slipping as the years goes on and this is no way for TNA to act right now. Lastly, Sanada's reign has actually been quite disappointing. It started out pretty good with video packages of him talking about representing his country and The Great Muta, but the division quickly fell to the waste side and Sanada fell with it. I feel bad for him. I feel bad he didn't get a reign he deserves. He's such a talented guy that can really help this division, but TNA is focused, or unfocused, on other things. For my prediction, since The Great Muta will be appearing at the upcoming Impact Wrestling tapings, I can't see Sanada losing it at the PPV. I think he will lose it sometime soon though, but let him have one more championship defense win.

Alex's Predicted Winner - Sanada

Jesse -

So how do you tell that a match was thrown onto the card at the very last minute? When two of the members hold your tag titles, one hasn't been with the company more than a month, one hasn't been seen since 2013, and the other two are rarely featured on TV, and one of those two is the champion defending his belt! Sanada has a great upside, as he can flat out work circles around most of the other workers in this match. To me, it seems that this match was added just to give these men a show bonus. And despite the time constraints I'm sure we will see throughout this PPV, I'm sure that at least 5 of the six men in this match will leave everything out in the ring. With Destination X coming up, I don't see them pulling the title off of Sanada.

Jesse's Predicted Winner - Sanada

Adam -

This match was thrown together. I am actually highly upset with is one as it makes no sense whatsoever. I actually wrote an entire article about this one, and the lack of direction this match shows. It makes no sense for the tag team champions to be in this one and Crazy Steve has yet to have a legitimate match. So then we are left with Tigre Uno, Sanada and Manik. Tigre has been jobbing the last couple times we have seen him and Manik is just returning. I really don’t see a reason to change the strap here especially leading into Destination X. I see more reason to change the title later. My pick is Sanada.

Adam's Predicted Winner - Sanada

David Jr. -

This match will not stay on the ground.
I didn’t realize Manik was still around.
I don’t know why the Wolves are in this match here.
I guess no Tag Team Title match this year.
Eliminates three, that three guys, it does leave.
No I’m not going with Crazzy Steve.
A flip of the coin, I will go.
I’ll pick Sanada to retain over picking Tigre Uno.

David Jr's Predicted Winner – Sanada

CJ Predicts – Sanada

Mike Predicts – Sanada retains

Mark Predicts - Manik

Edward Predicts - Sanada

Willow vs Magnus

Ken -

I will fully admit that I don't watch at all when Willow is on TV. It seems to me that Willow approaches the ring like a drunken Jeff Hardy, and that's something we've seen too much of already. If Willow had been brought in as someone completely separate from Hardy, even though we all know he is Hardy, it might have worked, but in reality, it's been a miserable failure. As I said, I've not been watching when Willow is on TV, so the last I knew, he was feuding with EC3. I have no clue how Magnus has fallen from being a paper Champion to being so low on the PPV roster and facing someone who is so far past his prime, and his ring work is showing it. Magnus should be in the WWE, reaching for the main event there, because he has everything needed to be WWE WHC, yet he will most likely end up jobbing to Willow, a mere shadow of who Jeff Hardy used to be.

I do need to address Bram (who named him?) and Abyss in this match. I think Bram will try to cause problems, but will be quickly dispatched by Abyss and they fight to the back, making this a clean one on one match.

Ken's Predicted Winner - Willow

Alex -

The way this match has been hyped on the last episode of Impact Wrestling had many people wondering, including me. Is this a singles match or is Abyss teaming with Willow to face Magnus and Bram? It appears it is just a singles match, the way they talked about it seemed to be the other. At any rate, this match really doesn't interest me too much. The only interesting part is this is the people on the outside - Abyss and Bram. With Magnus being "his old self", how low will he go? On the other end, it looks like Willow is Abyss' savior? What will Abyss do? How tamed is he? It's a situation that can go either way. For the end, I can see Willow getting the loss rather than Magnus. The company is trying to build Magnus as well as Bram. Bram is still fairly new and he already signed a multi-year contract with the company. They need to keep him strong for quite sometime. Willow has nothing to lose and at this point either does Abyss.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Magnus

Jesse -

Magnus has been on a downward spiral ever since he won the TNA World Title. Between being booked as the most ineffectual champion in TNA history and now being placed into a position where he is still relying on some muscle to help him in a gimmick transition, he looks vastly different than the guy that was effect lay hand picked as the future of the business just a few short months ago. And speaking of transformations, has Jeff Hardy started dipping back into his brother Matt's stash? Willow has to be one of the worst gimmick transitions I have ever seen! Seriously, whoever approved this needs to be fired. And to make matters worse, we have Abyss dragged into this with Hardy. I just hope this match doesn't really get off the ground and ends up being a couple minutes of filler. But if it does, Hardy needs a win after weeks of beatdowns.

Jesse's Predicted Winner - Willow

Adam -

I could really care less. How many times have we seen this match since January? Magnus vs Jeff Hardy or Magnus vs Jeff Hardy under a mask really doesn’t interest me anymore, but nothing Hardy does usually interest me. The Bram/Magnus relationship has driven this story with Hardy/Willow being a by standard. Abyss will now be in Willow’s corner which makes this match no more interesting. Abyss has been through too many changes recently that has really hurt his character. His ugly mask also makes it hard to take him serious. To make Magnus’s character change mean something he needs the win here.

Adam's Predicted Winner – Magnus

David Jr. -

I think that you all (or least those who watch TNA) should know.
Magnus won the TNA Title by defeating Jeff Hardy, now Willow.
I don’t know what Willow Character is supposed to be.
I guess he got tired of being just Jeff Hardy.
In Magnus’s corner will be Bram.
If you think in Willow’s would be Matt Hardy, I say no Sir or Ma’am.
The man in his corner is named Joseph or is it Chris?
It is the monster named Abyss.
I have to pick a winner for the show.
I’m going to have to go with Willow.

David Jr's Predicted Winner – Willow

CJ Predicts – Magnus

Mike Predicts – Magnus

Mark Predicts – Magnus

Edward Predicts – Magnus

James Storm vs Ken Anderson

Ken -

Why did Anderson suddenly go after Storm? They were both without a feud, I understand that, but why did Anderson suddenly start drinking, or not drinking as the case really was, with Storm? The whole thing seems very poorly created and brought to fruition. I love both of these guys, but I think it's time Storm wins and starts heading toward the main event – yeah, like that will happen with MVP flinging his key limes around.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Storm

Alex -

I felt like this match hasn't been built as much as it could have been, but TNA's time has been very limited with so much time going toward MVP and his faction. These two, Storm and Ken, are absolutely incredible workers. I can watch the "Best of James Storm" or "Best of Mr. Anderson" all day long if there was a DVD made of either. That's how great they are. That's how great they keep my attention. They can work heel or face and deliver. As far as this match goes, I am expecting a brawl, plain and simple. These two are not the smallest guys and these two aren't afraid to get black and blue marks. To determine the winner, I more so have to look at their past then their future. Mr. Anderson has been on such a role the entire year from beating Bully Ray to Samuel Shaw. As far as James Storm, he just said "I Quit" to Gunner back at Sacrifice. Mr. Anderson has this huge streak going that I don't even think the creative booking team notices. I do though and I am counting on that to determine the winner.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Mr. Anderson

Jesse -

Let me see if I have this straight... This feud is centered around the fact that Storm cost Anderson in the match that Anderson and Gunner had to challenge EY for the title after Sacrifice, and then Anderson fooled Storm in a drinking contest? What kind of malarkey is that? And especially with the fact Anderson and Storm have barely been on TV during this "feud", why should we even care? Since I am being pushed into a wall for this, I'll call Storm because he needs the heel push more.

Jesse's Predicted Winner – James Storm

Adam -

This match I have been anticipating since James Storm cost Anderson a chance at the title. Anderson has always been one of my favorites and I loved how he played this feud out. I only wish that they would have had a segment on this week’s Impact. James Storm has lost his last couple of big matches to Gunner. I think Storm needs the win here to establish himself as a dominate heel.

Adam's Predicted Winner – James Storm

David Jr. -

This match should be fun.
James Storm has been there since day one.
TNA now has been around for twelve years.
James Storm likes to drink his beers.
Mr. Anderson is an A-Hole.
Beating James Storm is his goal.
How well will these two perform.
I’m going to pick the Cowboy James Storm.

David Jr's Predicted Winner – James Storm

CJ Predicts – Mr. Anderson

Mike Predicts – James Storm

Mark Predicts – James Storm

Edward Predicts – James Storm

Von Erichs vs Whoever TNA Drags Up For This!

Ken -

Um, what? Why? This makes less than no sense to me! Why are they doing this? I know they're going to be in Texas, but that's not the best reason to bring in the Von Erichs without any sort of plan. I do have to say that Justin Lal told Jesse that ticket sales were virtually nonexistent until the Von Erichs were announced, which I think is the saddest thing about this whole PPV. They don't even have a named match, but they're driving the ticket sales. Bravo TNA for making your entire roster a second thought to the ones who are going to be at the live show. Everyone else thinks the Von Erichs will win a match, but this is TNA we're dealing with, so I'm expecting they will be totally screwed somehow.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Not the Von Erichs!

Alex -

It appears TNA has scrapped the match, but if it happens, the Von Erichs will win.

Alex Predicts – Von Erichs

Jesse -

And sadly, that's how I have to feel about this match. The Von Erichs were the owners of the largest and best Texas territory back in the Wild West days of pro wrestling, WCCW. And while I love to see that Kevin has trained his sons to follow in his footsteps and hopefully become world class athletes just like the rest of the family, we all know the real reason TNA even has them on the card is because they want to get a big hometown pop for these boys, and they hope to ride that moment for the rest of the night. I just hope that whomever will be facing the Von Erichs will actually put up a good fight.

Jesse's Predicted Winner – Von Erichs

Adam -

No announcement on who these guys are facing. Originally I thought they would challenge for the tag team titles to at least make a viable match and have the titles defended. With both the Wolves in the 6 man ladder match, I see the Von Erichs facing the BroMans and going over.

Adam's Predicted Winner – Von Erichs

David Jr. -

I have one thing to say.
I’m not going with TBA.
So if I’m going to pick.
The ones with the last name Von Erich.

David Jr's Predicted Winner – Von Erichs

CJ Predicts – Von Erichs

Mike Predicts – Von Erichs

Mark Predicts – The Von Erich's will give a speech, be interrupted by Bro Mans and clear house.

Edward Predicts – Von Erichs

Bobby Lashley vs Samoa Joe

Ken -

We all know that Samoa Joe should be winning this match, and should be in the TNA HOF. Like the X Division, he's been screwed over since Hogan and Bisch came into TNA, and he hasn't done well since. I'm truly shocked that Joe has stayed and continued working hard within TNA.

Jesse had a Freudian slip and called him Booby Lashley. I have to say that I think Lashley is a complete boob. He's gone from being a top guy with a bullet in the WWE to needing MVP to get over and get into matches in TNA. I know that the MVP stuff is storyline, but it doesn't help Lashley look like anything other than a total boob. Sadly after the way Joe's been treated, he will be the one getting the three in this match.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Lashley

Alex -

Just like Aries/King, I can also see this match having interference. While I am looking forward to Aries/King more than this match as I love the fast paced wrestling matches rather than the powerhouse slower matches, I am eager to see who goes through to the finals. This is like a little tournament. With my pick of King going though, I am leaning toward Lashley. I have a feeling MVP will have to do something to make the main event lean toward his favor. It makes sense. They didn't build the faction up for nothing. They didn't create all this time on them only to make them irrelevant in the PPV. While I would love to see Joe win the match, and the TNA World Championship (He actually should have won it at Lockdown), I am going with the other part of the faction.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Bobby Lashley

Jesse -

After the 2 month hiatus, it is great seeing Joe back. Sadly, with the way Roode has been pulled from TV and the way Abyss and a couple of other stars have been scaled back of late, I'm sure it was due to a cost cutting measure. But I have to say that Lashley has been looking quite well in his return. Considering this is Joe's first real big contest since he came back, I'd hope TNA would put him over. But with how they have been booking of late, I see Lashley being the winner so EY has to overcome insurmountable odds to keep his title.

Jesse's Predicted Winner – Booby Lashley

Adam -

This is another match that had very little build. At least there was some interaction this week when Joe save EY after the EY Lashley Match. The added stipulation didn’t really change my opinion on this match as it did with the AA vs King match. I see Joe winning here. Joe is being reestablished and a win here would elevate him. I also see more coming from him being cost the title.

Adam's Predicted Winner – Samoa Joe

David Jr. -

Last time a Samoan fought Bobby Lashley.
Was at Wrestlemania 23.
No Billionaire’s hair on the line, this time.
But the winner will have a steel cage to climb.
Since I went with an Austin Aries win.
I have to put at least one heel in.
So I can’t pick Samoa Joe.
Bobby Lashley will be in the main event of the show.

David Jr's Predicted Winner – Bobby Lashley

CJ Predicts – Bobby Lashley

Mike Predicts – Bobby Lashley

Mark Predicts – Bobby Lashley

Edward Predicts – Bobby Lashley

Austin Aries vs Kenny King

Ken -

I called Lashley a boob, but that's kind compared to what I think about Kenny King. I remember Kenny on the second season of Tough Enough, where all the guys won to two women. I wasn't impressed with Kenny then, I wasn't impressed with him in ROH, and I'm even less impressed now. I don't understand why TNA wanted him on the roster, and it seems to me he's done nothing but look useless and ride the coat tails of others within the company. Putting him in the ring with the most under used and underrated wrestler on the TNA roster is a slap in the face to Aries. Then again anything but being in the main event is a slap in the face to Aries. Therefore, he should be in the main event!

Ken's Predicted Winner – Austin Aries

Alex -

The whole stipulation that whoever wins this match, as well as Joe/Lashley, will go on to the main event for the TNA World Championship makes this match, and the other, so much more interesting. I give TNA that credit. Without the stipulation, this would just be another normal match that I would expect to see on Impact Wrestling. However, I have to question whether this match will see any interference. Let's face it, we know MVP will probably be at the show. We know he, Lashley, and King have power. So, what makes us believe that Aries will win this match? If he does win this match, I will be ecstatic! I would call it quite unpredictable. I just not sure how believable the situation is. I want to see a great battle between these two because I know these two can very well work. These two are great workers. I am excited to see what they bring to the table, but I just hope TNA's booking doesn't make it so out of control that everything is lost at the end.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Kenny King

Jesse -

If there was ever one person I would sing the praises of deserving losing their job in TNA, it is Kenny King. He is abysmal on the mic, his ring work is sloppy at best, although it is better than his X Title run, and his persona is stereotypical at best. The only bright spot to this match is that Austin Aries will be in it, and he can elevate almost anyone's game. But with the new stipulation for the contest, I can't see Aries getting a chance at winning this. If they want a good story in the main event, King has to win.

Jesse's Predicted Winner – Kenny King

Adam -

I think this match has the potential to steal the show. I am really disappointed in the build to this match as I think it could have been highly entertaining listening to these go back and forth on the mic. Now that this is to advance to the main event it changes everything. I would have originally pick AA to win this one but with the added stipulation I am going with Kenny King. I believe that MVP and Friends will find some way to get King the victory.

Adam's Predicted Winner – Kenny King

David Jr. -

The winner of this match will be sent.
To the Triple threat Steel Cage Main Event.
The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived is what Austin Aries is known.
If Kenny King became TNA Champion, I think I’d moan.
So TNA, I’m begging, I’m saying please.
Let me be right with Austin Aries.

David Jr's Predicted Winner – Austin Aries

CJ Predicts – Austin Aries

Mike Predicts – Austin Aries

Mark Predicts – Austin Aries

Edward Predicts – Kenny King

Texas Death Match: EC3 vs Bully Ray

Ken -

I'd love to say that Bully will win this cleanly, because he absolutely should, but this is TNA we're dealing with. If EC3 hadn't finally lost a match, I would have said he'd absolutely win this, but I can't be sure of that either. Too many possibilities, but the biggest wish I have is that Dixie goes through a table, after that, Bully winning would be icing on the cake, and I like icing, so I'm going with Bully.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Bully

Alex -

This is one match that TNA really hit the nail on the head with. Technically, it has been building since Lockdown and I am loving it. Bully Ray is such an amazing talent that I would try to sign him if I was running a wrestling company. He can work a crowd like very few can. Ethan Carter III is young and talented and has a great future. I am very glad TNA picked him up and quickly used him. He's learning and will become quite a name for himself in the company. He's a future TNA World Champion, no doubt. With this match being a Texas Death match, I can really see these two pulling out some crazy stunts. I haven't seen Ethan go extreme yet, but I think he would for the moment, and the pay. Ethan isn't afraid to get rough, but may be afraid that he will mess up his full blown muscle body. As for Bully Ray, he doesn't feel pain anymore. While I think this match might be the Match of the Night candidate, I have to pick a winner. Will Dixie interfere in this match? I'm sure Rockstar Spud will. Can they take down the bully or will a Carter finally fall? Will Dixie be going through a table during this match? We know Bully Ray has his 6, now 5, list of people who he wants to put through a table. With that being said, I can see him building momentum and continuing on with his last. Therefore, he has to go over to keep himself strong.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Bully Ray

Jesse -

Over his dead body. Those were the words uttered by EC3 that helped set up this match, and I can't wait for it! EC3, when given the chance, is a fantastic worker. And Bully Ray is easily the best thing in TNA right now! Considering the history of the Texas Death Match (Look up Jerry Lawler and Dutch Mantell vs Bill Dundee and Austin Idol for a great one!) I expect them to put on one slobberknocker of a contest. In the end, Bully Ray will put EC3 through a table and be one step closer to Dixie.

Jesse's Predicted Winner – Bully Ray

Adam -

This feud has really been going on for a while. This match has had the best build of the entire card. It makes sense, it feels natural, and Bully and EC3 are excellent in the ring and on the mic. This match will be brutal. I see Bully pulling out all the stops and EC3 just trying to survive. With the help of Spud EC3 will get the upper hand just for Bully to make one last run for the win. Dixie will be a distraction that will EC3 to victory.

Adam's Predicted Winner – EC3

David Jr. -

Is there anybody better right now in TNA?
Than the man known as Bully Ray.
Then there is Ethan Carter or ECIII.
The kayfabe nephew of Dixie.
I would not recommend you hold your breath.
Because these two are in a match called Texas Death.
These are the types of matches that Bully Ray is usually in.
That’s why I’m going with ECIII for the win.

David Jr's Predicted Winner – Ethan Carter III

CJ Predicts – Bully Ray

Mike Predicts – Bully Ray

Mark Predicts – EC3, but Dixie goes through a table!

Edward Predicts – Bully Ray

Knockouts Title Match - Angelina Love (c) vs Gail Kim

Ken -

I thought TBP were overrated the first time around, and I've never been impressed with Angelina Love. She's never impressed me as a wrestler, or as someone I'd even ever want to meet. Velvet Sky is lovely, hard working, and has improved greatly, yet she's now stuck playing second fiddle to someone I would never want my daughter to look up to. Not happy to see Love back, and not happy to see Velvet stuck pushed back again. Hopefully Kim will win this match and give TBP something to fight for, rather than having them run around in all that fake fur as it it's still 1999.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Gail Kim

Alex -

While I enjoy the Knockouts, this is one match that I am not entirely excited about. Don't get me wrong, Gail Kim is my favorite woman wrestler today, but the interest and hype hasn't been there. I am much more invested in the Madison Rayne and Brittany story. The Beautiful People is a great addition to the Knockouts division. While many don't think the division has stepped up since March, I have to beg to differ. The stories developing right now are very interesting. It is not just one story dominating, but multiple stories. I think The Beautiful People have to turn it up a notch though. There is a reason why so many people hated them back in the day. They were truly one of the top heels in wrestling. They need to do those extra heel tactics of bullying to really have people interested. The greatest face character is only as great as the heel opposing them. For this match, I can see Velvet Sky doing her cheating ways which will lead to a Love win.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Angelina Love

Jesse -

I hate that they have brought back Angelina Love and reunited The Beautiful People. TBP, yes, were one of the most powerful and driving forces of the early KOs Division. But with the revival of the faction, I am constantly reminded of just how bad Angelina Love was on the mic. I want to scratch my eardrums out every time I hear her. And while I know that she will put on a good match with Gail Kim, I just know that this will end in the typical TBP screwy fashion. I just hope that TNA will pull the title off of Love sooner than later.

Jesse's Predicted Winner – Angelina Love

Adam -

This match is one of the more built matches on the card. While Gail officially became number one contender this past Thursday she has been involved with the Beautiful People. Since Gail recently lost her title to a returning Madison who turned around and lost it to a returning Angelina Love, I don’t see Gail winning this one. I also believe this could be the night that Brittany joins the BP, costing Gail the match.

Adam's Predicted Winner – Angelina Love

David Jr. -

It would not be a fail.
If the Knockout’s Champion was named Gail.
The Beautiful People is who Gail Kim will have to get by.
Because Angelina Love will be accompanied by Velvet Sky.
So while the Knockout’s Title Gail Kim will try to get a Hold of.
I would say the Champion will still be Angelina Love.

David Jr's Predicted Winner – Angelina Love

CJ Predicts – Angelina Love

Mike Predicts – Gail Kim

Mark Predicts – Angelina Love

Edward Predicts – Angelina Love

Triple Threat TNA Title Match: EY (c) vs ???

Ken -

Nothing like waiting for the last minute to change the main event of one of the few PPVs TNA actually has these days! They knew MVP was injured, and that he's not been pulled from this match, no matter whether he's had the tests he's claiming he hasn't had, and they should have pulled him before the weekend of. I know the shows have been taped and it would mess with continuity, but we all know the shows are taped, and that MVP is injured. To me it's screwing around the fans, especially those who paid good money to attend the show live.

There's no question in my mind that EY should win and retain the TNA Title, but this is TNA, and they only strapped EY because of Daniel Bryan, not because he honestly did deserve it. Now that Bryan is off TV due to injury, and they're playing up EY's back injury – how original – I worry that they will do something stupid and screw EY, yet again! Honestly, I could see TNA strapping Lashley because MVP can't be there to take the strap, but I worry if they would turn too many fans. I would hope they wouldn't strap Kenny King, but TNA has done dafter things. Even though deserving, I doubt they'd strap Joe. That leave Aries. If EY isn't going to be Champion, the only person who could carry the strap well would be Aries, but it would be a very strange Title change. Then again, it is TNA. I'm so torn because I love EY, and he should be Champ, but it would be a blast to see Aries as Champion again. I'm hoping EY will win, but I'm going out on a limb to say that Aries will be the new Champ.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Aries

Alex -

With MVP out, and now either Samoa Joe or Bobby Lashley and Austin Aries or Kenny King in this match, there are so many possible winners that it is quite crazy. However, at the end of the day, I can't see either of those four winning and stopping Eric Young's championship reign. It just wouldn't make sense. Eric Young's television show "No Limits" is full speed ahead on television every Friday night, so I can see the company keeping EY as champion for the duration of the show. As far as EY losing in the future, I have to think MVP would be the candidate to take the belt, but since he is injured, and may need surgery, he may not compete for sometime. Eric Young will have to move on to a new challenger. While I really won't be surprised if Lashley or even King win the belt as I know they want to keep the faction strong, or maybe even disband it on account of MVP's injury, I have to stick with Eric Young retaining.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Eric Young

Jesse -

EY will surely have the deck stacked against him in this match. Lashley and King will work together for most of the match, but the key thing here will be Kenny's ego. He will feel the need to have the title, and that drive will end up being the schism in their unity, which will give EY the chance he needs to keep the gold. Considering the last minute nature of the change to the match, I can't see them taking the title off of EY.

Jesse's Predicted Winner - EY

Adam -

It took some time and a very unfortunate injury but we finally have a proper Slammiversary main event. I think more positive talk has come since the announcement that MVP will not be in this match than there was for the entire build to the Slammiversary. Following my earlier prediction this match will be EY vs Joe vs King. King is really only in this match as a representative for MVP. So this match really comes down to EY & Joe. I see MVP and Lashley getting involved somehow. While they are trying to help King win they end up costing the Joe the match. EY gets the victory and this leads to more frustration from Joe toward MVP.

Adam's Predicted Winner - EY

David Jr. -

This was supposed to be Eric Young vs. MVP.
But MVP has now has an injured knee.
So the Main Event will now have three.
I already picked Austin Aries and Bobby Lashley.
According to the TNA home page.
This match will still be in a Steel Cage.
Ok now here’s the deal.
Who will win inside the Cage made of Steel?
I can’t go with Austin Aries or Bobby Lashley
Eric Young is who the winner will be.

David Jr's Predicted Winner – Eric Young

CJ Predicts – EY retains

Mike Predicts – Bobby Lashley

Mark Predicts – EY by pinning Aries

Edward Predicts – EY

TNA Hall of Fame

Ken -

I'm going out on a limb and not going with the pack on this one. Most people think that Hardy will be announced as the next in the HOF. There's others with some other great ideas, specifically David Jr. and Mike, but I'm looking at who has really helped TNA along these past couple years, and I keep going back to Bully Ray. It really doesn't make sense storyline wise, because Dixie completely hates Bully, but he's the one who brought in the fans and have kept them hooked the past couple years. If we're going on who is deserving, then they are no longer with the company, or off plotting their own grand futures, but for the amazing people who are still within the company who have done so much to help TNA last the way it has, then I hope David Jr., Mike or myself have this right.

Ken Predicts – Bully

Jesse -

Considering the weight a TNA HOF nod really carries... I wouldn't want to be the next guy to go in. From step one, this HOF has been a farce on EVERY level. Yes, Sting and Angle are some of the greatest Superstars this business has ever seen, but when you think about a HOF, you think about people that meant the most to the company. That's why when Jeff or Jerry Jarrett weren't the first inductees in it two years ago, there was an uproar. And when they used it to make a storyline last year around Kurt Angle, it sickened me. Why not Jeff? Why not AJ Styles, a man whose blood, sweat, and tears MADE this company hit its pinnacle of greatness? But TNA used it as a tool to honor popular choices and to harbor stories. So while I know that the people that deserve it, such as the man I want to see in it this year, are bound to be the last ones to go in, I have hope that TNA will do the right thing and make this right. With Angle doing the introduction this year, there is only one man I could hope to see him bring in. A man that helped establish Angle in TNA. A man that could easily be called Angle's greatest rival. A man that will kill you. That's right, I want Samoa Joe in the HOF. I would much rather see Jarrett or Styles in, as they are the men who deserve it the most, but we know that they likely won't darken TNA's doors ever again. So why not give it to the man that no matter what they did to him, he always stuck by the company? Because TNA will most likely look to use this as a springboard for a new story. And that story is that Dixie Carter is going to induct herself. It gives Bully even more reasons to put her through a table, and gives the fans a reason to tune in to see him do it. So as much as I want to see something positive here, all I can see is more Russo101.

Jesse Predicts - Samoa Joe if Dixie doesn't induct herself.

Adam -

Kurt Angle will announce who will join him and Sting in the company’s Hall of Fame.
There are 3 people that I would want to go into the HOF, JJ, AJ Styles, and Mike Tenay. The problem is JJ is doing better things, AJ Styles is working elsewhere, and well I don’t Tenay is the name management is looking for. Therefore, nobody else is worthy of going into the HOF. We could make an argument for Bobby Roode since he is the longest reigning TNA champion in history and he has been there longer than everyone else besides Storm and EY. Storyline wise this could make a lot of since for Dixie to bring Roode into the HOF to help her out against MVP. Also this is a great point in the show for Roode to show up since he’s not on the card.

Adam Predicts - We see Roode no matter what but I will say Roode is the 3rd member in the HOF

David Jr. -

Jeff Jarrett is who I want to say.
If not him it should be AJ.
I jokingly said it would be Dixie.
I know some think it will be Jeff Hardy.
I’m going to go out on a limb.
And then say the Hall of Famer is Gail Kim.

David Jr. Predicts – Gail Kim

Alex Predicts – Jeff Hardy

CJ Predicts – Jeff Hardy

Mike Predicts – Abyss

Mark Predicts - Kurt Angle to induct Dixie Carter.......though I would have loved TNA to reach out to Jeff Jarrett.

Edward Predicts – Jeff Hardy


Going through the card made me realize there are several cool matches on the card. There are some that I can't wait to see. Others should just be on an Impact Wrestling show. I will try to make the most out of this pay-per-view though as it is a lot more than just matches. The Von Erich family will be appearing as well as Kurt Angle as he introduces the newest inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame (I'm guessing Jeff Hardy). I am sure we will see some development between Dixie Carter and her slow "regain of power". This show has a lot to offer, but I wonder how many people actually know about it. I wonder how many people actually know what the PPV has for the viewers. The build and hype has been disappointing and somewhat awful at times, but that's the build. The PPV will be upon us and that is something we analyze separately. Then after that is the fallout. It's a step process. Hope you enjoy the pay-per-view and let us know your predictions!


This card now has potential. The added stipulation to the Lashley vs Joe and Aries vs King matches give those two matches meaning which is great since these matches have had no build. At least it makes sense now. I still have a huge issue with the 6 man ladder match as it was just thrown together with no thought. Plus it is like a tease for a KOTM match. There is still hope I guess they could make it a KOTM match. I think this PPV could really surprise us and be very entertaining. I will be watching closely because if TNA slips up, I will be very vocal over on TNANews.


I've actually been able to hold my ire for TNA back more than I thought possible. All that being said, I will be right here watching Slammiversary, and hanging out on the Open Thread Discussion! Make sure you leave us your predictions, and join us Sunday night, here on WNW, for Slammiversary!

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