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WNW Predicts: SummerSlam 2014

Welcome to WNW’s SummerSlam 2014 Predictions! SummerSlam will be emanating from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA, for the sixth straight year! This time, we have Kendra Bunyon, Gesus Oliver, CJ Blaze, and Impact Blog Zone writer Adam Eaton providing full predictions, while Alex Barie, myself, and Chris Surrancyare providing quick picks. But before we start in on the Predicts, I thought I'd let Gesus talk a bit about the build to the PPV.


The time is upon us for us to predict Summerslam, or SummerFest to some less than perfect hosts. Doing the PPV Blues stuff with Adam Eaton really reminded me how good this PPV used to be. Some will argue nostalgia makes it better than it actually was. The argument could be made that Summerslam ‘98 is a skewed perspective because it was a solid PPV. People will always argue. Regardless, this PPV is seriously lacking in interest. WWE has had a few weeks for a solid build but spoiling the main event with two PPV’s to go really soured me. So already I’m going in with a negative perspective. Let’s hope this show with some stronger midcard talent and Brock will be a PPV where WWE turns a corner and sets up interesting storylines that carry us through the fall.

Preshow Match:

RVD vs. Cesaro


This is quick, easy, and to the point. The way RVD has been looking in the ring, if Cesaro doesn't win, they we know he's in for a run of losses, possibly running deep.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Cesaro

Sam's Predicted Winner: Cesaro


Well looks like we finally have a preshow. If it weren't for the likes of dirt sheets, I would never have known about this match. I didn't realize until Richard posted on Facebook that this was even a match. Promoting this last minute is just a fraction of the things wrong with WWE today. I can go on but I don't want to take up too much room complaining about the stupidity of this.

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Cesaro

Rikki's Predicted Winner: Cesaro


We've seen RVD vs. Cesaro several times this year and WWE has booked them against each other once again. I was hoping we would see The Usos because they absolutely deserve a spot somewhere on the card. Honestly they should've just done The Usos vs. RybAxel vs. Sheamus & RVD on the kickoff show instead of Main Event. Anyways, I'm very frustrated with Cesaro's booking and I highly doubt he wins. Expect an RVD win to kickoff the night.

CJ's Predicted Winner: RVD


I feel this match is just to get both these guys on the card. There is no reason for these two to even have a match. Cesaro has been losing lately and RVD well I honestly don’t even know what he has been doing. This will be a good match as both these guys are talented wrestlers. These two have had great matches in the past. Since Cesaro has been booked to go under to everybody lately, I am going to pick RVD, especially since this match means nothing.

Adam's Predicted Winner: RVD

Alex's Predicted Winner: RVD

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Cesaro

Chris' Predicted Winner: Cesaro

Diva's Championship Match:

AJ Lee © vs. Paige


I'm really hoping these two have been working on this match, and it will be something worthy of them, unlike the last couple times they've faced off. I don't understand how to Divas who are so strong in the ring can give us such schlock! I have my toes crossed that this match will at least be strong, if not stellar. But, in the end, I think Paige will somehow beat AJ to win back the Divas Championship. They keep going like this, they will be Lita and Trish – I hope.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Paige

Sam's Predicted Winner: Paige


I really hope they don’t have the stinker like they did at Battleground. I’ve gone on record saying that they have the chance of being the next Lita vs Trish as far as ability. Both are young and can grow their abilities to mesh with each other. They also have the ability on the mic to carry a feud for months. When you give someone 60 seconds to get over on the mic or 2 minute matches, the feud is going to suck, plain and simple. No one can get over with such time restraints, let alone get a feud over. I would love to see these women put on a clinic in the ring we haven’t seen since NXT Takeover.

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Paige

Rikki's Predicted Winner: Paige


After their match at Battleground, I didn’t want to see this feud continue. There was so much potential there and it just didn’t deliver last month. However, I believe that both have learned from their mistakes and will put on a better match at SummerSlam. The feud has received build, which is actually surprising to me. I’m not a fan of AJ’s “whiplash” storyline. I’ve heard some fans talk about Paige winning the title to keep things interesting, but I’m not sure about that. I’ll go with the safe option and AJ retains.

CJ's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee


Here is another dream feud. This has gotten more attention than any Diva Title feud in this year. The great thing about it is, it is center around two female wrestlers and not reality TV shows stars. Paige and AJ deserve all the attention for this feud because they used their ability to get their selves over. I am hoping that this match is a lot better than what we saw at Battleground. Whatever happens I want this feud to continue because these two Woman Wrestlers, can be the next great feud in the division for years to come. I see AJ Lee winning here. I feel it’s too early to take the title off of her and Paige can still chase a bit to build her character. Plus in the last year the smart money has been on AJ to retain.

Adam's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee

Alex's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee

Jesse's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee

Chris' Predicted Winner: Paige

Intercontinental Championship Match:

The Miz © vs. DolphZiggler


Too many of the WWE characters have such little actual character beyond being some guy, so I will give Miz props for that, no matter how annoying he is right now. We get it, you're protecting what you think is your money maker. In reality it's Miz's fashion sense that carries him for me. That boy sure knows how to dress! But then there's Ziggler who's beloved, but has fallen through the cracks into horribly boring! They really need to do something to snazz up his character, and soon. I think if Ziggler had something interesting going on with him, he could win and carry the IC Title, but right now I think it's staying on Miz.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: The Miz

Sam's Predicted Winner: DolphZiggler


Why is this even a match? Who really cares? Miz coming back with his movie star Johnny Cage gimmick is really falling flat. Ziggler deserves so much more than this match. Miz coming back and making it a big deal would have mattered if anyone knew he was even gone. As far as Ziggler is concerned, why would they need to strap him with the quagmire belt? They need to elevate that titles worth, and maybe they both have the wrestling ability to elevate it. But right now, as far as I’m concerned, they don’t need to switch titles.

Gesus' Predicted Winner: The Miz

Rikki's Predicted Winner: The Miz


I’m probably in a very small group of people who care about this feud and match. I’m a big fan of both Ziggler and The Miz. The fact that there has been build up to this match every week since Battleground is incredible and fans should be happy! These guys have always out on good matches when in the ring together and I know they will step up their game since they have a spot on the SummerSlam card. Strapping Miz last month was the safe bet, but I also wish Ziggler would’ve won it. I know it’s not the World Title, but anything to keep Dolph relevant is something I would like to see. As much as I want Ziggler to pick up a win, I just don’t see it happening.

CJ's Predicted Winner: The Miz


I am looking forward to this match. These two have always been two workers that I enjoy seeing. I love the heat the Miz can generate and it make me root for him more. Ziggler is a great worker who seems to never be able to catch a break. I expect these two to try to steal the show with this because I know both workers feel they should be in a better spot. I am calling for a title change here because my other picks don’t call for one. I go with Ziggler because I want to be a part of the pop I believe he will get if he wins

Adam's Predicted Winner:DolphZiggler

Alex's Predicted Winner: The Miz

Jesse's Predicted Winner:DolphZiggler

Chris' Predicted Winner: The Miz

Singles Match (Erick Rowan and Luke Harper are banned from ringside):

Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt


Jericho won the last time they faced off, so it's time for Bray to win. Further, if Bray can win this without Harper and Rowan, it will prove that he can win without them. Or is it him winning because they're not there? There's so many ways they can go with this, but I think it's more than time that Bray wins at a PPV, even if it's dirty, with Harper and Rowan sneaking in to cause problems. Then again, maybe it's time they add someone new to the faction? Could be interesting.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt

Sam's Predicted Winner: Chris Jericho


These men have met a few times before whether WWE wants to admit or not. They put on a decent matche down in NXT. Yes I’m putting my WNW Resident NXT Expert hat on. That was way better than that “match” they put on at Battleground. They just seemed to not click at all. I really hope this match can change it. I was on the fence about this match and feud after that match they had. Bray hasn’t seemed to say anything during his promos in the last few weeks. The best Bray promo I heard was from our very own Jesse Sherwood. I have always said Bray was a guy that doesn’t need a win to stay relevant as long as he’s a strong crazy heel. I am happy to admit, yet again, I’m still never wrong. WWE isn’t booking him with prominence. He hasn’t had that level of dominance that we have seen from him in the beginning of the year. He hasn’t evolved that character either. It’s starting to go stale. I’m starting to think Luke and Erick are carrying the faction and that just makes me question my grip on the wrestling business. I don’t quite understand the banning Luke and Erick from ringside gimmick since it shouldn’t matter either way. I’m wondering if they’re going to find a way for Jericho to get over even more as a babyface or The Wyatts break the rules to push the feud forward. In todays business with virtually no rules, this may be interesting.

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Chris Jericho

Rikki's Predicted Winner: Chris Jericho


Like a lot of fans, I was shocked to see Jericho win clean in their first match. And their first match actually disappointed me. It was as good as their NXT match in 2013. I’m very hopeful that they bring everything they have for this one. The brawls and attacks are boring at this point but I absolutely loved the backstage face-to-face promos on Raw. Bray Wyatt absolutely has to win this match or many fans will be upset and it will just continue to make Bray look weak as he hasn’t won a pay-per-view match since Extreme Rules! This should be a good one and Bray will pick up the win.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt


Bray Wyatt is becoming very very stale. Is he a great worker? Yes. Is he great on the mic? Yes. But lately his riddles don’t mean anything. He has lost more than he has won. So we should we feel threatened by his message? There has been no development to Bray’s character since he started his feud with Cena. I feel this feud with Jericho is the same exact thing just with a different face. I was very excited for this feud but I feel it has gotten lost in the shuffle somehow. It hasn’t been as great as I had hoped. Bray Wyatt needs to win. If he doesn’t I will probably completely give up on his gimmick unless they find some other way to tweak it. I am expecting a great match from these two. Hopefully since Summerslam is a much bigger stage than Battleground these two will actually show up this time.

Adam's Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt

Alex's Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt

Chris' Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt

Flag Match:

Jack Swagger vs. Rusev


I have to admit that I had to look up what a Flag Match is. So a mixture of a wrestling match and capture the flag. Looking at it that way, it's time for Swagger to win. I know I'm the last person to be backing Swagger in any way, shape, or form, but he's not ADR, and he is faster, and has better moves for this type of match than Rusev.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Jack Swagger

Sam's Predicted Winner: Rusev


Do I really have to write a review or can I cop out like they do for every stupid flag match and just wave a flag to get my point across? What? I can’t? I actually have to write? Fine, but it won’t be pretty. This is shocking to some but I think this is the dumbest gimmick match of the night. A good argument could be made for second due to the importance of the story going into the lumberjack match. Why would anyone want to pay money to see this match? I’m glad it’s finally on the network because there is nothing about this I want to see. The only difference between Swagger heel and Swagger face is that they downplay their racism. We all know America can’t lose here so the match is predictable, boring, and pointless. Moving on.

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Jack Swagger

Rikki's Predicted Winner: Rusev


The flag match stipulation is perfect for this feud, but I’m worried about how the actual match will turn out. I was very entertained by their first encounter at Battleground and I’m loving this feud. As I explained in The Five-Count a few weeks ago, this would be the perfect situation for Swagger to go over and Rusev doesn’t lose by pinfall or submission. But I think there’s more to it. Swagger could win and go on to be lost in the shuffle. I don’t like seeing guys “win” feuds only to be thrown into the world of no direction. Rusev’s push most likely will continue after SummerSlam and it’s best that he wins here.

CJ's Predicted Winner:Rusev


This feud has actually been great. I love Zeb and have always kind of been a Swagger fan. Rusev is boring and Lana isn’t what she should be. Since this is a flag match and in my understanding of a flag match the object is to basically capture your flag. If that is the case and the WWE doesn’t try to change what a flag match is I pick Swagger to win. If the match calls for a pin or submission victory I say Rusev will win. I will go with what I hope the match actually is and pick Swagger.

Adam's Predicted Winner: Jack Swagger

Alex's Predicted Winner: Jack Swagger

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Jack Swagger (WE THE PEOPLE!)

Chris' Predicted Winner: Jack Swagger

The Boss vs. The Vengeful Wife:

Stephanie McMahon vs. Brie Bella


CJ posted something on Facebook this week that I had been thinking about prior, but now it's stuck there and won't leave. He mentioned Nikki turning on Brie and costing her this match. The more I roll it around in my head, the more sense it makes. That way, no matter who wins this match, the focus can be moved to the twins feuding with each other in the ring, with Steph playing the puppet strings from outside. Further, they can have Megan continue to push and torture Brie. That's three against one, and could lead to a lot of interest, beyond besmirching Bryan's good name. I'm not sure if Steph will win because Nikki puts her hands on Brie, or if Brie will be distracted by Nikki and Megan, but it will all come down to Brie being screwed.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Stephanie McMahon

Sam's Predicted Winner: Brie Bella


Planning on how I’d write this match in my head I thought it was a gimmick match of some sort. I looked up the card to make sure and found out this was a straight up singles. It got me more excited to see this match. What shenanigans will Stephanie pull? Will WWE try and pull a bait and switch like they did with the highly anticipated Ambrose and Rollins last month? Could that be the new formula for Network PPVs? I certainly hope not. I can’t wait to see what Stephanie can pull off. She is in the shape of her life and could really shock us. All eyes will be on this match for pure unpredictability of content between those ropes. I, for one, am really excited.

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Stephanie McMahon

Rikki's Predicted Winner: Stephanie McMahon


Everything that was going on with this feud was great until last Monday on Raw. I wasn’t really a fan of the affair and arrest angle. It just doesn’t matter to me. These two may not put on a quality match at SummerSlam, but I’m looking forward to seeing an all out catfight between Brie and Stephanie.This is a great way to keep Bryan in our mind and it’s continuing Bryan vs. The Authority that has been going on for a year now. I can see either winning honestly but I’m going with Brie Bella on this one.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Brie Bella


Is it just me or is the WWE trying to ruin this card? The two best stories going into the PPV were ruined by bad decision making. I was starting to get into this feud and looking forward to this match. Then Monday on Raw they do the STUPID adultery angle and now I couldn’t care less about this match. I think it will be fun to see Stephanie in the ring again and who knows what kind of shenanigans will take place. I see Brie winning here because where would the payoff be if Stephanie wins? And after Monday I really don’t want to see this feud continue.

Adam's Predicted Winner: Brie Bella

Alex's Predicted Winner: Brie Bella

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Brie Bella

Chris' Predicted Winner: Stephanie McMahon

Singles Match:

Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton


I don't think there's any way that Orton can go over Reigns clean here. Reigns is heading to the top like a bullet, and while a loss to Orton here might not derail him, I think this is a win that could absolutely help propel Reigns to where he seems to be going. I'm really enjoying watching Reigns grow and change from the greenest member of The Shield, into someone beloved by the fans, and shooting toward the stars. Yes, he has a great look, and his work has continued to impress – both on mic and in the ring – but it's his charisma, like certain other family members, that's making him into an it guy. I was excited watching Orton grow from being a peach trunks wearing goober to being the total ass we all love to loath, and I'm even more excited to watch Reigns grow into a main event player. This is one of the biggest PPVs of the year, and that's why Reigns needs to win against Orton.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns

Sam's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns


Many people are writing this match off instantly. Who knows, with so many young talent coming up through the ranks, like pretty much every member of The Shield, that Orton could elevate his game. I’ll hold for laughter. This could also be laying in wait, with no pun intended, to steal the night. Odds are severely against them but both need to elevate their game to remain relevant in the diminished main event scene. It’s nice to see Roman finally get a one on one match with Orton. I like that both men have finishers out of no where, which means this match could be over in the blink of an eye. There is an element of wonder coming from this match. That is really the biggest spice.

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns

Rikki's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns


This feud hasn’t received as much attention as some, but maybe it’s a good thing? Orton is very stale to me and I could care less to see him at the moment. This match is all part of Roman Reigns’ slow build to the WWE Championship and to being the face of the company. Reigns needs this win to continue that push. Orton hasn’t won anything important since Elimination Chamber so there’s no sense in putting him over unless WWE has plans to continue this past SummerSlam. This looks like a good match on paper and hopefully they deliver a top match that will continue to help Reigns reach his full potential.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns


What I expect from this match is a typical PPV match. I don’t see a lot of excitement here except toward the end. If Reigns doesn’t win, his push will be derailed. This is Reigns first singles match since his split from the Shield. He needs the win to continue his build and become a viable main eventer. If he falls here he will just be another victim. I don’t see Reigns with the ability like Daniel Bryan to overcome the horrible booking and bad story lines. Reigns needs to be book properly and that calls for a win here.

Adam's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns

Alex's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns

Chris' Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns

Lumberjack Match:

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins


I'm so excited for this match. These two guys were great together, and they're so much fun feuding. Rollins thinks he's the man running with The Authority, and Ambrose is the charismatic loose cannon who won't let Rollins do anything without bring right there up his ass. It's chemistry at its greatest, and they're both playing this to its fullest. I've loved every minute of it, other than this Lumberjack Match. Why a bloody Lumberjack Match? It makes no sense! I do think this will be a solid match, but I have a feeling it won't be the end of it, by far. These two could carry this to Survivor Series without too much trouble. All that being said, I don't see a clean ending here. There's too much going on with them, and the silliness of the Lumberjack Match, I think it will be a mess, and more than an actual match, but if it's not a total curfuffle, Rollins will pull out a cheap win.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins

Sam's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins


This match had all the elements to steal the night. They have two guys who can flat out bump all over that ring. Like Flair, both of those guys could go Broadway with a broom stick and make us want more, possibly with Moppy if she comes out of retirement. There is a solid story told over months of intriguing television. So much momentum going into this match from pretty much every aspect of an IWC dream match. What does WWE do? The best possible decision and turn it into a lumberjack match. Already knocking the legs out of this match that could have actually been something. This match went from show stealer match of the night to put it on pre-show and I don’t even care. Just really a let down by WWE. While a lumberjack match makes sense, there hasn’t in my memory been a lumberjack match that's memorable or not formulaic.

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins

Rikki's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose


I absolutely hate that this is a Lumberjack Match. I understand why they are doing it, but I just wish it wasn’t happening. Rollins actually stated in a recent interview that even though it’s a Lumberjack Match, they will still beat the living heck out of each other and deliver a great match... and I believe that is true. Despite this stipulation, Ambrose and Rollins will rise above and deliver a great match like we know they can. I’m actually not quite sure who I think will win this match, but I definitely see a rematch happening with the MITB briefcase on the line. With that being said, let Ambrose win this one and then have an epic rematch next month at Night of Champions.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose


This was the best story going in the WWE, months of build, relatable backstabbing story, lots of emotional, and two of the best workers on the roster. It had all the makings to be something special, it could have been one of the greatest Summerslam matches of all time. Then the WWE makes this match a.. wait of it… Lumberjack match, you can actually see the excitement leave everybody as that announcement is made. I think if anybody can make this match great it is Rollins and Ambrose. Ambrose is unstable so there is no telling what he will do. I see since this is the first match and given the history of MITB winners, I pick Ambrose to win. Plus he can eventually say put the briefcase on the line and then Rollins will win that match.

Adam's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose

Alex's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose

Chris' Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose

WWE Championship Match:

John Cena © vs. Brock Lesnar


There's so many questions about this match, and very few of them are about the actual match. I think the biggest one that's been bounced around is whether the WWE should strap another part-time wrestler. Heyman said recently that the WWE WHC is defended too often. I think that's funny coming from the former owner of ECW, but that's just me. The WWE usually puts the WWE WHC up for challenge at each PPV, so that's once a month. Honestly, I don't think once a month is too often, and I think most PPVs need a WWE WHC challenge to help build and carry the shows. I know that with the WWE Network things are going in a bit of a different direction, but to not have the WWE WHC in the build for, and at PPVs, I think they will be shooting themselves in the foot.

Now, I know Heyman is Brock's mouthpiece, and that Brock doesn't really need to be there all the time to keep him in our minds, but if he was to be WWE WHC, he should be around more often than he has been since being signed. Some people will say that Rocky managed to be Champ while not being around full time, but those were very different circumstances. First off, at that point there were two top championships in the WWE, so the other one could step up and be used on WWE TV. And Rocky is a fantastic speaker, and had a movie come out during the time he was Champion, so he was touring, working the red carpet, and the talk show circuit with the Championship over his shoulder. That was huge publicity for the WWE, so it worked out really well for all involved. Brock, on the other hand, is not a great speaker, isn't in a movie that's coming out, and won't be in front of cameras all the time to help push the WWE. Personally, I think it's a lose-lose situation, but in the end, I'll be shocked if Brock doesn't win this. I am hoping I'm completely wrong with this prediction, and I'll take the hit with a smile.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Brock Lesnar

Sam's Predicted Winner: John Cena


The highly controversial main event. Should the 1 in 21-1 go on to win the WWE title as a part time player or should WWE’s top guy prove that Taker laid down? Not my words but for sake of argument it was Kendra's. Go yell at her. I’ll be here when you come back. The most important part I want to point out is that every match Brock has had since he came back were gimmick matches. He's never had a straight up singles match. Will we be seeing another side and possible progression from the Mercenary? The reason I point this out is because Brock will be confined to the rules of a singles match instead of a No Holds Barred or No DQ match. Will we see WWE cop out on a dirty finish where Cena wins by Brock not losing? Will they put someone other than Daniel Bryan over clean on Cena? This is quite possibly the hardest match to predict in quite a while. There are quite a lot of ways WWE can go with this match. I understand the arguments for Brock not to win. I, for one, wasn’t excited for this match until Heyman’s promo. I feel they’re building this match for the title with secondary importance to flat out destroying Cena but who could blame him? Cena needs a beat down to reinforce his white meat baby face comeback, no matter how much Adam Eaton or you all don’t like it at all.

Gesus' Predicted Winner: John Cena


Brock Lesnar shockingly ended the Undertaker’s Streak at WrestleMania 30. So what’s left for him? Well, not really anything, but there is the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. John Cena is back on top and Lesnar is hungry for more. So this match works. And everyone is assuming Lesnar wins the title. It absolutely makes sense that Brock wins, I mean come on, he just ended The Streak! So Lesnar wins the title and Cena is either legitimately injured or is in storyline and takes a month or so off to continue filming his latest movie. Lesnar goes onto hold the title until WrestleMania, at least. Right? This is what everyone assumes is going to happen? Not me.
Allow me to play the IWC’s devil’s advocate in a way. Just like he did at Extreme Rules 2012, John Cena once again overcomes the odds and beats Brock Lesnar. “What? Why would you say something like that?” Well, the question is... why not? Lesnar is advertised for Night of Champions. Lesnar loses this one but there is nothing stopping him from destroying Cena. Cena retains at SummerSlam and then we see a rematch next month? I honestly could see WWE taking that route. Can you imagine the backlash that this outcome would receive? I’m probably the only one saying this. And it’s not that I personally want Cena to win, no, I absolutely think Lesnar should win even though I don’t want him to. At this point, it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t so let’s just see where this goes.

CJ's Predicted Winner: John Cena


This feud hasn’t really meant anything until this past Monday, when we had a great promo from both Heyman and Cena. In thinking about that, I wonder if Heyman made Cena elevate his game. What I was thinking is I would love for this feud to continue. If Lesnar wins, well Cena gets his rematch, but I would love for it to go further. I was thinking what if Cena retains by getting DQ? Lesnar wins but Cena stays champ. I know it’s but I am looking at a bigger picture. And I personally don’t want Lesnar as champ. It could also go the other way with Lesnar getting DQ. This match is going to be a war, but it is confined to a regular match, unless something changes at the PPV. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a DQ finish. With all this I pick Cena to retain somehow. But to make a definite pick I will say Cena wins.

Adam's Predicted Winner: John Cena

Alex's Predicted Winner: Brock Lesnar

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Brock Lesnar

Chris' Predicted Winner: Brock Lesnar


So there we have it. The good, the bad, and the really ugly of Summerslam. There is quite a bit of bad on this PPV, which isn’t good going into one of the big four. I hope the in ring work can prove me wrong and this PPV not a complete wash. I always say you can never judge a PPV by the main event unless the main event is terrible. There is really only one match on the card I’d pay to watch and that’d be Stephanie vs Brie. The rest, I’m content waiting to hear the results. That’s never good for a big four show. Maybe I’m in the minority on this one. One thing I sincerely hope is they don’t throw any last minute matches into the show. Another thing I had realized with this card: Two of WWE’s bigger baby faces are not on the card. Them being Sheamus and Cesaro (before the poor excuse of a preshow match). WWE is in the need of depth in their faces and leaving them off the card is an egregious oversight. I’ll see you all in the Live Blog where we can discuss further.

Thanks for reading our predictions this month! Don't forget to join us for live results starting at 7:30 PM EDT, if you are a Premium Member come join us in the Live Blog where Kendra, Gesus, CJ, I, and many others will give our real time thoughts and analysis, and to post your predictions below!

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