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WNW Predicts - SummerSlam 2015

Welcome to WNW’s SummerSlam 2015 Predictions! SummerSlam will be emanating from Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. This time around, we have CJ Blaze, Jamie Welton, Moose, Zack Krasney, and myself predicting the massive 4 hour card! Let's get to it!

Heroes vs. Villains:

Neville and Steven Amell vs. Stardust and King Barrett


I’ll admit, I’ve never watched one episode of Arrow before in my life. With that being said, I can’t wait to see this tag match. Why? I really don’t have an answer as to why. I love the idea of a superhero actor like Stephen Amell, who has been a wrestling fan for many years, come in and get a decent spot on a major pay-per-view card like SummerSlam. Neville, the innovator of the Red Arrow, is the perfect partner for Amell.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve fallen in love with the team of Stardust and Cosmic King Barrett. Could they last past SummerSlam? I’ll touch on that in a little bit... As for who will win this match, I have no doubt that Amell and Neville will go over. You have to consider that this match attracts kids and adults alike, also including new viewers because of Amell, so the babyfaces should score the win here.

CJ's Predicted Winner: The Arrows


I’m going to say it now, and if it annoys people then I am sorry. But why does WWE insist on having celebrities get in the ring? Yes I realise there is an element of promotion from it all but I don’t think there is any need for celebs to step inside the ring. I wasn’t ever really that keen on the speculation of a Stardust and Amell match, but I’m glad there has at least been the extra addition of Neville and King Barrett to at least limit the amount of work Amell will be required to do. I’ve been really enjoying the work of Barrett and Stardust as a team as of late, and think their promo on Smackdown this week really showed how quickly they have formed a bond. Neville and Barrett are going to tell their own story and perhaps go on to have their own feud going forward, but equally I don’t think the story between Stardust and Neville will be over after this one either. I just hope this match doesn’t go on too long, or at least doesn’t have Amell in the ring too much, especially after he recently injured himself training for this match. As much as it pains me to say it, I expect Amell is going to be the one who picks up the win for his team, with him no doubt pinning Stardust to add insult to injury.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: The Arrows


I have said it before and I'll say it again, I am a huge Stephen Amell fan. I think I'm as excited for this match as he is, and that's saying a lot. I was a Stephen Amell fan before I knew he was into wrestling just based on how well he did in Arrow. Then I started following him on Facebook and saw what a great person he was in general, working with lots of charities and working to connect more with his fans. That's when I found out how big of a wrestling fan he really was. Amell would constantly talk about how he wanted to host Raw or even wrestle a match. That was going on for years! As such a big fan of the Green Arrow comic, the Arrow television show, Stephen Amell as a human being, and the WWE this is a wonderful cross over event for me, and likely many others. I think there are a lot of people who think that this is just some pretty boy actor who is getting in the ring and doesn't know what he's doing, but those people are going to be pleasantly surprised. As someone who follows Stephen Amell so closely, I know how he trains (its rough) and I know that he can more than likely hold his own inside of a WWE ring. We saw a taste of that on Raw. The combination of the red arrow, Neville, and the Green Arrow was a brilliant marketing strategy. Stardust makes a great villain, and surprisingly Wade Barrett also makes a great comic book villain. Much better than his simple King gimmick. For me this match is a total mark out moment, so of course I hope that Stephen Amell and Neville pick up the win.

Zack's Predicted Winner: The Arrows


I may be in the minority here, but I would like to see Amell come out in costume, only to remove it, showing traditional ring gear underneath. This should be a fairly simple tag match and I really don't see it getting a big allotment of time, even with the celebrity involved. I see it being fairly straightforward with most of the action involving Barrett, Stardust, and Neville and Amell getting the hot tag and pin. I hope to be surprised, however, and see Amell get a good bit of action, but typical WWE form with celebrities always follows the mentioned formula. I really hope Neville gets to show off and prove he isn't just another Justin Gabriel. Neville has loads of talent and despite not being 6', he has a great look. I see Barrett only being in there to take up space and will, probably, get swept aside like he has been lately. Don't get me wrong, I like Barrett, but as Bad News Barrett. Neville will likely hit the Red Arrow on Stardust and tag Amell in to perform some type of move and get the pin. Seriously, how can the superheroes NOT win this?

Moose's Predicted Winner: The Arrows


Most of the time, when we are getting some sort of celebrity involvement at a major PPV such as this, the WWE universe lets out a collective groan of hatred, as it is obvious WWE is just trying to use name recognition to sell the event further, regardless if the person is a fan or not. However, knowing that Steven Amell is as huge of a fan as he is, and just how much he's pushed for this to happen, I think WWE couldn't ask for a better storm of positive media. Arrow is huge right now, and WWE booked this in a perfect manner. Considering Amell does a lot of his own stunts, including wrestling moves on the show, I can see him actually working more of the match than a lot of people expect. I hope they give this some good time to start the show, and help pop the surely hot crowd.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: The Arrows

Diva's Triple Threat Tag Team Elimination Match:

Team Bella (Nikki and Brie Bella, and Alicia Fox) vs. PCB (Paige, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch) vs. Team B.A.D. (Naomi, Tamina, and Sasha Banks)


The big Divas Revolution storyline from this summer all culminates in this first ever three-team elimination match at SummerSlam. It’s hard to argue who really deserves a spot on the card, so it totally makes sense for everyone to be included. When examining who should be the last team standing, you have to consider future booking plans. In a month’s time at Night of Champions, Nikki Bella will officially be the longest-reigning Divas Champion in WWE history. (Feel free to let the moans and groans out.) By that point, it’s time for a new face to run the place, and her name is Charlotte.

In my opinion, Team Bella doesn’t stand a chance at winning this match. The final two will be PCB and Team BAD. With my plans of Charlotte winning the Divas Title next month, it would only be fitting that Team BAD scores the big win at SummerSlam. I’m expecting Sasha Banks to drop the NXT Women’s Championship to Bayley at TakeOver, so she can rebound from that loss with this win.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Team B.A.D.


The Divas Revolution continues to go from strength to strength, and this triple threat elimination tag team match will certainly have wider implications. Nikki Bella is now very close to surpassing the longest Divas Championship reign of all time, meaning she will surpass AJ Lee in around 25 days time. I fully expect the winning team in this one will be in pole position to get a shot at Nikki’s Divas Championship in the next month, with it probably being the Diva who picks up the winning fall. I don’t see Team Bella winning as a result of this, especially given Brie winning on Smackdown this week. There is only really Sasha Banks in Team B.A.D. who I consider to really have enough of a credible chance to face Nikki, but I don’t expect them to win either. I expect PCB will pick up the win, and something tells me it will be Charlotte who picks up the all important win for her team. It makes perfect sense as I think it’s still a little early for Becky Lynch, and we have seen Paige and Nikki face off several times in the past now. The real winner in this one is of course going to be the fans though because the Divas division is really at a height it hasn’t seen for many years and I expect the movement will only continue to grow.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: PCB


I think it's safe to say that the Divas revolution is going beautifully. Hopefully this shows some of the more stuck up management team members who thought that divas couldn't wrestle that they were wrong. Some of these divas have made their way onto the main roster and are already out shining most of their male counterparts. People want to see these divas wrestle, not because they are eye candy but because they can flat out wrestle. I've said this a couple times now and a few different places on wrestling news world, but it does irritate me that they're using the Divas revolution to postpone how long Nikki Bella can have the Divas Championship so that she can erase AJ Lee's record for longest Divas Championship run. By the time Night of Champions rolls around Nikki Bella will have already surpassed AJ's record and didn't have to defend her championship a single time for months. Regardless, I can't say enough good things about the NXT divas who have come up and are shaking the very core of the women's division. These new girls have amazing talent, and are already making the "veterans" look like rookies. Honestly it's like when the Miz was Daniel Bryan's mentor in NXT, it was a joke and we all knew who the better talent was regardless of time in the company. The one drawback to this match is that it's an elimination style match but instead of having each pin be an individual elimination it's a team elimination. I would much rather have seen it boil down to one or two team members per team until we get to the last woman standing. As for who picks up the victory, both Team PCB and Team BAD are full of talented divas. Honestly, as long as the Bellas don't continue to reign supreme over the Divas division I'll be a happy fan. I think Team PCB has the best overall talent throughout, so I'd like to see them pick up the victory.

Zack's Predicted Winner: PCB


I'm anxious to see what members of Team Bad and PCB can do in this match. Team Bella? Yawn... Anyhow, I hope the focus is on what the new call-ups from NXT can accomplish on a big stage like Summerslam. I feel the future of the Divas' division lies in this match. Not a title match, not some over hyped Total Divas' PR stunt, but this match. The focus should be mainly on Becky, Charlotte, Sasha, Paige, and Naomi. I couldn't care less what any of the members of Team Bella do and, frankly, Tamina has become an afterthought to me too. I want to see a fast paced match with several unique moves from these ladies. I would really like to see a match that puts some of the guys to shame, they certainly have to talent to do so. I figure the finish will come from Paige making Nikki tap out. This should set the stage for a title match in the near future.

Moose's Predicted Winner: PCB


I have to say, the Divas Revolution has been a breath of fresh air for the ladies of late. We have been getting on average 15 minutes of Divas action every Raw, and it has been clearly a much higher quality than we have been getting the past 3-5 years. And with Charlotte, Becky, and Sasha seemingly here to stay, we as fans finally have to look for another bio break in every show.

As for the match itself, I expect this to be an interesting contest. I see Alicia, Becky, and Tamina being eliminated for the match early, with Paige, Naomi, and Brie soon to follow. But with the final three ladies, I see a bit of a shocker to the IWC. Charlotte will submit Sasha, and then Nikki will hit her loaded elbow a la Lex Luger to pin Charlotte.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Nikki Bella

Fatal 4-Way for the WWE Tag Team Championship:

Primetime Players © vs. New Day vs. Lucha Dragons vs. Los Matadores


Here we go again with yet another four-way Tag Team Championship match at a big-four pay-per-view... Is this really the best WWE can do? Obviously not. If the creative team would stop being lazy, fans would complain less. It’s just that simple! Anyway, a majority of the fans don’t seem to be pleased with the Prime Time Player’s reign as champions. I have no problem with it really. Who else is there? Most of the teams in this match don’t stand a chance. So what if WWE straps The New Day again? We’ll continue to see the same thing from them like we have been.

I would have Darren Young and Titus O’Neil retain here. Who’s next in line? I would look at two heel teams already booked for SummerSlam: Wyatt and Harper or Stardust and King Barrett. It really would be a nice change to see either of these teams in the Tag Title picture heading into the fall.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Primetime Players


The fatal four way match for the Tag Team Championship at Summerslam feels a little flat for me. It is another match that feels like it has been kind of thrown together with very little build, and I guess that maybe Vince’s tag team division kick has fallen flat again. Let’s be honest, have Los Matadores really done enough over the last few months to even be worthy of being considered for a Tag Team Championship shot? Not in my mind. Even the Lucha Dragons, who when they debuted on the main roster were a huge hit with the fans have disappeared into a black hole and appear to be headed nowhere in a hurry. The two teams who stand the chance of walking out of this one with the gold is clearly either the New Day or the Prime Time Players. Something tells me to expect Kofi and Big E to team together in this one, but don’t discount Xavier Woods on the outside as he will no doubt play a huge part in New Day eliminating one or both of the teams of Los Matadores and Lucha Dragons. I’m expecting the Prime Time Players to retain their titles again and hope they will move onto something fresh following on from this match as they need to face someone other than New Day going forward.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Primetime Players


While discussing SummerSlam in the comments section on Raw this Monday I made a comment that SummerSlam just didn't feel well rounded to me, and certainly not worthy of a 4 hour broadcast. Someone asked me what I thought was missing and I didn't have anything I could really point to specifically. Then, someone else pointed out to me that there was quite a bit of tag team matches happening at SummerSlam, and that was it. There are four tag team matches at Summerslam this year, one of which is a Triple Threat tag team match, and another being a fatal 4 Way tag team match it's just way too many and it feels like they're trying to get as many people on the card as possible instead of making every single match special in its own way. I feel this way in particular about this match. The tag team division have started floundering again. There are some real talented tag teams in this division but we just can't get any real momentum behind anyone other than The New Day. Honestly, WWE hasn't done much to get behind new day either. Most of their success is due to their own skills and abilities. It's funny because originally I wanted the prime time players to win the tag team championships but then when they did I regretted not having the titles on New Day. The new day, is the only tag team worth watching or paying attention to long term. Los matadores is a racist joke and that's all I will say about them. Lucha dragons are extremely talented, but they just can't build much momentum. At this point Kalisto needs to just break out on his own and chase after the Intercontinental or United States Championship. Prime Time Players are great, but WWE just won't pull the trigger and let them go forward, they insist on holding them back. They have been on commentary more than they've actually wrestled. The New Day not only can perform in the ring but every second there in front of the audience they are drawing eyes to themselves. They are truly great, and that's why they deserve to win the Tag Team Championships on Sunday.

Zack's Predicted Winner: New Day


I feel soooo sorry for whoever is writing the results to Summerslam simply based on this match alone. You can't have the Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores in a match and not have multiple quick transitions and high flying moves inside and outside the ring. I'm sure at some point, one of the teams will take everyone out on the outside by either an over the top rope dive and/or some kind of corkscrew from the top rope. PTP and New Day will likely show off some traditional power moves with Kofi joining in on the high flying / fast paced action of the Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores. Big E and Titus need to show off their power on each other to see who is the best big man of their respective teams. Big E is obviously a powerful man, but Titus is almost a “sleeper” with his power. Sometimes, I just don't see it coming. Poor Xavier and Darren are left in the middle as regular guys getting beaten down while their partners wait on hot tags. New Day should be nothing short of solid gold with their natural entertaining selves and their smooth pairing with PTP. Nothing has been better for the trio than their combining as New Day. I have seen more emotion and character from each member since they formed New Day and we ALL benefit from it. After back and forth action between these four teams, I can see a mind numbing finish with all teams involved hitting finishers one after another only to see PTP retain at the end. Again, I feel sorry for whoever is covering this match. It should prove to be a VERY busy match with several big spots throughout.

Moose's Predicted Winner:


While the Divas Division has been progressing steadily the past few weeks since the NXT Divas call ups, the tag team division has been regressing in an equal measure. It's yet another instance of VKM's hot and cold cycles on these sorts of things. Granted, some injuries didn't help the matter, but that in of itself isn't an excuse. And when you look at the teams in this match, you can easily see why. Both Los Matadores and Lucha Dragons are rarely featured on Raw unless they are needed as enhancement talent for New Day or the PTP. And even then, they don't look like a competitive team anymore because of the lack of featuring. It's really just dropped down to what it always seems to be, a two competitive team division. And even New Day have been somewhat janky of late, seeming to be lost in the shuffle unless they are trying to distract someone. While I'd love for the Lucha Dragons to get a shot, I can't see anyone other than the Primetime Players walking out of SummerSlam as champs. There are many more heels that could challenge them than faces that could challenge New Day, and it be believable.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Primetime Players

Triple Threat for the Intercontinental Championship:

Ryback © vs. Big Show vs. The Miz


I haven’t found many fans that were happy with this match taking place at SummerSlam. I was really pumped to see it at Battleground before Ryback went down with an injury. The thought of Ryback retaining in a “big” match where the odds are stacked against him excited me. Fortunately, Ryback is back in the ring again and ready to clobber his challengers. Ryback’s reign really hasn’t gone anywhere, and neither The Miz nor Big Show need to win the title. Look for Ryback to retain at SummerSlam.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Ryback


Miz must have been happy at the conclusion of the opening contest on Smackdown, as Ryback ended up spearing Big Show through a barricade which resulted in both men being counted out. The two biggest men in the contest weakening each other headed into Sunday’s match, which plays into the hands of the A Lister. Miz obviously had his own problems on Monday night when he was defeated by Ryback, but at least Miz has had time to heal up. Anything can happen in a triple threat match and with the Intercontinental Championship on the line the stakes only just increased. After Ryback had been out of action with an injury I get the feeling he could well lose the title, so this leaves me to ask will Big Show or Miz walk out with the gold? I can’t really see what the title would do for Big Show going forward. He really has nothing more significant to prove or achieve in his career. So I’m going to call the match a win for the Miz here, and he will continue to feud with Ryback over the title for the next few coming months.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: The Miz


Personally, I have found this match to be one of the weaker matches on the card. Someone asked me why and I realized that my only real gripe with it was that it didn't have enough build. The timeline was thrown off when Ryback was injured, and it threw everything out of whack for me. Once I realized that's what my problem was my mind got back on board a bit. I still don't think this will be the best match, but I don't think it'll be the worst either. The Triple Threat aspect always adds in a bit of zest, especially because it eliminates disqualifications and count out. It will be interesting to see if things get a little more hardcore in this match. I would like to see The Miz use some kind of weapons to try and give himself the advantage. A brains over brawn situation. In the end the title should stay with Ryback, he worked hard for this title and he carries it well. He gives a good amount of prestige to the title. If anything purely based off his look. The Big Show is coming down off of his authority roll, and is in the mid card where I like him. The Miz has always struggled to be anything more than a mid carder unfortunately. For SummerSlam, I would have rather seen someone with a higher name value, like Sheamus, face off for the Intercontinental Championship. That said this match is fine, not good not bad. Let's see if these three guys can impress me.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Ryback


I see a great deal of typical "triple threat" misdirection in this match where Ryback gets most of the action. I figure Miz will be hiding or taking a good bit of time outside while Big Show and Ryback beat the fool out of each other. They will, likely, go back and forth with high impact moves with Miz "recovering" outside. Just when Miz thinks one of them is finally out, he will try to take advantage. Being that it is the Miz, he will be unsuccessful and pay the price for it. I see Ryback retaining after "nearly" losing to the Miz. Kickout. Meathook. Shellshock. Pin Miz. Pretty much in that order.

Moose's Predicted Winner: Ryback


I have to say, it was good to see Ryback come back from his Staph infection looking good as new. He is someone just a couple of years ago I had in exclusive company with ADR, Jack Swagger, and a couple of others that needed to be fired for being so ineffectual and apathetic in the ring. Now, I actually look forward to his promos and matches. And this one is no different. Miz and Big Show are two of the best at what they do, even if Miz grates on my last nerve constantly. That being said, I don't see the IC Title being taken off Ryback anytime soon. He is doing well in this position, and considering his interactions with Bryan since winning, I could see he and Bryan feuding after Bryan is hopefully cleared. I think Miz will take the fall, and we will see a full blow off at the next PPV between him and Show.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Ryback

The War of Families:

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper


In a slimmed down version of The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose will take on Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper in one of four tag team matches at SummerSlam. Wyatt beat Reigns at Battleground and now the feud has expanded to a Family vs. Family war. The story has developed quite nicely on Raw and SmackDown. The biggest question obviously is who goes over? For me, this is one of the hardest matches to predict.

The IWC is speculating there will be a big heel turn from Reigns or Ambrose, with the latter being more likely than the former. I personally don’t want to see either turn right now as I love The Shield thing they have going on. Wyatt and Harper are kind of stuck in limbo as they seem to be awaiting the return of an injured Erick Rowan. I’m predicting Sting will feud with Bray Wyatt before the year is over, so this match will be the first step in that happening.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper


This match pitches the ‘Family’ against the ‘Brotherhood’. Both words have been thrown around a lot in promo’s not only by the Wyatt’s, but by both Ambrose and Roman Reigns. I believe this is a subtle hint that there will be a turn during this match, with either Reigns or Ambrose turning on their partner. But who will it be? The obvious choice really is Dean Ambrose. After all he is very much crazy enough to be a part of the Wyatt Family. But I don’t see it being Ambrose that turns, and think it will be Roman who becomes a part of the family. After all, Reigns was on a huge run of success in 2014, but when he won the Royal Rumble the fans turned on him and made it clear he was not their Wrestlemania 31 main event choice. Reigns has the motive to turn and become one of the top heels in the company for the remainder of 2015. The match itself is going to be a fun watch, there is no question about that. I think all four of these men will put everything on the line at any cost to win, but it’s going to be a shocking turn of events with Reigns destroying the Brotherhood and instead becoming a part of the Family.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper


This match has a very authentic feel to it, very old school wrestling style. I think part of the reason for that is that we've already seen the Shield vs the Wyatt family when they were three man factions. We've now drop down one member on each side but it doesn't feel any less explosive. I expect this match to be phenomenal, a total slobber knocker as JR would say. There's not a lot of finesse amongst these four men, but they can sure as hell fight with the best of them. There's a lot of talk about Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose turning on one another during this match, and I think that would be a mistake. There's not a lot of logical reason for it, and if we were going to turn one of them, we should have turned on both of them and had an evil Shield reunion earlier this summer. That's not to say it's out of the question, but I don't think it's in the stars for Sunday. The match will be fun but I think that Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose very much need the win over the Wyatts. The Shield was never able to overcome the Wyatt family, Ambrose was very rarely able to overcome Bray Wyatt, and Reigns wasn't able to get the better of Bray at Battleground. The faces definitely need to pick up the win on Sunday.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose


This match has the potential to be VERY good. I'm still holding out for Bray to become the next creepy, scary superstar. I know he can do it, he just needs some confident booking. That being said, what I would like to see in this match is Bray and Harper struggle to equalize Roman's power and Dean's off-the-wall offense. They should go back and forth, each trying to dominate the other while telling the story of each team's “family.” I hope to see Dean and Roman over selling their unity to a point of nausea. Harper will probably show us why we say he is the next big thing regarding big men. The man does things no one 6'5'' should (Taker?) and does them with ease. He has fully embraced his character and it shows week after week. I can see a busy finish where Dean hits Dirty Deeds on Harper and Bray enters only to be taken out by Roman. Dean gets the pin and as they celebrate, Roman turns on Dean with the Superman punch, leaving Dean in the ring out cold. Roman walks up the ramp looking over his shoulder with his signature grin. This will MAKE us want, no, need to see Raw the following night to see what happens next. If they turn Dean, he will still be cheered, period. I think I can buy into Roman being heel MUCH better than as a face.

Moose's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, with Reigns turning


This match has had a lot of muted fanfare around it, wondering who will turn between the former Shield brethren. But to me, it is more ghastly the fact that this match may actually end up in the first hour. These are four hyper talented men, whom could all easily be in the top of the card. Yet for the better part of a year and a half, they have all been feuding with each other off and on, languishing in midcard hell. And this match, if there isn't some sort of big surprise in it, is just going to feel like another chapter of their careers being wasted away. so unlike I'm sure everyone else will say, I'm calling for Dean to be the one to turn on Roman. Dean has always seemed like the chaotic loner, and a "heel" turn could push the crowd way over the top for him, almost like how they went crazy for Austin at KotR 1996. However, I see this being the moment that will either make or break Roman Reigns for the foreseeable future. He's been teetering on the edge ever since WrestleMania, and if he doesn't find a way to break out again sometime soon, then he will be nigh on unsalvageable.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper, Ambrose flips out on Roman and lays him out.

The Battle of Lana's Lovers:

Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev


I would have to say this is the bout I’m least excited for. I’m happy to see Ziggler back in the ring as I always find him entertaining. Rusev on the other hand... This feud has been carried by Rusev and Summer Rae with Lana also making appearances and getting into catfights with Summer. It’s hard to believe this feud between Rusev and Ziggler started brewing all the way back in May before Elimination Chamber! It has gone on far too long. Who goes over? Does it really even matter? I’ll go with the Show Off.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Dolph Ziggler


This match has become very personal, and has seen things spiral out of control with the feud of Summer Rae and Lana being an underlying part of this story. With Dolph out of action for the last few weeks we have seen Summer Rae and Rusev take advantage and control of Lana, but that all changed when Ziggler returned to save Lana and set up a match between the Bulgarian Brute and the man who steals the show...And stole Rusev’s girlfriend. I think this match is going to be an all out brawl and will no doubt also see Lana and Summer Raw either get involved in the outcome, or end up with them taking each other out before the finish. I have a strong feeling Dolph Ziggler and Lana will pick up the win in this one, especially given that since he was beaten by John Cena for the United States Championship we have seen very little from Rusev in terms of him going on a dominant run. I’m sure there is probably one more match left in this one, which will no doubt end up being a mixed tag match next month. But for now let’s enjoy a match between two men who have plenty of talent to make this a fun and exciting watch.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Dolph Ziggler


This is one of those matches that was thrown on the card that just makes me sad. Overall a regular Dolph Ziggler rivalry with Rusev could have been... fine. But then they turn Dolph Ziggler into this swooning boyfriend character that absolutely doesn't fit who he is. They then turned rusev into this whiny ex boyfriend. As far as I'm concerned both characters have taken a nosedive. It's like they wanted these characters to fail miserably and gave them the worst possible angle to work with. The match itself will be fine, both Rusev and Ziggler can work in the ring so there's not a lot to worry about there. It's just that I do not care a single bit about this match. Definitely a bathroom break or a food break. Hate to say it because I love Ziggler so much, but this whole thing has been the worst kind of WWE garbage.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Dolph Ziggler


Poor Dolph. Here he is at the first four hour Summerslam and he is in some awkward lover's quarrel with Rusev, Lana, and Summer. I feel this match will be mostly forgettable and it's a shame. Taken on their own, Dolph and Rusev are very talented in their own rights. I think they can both be doing more than they are currently, but this is where they are... filler. I don't have a lot of optimism for this match because I'm just not a fan of this storyline. The ex-girlfriend thing has been done before and run into the ground. No jokes, please. With Dolph returning from filming, I mean injury, returning from injury, he should get the win here, but probably won't. The only good I can see from this match is if Lana turns on Dolph and realigns with Rusev. Dolph can survive without her, but Rusev seems lost without her. I really, really hope this thing ends with this match and all parties involved can walk away from it without being burned by it too badly.

Moose's Predicted Winner: Rusev, with Lana turning on Dolph


I was happy to see Dolph return this past Monday night, but it feels too little too late for this feud. I am beyond sick and tired of the back and forth between Rusev and Summer Rae with Lana, the use of injury angles when contracts are being negotiated, and I'm tired of all of the tired, played out ex jokes. This could have been fun at Battleground, but here it feels like it is just an excuse to give the crowd some recovery time. Since WWE has been on a kick of having people that return lose their first match back, I'm giving it to Rusev.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Rusev

Grudge Match:

Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens


It’s a match that all of the hardcore IWC fans should love. After going back and forth for over a month on Raw, Cesaro looks to take on Kevin Owens in one of the biggest pay-per-view matches of his career. At NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, Owens will challenge NXT Champion Finn Balor in a Ladder Match the night before facing Cesaro at SummerSlam. My prediction is that Balor goes over at TakeOver, leaving Owens with only one option on Sunday - and that is to beat Cesaro. I would hate to see Cesaro lose here, but I don’t believe Owens should walk away from this big weekend with two losses.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Kevin Owens


This one again has the potential to be the match of the night, as both Owens and Cesaro have been having some of the best matches on the roster week after week. It’s been great seeing both men elevated in matches with John Cena over the last few weeks but they have both been working hard on making themselves stand out and have shown just how talented they both are in matches over the last few weeks. Owens will no doubt be at a disadvantage in this one as he faces off against Finn Balor in a ladder match on Saturday night for the NXT Championship, so Owens could well be coming into this match on Sunday banged up already. But I don’t think that will be enough to stop the freight train run that Owens has been on ever since his move up to the main roster. While there have been plenty of rumors going around about Owens and his future push already I believe he will do enough in this match to pick up the win and move himself on to the next level. I fully expect Owens to solidify himself as a big deal for the remainder of 2015, and he will no doubt be an early outside bet for the 2016 Royal Rumble. Cesaro will give it his all here but I believe the K.O. has enough in him to win this one.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Kevin Owens


This match certainly has the potential to be the match of the night, if not one of the matches of the year. Anyone who's been paying attention knows that Cesaro can go, and Kevin Owens can definitely go. Kevin Owens and John Cena delivered three of the best matches this year, in a row. Cesaro is finally starting to get his time in the spotlight, even if it is a few years past due. On the one hand, I think that the United States Championship should have been involved in this match. On the other hand, though, I am glad that this match will just be a down and dirty fight. No Championships on the line, no predictability, just two guys putting on a hell of a match. As for who wins, this is a tough one because both men really need the win. Both men have stars on the rise, and both men need to keep rising strong. I think in the end Cesaro needs the win a little more than Owens. Owens is pretty much a guaranteed top guy if they just let him do his own thing, and has Triple H backing him, but Cesaro needs to have the company behind him more because there wasn't faith in him before now.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Cesaro


THIS can easily be the match of the night. Both of these guys have tons of talent and plenty of backers in the crowd. As long as the crowd hasn't been exhausted by previous fast paced matches, they should be HOT for this one. Cesaro and KO have proven the last few weeks they are reaching for that brass ring and won't take no for an answer. Being a guy that grew up in the 80s and 90s, Owens is the perfect throwback to the heels of old and he does it effortlessly. He even “heels” the heels when he is in a tag match with them. What can be said about Cesaro that hasn't been already? The man can work with the best of them and he impresses me more and more each week. All that being said, we should be treated to a five star match between these two with each hitting their trademark moves on one another. I would love to see a win for Cesaro to continue his hot streak, but I feel Owens needs one here to stay relevant to some of the WWE Universe. Ideally, I would like to see Cesaro win cleanly with Owens attacking after the match to show he is still a very strong heel. He at least deserves that in a loss.

Moose's Predicted Winner: Cesaro


Honestly, this is the hardest one of all of the matches on the card to call because of the two men involved. Both Cesaro and Owens are in the midst of decent push, and could definitely use the win. Considering everything though, I have to go with Owens. He's new on the main roster, and Cesaro will not be as hurt in a loss, as he has been getting larger and larger sections of the crowd behind him.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Kevin Owens

Grudge Match:

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus


Much like Ziggler vs. Rusev, I’m just not very interested in seeing this match... again. I didn’t really watch WWE when these two had several matches in 2010, but I’ve seen plenty from them to know they just don’t have exciting chemistry. It doesn’t help they just faced off at Battleground last month. Orton scored the win in his hometown at Battleground, and Sheamus is Mr. Money in the Bank. How else can I weigh the options? Unless a cash in is scheduled for later in the show, I’m assuming Sheamus wins.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Sheamus


This match has felt somewhat neglected in terms of the way it has been booked up to now for me. I just kind of feel like the match was thrown together and there was no real story behind it, and that for me makes it a difficult one to get fully behind and into. Orton has been away from action until recently so that could be why it feels a little thrown together but that doesn’t mean I don’t think these two can have a solid match. If I was booking this one I would have Sheamus going over Orton, given that he is Mr. Money in the Bank. But if I follow the traditional WWE pattern of how things go, and Sheamus cashes in his briefcase during the main event then I believe Orton is going to come out of this one the winner. It’s going to be a fairly close contest and I expect this may end up being a way of freshening up the feud between these two. If Sheamus cashes in and is successful in winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship then I can see Orton and Sheamus feuding over the belt for the next month or two. But getting back to this match I’m going with an Orton win here, but I think it’s going to be touch and go up until that final RKO drops the Celtic Warrior.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton


I can't tell you how bored I am with this rivalry and shocked that we kept it going. At battleground this match nearly put me to bed, at least it gave me time to take a bathroom break, because the Divas match sure isn't the bathroom break anymore. At least they should have put the Money in the Bank contract on the line for this one, that way there's a little bit of spice added to it. The problem, to me, with this match is that Sheamus is very vanilla in the ring and Randy Orton is very vanilla in the ring. As a result we get a match that is just plain and basic. Now if you take Randy Orton, or take Seamus, and add them in with someone with a little more flavor you can get a really great match. The problem is together they just don't add up to anything entertaining. If we see Sheamus end up cashing in later in the WWE Championship match, then this match will go to Randy. However, I think it's much more likely that Sheamus doesn't cash in but wins his match against Randy Orton.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Sheamus


I know, I know... how many matches have they had together? BUT, they can put on an entertaining match. Over the last several months, we have seen Orton seem genuinely happy to be in the ring. I hope it shows in this match. He has been having fun lately and he should here with a longtime rival in Sheamus. Since winning the MitB match, Sheamus has been a polarizing character. The mohawk and braided beard didn't help, even though I am a fan of the beard. I feel that this match is nothing more than prolonging each of their characters and keeping them relevant. Over in the minority again, I think they both deserve more than abstract filler matches, as I feel that is what this is. We have had these two going at it before and it should play out like most of their matches do. Signature moves or “Vintage Orton” from each ending with an RKO out of nowhere. I hope it ends with Sheamus seemingly done for the night, only to cash in on an exhausted champion later in the show.

Moose's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton


So, we are up to Orton/Sheamus 18 on WWE TV tonight... BAKA! Yes, that is how many times the two of them have faced off against one another in the past 6 years in televised one-on-one matches. So while it feels like they have had more, they really haven't. But it is a go to feud for WWE, which is pretty sad in of itself. I think I'm just going to skip the rest of the analysis and say that it makes no logical sense to have Sheamus go under to Orton on a big 4 PPV when he has the MITB case in hand. Yes, I know that is exactly what happened with Rollins at WrestleMania, but it is a little soon for WWE to be repeating history.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Sheamus

Winner Takes All:

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins vs. US Champion John Cena


This was definitely one of the most unexpected matches when we think back to a little over a month ago. I’m obviously a huge Seth Rollins fan and I wouldn’t want to see his WWE Title reign to come to an end. (Yes, I know it will someday...) Rollins always good if not great matches with John Cena, so I have no problem with this being one of the main events of SummerSlam. The problem many have is obviously with how it’s going to be booked. For the first time ever, both the WWE World Heavyweight and United States Championships will be on the line in a Winner Takes All match.

Cena has been a fantastic U.S. Champ, and I’m not afraid to state that. I have no problem admitting to the haters that I support Cena. Right now at this point, though, he doesn’t need to the WWE Title. Rollins needs it more. It’s my hope that The Powers That Be see this as well. I don’t want either reign to come to an end, but if one man has to lose, I choose Cena. Rollins will further cement his rising legacy by beating Cena and becoming the first WWE World Heavyweight United States Champion.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins


This is the big one. Title versus title. The winner walks out with all the gold and all the glory. For the loser it’s back to the drawing board. There is a lot riding on this match and I think this is going to be the potential match of the night candidate. Rollins and Cena have been going back and forth with their insults and trying to gain the upper hand over each other on the microphone. Rollins certainly took himself to a whole new level when he broke Cena’s nose a few weeks ago. I think if it wasn’t for that happening then these two could have really made this an even tastier encounter on Sunday, but the level of anticipation ahead of this one is already pretty high. Who do I think is going to win this one? It’s too close to call. The big thing here is I expect Sheamus to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase during this one. Does that mean he’s going to win? No I don’t think he will. I’m expecting the winner here to be Seth Rollins but for it to be with some kind of screwy type finish once again. Things will be close though, and I expect Cena will probably hit Sheamus with an AA, before Rollins steals the win.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins


To be honest I wasn't happy to see John Cena challenging for the WWE Championship after retaining his United States Championship against Kevin Owens. If WWE wanted to do John Cena vs. Seth Rollins then they should have given the United States Championship to Kevin Owens who could then defended against Cesaro at SummerSlam. The issue with having a double championship match is that it's likely to end in a disqualification. WWE tries to avoid having someone hold the world title and a secondary title at the same time because it results in double duty most nights and having to wrestle in the middle of the card and in the main event. Now that's not to say that the WWE will avoided entirely, it has been done before. It's just very unlikely that they'll go that route. As for the match itself, I'm interested to see how these two guys do together. We've seen how well Cena can go, and we have seen how well Rollins can go, but very rarely together. Their match on Raw was good, but had a lot left in the tank, or so it felt. I've heard a lot of rumors about Sheamus potentially cashing in his Money in the Bank contract, and I think that actually could be a very good solution. It allows John Cena to get his 16th world title reign out of the way, it allows Cena to retain his United States Championship, and it allows a new world champion. To be honest I'd rather Seth Rollins retain his championship, because I'm very much enjoying his championship reign, but Sheamus cashing in is not a bad alternative. When it boils down to it I see this as a plain and simple disqualification ending that allows both men to keep their championships.

Zack's Predicted Winner: John Cena via DQ


This match seems to have been thrown together in my eyes, but the story is sound. Rollins has been a bit of weasel as champ and has either relied on outside help or lucked into retaining the belt. I want him to be a stronger heel, he can easily do it. Cena has many detractors for various valid reasons. However, you CAN NOT take away the fact he has propelled the US Championship into something WORTH fighting for. The championship doesn't make the man, the man makes the championship and whether you love him or hate him, he has done just that. Weekly title matches has made that belt relevant again and he made it believable. All that being said, I see these two putting on an entertaining match with high spots fro Rollins, the “five moves of doom” from Cena, and some sort of screwy finish where each champion retaining their belts (Authority turning on Rollins, too soon?). I just don't see them strapping either of them with both belts unless they plan on phasing out the US belt. I would really like to see these two wear each other out to the point of exhaustion, only to have Sheamus cash in and win the WWE WHC belt. Cena can believably push Rollins to the point where he can simply no longer continue, just for Sheamus to come along and pick the bones. I'm not looking forward to a Sheamus reign as champ, but what better time to cash in then after a hard fought match with Cena? Why not right?

Moose's Predicted Winner: Neither due to DQ, and Sheamus cashes in, becoming NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion


This is one of the matches on the card that could actually have some interesting ramifications in the booking of WWE for a while. And I am loving that! Yet... It feels as if this could be something they could be somewhat borrowing from somewhere... Ah yes! The title picture in ROH, with Jay Lethal holding both the TV and ROH World Titles. If either man comes into possession of the other's title, this would become almost a blatant rip-off. So I am actually hoping for something screwy to happen, just so we don't get that scenario. Honestly, I hope they finally pull the trigger on HHH turning on Rollins and it ending in a DQ or countout.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins via DQ

The Conqueror vs. The Reaper's Revenge:

Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker


It’s the biggest fight of the summer; a match too big for WrestleMania. I wasn’t originally thrilled with the idea of these two facing off again after the disaster that was their WrestleMania 30 match where Lesnar shocked the world. The Undertaker is has been great in this feud having surprisingly showing up at Battleground to cost Lesnar his WWE Title match. The following night on Raw, Taker and Lesnar destroyed each other in one physical brawl in and out of the ring. Things turned weird this past week in Lesnar’s hometown of Minneapolis. Lesnar was over like rover while The Undertaker was heavily booed. It really left an odd feeling inside me.

Much like Cena vs. Rollins, this is an interesting one to book. If Lesnar goes under, it will feel like his momentum has been killed and ending Taker’s streak doesn’t quite mean as much. If Undertaker goes under, what is there left for him to fight for? Is this it? A lot of people have suggested a DQ/dirty finish or No Contest, but that’s the last thing I want. I’m tired of seeing big main event matches ending with a bad finish. We deserve better! To be honest, I’m going to watch this match as an average fan and cheer for The Deadman.

CJ's Predicted Winner: The Undertaker


This is without a doubt the most anticipated match on the entire Summerslam card. Ever since Undertaker returned at Battleground to prevent Brock Lesnar from becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion we have seen the Undertaker become almost hell bent on seeking revenge against Lesnar for taking his undefeated streak at Wrestlemania 30. We were treated to one of the most historic and memorable opening in Raw history the night after that show, as Lesnar and Undertaker brawled literally anywhere and everywhere in that arena. The feud had a very personal and intense feel to it and even though we have seen only mostly promo’s from both men since this the anticipation from the fans has only grown. It was weird hearing Undertaker booed on Raw this Monday for attacking Brock, and had it been in any other city that wasn’t Minneapolis I doubt that would have happened. The Big talk about this one is how the match will end. Many expect Undertaker to go over and avenge his loss to Lesnar, with some even predicting Kane will return to cost Lesnar the match. I hope people are wrong about that and I hope my theory of Lesnar winning comes true, be that via help from a returning Sting, or just because Lesnar has Undertaker’s number. Lesnar has never lost a one on one contest to the Undertaker, so why not have this turn into some kind of story where Undertaker can’t beat Brock but becomes obsessed with trying to defeat him and claim Lesnar’s streak. No matter what the outcome though I think this match is going to leave us wanting more from these two huge stars, and may even leave us with more questions than answers.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Brock Lesnar


The problem with matches like these are that I'm so torn. On the one hand the inner fan in me is very excited for this match, but on the other hand the inner booker and me has no idea where to take this. The problem is, who goes over and who goes under. If you put Undertaker over it takes credibility away from Brock Lesnar. But if you have Brock Lesnar go over it makes Undertaker look weak and dumb for coming back and trying to fight him again. Plus, what's the point in having Undertaker come back to fight him again, and lose again. The only real outcome I see that would be plausible is having Sting come out and cause a distraction, enough for Brock Lesnar a chance to capitalize and win. It allows Brock to continue forward as the Beast and it allows Undertaker a reason to lose AND a build for his WrestleMania program. I'm actually excited for the match itself, because, at WrestleMania, Undertaker suffered a concussion so early that we didn't get this to see how well these two would deliver. This time around both men will be at full capacity, permitting there are no injuries.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Brock Lesnar off of a Sting distraction


I really hope this match ends the show, but I'm not confident. I'll go ahead and tell you I am HEAVILY biased toward The Undertaker. He has been my favorite wrestler since he debuted in 1990 (in WWE) when I was just 10 years old. That being said, as long as he isn't concussed again by Lesnar, this should be a GREAT match. Each of these warriors have a lengthy track record for being a dominant monster in the ring. There is no doubt Lesnar is a physical Beast, but he is battling a much healthier Phenom. The Undertaker has a career that has bested ALL of those that have stood before him, except Lesnar. He HAS to win this match. I fully expect each of these guys to beat the hell out of each other. While Lesnar may take The Undertake to Suplex City, The Undertaker will be bringing Hell with him to Summerslam. The only caveat to this match is possible interference by Sting to set up the dream match many have talked about with The Undertaker at Wreslemania. However, will Kane (masked) return to help his brother and get revenge on Lesnar for injuring him? Regardless of the interference, this should be a grueling match with plenty of hard hitting, stiff moves from each of them. As a fan, I would love to see Taker win clean here, but I am afraid we will see some type of DQ, even a double DQ.

Moose's Predicted Winner: Double DQ

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Brock Lesnar


Thanks everyone for reading our predictions this round! Feel free to post yours in the comments below, and don't forget to join us tomorrow at 6:30 PM EST for our live coverage and Open Thread Party for SummerSlam!

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