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WNW Predicts - Survivor Series 2014

Welcome to WNW’s Survivor Series 2014 Predictions! Survivor Series will be emanating from the Scottrade Center in Randy Orton's home of St. Louis, Missouri! This month, we have CJ Blaze, Josh Tucker, Zeppelin Mayers, and William Araguz on full predicts, while myself and Kendra Bunyon are doing quick picks.

Diva's Championship Match:

AJ Lee © vs. Nikki Bella w/ Brie Bella


I wasn’t thrilled about this match at all when it was first announced, but my feelings have changed just a little. As I’ve stated in The Five-Count, I’m not a fan of Nikki Bella. She’s annoying on the mic and she doesn’t entertain me in the ring. AJ has been a great champion and I enjoyed her feud with Paige this year. This seems like an opportunity for Nikki to win the title and bring it into her feud with Brie, but think too many fans want to see The Bellas with their hands on the Divas Championship. When it comes to rumors such as AJ leaving WWE after Survivor Series, I obviously am not going to believe it until I see it. Whether or not AJ gets the win clean or with help from Brie, I think the safe option here is for AJ to retain.

CJ's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee


I've said it for weeks. The only way I see this match going is with Nikki Bella walking out of the match with the Divas championship in hand. It's the only thing that make sense in an otherwise senseless feud. Have Brie feud with her the championship once her 30 day servitude has ended. Nikki Bella will be your first Total Divas Divas champion.

Josh's Predicted Winner: Nikki Bella


As much as I enjoy the recent outings between AJ and Paige, it is nice to see some change in the Divas Championship. Didn’t expect Nikki to slingshot herself into the title picture with her feud with Brie still going on, but it has made for some interesting build towards the match. I adore AJ Lee, and Nikki has been very entertaining off the mic and utilizing her sister as a punching bag/AJ shield. I don’t think the title will or should change hands though. Keep the belt on AJ and let a more seasoned diva like Natalya take it from her.

Zeppelin's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee


One of the matches that could open the show, the WWE Divas Championship match between A.J. Lee and Nikki Bella has the potential to be the surprise bout of the night. It’s no secret to the WWE Universe that A.J. is perhaps the most talented in ring diva on the roster today. Not to be outdone, in her matches Nikki Bella shows some nice athleticism as well. Whether these two can deliver or not is going to large depend on one factor, time. I don’t expect this match to be a Bret Hart, Bob Backlund technical classic by far but with the two divas employing a mix of high flying in ring styles the two divas should put on an entertaining even if albeit short match. It’s been rumored that due to their involvement in the reality series “Total Divas” certain members of the roster are not allowed to carry the title due to episodes being taped months before they air. Whether or not that is true I expect the outcome of this match to remain the same. While Nikki is a rising star in the divas division and looks to be the next in line to represent them I A.J. Lee retaining the title. All in all Nikki’s character is being built as the “vengeful” twin. Putting her in the role of angry heel chasing the popular babyface champion for the title could result in an entertaining feud. Don’t be surprised to see possible interference from Paige to further her rivalry with A.J. as well.

William's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Nikki Bella

Sam's Predicted Winner: Nikki Bella

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Nikki Bella

Total Diva's Survivor Series Match:

Alicia Fox, Natalia, Naomi, and Emma vs. Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae, and Layla


This is a match where there is a backstory, but there isn’t at the same time. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel the babyfaces have the advantage in this one. If you look at the stories in this match, you see the more recent feud between Paige and Alicia Fox. You then look at Natalya/Summer Rae, Naomi/Cameron, and then you’re randomly left with Emma and Layla. I’m glad for some of these women who deserve a spot on the pay-per-view like Paige, Natalya, and Naomi. I could go without Cameron and Summer Rae, but oh well. I really don’t have a reason for my prediction, but I’ll go with the good girls.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Alicia Fox, Natalia, Naomi, and Emma


This was just a throw in match to give the other divas a spot on the show. In the grand scheme of things it really doesn't matter so throwing a dart on the wall I'm saying Paige will be the sole survivor for her team making Natalya tap out to win.

Josh's Predicted Winner: Paige as Sole Survivor


Who cares? I will just choose the team that has the most divas I care about. This match will just be a rushed mess anyway.

Zeppelin's Predicted Winner:Alicia Fox, Natalia, Naomi, and Emma


Many people will see this match as the “bathroom break” match of the night, but don’t count it out. This is another match which could provide a few surprises. The addition of Paige and Natalya into this match ensures we will not see the typical diva quick match. Natalya is the most underutilized diva in the WWE right now. She is possibly the most technically gifted diva they have right now. She can have a good match with anyone. Not to be outdone Paige has made quite the name for herself since winning the WWE Diva’s Title in her debut match against A.J. Lee. Paige is also very gifted in the ring. I expect these two to put of some highlights in what will likely be an otherwise average match for the Diva’s Division. This one is going to be a close one to call, but once again there is a tie in to the WWE’s other venture “Total Divas.” It’s no secret that the show is a hit, and because of this Natalya and her husband Tyson Kidd have been given a chance to shine and show exactly how much talent they possess in the ring. Naomi, Cameron, and Summer Rae also play prominent roles in the show. The popularity of the show has kept these divas in the television picture when it comes to ring time. Each of these women continues to work hard and improve their in ring skills in order to give fans the best possible product in the ring. As we all know the one thing every talent needs is time to work their skills. This usually doesn’t happen with the divas. With that said, my prediction is the winners will be the team of Natalya, Alicia Fox, Emma, and Naomi.

William's Predicted Winner: Natalya, Alicia Fox, Naomi, and Emma

Kendra's Predicted Winner:Natalya, Alicia Fox, Naomi, and Emma

Sam's Predicted Winner: Paige, Layla, Summer Rae, and Cameron

Jesse's Predicted Winner:Natalya, Alicia Fox, Naomi, and Emma

Fatal Four Way for the Tag Team Championship:

Goldust and Stardust (c) vs. The Usos vs. The Miz and Damien Mizdow vs. Los Matadores


Based on the talent involved in this match, we should be seeing a very entertaining four-way tag team match here. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s sad that these four teams are the only ones we have, but I think WWE could’ve done a better job of making something intriguing rather than throwing their teams together in one match because they don’t have any other ideas. Los Matadores are just a midcard act and that’s it. Under the current gimmick, I couldn’t care less to see them win the titles. The Miz and Sandow shouldn’t win because I see a bigger picture for their inevitable split in the near future. Fans continue to turn their backs on The Usos because they are consistently being pushed, even without the titles. I stated before The Usos shouldn’t have dropped the titles just yet when they did. Gold and Stardust aren’t going anywhere higher than the are as champs and they could retain just because. Just in case ‘A New Day’ comes along, I’ll go with the champions retaining.

CJ's Predicted Winner:  Goldust and Stardust


Gold and Stardust have done little with the championships since wining them other then facing The Usos over and over and over and over and over again and again and again. They were good matches but I'm tired of the feud. I don't think they should have won the titles in the first place and I don't think they should retain here. The Team I want to see win the titles are Miz and Mizdow. Mizdow has some momentum behind him. people love him and I think a Title reign here leading to an eventual split and feud would be huge for both Miz and Mizdow. Let's hope WWE does the right thing here and straps Mizdow while he is relevant.

Josh's Predicted Winner: The Miz and Damien Mizdow


I hope this match is given the time it is needed, so it doesn’t seem like the last minute tag on that it is. As for the winners, it won’t be Los Matadores or The Usos. The Mizbros seem to have a lot going for them, but is it enough to justify a tag title run. Nothing has happened for The Dust Brothers since they won the belts, and the match type would provide an understandable trade off between the two heel teams. I will go out on a limb and say my guys take this one, which will lead to the eventual Miz vs. Mizdow feud.

Zeppelin's Predicted Winner: The Miz and Damien Mizdow


This is another match that has the potential to surprise people with how good it can be. At different times all four teams involved in the match have shown they can “go” in the ring. The concept of a Fatal Four Way match is always one that is hit and miss and depends greatly on the talent involved in the match to mesh well and make it work. All four teams in this match have had good matches with each other in the past so there should be no problem with that. Don’t expect a lot of “wrestling” in this match. Instead, expect this to be a high flying, fast paced spot fest. It should be a great way to pump up the crowd if the match is put on early enough in the night. The Fatal Four Way stipulation puts an interesting twist into this match in that any man can tag in any other man regardless if he is that person’s partner. Likewise, anyone on the outside can tag in regardless of whether their partner is in the match or not. This will make for some interesting pairings at times possibly even pitting brother against brother. Because anyone can pin or cause anyone else to submit there is also greater potential for the champions to lose the belt. However, since returning as Stardust, Cody Rhodes has put on one of the most entertaining characters of his career. When you look at his entire body of work, that’s saying something. Gold and Stardust have been engaged in an entertaining feud with the Usos which has gone back and forth over the last several months. The WWE would be wise to continue this trend while also elevating other teams to their level. I see the possibility of a dirty finish in this one, but in the end the belts mean something to the current champions and they are not ready to let go yet. They are hot right now, winners and still champs Gold and Stardust.

William's Predicted Winner: Goldust and Stardust

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Mizdow and Miz

Sam's Predicted Winner: Gold and Stardust

Jesse's Predicted Winner: The Usos

Battle of the Lunatics:

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt


I wrote in The Five-Count last week a little bit about this match. Ambrose and Wyatt are obviously playing second fiddle to the big main event, but I thought this match needed just a little more build than what it received. My guess is this won’t be the last encounter between the two, and we will see a blow off to the program at TLC? These two are going to go at it in an all-out brawl. They can get as physical as they want; all I ask is that there is not a disqualification or no contest finish to this! Ambrose needs this win. He hasn’t won a pay-per-view match since June at Payback and he’s practically the number two babyface right now. Ambrose will pick up the win and Wyatt will seek revenge for the loss next month at TLC.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose


Neither of these guys can afford a loss right now. Ambrose is as hot as he can be coming off the Rollins program and Bray Wyatt just returned to TV after setting his family free. I believe this match will be won dirty and that Bray will win Via interference when The Ascension debuts and joins Wyatt to form the New Wyatt Family.

Josh's Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt (Dirty)


I was in the minority on the Bray Wyatt reintroduction, and I can’t wait for this match to begin. It will steal the show, it just sucks that nothing new has been produced from it. Bray is still old Bray (despite being set free), and Dean is now lost all focus on Seth Rollins. Oh well, at least we will get an incredible match that will see Bray Wyatt come out on top. No way he can lose in his return to pay per view.

Zeppelin's Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt


Taking nothing away from what should be an amazing main event this match has the most intrigue for me going into Survivor Series. Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt have the potential to put on the match of the night if this is done properly. There are so many element that go into this match to peak the fans’ interest. First of all there was the shocking return of Bray Wyatt who attacked Ambrose during his match with Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell. The talented Wyatt was certainly missed within the WWE landscape after being a central piece of the picture before his hiatus. So far one question remains. “Why did Bray Wyatt attack Dean Ambrose in the first place?” Second, whenever Ambrose is in the ring he must always watch his back for the Authority. While Rollins and the rest of his Authority cohorts are booked for the main event later in the night one has to know the Authority will have something up their sleeve because of their efforts to keep him away from Rollins. Ambrose and Wyatt are two of the more gifted, young Superstars in the WWE right now. Both men understand the concept of in ring psychology and telling the story with their actions and not just their words. One also has to look at their characters. “The Fringe Lunatic” Dean Ambrose reminds me of a cross between the characters of Stone Cold Steve Austin and “The Loose Cannon” Brian Pillman. Contrast this with the methodical, former leader of the Wyatt family Bray Wyatt whose cult leader like gimmick with a southern drawl provides the perfect antagonist for the offbeat Ambrose. Both men have put on great matches in the past after Ambrose broke away from the Shield, his debut faction, and Wyatt, then known as Husky Harris, started as a member of the Nexus. This match will go back and forth with both competitors getting in plenty of offense. The possibility exists of some oddball finish in the same way Hell in a Cell ended, and it looks like Dean Ambrose has taken the role of “B+ Player” while Daniel Bryan is on the shelf. Because of this I do not see an end to him chasing the Authority and them portraying him as an underdog type of wrestler the fans want to see win. It will be close, but my call is Bray Wyatt. His debut last moth came with a bang and I see no end in sight for that.

William's Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose

Sam's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose

Jesse's Predicted Winner: No Contest

Traditional Survivor Series Match:

If The Authority loses, they are out of power. If Team Cena loses, they will be fired on Raw Monday night.

Team Authority (Seth Rollins, Kane, Luke Harper, Rusev, and Mark Henry) vs. Team Cena (John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Erick Rowan, and Ryback)


The days where Traditional Survivor Series matches matter have finally returned! For as long as I’ve been watching wrestling, I’ve always liked the Survivor Series tag team match concept. This year it is finally being used in a bigger capacity like it should! This match is very important for how future storylines play out. You also have to factor in the WWE Network being free this month so fans can watch this match. We will see a great match here with lots of talented athletes involved. I’m honestly going with the obvious choice of Team Cena winning. Will Vince McMahon appear? Will Randy Orton return? Will some other huge swerve take place during this match? The Authority has been here since the summer of 2013. So for just over a year, we’ve seen the same people in control of what happens. It’s time for this era to end, so another can begin.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Team Cena


Until Smackdown this was a very difficult match to predict. it could have gone either way with the regards to as if the Authority retained it's power or not. After Smackdown that doubt WWE had done so well to work into the match was thrown out the window when it was decided to be announced that if Team Cena loses they will be fired. This insures that Cena's team will win because of the fact that we all know they won't fire Cena. I'm going to say that Randy Orton makes a Surprise-not-a-surprise appearance and RKO's Rollins allowing Ryback to stand alone as the sole survivor for Team Cena.

Josh's Predicted Winner: Team Cena - Ryback as Sole Survivor


Everything set up for this match has been perfect. I would have rather had Rusev vs. Sheamus for the title on the pay per view so Cesaro could join Team Authority, but I guess that is too logical for creative these days. All in all the build and stipulations have all been done very well. Sure it is unfathomably predictable, but who cares the journey to this point has been entertaining and surprising at times. The match will be a great one, and to see who takes out who will be very interesting.

Zeppelin's Predicted Winner: Team Cena


This is the match fans have been waiting for. Several series of events have forced the WWE’s hand at elevating new stars into the main even scene. Now it is up to these performers to deliver. That should not be a problem as this match is loaded with talent from top to bottom. The added stipulation is that if Team Authority loses they will be out of power in the WWE. Likewise if Team Cena loses all members of Team Cena are fired from the WWE. There is a lot at stake for the future of the WWE in this match. Aside of Cena, the WWE’s golden boy, you have Dolph Ziggler who has an amazing move set and is fun to watch in the ring. For a long time Ziggler has been a fan favorite who many have thought should be given the chance to main event long before now. Known as “The Show Off” Ziggler started as a cocky heel who would brag about how good he is in the ring. The thing is, Ziggler wasn’t lying. He is one of the most talented in ring performers on the roster today. It didn’t take long for the fans to take notice. Instead of booing him, fans starting cheering him for the types of matches he was capable of delivering. This in turn forced the WWE’s hand to make him a fan favorite. He was also rewarded in kind with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Unfortunately injuries derailed his momentum until now, and Ziggler finally gets his chance to shine again. What can you say about the seven foot, four, monster, the Big Show that hasn’t already been said? The Big Show has been a WWE mainstay since his debut during the Attitude Era and given fans many memories to speak of. Of course the Big Show’s main attribute is his size and strength as he physically dominates his opponents in the ring. He is a solid addition to the team. Erick Rowan is the most surprising member of the Team Cena roster. After the breakup of the Wyatt Family only Luke Harper seemed to have a clear direction. Putting Rowan in this match shows this is not the case. It is another chance for one of the newcomers to show what they have in the ring against the WWE’s top stars. Many fans are probably not aware of Rowan’s abilities in the ring, so once again it will be up to him to show he deserves to be in the spot. Having more talent at the top works better for everybody involved. Ryback once seemed like the future of the WWE. Initially he was booked as an unstoppable force similar to how WCW did Goldberg in the mid 90’s. Fans began to take notice and the comparisons soon started with fans going as far as chanting “Goldberg” during Ryback’s matches. This might not be the insult some may think it is. See, not since the mid-nineties have fans seen such an unstoppable force as Goldberg. It is possible that the chants were because of fond memories of that undefeated streak. Ryback looked destined to rise to the top. Then a controversial finish in a Last Man Standing match derailed Ryback’s momentum. Ryback had speared John Cena through a light wall and both men were down for quite a while. From the outside looking in it looked like neither man would get up. By rule the winner of the match, and the champion with the belt being on the line was the first man to his feet. Ryback was that man. However in controversial fashion Cena was awarded the belt. Rightfully Ryback and many of the fans felt slighted. This is Ryback’s chance to recover from that and prove he deserves to be a main event talent. Team Authority is loaded with plenty of talent as well. Seth Rollins pulled the coup of the year when he betrayed the Shield effectively breaking them up to join Evolution which would eventually evolve into the Authority. It is clear the future is bright for this technically sound wrestler who is just as good on the mic as he is in the ring. Let us not forget that Rollins holds the Money in the Bank briefcase which allows him a title shot whenever he chooses. This has kind of lost its luster considering the part time status of the WWE’s current champion, however it does not take away from the fact that Rollins can “get it done.” He will be one of the bright spots for his team on Sunday. Like the Big Show, Kane and Mark Henry have seen it all and done it all in the WWE. Both men are multiple time champions and are capable of playing the role of hated heel or loved babyface equally as well. Some would say that playing heels is what suits them best. Mark Henry and his “Hall of Pain” and “The Big Red Monster” Kane’s characters were tailor made to be monstrous bad guys. Both men are capable of putting on solid matches and will help elevate the younger guys in the match. Solid veterans know how to make everyone look good while not seeming weak themselves. Rusev is the current unstoppable force of the WWE. Debuting amid a time of political turmoil between the United States and Russia Rusev’s debut brought back memories of the 1990 film Rocky 4 where the conquering Soviet comes in to dominate professional boxing. Because of the foreign influence in the character another theme from the movie is carried over in that like Drago’s wife in the movie, Rusev also has a beautiful spokeswoman in the Lovely Lana. The two have been on a tear in the WWE since Rusev’s debut and while most of his matches rely on strength powered, squash matches, Rusev has put up a decent showing when given time to work. His series of matches against Jack Swagger are a testament to this. It is clear the WWE sees big things for Rusev as he is in the midst of a long undefeated streak on his way to the top. The gimmick has worn some fans thin, so it is up to him and the WWE to make sure he can deliver this Sunday. Given that nobody has gotten out of his “Accolade” submission maneuver this may be the match where the big man proves the doubters wrong. It is do or die time for Rusev. Luke Harper is the second most surprising addition to this match. It was clear from the breakup of the Wyatt Family that Luke Harper was destined to go onto bigger and better things. Vignettes with a bunch of eyes started showing on programming as a sign of his impending arrival as a single’s competitor. Like his Wyatt Family counterpart not many fans know much about Harper’s in ring ability as a single’s competitor, but if their tag matches are anything to measure by this match should be a treat. Now to talk about the two stipulations that make this match so interesting. The Authority has been in power for quite some time now antagonizing the fans and wrestlers alike. The Authority mocks the fans’ favorite wrestlers while elevating those who fall in line with their corporate ways sighting “What’s Best for Business” as their reason for doing the things they do. Removing them from power would change the whole landscape of the WWE sending it in an entirely new direction altogether. This would put a wrench into storylines such as Dean Ambrose’s goal of making sure Seth Rollins does not successfully win the title by cashing in his briefcase. However as I stated before, John Cena is the WWE’s “golden boy.” He is a 15 time Heavyweight Champion and extremely talented in the mic and ring even if fans are tired of seeing him at the top. It is impossible to envision the current WWE landscape without John Cena. This match is the WWE’s chance to give more of their talent a time to shine. At a time when the WWE is short on top level talent they need to elevate stars now more than ever. For this reason is makes no sense to fire a team full of up and coming stars. The stipulation kind of gives the outcome away, but it should not take away from the excitement of the match at all. For this reason a new era for the WWE will begin on Monday night’s Monday Night Raw.The WWE is headed in a new direction after the Survivor Series and it could be interesting with some new talent at the top. Your winners of this match, Team Cena.

William's Predicted Winner: Team Cena

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Team Cena

Sam's Predicted Winner: The Authority

Jesse's Predicted Winner: The Authority


As always, feel free to leave your predictions in the comments below and don't forget to join is tomorrow night starting at 7:00 PM EST for our Open Thread Party and live streaming results! Thanks for joining us!

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