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WNW Predicts - WrestleMania 31


Welcome to WNW’s WrestleMania 31 Predictions! WrestleMania 31 will be emanating from Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California! This time around, we are letting the wolves out of the cages, as in addition to myself and Kendra Bunyon, we have Michael Christopher, CJ Blaze, Jamie Welton, Lee Herbert, Mike McCarthy, Paul Rathert, Wyatt Leves, Zack Krasney, Zeppelin-Kyle Mayers, and our Casual Observer Andrew W on picks! Every match has been picked over, so you will see a diverse set of opinions this time around. Let's get to it!

Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way:

2015-03-26 21.56.49

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro © vs. The Usos vs. Los Matadores vs. New Day


I had completed my TTC predict a couple days before Raw, and then the WWE went and did exactly what I had been wanting, a Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Championship Match, as it's a common WrestleMania match, and usually quite fun. What I'd wanted in my original predictions was for O'Neil, Young, and Slater to form 3 Man Prime Time Players Band, win the TTCs and use the Freebird Rule. Hey, what can I say, I love Slater and Young, and figured that would be the only way they'd ever get together! Further, it would be great to see them feud with A New Day, whoever wants to be heel or face. But, with this being an actual Fatal 4 Way Match, and with the Prime Time Players and Slater are in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal, it doesn't look at all possible for them to win this match, so I've had to rethink it all. Honestly, looking at all these teams, the only one that is really viable, at this point, other than the Champions is the Usos, and that just doesn't feel right. A New Day just haven't hit their stride yet, but maybe this is where they to turn heel? Just a thought as they need to do something with them! They're great wrestlers, but so bleeping boring. Usos getting the straps back at this point make little sense. So I'm going to jump in the deep end and say that Los Matadores will win this match. Los Matadores have been the team that's bugged #Fact the most lately, so why not? I think it will be Nattie, and possibly El Torito, and maybe even Naomi that costs #Fact to lose the match and their straps. #Fact will get the straps back very quickly, possibly the following night on Raw, but it will be Los Matadores walking out of WrestleMania as Tag Team Champs.

Ken's Predicted Winner: Los Matadores


Tyson Kidd and Cesaro are walking in to WrestleMania with gold! It truly feels like a miracle. I was shocked to see they were the ones to take the titles off of The Usos at Fast Lane. Now, it looks like we are getting almost exactly what we had last year on the pre-show: a multi-team title match. Los Matadores have been booked to look strong even though they are jobbers when it’s not WrestleMania season. The Usos are in a tough place right now, as Jey is battling a shoulder injury. The New Day is in it, but they not liked by most fans right now. I’ll be honest, I like all four teams in this match. Everyone is talented and could put on a must-see match here. My hope is that Kidd and Cesaro get the WrestleMania win they deserve by beating these three teams.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Kidd and Cesaro


For this match, I'm calling it the dawn of a New Day. Why? For the same reason #GiveTruthAChance became R- Truth in the ladder match for the IC title. It's clear that WWE is both politically and culturally conscious of their fan base and that New Day may, in fact, be their way to try and honor Black History Month by giving them the titles. And I don't mean to imply giving freely; every wrestler in the WWE has worked hard to get to the main event. Frankly, I can't tell if this is a stable that helps the image of the WWE or not; but, race aside, look at the wrestlers as individuals: Big E Langston is the second NXT champ who used to demand a five count, Kofi Kingston is a high flyer whom most everyone has liked as far as character and charisma, and Xavier Woods, well in doing research for my predicts I found this statement he made: "Anything worth having doesn't come quick and I appreciate my two brothers for helping me get there. Now it's game time." So do I know they'll win? No. Do I like this particular angle? No. But by letting New Day go over on Tyson Kidd and Cesaro you make all the competitors work harder to prove themselves in ring based on ability and not cultural awareness, or exploitation depending on how you feel toward New Day. All I know is I expect to see Big E and Cesaro go at it hard, and that's something I do look forward to. As to the others? Los Matadores is just not a tag team I've ever felt had that connection to the crowd other than the El Torito and like or dislike New Day at least they've drawn heat, just look at Twitter. So yes; I think as wrestlers New Day has been given a chance to shine, and I'm okay with that because every SuperStar deserves this moment as people who put their heart and soul on the line for every Wrestlemania. As to the Usos; I'll be brief. They're great. But with a possible injury of Jey? It's just something for the other teams to exploit in ring- if they're able to show as booked, great. But every predator going for a title shot will zero in on that injury and make it a climb the Usos may struggle with.

Andrew's Predicted Winner: New Day


I really don’t care about this match. It was thrown together last minute and lacks any reason to bring credibility to the titles when the champions have lost to every team involved. So I will just break this down to who deserves the titles. New Day is a mildly racist group who will never be taken seriously, Los Matadores are a very racist tag team that will never be taken seriously, and Usos just lost the titles so they need to have some time to chase the champs instead of being the champs. That leaves Cesaro & Kidd as the retaining champions. Honestly I am very surprised Vince didn’t make this more interesting by making it a 4-Way Freebird Rule Championship Match.

Zeppelin's Predicted Winner: Kidd and Cesaro


Just by writing this prediction I'm spending more time and energy on this match than WWE, who have relegated this title match to the kick off show. Who is defending the title again? Oh that's right the winner of the prestigious Andre The Giant Battle Royal at last year's WrestleMania, last seen getting his ass handed to him on Raw for the last two weeks running by 4ft 5in El Torito. Are they any winners in this whole sorry affair? Well if anyone cares I think The Usos will be leaving with the belts. I also predict that Vince McMahon will soon forget about the tag division altogether and the Usos will become the longest ever reigning champions until someone remembers to book them in a title match in about ten years’ time.

Lee's Predicted Winner: The Usos

Andre the Giant Battle Royal:

2015-03-27 17.21.05


It is really time to pull the switch for Damien Sandow. The man has been given so many crap characters and made gold out of all of them. Sandow is a genius, has charisma, is over like rover, and everyone wants to see him both succeed and flatten Miz. He can do all those things in this one match. There's others in this match who would do great with winning this match, specifically Curtis Axel, but I see him never making it to the ring again, the way he did in the Royal Rumble Match, because it will further push his character and storyline. But it's Sandow who need a push and really have a push, not something that ends up getting pulled back and he's repackaged at the last minute. They dropped the ball with Cesaro last year, it's time they make something out of the Andre The Giant Battle Royal winner, and that winner should be Sandow!

Ken's Predicted Winner: Damien Sandow


I’ve stated multiple times since the announcement of the returning battle royal that I was in favor of the match. My opinion still has not changed. I think that there are several workers that deserve a match at WrestleMania, but just haven’t been able to secure a spot on the “real card.” We have guys like Ryback, The Miz, Damien Sandow, Goldust, Mark Henry, Big Show, Kane, Erick Rowan, Curtis Axel, and Jack Swagger in this match. These are the top ten potential winners in my eyes. Last year, I was hoping for Dolph Ziggler to win and get a push, but that wasn’t the plan. Instead, Cesaro picked up the win and kind of floated in the midcard scene from there. What I want to see this year is another surprise. I don’t think anyone saw Cesaro winning, which made his win that much better. While the obvious picks are Ryback and Sandow this year, I’m predicting Goldust. Goldust pretty much got screwed out an actual spot on the card since WWE dropped his feud with Stardust. I don’t know how long Goldust is planning on sticking around, but I think this would be a good way to repay him for all he has done for WWE.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Goldust


Though there are a lot of superstars in this match with high potential, only two superstars have received any type of programming for this match. Which is why when most people think this match, the only thing that comes to mind is “Miz vs. Mizdow”. Damien Sandow has been The Miz’s assistant/stunt double for almost half a year now, and the tension brewing between the two has been building up since late 2014. Though there are 28 other directions WWE can go with this match, WWE has given zero indication that any other superstar in this match has the slightest chance of winning. Sure WWE could use this opportunity to try to elevate someone that’s gotten lost in the shuffle, but WWE failed at that last year and if they hold off Mizdow’s rebellion any longer the fans could begin to get sour on it all. Many people thought that the Miz vs. Mizdow would be a WrestleMania match because even by February they had been holding off on the turn for a while. The fans are ready, Mizdow is ready. By putting Damien Mizdow over here, WWE doesn’t have as much pressure on elevating the winner since Mizdow will do most of the work for them. He’s one of the most talented wrestlers in this businesss on and off the mic and it’s a crime that WWE almost turned him into a new version of Charlie Haas. The fact that Mizdow wrestled PPV matches as The Easter bunny and Paul Revere yet he’s still over is a testament to how talented this man is. Either Miz turns on Mizdow or vice versa, but a turn between the two in this match is inevitable. And one of the two winning is highly likely, but WWE does tend to avoid the obvious a lot. Regardless, I’m going with Mizdow.

Mike's Predicted Winner: Damien Mizdow


Even though the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal was bumped to the kick-off show, I still expect it to be a fun match to get the crowd buzzing. There are a bunch of wildcards in this match, and WWE could go in a lot of different directions. Unfortunately, from what we’ve seen so far the Battle Royal doesn’t really mean anything other than a temporary spotlight, but hey that could be all someone needs. The names that seem to be throw around for winners consist of Miz, Mizdow, Ryback, and the potential Sheamus. I’m putting my name down for Sheamus. There has been a ton of hyping around the return of Sheamus. Sheamus is former Royal Rumble winner, King of the Ring, United States Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, and WWE Champion. With a slight lack of main event talent at the moment, especially if Brock Lesnar ships out for one of his long breaks, we’ll need a talent to fill the void. Sheamus could get his reboot in the main event scene and help bring prestige to the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Some side notes for this match, I see Mizdow finally turning on the Miz in this match, leading to a one on one match at Extreme Rules. I think Kane and Big Show will end up turning on each other. Finally, I think Hideo Itami will put on a hell of a show, and start a rivalry with someone he eliminates.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Sheamus


The battle of the rest of the roster. Regardless of who wins-I hope that it matters for them this year. Cesaro’s victory didn’t result in much of a push after WrestleMania 30. One way to rectify that? Give the win to a guy who’s already over and could use a feather in his cap as a point of contention. Enter Mizdow. Have it come down to Miz and Mizdow in a standoff before Mizdow pulls the ropes down as Miz goes for the clothesline elimination, causing the Miz to go over the top and the floor below and leaving Mizdow as the lone survivor. Miz confronting Mizdow in the ring after the match to fight over the trophy can lead to their feud beginning in-ring post Mania.

Paul's Predicted Winner: Damien Mizdow


This'll be a fairly good match. I like every Battle Royal, they're always so livening, especially with the participants this year. I personally want Mizdow to win, but I have another plan for him. Miz is going to eliminate someone, almost throwing him off. Mizdow will come over and throw both men out, including The Miz. This'll create a great, fun, and long-awaited storyline feud between both of these men. For who my pick is, Ryback. Big Show and Kane will be tossing someone out, and Ryback will clothesline all three people out of the ring, making him the last man standing. It would be cool to see and I'm ready for anything that's going to happen.

Wyatt's Predicted Winner: Ryback

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match:

2015-03-27 16.55.15

Bad News Barrett © vs. Dean Ambrose vs. R-Truth vs. Luke Harper vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Stardust


I know a lot of people have been bashing this storyline, but I'm thrilled. Honestly, my only issue with the whole thing is that Stardust is in this match, and not facing his brother. Beyond that, I'm so excited that something is being done with the IC Title right now, above and beyond the normal boring nothingness they usually do with it. Ambrose was on Raw Fallout talking about how someone needs to win the IC Title and make it into something bigger and better than it's ever been before. I, personally, took that as a slam at Barrett, but as Barrett only really won the strap so they could get it off Ziggler before he was 'fired' by The Authority after they returned, the Championship has meant almost nothing. And yes, I know Barrett had to drop the strap after injury previously, and didn't really lose it, but this is Barrett, I've just been waiting for him to get injured against so that he'll be back on the shelf. That means that someone other than Barrett needs to be IC Champion. Almost everyone in this match could and has good reason as to why they should win this. Okay, almost anyone. Though R-Truth has been humorous through all this, I don't see him becoming IC Champion. Cody is so underrated and needs a push to get where he belongs. Bryan should be further up the card, and should be going after and winning the WWE WHC by SummerSlam, but I don't see him winning here. I do see Bryan feuding with the winner of this match for the next month or two. I love Luke Harper, but I don't think this will be his time. It has nothing to do with him being the biggest guy in the match, and the biggest guy rarely wins, but I think this isn't his time at this point – though I do see growing issues between him and R-Truth going forward. Ziggler more than deserves it, and I'd love to see Ziggler and Bryan feuding over the WWE WHC at some point VERY soon, but Ziggler isn't winning here. Though expect Ziggler to possibly steal the show with Bryan and who I think will win this match, Ambrose. Ambrose is just so over-the-top crazy, willing to do anything at this point, and selling everything so wonderfully, that I think it's his time to take the IC Title and run with it. He might not get far past WrestleMania with it, especially with Bryan on his tail, but that's just setting up for so much greatness to come!

Ken's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose


The Rhodes Family. Yes, I know, that was so over a month ago. Thing is, if it's over, why was Stardust a last minute addition to the card? Being honest, it seemed rushed and even reckless to add Cody to the mix, but then I sat back and thought- nothing reckless about it, and here is why.

Most of you know Triple H loves legacies, particularly his own, but also those that helped build the company he now runs largely with his wife at his side. That being said I think Cody has a real shot at winning because a) he really was in a stable called The Legacy, b) he's held the title before, and c) winning gives him leverage and weight to his feud against his brother Goldust, because then we might see another gimmick by the younger brother. Another gimmick? Honestly, I'm not sure, but I've been following the thread parties and noticing Cody using Cross Rhodes, an old finisher to distinguish himself further from his elder, perhaps, and come out on top? As to Bryan- sorry IWC but the WWE loves to disappoint and they aren't sorry about it. Ambrose? If Rollins cashes in- and wins- its a perfect revenge play; if it's against Randy Orton who beats Seth Rollins for the belt? Even more heat for the Lunatic Fringe, so what's the IC to the possible glory of the biggest belt in the industry? Nothing. So you reignite a dead feud and WWE dynasty in the Rhodes Family and everyone else dreams big and goes home with bigger goals.

Andrew's Predicted Winner: Stardust


If we look over the stupidity of this build, we see that this match is gonna be crazy good. The talent is top notch, the gimmick is timeless, and everyone involved want to steal the show. But who will win? Seven competitors, six will lose, and only one can be champion. Let’s just eliminate the placeholders here: Stardust, Luke Harper, and R-Truth. Nothing against them, but it doesn’t make sense that they should win (based on the recent activity of WWE booking that means they will win). Dolph Ziggler doesn’t need another Intercontinental title win, he needs to be put with main event guys doing main event stuff. Bad News Barrett has a good chance of going over, but his reign has been so forgettable that it is better if he lost it and rebuilt his career. That leaves Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose. Question is, who needs the title? My pick is Dean Ambrose. He hasn’t hit that main event level yet, and the title could really help him if booked properly. Daniel Bryan doesn’t need the title, and if Daniel Bryan vied for the belt, we could get a great story and compelling hunt for the secondary title. This could also create a heel turn for Dean Ambrose that could launch his career towards the main event. If they truly want to bring back prestige make Ambrose champion, have Daniel Bryan hunt for it, and turn Dean heel in the process down the line.

Zeppelin's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose


Without doubt I believe this one is going to be the match of the night that steals the show. I’ve been quite critical in the Smackdown Breakdown of the way WWE keep booking this stupid thing where different stars keep taking the Intercontinental Championship, but there have been some great moments in the build up too. Not only was last week's gauntlet match on Smackdown a real treat to watch, so was the amazing match between Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler this past Monday in Raw. This match contains seven superstars, most of which I see going on to bigger and better things over the next twelve months, and also contains R-Truth, who I just don’t really see as deserving of a spot in this match, but that’s WWE’s choice and we will have to go with it. It’s clear to say the two favorites headed into this one are Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler, two huge fan favorites and either are more than deserving of leaving WrestleMania with the strap. For me, I believe it’s going to be Daniel Bryan, purely because WWE knows the majority of fans are not happy about his exclusion from the WrestleMania main event, and WWE will want to make sure they give their fans something to remember and keep them happy. Is it right? Maybe not, but if there is one thing I know it’s that Bryan can restore some legitimacy to a championship that has been passed around more than the proverbial hot potato for some time now. No matter what, we are going to see one hell of an amazing ladder match this Sunday, and I believe we are going to see some truly jaw dropping moments that will become Wrestlemania moments for years to come.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan


Regardless of what you may believe, ladies and gentlemen this is our main event for the evening. THIS is the match fans want to watch most. THIS is the match with the best build up. THIS is the match with the hungriest competitors. THIS is the match that WrestleMania has been missing. THIS is the match that will steal the show. THIS is the match that should headline WrestleMania 31. Bare with me now. There’s no doubt that these 7 men will put on a spectacle at WrestleMania, the popular opinion is that not a single match on the card will be able to top this one. Every single person in this match has bit the bitter end of the stick that is WWE creative, all have worked their asses off these last couple years (maybe not R-Truth, but don’t forget his awesome heel turn in 2012) and could handle the pressure of putting on an unforgettable WrestleMania main event. Do I think these guys get the nod and close the show? No, I’d be surprised to see it happen since WWE has stuck with their pro-Roman Reigns agenda throughout WrestleMania season. It just so happens that this is the storyline WWE has booked best this year. Consistently entertaining segments on TV and quality wrestling out of this group throughout the month has built hype for this match near perfectly. Considering every singles match on this show includes either John Cena, Randy Orton or a part-timer, fans have clung to this match knowing that it will be the highlight of WrestleMania. And surprisingly, what hasn’t been lost in all of this is the Intercontinental Championship. A prestigious title that has been lost these last few years, once again not only feels important, but is being treated the way it should by WWE. Whether it stays this way after WrestleMania is another story, but all is right with this title for the weekend. As for who’s winning, you could put any guy over here and there would be a way to justify it. Expect Daniel Bryan to get the Triple Crown here, winning the Intercontinental Championship for the first time. Yes it’s the easy move but it’s also the right move, not only for WrestleMania but in the following months as well. The fans in San Francisco will be satisfied with a victory for Bryan, and Daniel Bryan will help the Intercontinental Championship in the following months. Bad News Barrett can get his rematch on Raw the following night where a likely heel turn from Ziggler setting up a long-awaited program through the spring PPV’s.

Mike's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan


It's hard not to feel sorry for the Intercontinental title. Once fought for at the top of the card by some of the greatest competitors in WWE history it has now become a joke. Since winning it in January Wade "Bad News" Barrett has lost pretty much every match he has been in, apart from the time he defended it at Fast Lane against Ambrose (a DQ win of course). He has been pinned cleanly by most of his opponents here in the last 6 weeks. For the last month the contenders have been involved in a really odd angle where they have been stealing the belt from each other that I can only assume was dreamt up by one of the writers children. All 6 were involved in forgettable matches last week on Raw and Bryan is on his way to becoming the new Cesaro (not sure what that makes Ziggler). Despite the best efforts of WWE to make this a complete disaster I have complete faith in the people taking part to make this a classic in spite of the awful build up. I think the competitors we have here may steal the show if they are given more than 5 mins which isn't an impossibility given the musical acts that will no doubt eat up plenty of time. I sincerely hope he doesn’t win the title given the state it is in and the way WWE currently treats its champions but I’m predicting a Daniel Bryan win.

Lee's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan

Divas Tag Team Match:

2015-03-13 22.07.29

The Bella Twins vs. AJ Lee and Paige


Normally I'd launch into a diatribe of how the Divas Division is stale, lackluster, and a shell of its former glory. I'd tear into the Bellas for their awful work and say something along the lines that AJ and Paige are better than this crap. But the last few weeks have been very interesting, especially thanks to the longer matches. And, after Monday, I truly feel this should be a Fatal 4-Way for the Divas Title. It's the biggest show of the year, and the only title that isn't being defended is this one? It's stupid. But I have high hopes for this despite it being a tag match. All four women have been on top of their respective games of late, and with there only being 7 matches on the card now, this is sure to get at least 20 minutes. While I love Paige and AJ, I also know that VKM loves the Bellas and I personally hate seeing a champion go under in a non-title bout. I have to give this to the Bellas.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: The Bella Twins


The Divas tag match should have, and easily could have, become a fatal four way for the Divas title. Instead, we're getting a random throw away match of the bully Bellas vs. Fan Favorite AJ and Paige. The match itself won't be bad, and I am hoping that with the amount of time that WrestleMania has, having less restrictions on time because of the WWE Network, and the #GiveDivasAChance movement that has been happening all over social media that we might get a legitimately good match. People give the Bella Twins grief over their wrestling but both have shown some serious improvement in the ring. Paige and AJ obviously are incredibly skilled, so there isn’t much concern on their side of the ring. With it being WrestleMania with no titles on the line I expect the faces to go over. Especially since the reign of Bella terror has been going since they re-united. If we’re lucky at Extreme Rules we’ll see at least a triple threat between AJ, Paige, and Nikki.

Zack's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee and Paige


Anybody who reads NXT Rank’d knows that I am a firm believer of the divas division in not only NXT but also the WWE. This is the chance that the divas need to finally prove that they can have just entertaining matches as the guys and I really hope they are not shorted on time for this match because I believe given the time they can put on a great match. I didn’t necessarily always care much for the Bella twins but in the last couple months they have shown they deserve to be on top of the Divas division and for that reason I think they will go over here. I think AJ and Paige will show a lot of tension as a tag team throughout this match and I think in the end Nikki will get the pinfall victory on AJ and the Bella’s will be victorious. After the match I expect AJ and Paige to brawl, igniting there feud once more. This match may be one of the best Divas matches we have seen in a while, these ladies are wrestling with a chip on their shoulders and I expect a good showing here.

Michael's Predicted Winner: The Bella Twins


The #GiveDivasAChance movement has been in effect now for the last few weeks, and to WWE’s credit they have so far stepped up their game when it comes to the Divas division. Since the absolute joke of a Divas tag match that contained a whole three moves and lasted less than sixty seconds things have improved no end, to the point that on Raw this Monday, we saw one of the best Divas matches of the year between Paige and Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship. If there are four Divas who can put on a top quality match on such a big stage it’s The Bella Twins, Paige, and AJ Lee. We know all four are at the top of their respective games right now, and will be able to give us a Divas match to remember. The Bella Twins have without doubt had Paige and AJ’s number the majority of the time with the booking of this, but I see Sunday being all about establishing Paige and AJ as two of WWE’s top Divas to watch during 2015. Despite the problems between Paige and AJ headed into the show, I believe they will manage to remain on the same page long enough to pick up the all important win. I visualize the finish being a double submission, with AJ and Paige locking in their finishers on the Bella’s at the same time, before the pair go on to probably face Nikki in a triple threat Divas title match at Extreme Rules. I believe 2015 is going to be the year of the Divas, and this Divas match at WrestleMania will go down as one of the best in the shows history.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Paige and AJ Lee


AJ Lee’s return was a pleasant surprise in the nick of time that gave the Divas division a much-needed shot in the arm. It is also likely responsible for this not being a title match. I have a feeling there will be at least one dirty false finish in this one. Bella will inadvertently take AJ out leading to a Bella’s victory and leading to a feud between AJ and Paige for the #1 contender to Nikki’s title.

Paul's Predicted Winner: The Bella Twins

The Face vs. The Future:

2015-03-13 21.47.06

Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins


This is going to be a good one. Former friends turned foes is always an interesting story. After Orton viciously attacked Rollins on Raw a few weeks ago, I just knew this was going to be a must-see match at WrestleMania, of all places. These two are going to brawl all over the ring. Add in the technical wrestling both men can produce and you have yourselves a show-stealer. Orton and Rollins are two of my absolute favorites, which makes me even more excited for this to come to fruition. Booking this match is a little hard, too. You want Seth to look as strong as possible, but Orton really needs this win. Orton hasn’t had a pay-per-view win since Elimination Chamber 2014! If Seth does indeed go under, it will slightly be more evident that a Money in the Bank cash-in is closer than we think. Orton will win this with an RKO outta nowhere.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton


Again the build up to this has been atrocious. Orton returned to a massive pop however WWE decided he would turn heel first, an ridiculously unbelievable decision given what had happened last time we had seen him, before tuning babyface again. Seth Rollins desperately needs to put in the sort of performance he put in at Royal Rumble and more importantly he needs a win. There is nothing wrong with a heel having a cowardly and selfish streak and a selfish streak, done properly it can generate some serious heat. It seems to have gone a bit too far with Rollins though and where only a month or so ago he was the hottest guy in the company, his cowardice in constantly running away is seriously undermining his in-ring abilities. He needs to repair the recent damage done (seriously is WWE doing this on purpose now?) by going back to find his ruthless heel persona and going all out to curb-stomp the hell out of Orton. Orton on the other hand doesn't desperately need the win, I do question what the plans are for him post ‘Mania though. I predict a Rollins win to justify his Money In The Bank status as the cash in cannot be too far away now surely?

Lee's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins


Let’s be honest, Seth can look damn good in defeat. He doesn’t need to win to justify his place at the top of the card, and the fact that I strongly believe he will cash in at WrestleMania after the title match means he will come out on top no matter what. Orton needs a win on the other hand. He just came back, and he needs to make a mark on his rival. An Orton win would also give Rollins one more feud going forward as champion.

Zeppelin's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton


This angle may be the best pure story going into Mania and the match that will be very entertaining to watch and may steal the show. We all know how good Orton is, and Seth Rollins performance at the Royal Rumble leads me to believe this match will be 5 star worthy. I think Orton will control much of this match at first, as I expect them to play of Randy’s anger and aggression toward Rollins, but expect a lot of distractions and interference by J & J Security and possibly Kane and Big Show. I originally thought that the end to this match was going to be some sort of dirty finish with Rollins picking up the win but honestly I expect Rollins to become a leading player as WWE moves into 2015 and I think he will pull out a clean victory hear or a somewhat clean victory I should say. I think the distractions will probably be too much for Randy and I expect Seth to pick up the win via a high spot, hopefully a springboard Curb Stomp or something like that. After the match I believe Randy will make some sort of comeback against J&J or maybe even Seth to stand tall, so he can look strong despite the loss but Seth can also pick up a much needed victory.

Michael's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins


Even though he’s not in the main event of this year’s WrestleMania, 2015 could be the year of Seth Rollins. I don’t think that starts until after this match. Orton hasn’t quite had his fill just yet and now that he’s had a taste of revenge he’s after a second helping. I anticipate a lot of interference in this one (duh), but think Orton ultimately leaves a path of rubble in his wake. He exacts his revenge while also throwing people off the scent of what Rollins has in store later...

Paul's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton

United States Championship Match

2015-03-13 20.42.30

Rusev © vs. John Cena


The face of the company meeting the unbeatable champion. I didn’t think I would be interested in this feud, but WWE surprised me once again. For months I have said that WWE should continue to push Rusev because he has the most consistent push right now. That push has lasted a year and is culminating in a United States Championship Match against John Cena. These two put on a good match at Fast Lane and it shouldn’t be hard for them to top that at WrestleMania. It seems that the fans are split on the winner for this one. They could go with Cena winning the title and try to make it relevant, or Rusev goes over Cena again to continue his push. But where does Rusev go after he beats Cena? Pretty much anything would be considered beneath the rivalry with Cena, right? This one is kind of hard for me to book. I’m going with Cena to beat Rusev by making him submit to win the U.S. Title. Rusev can then be elevated to whatever’s next. If Roman Reigns does indeed walk out WrestleMania without Rollins cashing-in, I see a potential feud in the coming months...

CJ's Predicted Winner: John Cena


"His time is up, his time is now..." All week, while I have been thinking on this match, that mantra has been echoing through my head. With the way this match has been built and Cena's obvious regression on the card, it truly can be said that Cena's time is close to being up, but more than ever, it is also his time. I think that his involvement at the top of the card is close to being behind him. And while that may be the case, I also see this as the perfect opportunity for Cena to finally grow as a character and give the fans what they want: some spice to the vanilla Superman. And what better way than for Cena to finally,after a decade of not doing so, tap out to someone? It sets him up to start having doubts in himself, and can lead to his next feud using the fact that he did give up to show his own hypocrisy. And as for Rusev? He has been US champ for nearly 5 months now. He has been largely unstoppable for over a year. And despite what some may think, his consistent reign with the US Title has brought back some prestige to the belt. At this point, I think there is only one true option. Rusev must win in order to maintain his current level on the roster and to help establish him as a future main event star.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Rusev via submission


In a previous column, I once highlighted that John Cena seems to be investigating other avenues of business outside the WWE. The industry, while not firing Cena, fired his team after shortly after the Authorty's return due to the actions of Sting making his debut and offering his bat against the Authority by helping Ziggler pin and win against Triple H and his Authority.

But the Champ did not walk away unscathed as they've since been referring to Cena as an "old timer" and pushing him down the card as a result until Lana( and creative) relented and gave John his title shot at WrestleMania due to an STFU against Rusev. Some said Rusev undersold that particular match and that John didn't deserve this, but to those tired of the Rocky IV vibe keep in mind that Cena merchandise sells well particularly to younger fans as he tells them that Hustle, Loyalty and Respect is king.

So with buys on the line, contractual obligations, and the sheer dogged determination for Cena to leave a mark against the unstoppable machine that is Rusev this match was inevitable. So, who wins? Rusev. Nothing says unstoppable like crushing the only thing that's made you appear weak. But I suspect he'll meet Cena or a member of Team Cena whose hungry to capitalize on a machine that might've been damage beyond repair at Extreme Rules. So Russia wins the battle, but loses the war.

Andrew's Predicted Winner: Rusev


This match was the hardest match for me to predict and honestly I think it’s a hard match to have to book. They have been playing on the fact that Rusev is “Undefeated” but the first loss for a undefeated superstar can really hurt but at the same time Cena loses a lot of momentum if he goes under. My brain tells me to predict a Cena victory but a part of me really wants to see Rusev succeed here and an even bigger part of me wants to see Cena actually put someone over at WrestleMania. I am going to go ahead and go with my gut feeling here and predict Rusev walks out still champ in a clean finish, yes a clean finish. It is time for the younger stars to get a push and Rusev is one of those stars if not the most valuable younger talent the WWE has and to me he must walk out holding the gold, so he can make a run for the World Championship in the future. I think a loss here won’t hurt Cena as much as people want to speculate. I don’t believe Cena will tap or pass out especially at such a big event but I believe Rusev will surprise everyone here and pull out a pinfall victory to retain.

Michael's Predicted Winner: Rusev


This is a rematch from Fast Lane, that in all honesty has that feeling of inevitability about it. We saw Rusev walk out of their last encounter the winner, and since then Rusev has mostly had Cena’s number. Yes, the build to this one has been interesting with Cena having to beat the match out of Rusev, and their physicality has made this a match you know is going to be full of hard hitting action. But there is one glaring thing I just can’t look past headed into this one; the fact I believe Cena is going to walk out the winner in this encounter. It’s been a good run for Rusev being built as the monster heel, but the time to lose is finally here for him. If anything, I believe it should have happened before now, but having Cena be the one who finally beats Rusev doesn’t have to be seen as a bad thing for the Bulgarian. While Cena is going to win the match, I believe Rusev is going to come out of this one looking stronger than ever. Much like Bray Wyatt did against Cena last year, I believe this match provides Rusev with the opportunity to take himself to the next level and establish himself as one of the top stars for the future in WWE. These two will no doubt put on a special match, and it will more than likely take several AA’s for Cena to put the big man away, but by the end of the match you will see Rusev come out looking a bigger star than when he went in.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: John Cena


The overwhelming assumption from fans is that John Cena goes over another young heel at WrestleMania and restores prestige to the United States title while Reigns/Rollins get a run as WWE Champ. And boy, that sure does sound like a good idea….on paper. I would love for John Cena to get another run with the US Title, but it shouldn’t happen at WrestleMania. So many resources have gone into building Rusev as the unstoppable monster, and that can’t all be thrown away on the grandest stage of them all just to give Cena another win he doesn’t need. Jack Swagger, who was more over than ever, basically sacrificed his career just to get Rusev over. Some could make the argument that Jack Swagger was the most over babyface during the summer (he wasn’t, but the argument’s there). After the mistake was made last year to feed Bray Wyatt to Cena in his ‘Mania debut, Bray eventually had to be yanked from TV and restarted on. WWE can’t afford to make the same mistake with Rusev, and I think they know that. Don’t get me wrong, it has really felt like they’ve been building this up to Cena getting the win on Sunday, but it’d be such a huge mistake to give this tremendous rub to John Cena. I don’t have to tell you that Cena doesn’t need another ego boost, we all should know that by now. Though, WWE has a habit of putting Cena over at WrestleMania, I can’t picture WWE making the same exact horrible mistake two years in a row. Wait…..isn’t that exactly what happened at Royal Rumble this year? Ugh, moving on.

Mike's Predicted Winner: Rusev

The Phenom vs. The New Face of Fear:

2015-03-26 21.18.26

The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt


I've had a devil of a time over this one. Undertaker is one of the greatest superstars to ever lace up a pair of boots. How many men can you say had a solid 20+ year career in this business and still are on top, even if it is only once a year now? No matter the outcome of this match, Taker's immortality is assured. Bray, though, is a rising star and is already, just 2 years into this gimmick, showing that he has a lasting power not unlike The Phenom. He is agile for his larger size, his promos are always a step above just about anything else on the show, and he has a belief in his character so deep that you truly believe he IS Bray Wyatt. However, when you factor in the fact that we are just one year removed from the end of the streak and that this may be Taker's last WrestleMania, then there is no other way for this to go but...


MWAHAHAHAHA!!! Did you really believe I would let you write such a slanderous piece against me? You see kids, this little sheep is just another LIAR! He knows where the true power lies now. Not in some false god made into a deity by the masses, but in the TRUE evil in this world! The Undertaker is a phenom no more, his power has waned! He is nothing more than mortal now! BUT I AM A GOD! And I will rule this world come Sunday! For once I bury your Phenom once and for all, I shall ascend to my rightful place as the true Face of Fear! 


I... I pick Bray Wyatt... Just please don't let him in my house again...

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt


There's so many ways to go with this match that would be detrimental to both men involved, and I worry that WWE Creative will go with one or more directions here. After what happened to Taker last year in the ring with Brock Lesnar, while a shock to the fans, and something it's claimed Taker wanted to do before he retired, seems to me not to be the best of choices. The fact that Brock ran with 21-1 was great, that he's been running with the WWE WHC is great, but that he cannot be bothered to be seen, carry the belt when he is seen, or help himself verbally on TV when he cares to be there, show me that maybe Taker shouldn't have given Brock the rub. Personally, I had hoped that Taker would give the rub to a young and developing Superstar. Yes, that's chancy as well, but at least there was a shot of the rub mattering to a young wrestler, as it sure doesn't really matter to Brock's career. Where things are now, if Taker wins, he's burying Wyatt, leaving this younger wrestler with an epic WrestleMania loss on the book, one he couldn't pull out a year after Taker's streak ended, and he's barely been seen because of. If Wyatt wins, then Taker looks old, ineffectual, and like maybe he should have not returned to the ring after all that went down last year. Because of both of these issues, I think they can set it up that both look incredibly strong in the ring, set up Wyatt to look strong, like the Eater of Worlds, stepping into Taker's shoes, taking the flag and running with it, but without him actually defeating Taker. This will take some work, possibly setting up his next feud with someone getting involved in some way (masked Kane?), but I think it's the only way for this to come out looking solid for both men involved. Maybe it will set up for Taker's final match at WrestleMania 32, but that's something we will have to wait and see.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Something screwy/DQ/Craziness Ensues!


It's pretty clear to myself that ever since Chris Jericho help put the Eater of Worlds on the map that Bray Wyatt loves to play with fire. Only this is the Deadman's last burial to redeem the Streak and he will bury Bray in the casket that the newly dubbed Eater of Souls built for the Undertaker. But frankly I don't think being buried is a bad play because Wyatt will rise again a truly reformed mad man who will then devour souls after having been given a rebirth by the Deadman; in short he'll affectively be passed on the last vestige of the man from Death Valley and become a dominate force in the industry all thanks to the Deadman renewing his sight he'll have created a true monster that even Sister Abigail might shudder at. In short, a win for a true legend and a possible shift in persona and renewed strength for Bray Wyatt better known now as The Eater of Souls. Who knows maybe the Deadman may even face off with him once more to give Wyatt the accolade he craves the most. In short; if done right? The Gong could sound again. I know I certainly wouldn't mind.

Andrew's Predicted Winner: The Undertaker


Undertaker and Bray Wyatt are preparing to face off in what’s probably the biggest dream match on this years WrestleMania card. Many people have questioned WWE’s decision to build the match by having Bray rhetorically address Undertaker in promos and not having him appear live. Unlike others, I’m thankful that we get to see Undertaker wrestle again after his concussion scare at WrestleMania 30. Bray is usually a pretty safe person to work with, so going from wrestling Brock Lesnar to Bray Wyatt should be a smooth transition for The Undertaker. Do I think Undertaker will top his back-to-back-to-back-to-back show-stealers at WrestleMania 25-28 this year? No. Do I think the two are capable of wrestling a match that can be considered equal to those previous matches? Yes, but it’s gonna take a lot from both to pull that off and after being injured mid-match last year it would make sense for WWE to play it safe with this one. Regardless of what WWE ends up delivering, I think we will all be more than entertained. WWE knows they need to deliver with this one since this match is being booked as another passing of the torch. Though some folks don’t find that to be true because the streak was such a big torch to be passed, but I believe Undertaker has two torches to pass. The Undertaker’s undefeated streak was it’s own torch, nothing in the history of this business can compare to that streak. But beyond that, Undertaker is also one of the most mysterious, creepiest superstars to ever enter this business. Therefore, passing the torch to Bray Wyatt as the new “scary guy” seems essential for this match, and is likely why WWE has started booking Bray Wyatt as “The New Face of Fear”. Now comes the conundrum. Both Wyatt and Undertaker lost at WrestleMania 30 in matches whose outcomes were highly debated by all fans. The idea of either taking a pinfall makes me cringe, which is why I believe the most logical outcome would be some form of a DQ finish. Since both of these men have made their careers on their characters rather than their wrestling abilities (even though both are phenomenal in the ring), a pinfall doesn’t feel needed to tell the story here. My prediction is that this match will end in a Draw, and afterwards Wyatt refuses to stop attacking ‘Taker and either carries him out of the arena or puts him in a casket.

Mike's Predicted Winner: Draw


A tough one to call for a number of reasons. Firstly WWE have put no time or effort into promoting this. We have had promo after promo from Bray Wyatt which started off interesting some weeks ago but we reached the point last week where it actually bored me to tears. I’m not blaming Wyatt, he has been given the task of promoting this single-handedly and has done a good job with the promos, there have just been too many and it has become too repetitive. We have had a pre-recorded message from The Undertaker and a bolt of lightning, for me that is just not enough. If Wyatt wins by pinfall or DQ then surely that is The Undertaker officially finished so it will not go that way. Done in the right way a win for “The Phenom” by pinfall or DQ could actually be used to boost the profile of Wyatt as well as leave open the possibility of ‘Taker vs Sting next year. A dirty finish is probably the most likely to preserve both characters, I’m, going for a win for ‘Taker by DQ.

Lee's Predicted Winner: The Undertaker

The Vigilante vs. The Franchise:

2015-03-13 20.50.46

Sting vs. Triple H


This match is almost too big to actually happen. The match has such an incredible buzz around it that I don’t want it to happen, because then it’s over. This match, however, will live in WrestleMania history. The first WrestleMania match that Sting wrestles. The first match that Sting will wrestle, ever, inside a WWE ring. The moments building to this match will be palpable to say the least. Triple H and Sting are two veterans of the business and know, more than almost anyone else, how to tell a story in the ring. We are in for a real treat with this one. It is very rare that you know ahead of time that you’ll be watching history. I see Sting pick up the win in this match. I don’t think Sting came to WWE, to wrestle his last match, potentially, just to lose. Especially with the match being against Triple H, who doesn’t need any extra wins in his career to insure his legacy. Expect this one to be given some real time, too. The Game and The Scorpion will be telling a story in this match, and I can’t wait to see the story they tell. I am actually a little surprised that the future of The Authority isn’t on the line here. Either way, buckle up folks, this one will be a fun ride.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Sting


This needs to be the show ender. Regardless of how the WWE Championship goes, this match means so much more. It is Sting’s first and possibly only match in WWE. He will win, Triple H will lose, and the crowd will lose their minds.

Zeppelin's Predicted Winner: Sting


Two of the greatest icons. Sting and Triple H. They are both excellent performers in the ring and have shown that throughout the numerous years of their wrestling. For my prediction, Triple H. Sting has at least one more great match in him and I hope it'll be against Undertaker. That is, if Undertaker doesn't retire after this match. Triple H needs to win this match to prove that he's the boss in WWE (Other than Vince McMahon, of course). Triple H is a very excellent competitor and this will make a great storyline and match overall. I can't wait for this match, as Triple H is personally one of my favorite wrestlers. I mean, how can he not, with his in-ring ability, and not to mention, his awesome and livening entrances. I think once Triple H wins, some of the Authority (most likely at least Stephanie McMahon) will come out to celebrate and stand over sting. Then I think his crow music will hit and the lights will turn off, then back on, and he'll be gone, signaling that it isn't over.

Wyatt's Predicted Winner: Triple H


As a huge Triple H fan I always look forward to his WrestleMania matches as I always think he does a great job. I think this match like any Triple H match will be very brutal and hard-hitting from the start. My one concern about this match is Sting’s fitness level but honestly based on his last appearances, I think he looks in great shape. I’m not saying Sting is going to look like he did in WCW but I have no doubt he can still perform at a high level and if anyone knows how to make someone look good, it’s Triple H. I’m sure this match will have plenty of false finishes and I fully expect a ref bump so that we can see some sledgehammer and bat action. I originally thought that we would see Triple H tap to the Death Lock and although I think they will tease that as a false finish I ultimately think Sting will pick up a pinfall victory via Death Drop or possibly with the bat.

Michael's Predicted Winner: Sting


The vigilante Sting is finally going to be wrestling at WrestleMania. It’s surreal for someone like me who has been a fan of Sting since I was a kid when he was rocking bright colors and a blonde flat top in WCW. He’s one of the two wrestlers that got me into WCW/WWE and all these years later he still knows how to put on a show. Thankfully he looks to be in great shape. Paul Levesque is a student of the game and I have no doubt that Sting was brought back with a guarantee of going over. It will come down to sledgehammer versus black baseball bat and sledgehammer will lose. Sting will get the pin for the 1-2-3. Hopefully next year I’ll be predicting a match for Taker vs. Sting at WM32.

Paul's Predicted Winner: Sting

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match:

2015-03-13 20.58.05

Brock Lesnar © vs. Roman Reigns


So many people have so many issues with this match. My personal issue isn't with Reigns, it's with Brock. The man has done little to nothing other than take from the WWE since he signed with the company again. I was excited when the rumors were flying that Brock Lesnar was returning to the WWE. I thought we were going to be getting the Brock Lesnar of 2003, the one who cared about the WWE, what he was doing within the company, and worked hard to entertain the fans. Sadly, we got the Brock Lesnar from WrestleMania XX, the one who was downright pissy to the fans, put on a piss poor match – the worst of the night, by far – got in Stone Cold Steve Austin's face, and ended the night by giving the fans Austin's single finger salute, but in a downright nasty way, not the way Austin salutes the fans. Brock has changed from that delightful young man who could play either heel or face, sell either, and give so much of himself to the fans all the time. Now, it's all about the money, and that he couldn't fight in the UFC any longer. I'd really hoped he would decide that he was bored, as he seems to do so often, and move on to greener pastures – meaning the more monetarily stimulating type of green. I know he thinks he's worth the money, and obviously so does McMahon, though I think it's more of McMahon being delusional and out of touch with the fans. Yes, quite a few enjoy The Beast Incarnate when he's in the ring, but that's so rare, and because of that he's made the WWE WHC a joke, a laughing stock! And, because I need to get it off my chest, here's an excerpt of my predictions for this match from before Brock re-signed with the WWE. (All he cares about is the money and doesn't seem to care about the fans, the storylines, anyone he's actually in the ring with, picking up a mic other than when forced, or even the rules of the WWE. I'm disgusted and totally over this man and all I want him to do with the WWE is leave it to the real Superstars who actually care about the WWE, wrestling, and sports entertainment. I don't care where he goes, as long as I don't have to see him on WWE TV.)

Then there's Reigns. Yes, he is young, but to do the family storyline, that Reigns is facing Brock as redemption for Brock defeating The Rock at SummerSlam 2002 for the WWE WHC, and leaving the WWE for Hollywood, never to get his rematch against Brock. We all know that it's the WWE's way to spin Reigns winning the Royal Rumble Match, and why it's so important that he face Brock at WrestleMania. I think the storyline makes a lot of sense, and this really is the only time they could do it, but that won't stop the naysayers who think Reigns is too young, too green, is being pushed because of his name, is being pushed because of his family, is being pushed because of his look, doesn't have what it takes to be WWE WHC, or doesn't have what it takes to be WWE WHC right now. Mostly people thought that it should have been Bryan who won the Royal Rumble Match, and he should be going to WrestleMania 31 to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE WHC. While I agreed with that early on, the more I thought about it, the less I wanted to see Daniel Bryan, someone who's just coming off injury, in the ring with a man so much bigger than him, a man who I think it dangerous in the ring, and has little consideration for anyone he's facing or has faced since his his return. Bryan should not be put in that position, because it could be the end of his career. Others wanted to see Rollins facing Brock at WrestleMania. While that could be a good match, and they proved they could work well together at Royal Rumble, I think it would be too dangerous to put Rollins in the ring with Brock one on one. Rollins is fantastic, but also not a very big man, and could absolutely get injured against the very dangerous Brock Lesnar.

While I wasn't thrilled with Reigns winning the Royal Rumble Match at first, but that blizzard, Juno, gave us a chance to really see where they were going with the Reigns/Brock storyline, and gave them a chance to flex their egos and intimidation toward each other. Because of Heyman we were clued in as to why this was really a great reason – storyline – for this to all go down, but it's been the mic work since then that solidified why this makes sense all the way around. Reigns has said things in the media that doesn't look great, but he's made some important comments, specifically that we don't really know what he's capable of. Reigns has taken each week since the Royal Rumble to show us more and more in the ring each week. Rarely do guys his size fly over the top ropes. It does happen, but it was unexpected when Reigns did it for the first time recently. In fact, Reigns has done a lot of unexpected and creative things in the ring recently, impressing us more and more with each new move. Further, Reigns' mic work has improved week after week. He was really flailing around, but when he seemed to realize that he didn't need to get tweaky when he stumbles over a word. He further realized that he can relax and talk normally, be a brooding and direct version of himself, not force himself to be something he's not comfortable being, and he's really come out of his shell. He's growing in front of our eyes. Hey, Rocky wasn't the Jabroni beating, pie eating son of a gun he is now on day one. It took him a couple years to get there, and Reigns is doing the same. He's growing up right in front of us, and doing a solid job of it.

It's all those reasons put together why I think Reigns needs a clean win over Brock at WrestleMania – even after Brock re-signing with the WWE for three more years for insane amounts of money that most of us will never see in our lifetimes. Yes, there will be some interference from certain people outside the ring, like Heyman, and possibly Rocky himself, but in the end, it will be Reigns standing tall holding the WWE WHC, leaving Brock pissed off and after blood. Maybe Brock will actually get involved in a storyline that will require him to show up and put in some actual effort.

Ken's Predicted Winner & WWE WHC – Roman Reigns


I'm glad I was assigned a prediction for this match. I have an idea that I think would work. Not saying Vince will decide on this, but I'm sticking with it. Reigns and Lesnar battle back and forth, reigns aims for the spear but Lesnar lowers himself, picking Reigns up for the F-5, it connects, and Lesnar retains the title with the victory. Whether Rollins cashes in or not, I'll say yes. It's most likely that it'll either happen at WrestleMania, or the night after. Lesnar is a very well competitor, and although he can't "sell" very well, he exceeds in other areas. Reigns is a great wrestler and even losing, this'll provide him with a great push, win or lose. I'm excited for this match, as I believe WWE will prove the non-believers wrong. I believe Rollins will successfully cash in, either creating a feud with Lesnar or Reigns. Most likely Reigns, and I think it'll be for quite some time.

Wyatt's Predicted Winner: Brock Lesnar, followed by Seth Rollins cashing in.


Without doubt, getting to this match has been a controversial and rocky road for WWE, and for Roman Reigns too after the farce that was the Royal Rumble. But we made it through a great match between Reigns and Daniel Bryan at Fast Lane to finally get here. And just when everything looked set for a Roman Reigns title victory, Vince McMahon pulled what was thought to have been the impossible by signing Brock Lesnar to another part time performers contract. With news of the emergence of Lesnar’s new WWE deal comes a spanner in the works for the outcome of this match, throwing the outcomes back into question. The build to this match has been very much like a roller coaster, up and down at any moment. Paul Heyman’s mic work has just about been the only saving grace in this whole situation, and it seems from the fan reaction the popular outcome is for a Lesnar victory, but that isn’t where I see the outcome of this match headed. I fully believe Roman Reigns WILL defeat Brock Lesnar, potentially with some assistance from out of the blue from The Rock. It might not be a match of the year candidate but I expect it to be an all out brawl. But that doesn’t mean Reigns is walking out champion. I believe Wrestlemania is finally the night Seth Rollins makes history and shocks the world, when he cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase on a beaten and battered Reigns, and Seth walks out of Wrestlemania the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Everyone is expecting it to happen the night after Wrestlemania, but I foresee it happening because WWE wants to keep us on our toes.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns, followed by Seth Rollins cashing in.


I am glad I decide to wait on writing my predictions until today because, even though my actual prediction isn't changing, there is a whole lot more I have to say. Let's get the basics out of the way, as some of you may know, I'm not happy that Lesnar re-signed with WWE. I have nothing but respect for Lesnar, but him being in WWE is a cause and effect. The result of him being with WWE is that they will continue to book him strong, on a part time schedule, and sacrifice a main event spot for him. With Lesnar's stay in the WWE now confirmed past WrestleMania it potentially throws a wrench in the plans for Reigns. Reigns is no longer the sure thing. With that said, I'm still picking Reigns to go over Lesnar. Here's my prediction for how things are going to play out, or at least how it should be booked. WWE is clear in that they're trying to do Lesnar vs. The Rock at next years WrestleMania. The Rock is afraid that if he runs interference for Reigns that it will cause Lesnar to come out as the face and turn his cousin and himself heel in the process. This is a fairly easy situation to remedy, actually. During the match Lesnar throws everything he possibly can at Reigns, but still cannot beat him and becomes infuriated. Lesnar goes for another F5 and accidentally knocks out the ref in the process. When he realizes the ref is knocked out, he goes to get a chair to beat down Reigns, or Heyman slides it in to him. When Lesnar is poised to strike The Rock's music hits and he runs down to the ring which distracts Lesnar, who turns around with the chair ready to attack before Rocky can enter the ring. Suddenly Lesnar turns around and eats a huge spear from Reigns. Rock wakes up the ref who, slowly but surely, counts to three. This accomplishes several things at once. One, it sets up Rock vs. Lesnar for whenever they want it. Two, it allows Lesnar/Heyman to say that if it weren't for The Rock, Lesnar would have never lost, which protects Lesnar. Last, it puts over Reigns without having him actually get any direct interference on his behalf, so he gets the win on his own merits. This leads to the next night on Raw Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar come out and claim The Rock costed Lesnar his title, that Reigns isn't the rightful champion, etc etc. Reigns has a match in the main event, during the main event Lesnar comes out and beats down Reigns, causing the disqualification, and leaves Reigns laid out, only to have Rollins come out and cash in. BOOM!

Zack's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns


It took Lesnar re-signing for me to care about this match. Since then I can’t wait to see what transpires now that we know Brock will be around for the next three years. I usually do my predictions based on what I think they (read: Vince) will do. This one is strictly a fantasy booking. For context: if I was predicting the IC Ladder match I’d have Ambrose as my winner. Heyman turns on Lesnar, Rollins cashes in, The Shield reunites in the middle of the ring with two belts and Heyman as their mouthpiece.

Paul's Predicted Winner: The fans!


Thanks everyone for reading our predictions this round! Feel free to post yours in the comments below, and don't forget to join us tonight for our live coverage of the Hall of Fame, and tomorrow at 4:00 PM EST for our live coverage and Open Thread Party for WrestleMania 31!

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