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WNW Predicts - WrestleMania 32

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Sunday, April 3, the WWE will be presenting WrestleMania 32 at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. There's been a lot said about this card, some good, some bad, some cannot be mentioned on WNW because we try to be a PG site. We have put together predictions, this time, around from a variety of WNW, new and old, but all names you recognize from around WNW! Of course, I'm predicting (and putting out my horribly acclaimed action figure photos for each match), as well as Jesse, Zack, Brooks, CJ, and Zeppelin. But also WNW and new writer Mitch 'Big M' Adams, and our newest writer to WNW, but someone who has been a fixture on the site for a very long time, debuting here, Morgan 'The Retro Goat' Hench! Please be kind to all our writers, and we hope you enjoy.


Looks like it's my turn to make my WNW writing debut! I'd be lying if I said I couldn't be more hyped for this Wrestlemania. It leaves a lot to be desired, and only a few matches look like they even have the chance to leave an impression. I know a huge issue is the injuries since it leaves us without most of the upper-mid card and main event. Injuries are unavoidable in this line of work, and it honestly is (partially) a case of rotten luck. What isn't rotten luck, however, is that the other main issue is poor booking. Could this card have been avoided? Probably not. But it could have been more exciting. But I'll get into that more later!


Total Divas vs BAD and Blonde


I hate that every year at Mania we get one of these asinine "Throw all of the catty chicks into a match for show bonuses" tag matches. It is rarely of any sort of quality work in the ring, and with Summer Rae AND Eva Marie on two separate teams, there is a good chance of an injury to occur. But this match speaks to another lack in WWE, and that is the fact that creative can't seem to build a meaningful feud for the ladies without the title being involved. That being said, this is obviously being used in what will most likely be WWE's last season of Total Divas (because if you haven't noticed, the ratings are TANKING), so the "good" girls will win. After all, the show started at Mania, so why not end it there too?

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Total Divas


This could have been a solid little tag match, but it's turned into another Total Divas promotional match that's annoying everyone – especially since Eva Marie joined into the mix. I'm so not impressed with her return to the WWE ring, and even the thought of it brings me back to a WrestleMania scorecard my daughter Ellie sent me (her boyfriend Tyler is a HUGE wrestling fan, and he sent it so I could see it) asks for how many moves Eva Marie will botch. When I mentioned this to my youngest, Sam, she said, “You mean how many moves will Evil Marie actually hit? Same thing.” My kids are such good smarks! Anyway, this match, which holds such little interest for me, other than seeing Lana in the ring, because she's hot! Anyway, I'm hoping the stronger wrestlers carry this match with Brie getting the three over Lana, especially since this will be her last match before retiring on Raw the next night. I cannot wait to see the beautiful babies that Brie and Bryan have, and I've come to terms with Bryan's retirement, and so I understand why Brie is retiring as well. She deserves to really show her stuff and go out on a high note as so few Divas have been given that chance in the end. I might not have been a Bella fan from the start, I've really grown to like Brie. It started for Bryan, but I've learned to like her on her own. She's worked hard to be more than a pretty face within the WWE. Lastly, while this has been a rather serious prediction, some of mine might be silly, or maybe a little crazy. Keep in mind that this card is a roller coaster, and so are my emotions about WrestleMania 32.

KB's Predicted Winner – Total Divas


Eva Marie huh? That’s the best we’ve got to work with? I mean, sure whatever. This is proof that WWE can do things right and do things wrong. On the one hand, we’ve got a 10 Diva Tag match that will likely last maybe 5 minutes. While on the other hand the triple threat Diva’s Championship match is one of the most anticipated matches of the night. I’m actually glad that Bailey wasn’t the one that was called up to be the final member of the babyface Total Diva team. Bailey deserves better than this match. It’ll be interesting to see Lana’s in-ring debut, I’m excited to see how she does. It’ll also be Brie Bella’s last match, so I’m glad she gets to go out at WrestleMania, even if it is in a “meh” match. Other than that, I can’t say I’m too interested in this match at all. Team Total Divas win because Eva Marie and Brie Bella.

Zack's Predicted Winners – Total Divas


Emma's the queen of my entire life, so I'm thrilled that she's getting on the card, albeit in a match where I don't expect anything special to happen. I'm sure we'll get the typical finisher sprint, where someone hits a signature move, gets hit by someone else's signature move, and repeats until it's gone through everyone. Eva Marie will factor into the finish, I'm sure, given how she was introduced into the storyline as a fairly big deal and a point of intrigue. If I had to pick, I'd say that Eva redeems herself in the eyes of her skeptical partners by getting the pinfall.

Brooks' Predicted Winners – Total Divas

Big M

The Total Divas (Paige, Brie Bella, Natalya, Alicia Fox and "GROAN" Eva Marie) vs Team B.A.D And Blonde (Lana, Naomi, Tamina, Emma and Summer Rae).
I wish this match could somehow find its way onto the main card. Even if it's a 10 Diva Tag match that includes Miss (All Botch Everything) Herself Eva Marie, I feel for the sake of equality that Wrestlemania should have at least 2 "Divas" Matches. Apart from all that, I am generally very curious to see what Lana can do in her in-ring debut. Plus I am Fair Dinkum excited to see my fellow Australian Emma back on the main roster (more Aussies in WWE please). I'm going to go with Team B.A.D. And Blonde for this one…Mainly because I can't in good conscious say I think an Aussie (Emma) will lose.

Big M's Predicted Winners – Team BAD & Blonde


Welcome to Show Bonus, Part 1. Does anyone care about this match? Anyone at all? The in-ring debut of Lana is a little bit exciting, but save for that there's no real reason to care. This was announced with no build up six days before WrestleMania. Worst of all, it's got Eva Marie in it. The best case scenario is her being taken out and replaced with....anybody, a la Great Khali in Team WWE VS Nexus being replaced with a returning Daniel Bryan. Seeing how that's unlikely, I expect team Total Diva to go over Team "We're all heels so I guess we get along" with the Total Divas team showing resentment for Eva Marie getting the match winning fall.

Morgan's Predicted Winners – Total Divas


Once again on a major WWE pay-per-view, WWE has booked the stars of Total Divas to face off against "the others" in a multi-woman tag team bout. As much as I'm not thrilled about the potential ring work that could come out of this, I am glad the creative team came up with something to get key names such as Brie Bella, Lana, Paige, and Natalya on the card.

While the stars of Total Divas are primarily the focus, we also have to consider the retirement of Brie Bella and the push of Lana playing a factor here. Instead of overthinking it, I'm simply going with the fact that the reality TV stars should be booked to look strong and Brie should retire with a win at WrestleMania under her belt.

CJ's Predicted Winners - Total Divas


Usos vs Dudley Boyz


Wow... A regular tag team match between these two seems very lackluster to be happening at WrestleMania. Even if it is just on the Preshow, it feels like they just threw it together for show bonuses and to keep them out of the ATGMBR. If there was something at stake, say a Tag Title shot, I might have an inkling of interest in this one. But as it is, even I don't feel a need to care. So I'm throwing at the dartboard and calling this one for the Dudleyz by something dirty so the feud can extend to Extreme Rules and a Tables Match.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Dudley Boyz


This is one of those scheduled matches that I don't understand. No one cares about the Usos. No one cares about the Dudleys. No one cares about this match. The Usos have no character other than being part of the Anoa'i family, and that's not character. We know nothing about who they are (characters or personally, either would be nice these days), and therefore really don't care much about them. They're the same twins who debuted and they haven't evolved in any way. The WWE stepped away from creative cartoon characters according to their jobs, looks and ethnicity because no one believed it, but with too many Superstars that means we know nothing about them, and, therefore, care nothing about them. We know nothing about why they're feuding with the Dudleys other than the fact that they've been put through tables. Speaking of which, who are the Dudleys these days? All I know is that they're heels who are not using their signature weapon because the fans want them to use them. So they're heels because they won't use tables? The whole thing looks horrible on paper (computer screen) and looks even worse on WWE TV week in and week out. Honestly, there's no reason for me to care about the Usos or loath the Dudleys, so I don't care about this match. At this point, I'm picking the Usos to win to balance out Kalisto losing on the Pre-Show. Honestly, that might be the saddest reason for why I've predicted a winner since I started doing this.

KB's Predicted Winners – Usos


This match is going to be a bathroom and snack break match. I have no idea how we got to a place where both the Dudley Boyz and the Usos were this boring, but they are. The combination of the two boring teams makes a lack of caring going in. The match will probably be very solid, both teams certainly know how to work a good tag match. I just can’t say I’m invested. I forget if this is a pre-show match but if it’s not it should be. After WrestleMania, they should seriously consider splitting the Dudley Boyz and letting Bubba Ray get a singles run in. Winner goes to the Usos to give the crowd a good “babyface win” buzz.

Zack's Predicted Winners – Usos


This feels like the popcorn match to me. I don't feel any heat behind it (which is a running theme with Usos feuds, to be honest), and it manages to somehow feel like a waste of both teams. I'm glad to see the Dudleyz as heels but I wish they were given more opportunities to do some interesting heel work on Raw. That being said, this match seems to be a chance to pass on "the tables" to The Usos, and I expect an Uso victory followed by a big table spot.

Brooks' Predicted Winners – Usos

Big M

Almost seems a shame to put this on the pre-show…Almost. The Uso's haven't really had much to do since Jimmy (Or was it Jay) returned from injury, which is a crime if you think about it. And The Dudleys' WWE return hasn't really been all that enthralling (their heel turn seems to have fallen completely flat). I'm going to go with The Usos in this one because I'm hoping WWE will start investing in the Tag Teams of today.

Big M's Predicted Winners – Usos


I can kind of see why they're feuding, but I can't think of why I'd care. If they want to do a stipulation match to at least add a bit of excitement in what's looking to be a completely forgettable match. This is one of those matches that's on the card because there really isn't much of card, but I can't attribute this one to injuries since only one group that teams together is injured! This is just a match to extend the length of the PPV, so I'm going with Usos winning so the faces can chalk up more victories this WrestleMania.

Morgan's Predicted Winners – Usos


When I realized WWE was saving this match for WrestleMania, as opposed to Roadblock, I was a little disappointed. This is a bout that just doesn't scream WrestleMania-caliber for me. I'm just not as interested in The Usos anymore. Many have pointed out that they've done the same thing for basically three years now and it's boring. Their ring work is fun, but Jimmy and Jey have already accomplished everything as a tag team.

As for the Dudley Boyz, I think they should get this win. Before turning heel, they floundered around, almost as jobbers, because WWE had nothing for them. With this win, Bubba Ray & D-Von can get back in the chase for the Tag Team Titles.

CJ's Predicted Winners - The Dudley Boyz


US Title Match: Kalisto (c) vs Ryback


And now for "As Vinnie Mac's Brain Turns To Goo" storyline rehash 101: the Ultimate Mexican Underdog vs The Big Mean Monster Heel! I love Kalisto, and I think he could easily be at the top of the card with guys like Ambrose, Reigns, Cena, and Orton because he works his ass off and can talk pretty well on the mic. But his title reigns have been marred by incredibly bad booking and Alberto Del Rio's involvement in them early on. Now, though, we are getting Vince's favorite scenario, and with his on and off pet project: Ryback. Just when he FINALLY was getting past all of the Goldberg chants and the crowd was really getting behind him as a face, WWE pulls a Big Show on him and makes him revamp his gear and turns Ryback into a heel carbon copy of the WCW wrecking ball. Sadly, as much as I hope that Kalisto can continue to shine with the US Title, I'm betting this is the first change of the night.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Ryback


I feel so bad for Kalisto. He has the potential to be the next Rey Mysterio. I loath to say anyone is the next some big Superstar, but McMahon wants the next masked Mexican wrestler and ADR will never fill that bill. But I don't want this to be an ADR rant, I want this to be about the fantastic talent that is Kalisto. Now that he's a singles competitor he should be pushed hard and allowed to develop into his own character. Kalisto could really take the WWE by storm. That being said, I don't see Kalisto coming out of this match with gold in hand. I honestly have no clue what the plans for Kalisto and Ryback are going forward, but I'll be shocked if Kalisto is able to go over here. According to CJ's newest article, Ryback doesn't have a great WrestleMania record, but this could be the year he starts turning that around, but at the detriment to someone who really deserves the win.

KB's Predicted Winner – The Big Guy


I’m pretty sure this is a pre-show match and that’s not ok. While I really don’t care much about this match, it’s still a championship match. Championships are for the main show, no ifs, ands, or buts. I’m actually slightly intrigued by Ryback’s heel turn because it’s not quite a heel turn. Ryback hasn’t done a lot in the way of being a full blown heel, he’s just been super aggressive. I mean, that’s not necessarily a heel thing to do. Hell, if Roman Reigns acted like Ryback he might have gotten over a bit better (probably not at this point, poor guy.) Regardless, it’s interesting. I’ll be keeping my eye on where Ryback goes from here. I think it’s smart to keep the title on Kalisto for now, though. Kalisto certainly fits that hole Rey Mysterio left, and with the proper booking can easily become a huge fan favorite. There needs to be consistency in his character. It’ll be interesting because this match is a collision of two of Vince’s favorite things, and I’m wondering which will win out. On the one hand, you’ve got the really big, muscular Ryback and we all know how much Vince loves his big boys. On the other hand, you’ve got Kalisto who is a smaller guy, something Vince hates, but he’s Mexican so he brings in that demographic AND he wears a mask so that’s easy merchandise money. I think we’re going to see Kalisto retain here.

Zack's Predicted Winner – Kalisto


I'm actually excited about this one, which is weird because Ryback doesn't really do much for me in the ring. I just have a feeling that he'll be a good base that will allow Kalisto to pull out some cool stuff. I also think that Ryback will make the most of the environment (a singles match at WrestleMania is a big opportunity, after all) and do his best to put on a good match. Kalisto wins, though because the match is entirely to build him up as a future star.

Brooks' Predicted Winner – Kalisto

Big M

I honestly don't understand the thinking on this one. Surely the U.S. Title match should have been the yearly multiple man gimmick match at WrestleMania and the IC Title should've been a one on one classic between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. And Honestly, I don't know why WWE's higher-ups are still bothering with Ryback. I'm not surprised this match was moved to the pre -how (no one would EVER pay to see it), but I do feel badly for Kalisto as his talents are going to be wasted in a pre-show match with a ring partner he can't do much with. Given the storyline is basically just Ryback saying "Bigger is better" I expect Ryback to go over here…With Vince McMahon sitting in Gorilla, grinning from ear to ear saying to Kevin Dunn "Big men with muscles beating people who can actually Wrestle…That will sell". With Dunn replying "Yes Vince, it worked in the 80's so it must still work now."

Big M's Predicted Winner – Ryback


I understand why people don't like Ryback, but I kind of do! He can be a decent Big Guy, and I do like the performer. Same with Kalisto. This match got screwed by a lack of any booker caring about it, and I highly expect this one to be over in maybe ten minutes. It honestly would have been better (in my opinion) to have Sin Cara turn on Kalisto and let the two of them fight for the title, have a really cool Lucha match with a degree of prominence. But I don't write the show. I expect Ryback to win this one and start a heel reign that won't leave any particularly lasting impact in the immediate future. Sorry to Kalisto, but his US title run has been as memorable as either of the Andre Memorial Battle Royals.

Morgan's Predicted Winner – Ryback


I'm really pulling for this match because I want Kalisto and Ryback to prove people wrong. Everyone is doubting the potential here. As I keep bringing up, Kalisto beat Ryback on SmackDown in November and their match was actually very good! So, WWE didn't do much creatively here. But they did at least book Kalisto to defend the title as opposed to sticking him in the battle royal. Kalisto's reign hasn't really come to anything just yet and I would love to see what else he has for us. Ryback taking the title wouldn't be terrible, actually, I wouldn't mind seeing him as a heel champion. But I'm going with the underdog here.

CJ's Predicted Winner - Kalisto


Andre The Giant Battle Royal

JOBBERS... ASSEMBLE! Seriously, that's all this is! The jobber payday! And let's face facts, as I said in Monday's OTP, this is the WrestleMania equivalent of the NFL Draft's Mr. Irrelevant. Nothing has come of it. If they'd give it some sort of bonus, other than a statue, such as a title shot of their choice at SummerSlam, it good be good to work in booking. But as it is, it is worthless. So given it is his last year most likely, and in his home state, I have to give this to the big man from Silsbee, Texas, Mark Henry. I would like to see him win and either retire right there with the trophy, or the next night on Raw. Either way, it'd be awesome to let Mark go out on top for his 20 years with WWE.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Mark Henry


So many options, so little time. Yes, a number of names have been announced for this match, some new to WrestleMania like Tyler Breeze, others who have been around for quite a long time like Kane, Henry and Big Show. I'm hoping that this will be the perfect time to bring up some NXT guys to show off to the WWE Universe and gauge possible interest in them. There're so many names who would be great to see at WrestleMania. Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Big Cass, Enzo, Itami, Balor (and the Bullet Club?), and maybe Baron Corbin? I will fully admit that I'm not up on NXT (it's on my shortlist to catch up with after WrestleMania), but there's some impressive talent in NXT that needs to be seen, and where better than WrestleMania? Why not give these guys the biggest show bonus of the year? It seems to me that this match is all about getting show bonuses to as many Superstars as possible, so why not extend that to the in-house competition? Now, as to who should win this match...I know a lot of people are calling for Henry to win as he's heading toward retirement, but I need to go with the future, not the past. I'm running with my heart and who we all think needs a solid push in the WWE so we can actually see him on WWE TV on a regular basis! Yes, that's right, I'm going with Sandow to win this Andre The Giant Battle Royal, and I'm not making any excuses about it. Sandow deserves a push and this will get him on WWE TV moving forward – I hope. (I just read that Cesaro might return at WrestleMania, I wouldn't be at all adverse to Cesaro winning this match, but I'm still sticking with Sandow.)

KB's Predicted Winner – Sandow


This match needs something and it needs it soon. There is no point to the battle royal and everyone sees it for what it really is, a show bonus for wrestlers who have no other place on the card. I mean, yeah it’s nice that most everyone on the roster gets to WrestleMania. I'm happy for those guys. The match is pointless, though! If you win a huge battle royal at WrestleMania there should be a prize of some sort. I’m not counting the trophy. They barely even mention it the weeks following. The winner should get to challenge for any secondary title they want. The match should be treated like a mini-Royal Rumble, only everyone starts at the same time. At this point, I don’t have anyone specific off the top of my head who should win because I don't really care about the match. The winner gets a victory at WrestleMania. That’s nice I guess? The wrestler I’m going with should win if only because it will put him back in the spotlight and hopefully WWE will run with that. I am going with Damien Sandow, the person who should have won last year.

Zack's Predicted Winner – Damien Sandow


Yikes! The only way I can see this going is 1. The Wyatt Family dominating, or 2. a surprise Cesaro return, which I'm not betting on, given WWE's hot/cold treatment of Cesaro. It's gotta be either Bray or Braun to win this. It could be an opportunity to put over Braun as the muscle of the group, eliminating Kane and Big Show to win, but Braun bores me to death and it doesn't seem like he's being groomed for big things like he once was, so I'm going with a Bray win here (which will lead to nothing, unfortunately).

Brooks' Predicted Winner – Bray Wyatt

Big M

This match is just pre-show filler lets be honest. It's meaningless no-one who wins this will benefit from it in any way. So honestly, I just don't care.
But since I HAVE to pick a winner I'm gonna go with Bray Wyatt. Simply because he needs to be given something. Even if it's meaningless.

Big M's Predicted Winner – Bray Wyatt


Say hello to Show Bonus, Part 2! For the mid-card that isn't mid-cardy enough for the IC Title Ladder match. I heard the rumor that Cesaro's going to make his return for the Battle Royal, so I'm going with him. No one else has any momentum in this thing, and it'd make him the first two-time winner of the ARMBR. Out of three. Honestly, though, this does even less to raise the stock of a wrestler than recent King of the Ring tournaments, so I don't think he or any other winner's going to get a push for winning this.

Morgan's Predicted Winner – Cesaro


While many fans have been against it from the start, I can finally say that I am not a fan of this annual battle royal. At least, not the way WWE has treated the build. This year's battle royal had to be filled with giants and jobbers because the company was forced to pull upper midcard names like Zack Ryder, The Miz, Ryback, Stardust, and more into bigger matches.

With that said, I feel like we don't have much to choose from. The build, for what there has been, has only focused on the Social Outcasts, Big Show, and Kane. But I have a feeling not one of them will be winning. I have a winner in mind, and then I have three other picks that I want to see win it. The winner - Braun Strowman. The Wyatt Family is not booked at all for this show, so it makes sense for at least one of them, if not more, to work this match.

My other three picks: Kane, Tyler Breeze, Goldust. Last year, I randomly picked Goldust as the guy I wanted to see surprise everyone. Heck, maybe he and R-Truth could be co-winners? Kane could certainly win as he's a big guy, obviously, and the win could easily serve as a way of WWE thanking him for his years of work, kind of like what they did with Big Show last year. Or WWE could actually use the win to push a new talent like Tyler Breeze. I keep going back and forth on all four of these men, and it will probably be Mark Henry who wins...

CJ's Predicted Winner - Kane


AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho


This match here would be on a shortlist for me of dream matches I would want to see at WrestleMania if you had asked me two or three years ago. But having seen it three times since the Royal Rumble and the storyline being an awkward "They love you more than me!" tantrum from Jericho, a la his CM Punk feud, is enough to drive me batty. Both men are better than the story they have been given. I just hope WWE has the sense to add a stipulation to the match before it occurs. While I wouldn't mind a clinic of pure wrestling, I'd love to see an Ultimate Submission (30 minute Ironman match where submissions only count) or something to that effect. Maybe career vs career? Somethings got to give, and WWE needs to give us a reason to care. With it being his first Mania, and his opponent being the man who has taken the mantle of putting over new guys in WWE, I have to give this to AJ Styles.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: AJ Styles


This one is quite cut and dry for me. Jericho is there to get the younger or newer Superstars over with the fans, and his ring work has been sliding a lot with his most recent return, so he needs to put AJ over. There's little to be said about this unless they're planning on bringing Joe up to the main roster. If that's the plan (fingers crossed), then I'm all good with AJ losing in his first WrestleMania match. Screw it, I was sure AJ was going to win this match, no questions asked, but as I wrote this, my brain decided to go in a totally different direction. We know Jericho won't be sticking around very long after WrestleMania, it's just the nature of his schedule. Further, AJ won on Smackdown while Jericho lost on Raw, all signs pointing to Jericho winning at WrestleMania, and other than Kevin Owens, who could easily feud with Sami Zayn or anyone else after WrestleMania, I cannot think of anyone AJ could work with right out of the blocks within the WWE. There just aren't enough heels who can go the way AJ can, honestly, other than Owens, I think of Joe who is a fantastic heel, no matter what he's doing in NXT. So I'm completely flipping on this one, going to say that Joe is going to cost AJ this match and start a feud with him. Jericho cannot lose at every WrestleMania to the new guy, or no one will ever believe it!

KB's Predicted Winner – Jericho


I am hesitant to be excited about this match because I was so excited for their rubber match and it was only OK. This is WrestleMania, though, so hopefully it will bring out the best of both guys. They are certainly both capable of greatness, so I’m keeping an open mind. AJ Styles at WrestleMania is still surreal for me and I plan on soaking up every second of it. I know Jericho isn’t what he used to be in the ring, but he’s still better than most of the boys in the back. I’m hoping that regardless of the outcome that this will be the blow off match and we’ll see AJ move on to something greater after this. In the end, I give the win to AJ because he should be put over, especially at WrestleMania.

Zack's Predicted Winner – AJ Styles


Very pleased to see Jericho working heel lately. Unmotivated face Jericho in 2016 makes me feel 100 years old, and I'll take the Jericho that calls everyone a stupid idiot repeatedly and we're NOT supposed to like him for it any day of the week. It should be a fun match, and I doubt many people are expecting Jericho to go over here. He's got a reputation for taking the pin for newer talent, and if he got rolled up by Fandango 3 years ago, I have no doubt that he'll put over AJ.

Brooks' Predicted Winner – AJ Styles

Big M

Haven't we already seen this match 3 times already? Don't get me wrong all 3 were great matches that helped establish AJ Styles in WWE (not that he needed to be, but in VKM's mind…). Still, Jericho is at his absolute best when he is a heel and maybe both he and AJ were holding back in their previous matches, so they could save something special for Mania. But still, I come to the same conclusion…we have seen this before. I'm going for AJ to win in his WrestleMania debut.

Big M's Predicted Winner – AJ Styles


The feud to this match has been...okay. Just okay. I'd be more in favor of this "Ring Veteran Heel trying to teach Rookie Face respect and assert dominance thing" if it wasn't freakin' AJ Styles. They acknowledged he wrestled for WCW, for crap's sake. He isn't exactly a new guy to the ring. Iffy booking aside, this match should be a fun wrestling bout. I'm not expecting any surprises, and this should be a feud ender, so I'm going with AJ Styles. A fun, decent bout with some quality wrestling and a sportsman handshake at the end, to show Jericho does respect Styles for beating him several times.

Morgan's Predicted Winner – AJ Styles


When AJ and Y2J had their first match on January 25, I had no idea that it would all culminate in a match on April 3. The storyline hasn't lost my attention, and I can't say I'm surprised. This is a straight up singles match with nothing on the line. AJ will be making his Mania debut as Jericho tries to prove that he's a WrestleMania legend. How will this end? I have my fingers crossed for a Styles Clash followed by a three count.

CJ's Predicted Winner - AJ Styles


New Day vs League of Nations


This went from having the Tag Titles on the line to not, and we were never given a reason why it was changed. Personally, I'm glad it was, as it would have made a title change seem inevitable. But if it wasn't for The New Day getting themselves over to such an incredible degree, this would have easily been yet another dud. The League of Authority Cronies has found that rare point with the crowd where they are completely apathetic anytime they come out. And the bad thing is, the four guys in the League are extremely talented. But one is a glass bodied mouthpiece, one phones it in, one is overpaid and overhyped, and the last one has had horrendous booking since last year's WM. I'm hoping we get some sort of surprise in this match to even the odds for the New Day, and they come out on top.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: New Day


This is the match I least care about seeing at WrestleMania this year. I think that New Day is solid, really doing well and moving forward in the WWE. They were three guys who weren't getting far on their own, came together as heels, and then became faces (mostly), all, because that's what (most of ) the fans want from them. There will always be haters (Big M), but that's one of the things that makes wrestling that much fun, we don't all agree on everything. New Day has come together to be a very tight entity. They could be DX in that they will split up and come back together numerous times through the years, and probably be inducted into the HoF as New Day. Then there's League of Nations who, on paper, looks like it could have helped another group of guys who were not getting over on their own. Sadly it only takes why they're not getting over and magnifies those issues. I've been calling for more factions, but this one isn't working and no one is stepping in to make them cohesive or rip them apart. They, like the Dudleys and Usos, have no characters, they're just four guys from countries other than the USA, so they banded together. That makes no sense to me and hasn't added any character or personality to any of them, unlike Social Outcasts who are developing interesting and creative characters with more depth each week while getting less of a push and less mic time. That makes me ask whether it's the writing or the guys delivering. While I think the writing and lack of characters for any of them hurts, they're not charismatic guys and the fans are apathetic toward them because of it. All that being said and I think that this match will be a mess, but because the fans will be loud for New Day and call League of Nations booty at every turn, McMahon will think that League of Nations as a whole was successful at getting heat. With Trip backing Sheamus so hard that he's getting pushed he cannot keep up with, this is going to be an ugly mess that League of Nations is going to win, and that's a travesty. The only thing I can see going for New Day is getting a fourth member to the group, and the only wrestler I know who could fit in with them on every aspect (looks, creativity, ring work, personality, quirkiness, charisma) is Jay Lethal, and I don't see that happening, so I have to go with League of Nations for the win here. It's a shot to the gut, but I don't see any way around it.

KB's Predicted Winners – League of Nations


So the Tag Team Championships are no longer on the line for this one. Because...reasons? I’m still not sure why the Tag Team Champions would be in a tag team match at WrestleMania and the championships would not be on the line? I guess the New Day won’t be winning this one, but they didn’t want to take the titles off them? Again, it’s a head scratcher. Regardless, the League of Nations isn’t entertaining in the least and they don’t draw legitimate heat, they draw heat because no one wants to see them. Unfortunately, the League of Nations are 4 boring wrestlers who were stuck into a group together. No one really stands out amongst the group. This is a problem, but it’s even more of a problem when they’re going up against a group as entertaining as the New Day. The LON has no idea how to have a back and forth with New Day and it makes them seem to fall even flatter than usual. I can only hope this match is a blow off, but I doubt it, unfortunately.

Zack's Predicted Winners – League of Nations


It's weird that this wasn't made into a title match, especially given all the Freebird stuff this weekend. My gut tells me that it's a way to keep the title on The New Day while giving the League a win, but the League is the most heatless entity in the solar system, so I can't imagine giving them a win over the hottest team all year, far and away. I mean, I can, because it's WWE, but they certainly should put New Day over here. They've worked hard as heels, and the crowd's ready to love them as faces. [booty joke]

Brooks' Predicted Winners – New Day

Big M

The New Day vs The League of Nations.
I am a fan of all these mens' work as individuals…BUT I LOATH the gimmicks of their perspective stables. I'm not sure about this one, I mean, as much I can't fathom why The New Day is over like rover. And although The LON as a group is seen as a joke, I think individually each member has (or once had) the respect of the fans. And I like many would like to see LON members Rusev and Barrett given something more meaningful to do. So I don't know really what direction WWE's leaning towards for this one. But once again since I have to guess…Um LON.

Big M's Predicted Winners – League of Nations


New Day wins. I don't even want to entertain the thought of League of Boring One-Dimensional Foreign Heels (too wordy?) going over the hottest tag team in WWE right now. Granted that's a fairly low bar, but they do legitimately deserve to be at the top of the food chain right now. However, with this NOT being for the Tag Team titles as of writing, there's no real incentive to care about this one either. Expect The New Day to go over and fight The League of Four Guys Who Had Top Card Aspirations But Are As Exciting Nowadays As A Twenty Minute Authority Promo in several more PPV's, because New Day has nothing better to do with this tag division. Who knows, though, maybe New Day will get a fun, outlandish entrance? I could see a group of guys in Unicorn Costumes parading around New Day as they walk to the ring.

Morgan's Predicted Winners – New Day


I can't say that I'm a fan of the League of Nations, so this gives me all the more reason to cheer for The New Day. Even though it's a handicap match, I believe the Tag Team Championship should still be on the line. Either way, this just means that the most entertaining group will walk out of Mania with the belts. It wouldn't surprise me if someone like The Rock interferes. With or without him, I'm going with the inventors of Booty-O's!

CJ's Predicted Winners - New Day


Triple Threat for the Divas Title: Charlotte (c) vs Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch


Wow! Who would have thought that one of the best-built matches going into WrestleMania would be the Divas Championship match! And what a better way to showcase the evolution the division is going through than with the three pioneers of the Women's Wrestling Revolution? And while each of these ladies more than deserve their time at the head of the division and in the spotlight, I think the winner here is pretty clear. There is only one Diva the fans chant for above every bad match, and in guys matches to boot: Sasha Banks. She has been the one person the fans have clamored to be at the top from the moment she debuted, and after a hard fought battle, I am betting she will get that chance Sunday.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Sasha Banks


I truly hope that Charlotte turns on her father and takes him out so that we don't have to see him letching on the Divas backstage and during every one of her matches. I'm so over it and so disgusted by the man. For the first time ever, I think most of Flair's fans have turned on him and don't want to see him other than maybe once a year for something fun and different. This is Charlotte's time, and she should be allowed to work it and enjoy the fruits of her labor. Beyond that, I think it's time for the hunted to become the hunter, but who should win the Divas Championship? Whoever it is, she should pin the other Diva, not Charlotte, that will make things more interested going forward, giving Charlotte reason to chase the Champion down. The big question is which Diva should win? The fans chant for Sasha, and she's more than proven that she's Champion material in NXT. On the other hand, I think most people have been impressed with the hard work and heart that Becky gives every time she's in the ring. Doesn't hurt that she's really sexy, quirky, and has an amazing accent. I find it interesting how McMahon thinks Divas need to be bikini models, but the most beloved Divas through the past decade have been the quirky geek (AJ), the hardworking Hart (Nattie), the athletic badonkadonk (Naomi), the tiny sassy boss (Sasha), the steampunk girl (Becky), and the hugger (Bayley). Maybe McMahon doesn't know everything? Okay, mini-rant over, so who should win? I know Becky will have her time, but I really think they need to give the fans this one and strap Sasha. She will have Becky, Charlotte, and eventually Bayley all over her, and that will lead to some epic Divas matches, something we all want and love.

KB's Predicted Winner – Sasha Banks


If you’d told me this time last year that there would be a Divas triple threat match for the Championship and everyone would genuinely care, I would have probably laughed at you. That said, I couldn’t be any happier for these three women. Not only did they fight for women to get a chance from the WWE, they proved that WWE fans not only would tolerate real women’s matches, they would love them! I hope these three women go out Sunday and absolutely crush it. I have no doubt they will, too. The match should be given a good bit of time, I hope, and they’ll capitalize with every second. I expect them to put the title belt on Sasha Banks, as fans have been semi-rabid for her for months now. It seems like WWE was holding off on Sasha for just this very occasion. I hope that after WrestleMania Charlotte drops her heel gimmick because quite honestly it’s terrible. It’s a pity because Charlotte is such a talented worker, but when I see her coming it fills me with dread that she might pick up a microphone. Here’s hoping that Monday we see the debut of Bailey and we can see a Sasha Banks/Bailey rivalry on WWE TV.

Zack's Predicted Winner – Sasha Banks


This could absolutely be a show-stealing match. Sasha Banks, in my opinion, is the queen of the entire universe, and I'm excited to see her take in the applause as she makers her way to the ring, just as a fellow fan. Becky too, of course. This is a big match and a big moment for women's wrestling, and barring impossible constraints, like being given a 5-minute timeslot, I fully expect them to tear the house down. You could make a case for anyone to win, which makes it doubly exciting, with Becky as the vengeful babyface ready to prove herself, Sasha as the NXT/smark darling looking to show the world why fans have been chanting to see her more, and Charlotte as the dominant heiress of the Flair dynasty. I'm thinking about the Raw after WrestleMania, and it makes the most sense to see Sasha get that pop, especially if they reveal a new belt that night. Sasha wins.

Brooks' Predicted Winner – Sasha Banks

Big M

This match is one of 4 potential main events for WrestleMania as far as I'm concerned. A lot as been said and written (positive and negative), about WWE's LONG OVERDUE attempt to make The Divas Division as good as we all know it can be. After years of female workers being treated as either at best, just filler, or at worst, just eye candy, along came these 3 AMAZINGLY talented w,omen and thus The "Divas Revolution" was born. But as much as I adore Becky Lynch with every single fiber of my being and more…This match should've have been Sasha vs Charlotte, one on one (bloody hell, that hurt to say). And worse I feel The BO$$ has to win this and be the Face of The Divas Revolution for the next 6 months at least. I'm in agony, Please forgive me, Becky.

Big M's Predicted Winner – Sasha Banks


It's a wonderful thing to think one of the matches with the most potential to be best Pure Wrestling Bout on the Wrestlemania card is a Women's wrestling match. Any wrestling fan would have laughed if you had said potentially the best wrestling match was a Diva's match three years ago, yet here we are. I'm really looking forward to all three of these competitors getting to show why they're considered some of the best female athletes in the ring today. My only concern is how much time they'll get. If they get solid 20+ minutes, this should be an amazing match. But if it's treated like a five-minute piss break, and it hopefully isn't, then it's just a match. But if these women are given the time they deserve, this may be Underdog Match of the Night. But too bad for Zack and Big M, I don't think Becky's winning. I'm going with The Boss, Sasha Banks, earning his first Diva's Title of many on the Grandest Stage of them all.

Morgan's Predicted Winner – Sasha Banks


There are two matches on this card I am looking forward to the most, and this is one of them. The build has been great even though we really didn't need it. Their history from NXT is enough to draw fans in. Rumors are swirling that the Divas Title and division are being scrapped, so this is certainly becoming one of the most important women's matches in WWE history.

As far as the winner goes, my money has been on Sasha Banks since Charlotte won the title. After what unfolded at Royal Rumble, I just knew the three-way would happen. Charlotte retaining isn't something I foresee happening, and Becky would be a good second choice. I envision nothing other than The Boss walking out of Dallas with the extra weight on her shoulder.

CJ's Predicted Winner - Sasha Banks


Intercontinental Title Ladder Match: Kevin Owens (c) vs Sami Zayn vs Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz vs Stardust vs Sin Cara vs Zack Ryder


WOO WOO WOO! Ryder has a Mania match! In all seriousness, he doesn't have a sno-cone's chance in hell of winning, but it's nice he's been getting screen time. But as with any ladder match, I have to consult my almighty "whiteboard of jobbers and odds". Looking in the Jobber side, that kills Ryder, Sin Cara, The Miz, and Stardust. (Which, by the way, I am confounded by the fact that he is still using the gimmick, as it is clearly dragging him down.) And while I can't put Dolph into jobber territory, he's clearly out, as it seems WWE has little to no faith in him. So that leaves us KO and Sami Zayn. And I have to say, KO has been a fantastic champion. But in order to keep the title fresh and give some feuds a new lifeblood, we need a new champion. And I think Sami is the man to give us that.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Sami Zayn


I'm quite excited about this match, but I'm also bummed knowing what it maybe could have been. If Neville hadn't been injured, without Cesaro out due to injury, Orton's injury, and I can go on and on. There're so many guys who could have been great in this match, and while Stardust doesn't get what he deserves, and Miz has shown more glimmers of a great ring worker than I've ever seen from him, they aren't who I would have thought to pick for this match. But they're there and I know they're going to make this match memorable. Just this week I re-watched HBK face Razor Ramon in the first IC Ladder Match at WrestleMania X, and was struck by how creative they were, but then quickly even more in awe at how far the idea was taken in the WrestleMania X-Seven TLC Match. What Hall and HBK did in that ring changed the future of the industry, and each and every ladder match since then has done more to elevate the type of match to a whole new level. Each time there's a new standard to live up to, especially for WrestleMania IC Ladder Matches. I expect to see these seven Superstars shock us, delight us, and at some points, leave us cringing in horror that they might have just lost ten years off their lives for what they do in the ring, all to entertain us and live their dreams. But, in the end, I have a gut feeling that it's going to come down to Owens and Zayn, and it's not going to be Owens' night. I just have a feeling that because of the history between these two, Zayn is going to capture the strap and have Owens all over him, starting the next night on Raw, to get it back. This isn't the end of Owens and Zayn, but only the beginning. They are the HBK and Triple H of this era, either loving or hating each other, depending on what is needed.

KB's Predicted Winner – Sami Zayn


Ah, the annual WrestleMania ladder match. It’s good to see WWE knows what works well sometimes. What started as the Money in the Bank ladder match was eventually replaced by the Intercontinental Championship ladder match. Fans love a good ladder match, especially when we get a good lot of talented workers involved. I’d say that this year is the strongest multi-man ladder match in a while other than last year's ladder match. There are no big men who have no business near a ladder in this match and that’s the way it should be. Each man in this match is very talented and deserves to be in this match. I would guess that Neville was supposed to be in this match as well, rotten luck struck and he broke his foot. I know people are hot or cold on Zack Ryder, but in my opinion, he deserves to be at WrestleMania. Zack has fought tooth and nail to be in WWE and stay there and deserves WrestleMania. Not everyone can be WWE Champion, but Zack deserves to be in the secondary title picture. I expect to see some big spots, but for once I’m actually dreading them. With so many big names out on injury right now the last thing I want is for one of these seven getting hurt and weakening the roster even more. Though, the idea of someone leaping at Owens from off the ladder and having it turn into a Super Pop-Up Powerbomb gets me all tingly inside. I do think that the ladder match should have actually been for the United States Championship, leaving Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn to battle it out 1 on 1. That said, this match will be great and I have no real complaints going in. I’d like to see Sami Zayn get the feel-good win of the night, but I’d also be happy with Zack Ryder win. Then again, I would also be very satisfied with Kevin Owens retaining, though I do think he should be on to bigger and better things soon.

Zack's Predicted Winner – Sami Zayn


I'm a fan of so many people in this match, and I guess I prefer this to not having some of these folks on the card, but it is a bit of a bummer that this match doesn't have much of a story behind it. Owens is my guy, and he's been doing phenomenal work all year, so I would've liked to see a hot 1-on-1 program at WrestleMania for him, but I still expect to see an "Everyone vs. Owens" thread to develop throughout this match. Owens squeaks out a cheap win, though, probably ruining a big spot by pushing someone's ladder down. Probably Sin Cara.

Brooks' Predicted Winner – Kevin Owens

Big M

As I mentioned in my U.S. Title prediction, I really wish The IC Title match was a one on one potential all-time classic between KO and Zayn.
But, at the same time, I'm glad so many talented workers (including workers like Sin Cara and Zack Ryder who wouldn't have even been considered for this match if there were not SO MANY people out injured) have a chance to get their WrestleMania moment. Expect all the classic high-spots from a WrestleMania Ladder match including high flying, violent shots with the ladder used as a weapon and, at least, one big spot with someone being thrown off a ladder onto another ladder breaking it in half. But even after all of that I still see Kevin Owens walking out of KO-Mania with the strap and preparing himself for a program with Sami Zayn.

Big M's Predicted Winner – Kevin Owens


Show Bonus- Part 3! Honestly, the US Title should have been the discount MitB Ladder match instead of the Intercontinental Title match. While Kalisto VS Ryback takes brain power to actively remember, Kevin Owens versus Sami Zayn is a very probable show stealer. Which admittedly may be why we aren't getting that, so they don't take away from the Big Three matches this year. This match could be fun, but the participants leave a lot to be desired. Either Kevin Owens retains, or Sami Zayn becomes the champion. If we're lucky, we'll get Zayn. Then we could have a Zayn VS Owens feud on the main roster!...Hopefully with enough time allotted for that to be exciting.

Morgan's Predicted Winner – Sami Zayn


Initially when the ladder match was announced, I was slightly disappointed. Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens in a singles match easily could steal the show (which maybe that was a concern?) Either way, I'm happy to see Owens defending the title and to see several of his opponents getting their spots.

Injuries have seriously hurt the build to this. Neville and Cesaro are two guys who probably would've been in this, as opposed to Zack Ryder or Sin Cara. The build to last year's ladder match was a lot better, but we could be surprised by this match. We've seen what Zayn and Owens can do with ladders. And I believe it will be one of those men that will take the title on Sunday. While this could be a huge win for Owens, I'm thinking that he's soon moving on to bigger and better things. And for that to happen, it would be right to kick start Sami Zayn's main roster run by capturing the Intercontinental Championship in Dallas.

CJ's Predicted Winner - Sami Zayn


Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar


Now for the best-built match on the card! Ambrose and Lesnar have done a great job building the physicality of this match in their interactions and promos. I love the passing of the torches that Ambrose got from Mick Foley and Terry Funk! And even though I doubt those weapons see any use on Sunday, I know that both of them will bring their A game and leave everything in the ring. And I think this is finally the time for Lesnar to drop a match to an up-and-comer and give the three-year "nigh-unbeatable" rub. So I'm calling it for Dean Ambrose, so he can go into a feud for the WWE Title after Mania.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose


Since Foley passed the torch, or Barbie, to Ambrose, I've been excited. Since Funk passed the chainsaw to Ambrose, I've been elated. I was so excited for the go-home Raw to see who was the final hardcore wrestler to pass the torch to Ambrose. Between the group of us at WNW, we came up with a lot of great Superstars and a lot of great weapons, but few Superstars who had iconic weapons who are in good standing with the WWE and would be willing to pass their weapon on to Ambrose. Abdullah the Butcher isn't on the best terms with the WWE, so no fork. Trip is still wrestling and isn't one to hand off his sledge to someone like Ambrose at this point. There's Dreamer, but he doesn't have an iconic weapon – though the prosthetic leg from that house show is still an epic story. No clue if Sandman is in decent standing with the WWE, and Ambrose didn't seem very interested in the kendo stick on Raw. So, my idea for this match, and while it's a bit crazy, and could make this match into a three-ring circus, is to have a number of hardcore wrestlers show up within this match and either hand Ambrose a weapon when he needs it, or hit Brock with it if they're physically able enough to do so. That means getting Sandman with his kendo, Raven with some weapon (a taxidermied raven?), Spike Dudley with a table, Edge and Christian with chairs, Regal with his knucks, Hacksaw with his 2X4, Hall and HBK with a ladder, Vader with JR's candy jar (or was it Taz who usually used that?), Perry Saturn with Moppy, Honky Tonk Man with a guitar (because it sure wouldn't be Jeff Jarrett), Dreamer with the bucket he barfed into after drinking nasty stuff, Al Snow with Head (my favorite), and the list could go on and on, being quite creative and fun. Between those additions to the match, Ambrose and Brock will do about everything to almost kill each other in the ring, and if the WWE doesn't want a riot before they even get to either main event, Ambrose will be winning this one. It will be an ugly and bloody mess, but anyone who's seen Brock works the ring at all the past couple years, and know anything about Ambrose's wrestling work before the WWE, knows that this will be a blood bath with severed limb soap. Just before the end of the match, the second to last weapon needs to be Sting with his black baseball bat. The event would erupt. Lastly, have Jake 'The Snake' Roberts come out with a snake in a bag, threaten Brock with the bag a bit, and after Ambrose wins, puts 'Damien' across Brock's prone body in the ring. Watching a lot of the WWE Network, I'm shocked that the WWE didn't have issues with animal rights activists, and I really think they'd better play things smart if they use a weapon like Damien.

KB's Predicted Winner – Dean Ambrose


This is a really important match because it’ll be the first time that Brock Lesnar could legitimately lose to someone who needs to be pushed. Roman Reigns could have received that push last year, but as we all know Seth Rollins cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and Brock Lesnar was never actually defeated. Lesnar did take a loss from The Undertaker, but between the fact it was The Undertaker who beat him and that there was so much confusion in the match ending, it didn’t slow Brock’s momentum any. Dean Ambrose is the first person who has a chance at beating Brock Lesnar and absorbing all his power. I think that’s how it works, right? Like when you kill a dragon in Skyrim. Anywho, Brock Lesnar gained all of this momentum by defeating the streak, and that needs to be passed to someone who will use it. If you can defeat that man who defeated the streak and do it at WrestleMania, it’s a big deal. Dean Ambrose is, as Richard would say, over like rover with the fans and deserves to be the guy who has the torch passed to him. I don’t think Brock Lesnar loses much momentum if he loses to Ambrose, and it’s not like Lesnar is worried about how he looks in terms of wins and losses. Ambrose needs the victory to cement himself as a permanent main eventer and Lesnar should pass as his momentum from beating the streak to another wrestler who deserves it.

Zack's Predicted Winner – Dean Ambrose


This will probably be the match we remember WrestleMania 32 by (alongside potentially Shane/Undertaker and the Divas triple threat). This is Dean's shot to cement himself as a main event mainstay, and not just a stand-in for your injured Cenas and Ortons and Rollinses. I fully expect both guys to deliver, and the stipulation just adds to that. I was a big fan of Punk/Lesnar, in part because of how the stipulation opened things up in terms of building believable drama, and I think this will match and possibly exceed that. That being said, this match is designed (as so many other Ambrose matches are, for better or for worse) to get Ambrose over in defeat. I expect a lot of folks are expecting a big Ambrose win here, and they'll be disappointed to see Lesnar win (maybe even some complaints of a "burial"), but the whole storyline has been that Ambrose doesn't stand a chance to actually beat Lesnar in a wrestling match. We're going to get some great desperation weapon spots, and they're going to tell a great story. The story ends with Ambrose losing in a great showing. They're probably going to try for an "Austin passing out in the Sharpshooter" kind of feeling at the end, and I think they'll hit the mark. Ambrose will lose, but will look like a much bigger babyface than Roman at the end of the night.

Brooks' Predicted Winners – Brock Lesnar

Big M

How has Dean Ambrose never held the WWE World Heavyweight Title? How is Dean Ambrose not main eventing WrestleMania? Why was Dean Ambrose put in a filler program with Triple H to try and get heat off Roman Reigns and heat on The H Man? These are questions, no doubt, many fans have been asking themselves lately. But fear not, it appears WWE's higher-ups have finally released what they have in Dean and are finally trying to push him as a possible main event star. There is just one tiny problem that Dean has to get through first – a 6 foot 3 inch, 286 pound, animalistic destruction device of a problem known as "The Beast" Brock Lesner. I wonder if this is a case of fans being careful what we wish for. I have no doubt that WWE's higher-ups could book Dean to go over here and fans would not only buy it…They would go nuts for it. But I fear that in Vince McMahon's mind booking Ambrose to go over Lesner wouldn't be a situation of creating a new star that could possibly lead the WWE to greater things in the future, but rather a situation where he would be jeopardising the drawing power of one of his best cash cows in Lesner. I hope Vince sees the folly in this. I hope Vince realises he is jeopardising WWE's future by failing to create new stars when opportunities like this arise. I hope Vince realises that Lesner is so established that it would do his character no harm to put over someone like Ambrose. So I'm picking my heart over my head and rooting for Dean Ambrose to get the win.

Big M's Predicted Winner – Dean Ambrose (PLEASE VINCE, PLEASE)


This is probably the best-booked match on the Wrestlemania card, and that's a little sad. But still, the Lunatic Fringe saying screw it and picking a fight with possibly the Biggest Dog in the yard, The Beast himself? Hell yeah I'm in! This sure isn't gonna be pretty, but it should be fun! That said, Ambrose has an ice cube's chance in Hell to win this match. It's Brock Lesnar. He doesn't lose in a one-on-one bout...ever, and I sincerely doubt he'd lose to someone with zero World Titles to his name. This is more so a match that'll help let Ambrose make more of a name for himself, even in defeat. Ambrose absolutely deserves to be fighting for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and I'm hoping he'll finally have a legitimate shot at winning it. He's had the opportunity a few times, but never at a time where he actually COULD win. So while I have The Beast picked as the winner, I anticipate Ambrose looking like a million bucks for taking it to BAAAROOOOOOCK LEEEESNAAAAR!

Morgan's Predicted Winner – Brock Lesnar


Dean Ambrose may be one of the only men I know that can make a match against Brock Lesnar seem comedic. He has been absolutely golden since this feud began. However, this is one of those matches where WWE has itself booked into a corner. On one hand, we have Brock Lesnar who hasn't won a match since October and could use a WrestleMania win since his last was over The Undertaker. One the other hand, we have Dean Ambrose who could use this win to catapult himself into a long term main event run.

With the no disqualification stipulation in play, this serves as the perfect opportunity for The Wyatt Family, who is not booked for the show, to interfere, allowing Ambrose to pick up the win. For some reason, it just doesn't sit right with me. So what else could happen?

CJ's Predicted Winner - Dean Ambrose


WWE Title Match: Triple H (c) vs Roman Reigns


Wow, this has been a disaster in booking! Possibly one nearly on the level of Katie Vick. (Kidding!) We have the clearly heel Authority figure that everyone should (and normally does) hate getting loud cheers for beating down the strong babyface and the face getting booed out of the building. And it's all because the casual fans are finally seeing Vince's way of over protecting certain guys to push his own agenda. And that is part of why I feel the ratings are declining to such an extent. But that is an article for another time. Sadly, this is going to be the predictable route of the big two-year jet pack, and Roman Reigns is going to become a 3 time WWE Champion in the space of 6 months. BAKA!

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns


Ugh! I honestly cannot think of a bigger mess they could have booked themselves into. They dropped the ball by pushing Batista over Bryan and they fixed that, but they've not stepped up and fixed how hard and badly they've pushed Reigns. TPB didn't step back and reevaluate things when Reigns was getting such heat, and how ugly they were when Ambrose didn't win at Royal Rumble. There were so many changes they could have made, and this isn't the first time they put so much into someone where it failed and they needed to regroup. WrestleMania VII was looking to be a total mess, and it's all because of Ultimate Warrior not getting over the way they expected him to. They announced a rematch for Hogan and Warrior right after WrestleMania VI, but then Warrior wasn't getting over the way they wanted or expected him to. Warrior had held the strap since WrestleMania VI, but McMahon didn't think he had enough of what was needed for the card to be as strong as it should be, so at the Royal Rumble, King Savage hit Warrior in the head with his scepter and cost Warrior the strap to a heel Sgt. Slaughter. That led to Warrior facing Savage in a Retirement Match at WrestleMania (Savage lost, but didn't stay out of the ring long), and Hogan challenging Slaughter for the WWF Championship. While it might not have been the best main event, and the match between Savage and Warrior was possibly the best of that WrestleMania, it shows that the WWE can and has changed things as late as the Royal Rumble. Okay, strapping Trip might have been them changing things, but they didn't change them enough as Reigns is still challenging for the WWE WHC. Now, I don't know what will happen to Reigns and Trip in this match, but I expect to see someone (Rollins? HBK? Rock?) get involved and end up costing Reigns this match. I don't think there's any possible way they can pull off a double turn here, especially with what's going on with Shane, Steph, and McMahon, so I think Trip has to play this match as a tweener until the end, then go all heel on Ambrose when he comes after Trip the next night on Raw. I think it would be downright daft for the WWE to strap Reigns at this point in his career.

KB's Predicted Winner – Triple H


I will do a quick summary of the article I wrote last week for this one. WWE has to walk an extremely careful line with this match to avoid the fans revolting. I think most of us can say with some confidence that we think Roman Reigns is going to win this match and become WWE Champion again. Problem with that outcome is that the fans are rejecting Roman with intensity. Something has to be done in order to save the match, ESPECIALLY since it looks like it’s going to be closing out the show. Unless they want disaster at the end of WrestleMania they’d better do something. They can send out whomever they want, no amount of endorsement will save them. That should be obvious to WWE seeing as when Roman won the 2015 Royal Rumble and The Rock came out to celebrate with him, Roman was still booed out of the building. There is a reason The Rock isn’t sure if backing Roman is a good idea! My idea was for a double turn. The Rock is announced as a special guest referee. Roman gets more and more frustrated with The Rock because he calls the match evenly. Roman goes to get a sledgehammer (that Triple H had grabbed earlier) and he repeatedly hits Triple H with it. Roman eventually hits Rock with a Superman Punch and Spear. The Usos run out to stop Roman and ask him what he’s doing. Roman attacks them, too. A second referee runs out and Roman pins Triple H for the win. The next night on Raw Dean Ambrose can come out and question Roman, only for Roman to attack him, too, setting up a program between those two for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Zack's Predicted Winner – Roman Reigns


Woof. I'm "that guy" who looks for opportunities to hate on Roman, so I'm certainly biased, but it's an understatement to say that this storyline hasn't worked. Wild how taking the legitimate storyline of Daniel Bryan being passed over, and giving it to the clearly handpicked next top guy doesn't resonate as well. I've seen the rumor about this becoming a No DQ match, which is a smart move. That allows for shenanigans and weapons spots which might get the crowd to stop dumping on this match for a little while. The sledgehammer always gets a pop, right? I'd love to see it turn to boos once Roman grabs it. That's all assuming the stip happens, though. I've been burned too many times by expecting the long-term top babyface to do something exciting at WrestleMania, so I'm fully expecting Roman to just win this match with a spear and smile and pose as the crowd boos and Michael Cole shouts that he's "finally silenced his critics." There could be some interesting ways to go and an incredibly telegraphed opportunity for a heel turn, but I wouldn't bet on any major course correction at this point. If they haven't had any epiphanies about crowd rejection yet, what's 100,000 more booing fans?

Brooks' Predicted Winner – Roman Reigns

Big M

Ok, here's the thing, after my debut article for WNW was posted, I promised myself that I would try to stop complaining about the main event of WrestleMania. I promised myself that I would try to stop complaining about the disastrous booking of Roman Reigns. I promised myself that I would try to stop complaining about WWE muting or editing negative audience reactions to Reigns and positive audience reactions to Triple H (and possibly to Dean Ambrose). I promised myself I wouldn't roll my eyes when Roman Reigns would say such silly and quite frankly arrogant comments in interviews, such as "Boo me all you want I'm just a guy getting rich" and more recently "WWE is a kids show and adult fans complaining are setting bad example to the kids."
I promised myself that I would try and get with the program because poor Roman doesn't deserve all the flak he gets from fans, and that he and Triple H were more than capable of putting on a great WrestleMania main event. But I'm afraid I must break those promises I made to myself. I honestly don't see how, with everything that WWE has done to sabotage it, that this year's WrestleMania main event could possibly go well. I don't see how Roman Reigns will not be booed by over 100,000 people in Dallas, Texas. I just hope that said 100,000 people realise that it's a pro wrestling show and thus obviously not something worth rioting about. I see Roman Reigns winning his third WWE World Championship. And when that happens I hope the majority of fans in attendance act like adults, and that WWE has hired enough security to handle the marks who won't.

Big M's Predicted Winner - Roman Reigns (Please Dallas, DON'T RIOT)


"LOVE ROMAN REIGNS, DAMMIT!' - Vince McMahon, 2014-2016. Honestly, does anyone expect Roman Reigns to lose? That's as likely as him not getting booed the entire time. The worst part is, if it was anybody the audience actually cared about, this would have been booked pretty well! It still would have been hopelessly predictable, but it, at least, would've been fun! I feel bad for Reigns at this point, but all the pity in the world doesn't change the apathy the audience has to Reigns as The Guy. We all know Reigns is going to win, and we all know the chance of Vince giving in and turning him heel are about 0%. If they did a "Hard fought bout where Reigns narrowly beats Hunter, then picks him up and shakes his hand as The Authority's new It Guy" scenario, there'd be some interesting plot development. Just imagine it! Ambrose fighting Reigns for having the gall to turn on his brother and join The Authority, Rollins feeling betrayed and replacing, stepping up to Reigns to prove Rollins is better, the three of them in a Triple Threat Match at Summerslam for the WWE World Heavyweight, that'd be fun! It would even make sense since Ambrose still hates Rollins, so they'd all have a legitimate reason to fight each other for top spot! But now I'm fantasy booking, and we all know WWE isn't great at doing things that are both unpredictable, sensible, AND fun anymore. So instead, we'll get Reigns winning in the match we all called from beginning to end. Wee.

Morgan's Predicted Winner – Roman Reigns


Rumor has it this match will end up being a No Disqualification match. Will this allow for The Rock to interfere? Or someone else? Will someone try to help Triple H? This stipulation obviously should've been announced sooner to increase the interest, because we all know that's what this main event is lacking.

I'm a fan of Roman Reigns. Heck, I'm even enjoying Triple H's run as champ. This main event should be bigger and more important than it's coming off. Obviously something went wrong somewhere and I'm not quite sure what it is yet. What I do know is that these two will surprise people with their performance. It is my hope that the 10,000 fans in Dallas don't reject him like they could. There's no reason for Triple H to retain. And, as far as I know, there's no Plan B like Seth Rollins to "save" it. Roman has to win. If he turns, he turns. I think that would be a mistake, though. WWE needs Roman as the top babyface champion.

CJ's Predicted Winner - Roman Reigns


Hell in a Cell: Undertaker vs Shane McMahon


Now this is a match that came out as a surprise! Shane-O-Mac's return, Taker being used as Vince's pawn, and the stipulations... I will be watching this match with bated breath! And as much as I always hate betting against him, Taker has lost, and at this point, I feel he is ready to hang it up. That is the only reason I could see the stipulation being added that he couldn't fight at Mania again if he lost. So I'm calling Shane to get his big Mania win to gain control of Raw, and we hear Taker's retirement to be eminent on Monday.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Shane McMahon


There's so much that can happen in this match, and we all know that Shane will be a spot monkey in a way that McMahon threatens Ambrose against being because everyone knows Ambrose has the drive to try to take what Foley did at the height of his career to the next level. Not saying McMahon wants his son to do something that will get him hurt, but he's seemed laxer about family members, including Trip, going above and beyond. I mean, did Trip and Taker ever really get fines for the head shots in their last WrestleMania match? Anyway, I don't think anyone is questioning whether this is going to be a jaw-dropping and memorable match. Shane has proven that he's the best wrestler in the McMahon (not extended) family, and even though he's not as young as he used to be, he can still move better than most. I was watching WrestleMania X-Seven where Shane faced McMahon in a Street Fight. Shane hit the same flying elbow on McMahon through announce that Shane hit on Taker on the go-home Raw. I watched Shane hit that move on his father a number of times, and then watched the slo-mo replay from Raw on SD, and I would love to see an overlay of the two elbow drops. They might be almost exactly fifteen years apart, but they looked almost perfectly identical. I knew it was a great elbow drop on Taker on Raw, but seeing how closely it lines up with the same move almost exactly fifteen years later excites me that much more for this match. Shane's in the best shape he's been in, and Taker looks solid, so I'm hoping for another jaw-dropping showing from them. I will say that there's been some dropped balls and serious plot holes in this story, specifically McMahon saying that if Taker loses that it will be his last WrestleMania, but if Shane's in charge of Raw and involved in WrestleMania, of course, he'll book Taker again. It's stuff like that where they've not stayed on top of the storyline that is ripping apart my fiction writer heart. I think the best idea for this match I've seen is from Zack's article about this and the WWE WHC Match at WrestleMania and how well they can be booked. I was already believing that there wasn't going to be a clean winner in this match, because there just cannot be a clean winner for this match going forward that makes any sense and leaves the fans feeling as if they weren't totally screwed by everyone involved down to the guy who made the chain link fencing for the HIAC! So this is the one screwy ending that I'm calling for at WrestleMania, and I'm willing to bet that McMahon has a hand in it in some way. Possibly Steph gets involved as well. That way Raw will be must-see, and the big thing that Shane is holding over McMahon will have to come out.

KB's Predicted Winner – Much Screwiness


I’ll recap what I said from my article from last week here. I don’t think there is much WWE can do to salvage this match at WrestleMania itself. I’ve said this several times over the last few days in different comments here, but I think this match was booked in a “shoot first ask question later” fashion. It seems like WWE was so eager to get the idea of Undertaker vs. Shane out there that they didn’t think much of it through. They then starting trying to fix some of the plot holes as they went. Many people questioned why Undertaker would fight on behalf of Vince and The Authority. The answer never truly came, but they did give him a reason not to lose. State that if Undertaker lost at this WrestleMania it would be his last. I’m sure this match will be grand, but I don’t think it’s what anyone particularly wanted. My idea would be to have Shane get thrown from the top of the Hell in a Cell and have the referee stop the match for Shane’s health. The next night on Raw Vince says that Shane technically didn’t win, so he doesn’t control Raw. Shane will come out and tell the world what he had over Vince, that when Vince received the company from his father, Vincent L. McMahon, it was stated in the contracts that Vince had to retire at 65 years old. Vince would have to pass the company to his first born, which happens to be Shane! Shane left the company in January 2010, so at the time Vince would have been 64 years old, so the timing works out perfectly. Shane found out and brought to Vince’s attention, but Vince didn’t want to step down. Shane then blackmailed Vince for a ton of money, and freedom to focus on any outside projects he wanted without “losing his place in line” so to speak. Shane tells the crowd in Texas that he brought this to the attention of the board and his lawyers, and they’re asking for Vince’s immediate resignation. Until a new Chairman of the Board can be determined Shane will be in control of Raw and Stephanie will be in charge of Smackdown. BOOM! Mic drop!

Zack's Predicted Winner – The Undertaker


I can't see Undertaker losing here. It's hard for me to see Shane losing, after coming in with such an already-built storyline, but I just can't see Undertaker taking the pin here (shenanigans or not). I don't think either guy will be gone for good after Mania, and that leads me to believe that Taker finds a way to win, even if that comes from help from Vince, who will definitely be a factor. I'm not expecting anybody to go off the cell, despite the implicit "ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN" that they carried out on Monday, but I do expect Shane to pull out some big stuff. Ultimately, though, he'll try something that crashes and burns.

Brooks' Predicted Winner – The Undertaker

Big M

This is probably the most buzzed about match on the card. There are so many factors at play here, so many potential consequences, so many ways WWE could go with this. I mean the stipulation that if Shane loses he's out of the family business and out of The Family as a whole (which I can't see happening) WOW. The idea that if Undertaker loses he's wrestled his last match, which I can't see either, at least not with Shane as his opponent, just doesn't seem like a big enough deal. WOW. And what will happen if Shane wins and is given control of Raw? Will The Authority be confined to Smackdown? Will that mean we get another brand split? If we get another brand split will we get 2 world titles again? Or will The WWE World Title be defended on both shows and only mid-card titles will be brand exclusive giving them more prestige? All these questions swirling around in my head means I can come with only one possible conclusion…I DON'T KNOW WHO IS GOING TO WIN. I can't remember the last time I said that…AND I LOVE IT. I'm so bloody excited by the prospect that I don't know what's going to happen. I feel like I'm a kid again watching pro wrestling VHS tapes and DVDs behind my parents' back. I feel like I'm going to be enthralled and entertained by 2 amazing athletes putting on an incredible show. And I commend WWE for making me fell this way again. I'm sorry but I honestly can't pick a winner…And I can't wait to watch the match.

Big M's Predicted Winner - NO IDEA WHAT….SO….EVER


If it was ANYONE but 'Taker, I'd know exactly who to root for! Anyone! Vince, Hunter, Big Show after Heel turn Number 72, ANYONE! But this is a Face VS Face, and I (as well as presumably almost everyone else) don't actively want either of them to LOSE. I'll be rightly pissed if Undertaker's second loss is too friggin' Shane O'Mac, but I REALLY want Shane to get one over on the Authority and we have another faction war! But I REALLY don't want Undertaker to lose and I REALLY don't want THIS to be Undertaker's last match! They absolutely booked themselves into a corner, and I guess we're all just along for the ride. I expect interference or other such shenanigans, possibly Sting finally trying to stick it to the Authority and get a rise out of Undertaker at the same time (since he's apparently not retiring until he either dies or fights Undertaker), but I don't expect it to be enough. In the end, Shane McMahon, as well as our hopes for something interesting in the Authority storyline, will both Rest in Peace.

Morgan's Predicted Winner – The Undertaker


Now this is the match I'm most anticipating! Shane McMahon returning has provided us with some great TV to make it feel like WrestleMania season for me. This is the most important match on the card with the stipulations that have been added. Monday Night Raw could change for the better if Shane wins, and that's what I want to see.

This (probably) will not be The Undertaker's last WrestleMania. If Shane wins, he can easily "hire" Taker back to perform at future Manias. We could see the brand split come back and fans could find a renewed interest in the product. This is what I want to see. This is what WWE should want! How the heck will Shane do it? That beats me. But somehow, someway, Shane McMahon should shock the world on Sunday.

CJ's Predicted Winner - Shane McMahon

Zeppelin Predicts

Total Divas defeats Team BAD & Blonde
Usos defeat Dudley Boys
Kalisto retains US Championship
An NXT Star wins Andre The Giant Battle Royal
AJ Styles defeats Chris Jericho
New Day defeats League of Nations
Sasha Banks defeats Charlotte for the Divas Championship
Kevin Owens retains IC Championship
Dean Ambrose defeats Brock Lesnar in Street Fight
Undertaker defeats Shane McMahon in HIAC
Roman Reigns defeats Triple H for the WWE WHC

We all hope you enjoyed this special WrestleMania edition of WNW Predicts! Make sure you join us for the WrestleMania Open Thread Discussion!


So there's my predictions for this year's WrestleMania, as well as my first official predictions for WNW! I had a lot of fun with it, possibly more fun than I'll have with the actual event. But who knows? Maybe there just might be something exciting waiting for us. It isn't impossible, it just needs Vince to stop being so is impossible. Ah well.

Queen of WNW
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