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WNW Predicts - NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way

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Welcome to WNW’s NXT Takeover 2 Predictions! NXT Takeover 2 will emanate from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. This time, we have Gesus Oliver, Chris Surrency, Zeppelin Mayers, and myself providing full predictions, while Logan Howell and SmackDown Breakdown writer Jamie Welton are providing quick picks.

Singles Match:

Mojo Rawley vs. Bull Dempsey


Who cares? I sure don’t. Neither gimmick is good, their finishing moves are boring, and the match will be decent at best. I guess my vote goes to Bull seeing as he is the new band wagon to jump on. Sorry Mojo, your hype is going to get squashed.

Zeppelin's Predicted Winner: Bull Dempsey


I have really come around to Bull and his no bull attitude. Yes, all pun fully intended. As far as wrestling styles go, I get all mushy for a brawler. It’s why I loved Stone Cold. A straight up in your face approach that in the end with your ability will overcome any. I could be way off in fantasy land presuming that’s what a brawler style is but regardless, I’m right youre wrong. I just love a straight up brawler. I couldn’t believe Mojo would be the after thought going into this match. The crowd has really clung to Bull and I’m quite interested to see what they can put together. I sure Mojo will stay hyped but ultimately his hyper drive will be squashed by Bull Dempsey.

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Bull Dempsey


This, believe it or not, has the potential to be the most impressive match on the entire card. Yes, it COULD rival the main event, even WITH Mojo involved. Dempsey has been amazing, and Mojo isn't nearly as terrible as his moveset may suggest. I think he desperately needs to drop his ass based offense. I see a hard fought battle, and I can only hope we get some color in this one, whether it's one or both men, there should be blood. Let's hope they're allowed to run wild. At the end, Dempsey gets the hard fought victory with his awkward finish.

Chris' Predicted Winner: Bull Dempsey (in one HELL of a match.)


I feel like I'm the only one looking forward to this match. I've been a fan of Bull Dempsey since he debuted earlier this summer. There's something about him that feels refreshing. Mojo is entertaining with his energy and charisma, and I seriously don't think he's as bad as people make him out to be in the ring. This match is a way to get the two on the card and more exposure to the NXT fans, and it's also a filler match. It would surprise me to see Mojo to take the win, as I firmly believe Bull is walking out of this one successful.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Bull Dempsey

Logan's Predicted Winner: Mojo Rawley

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Mojo Rawley

Hair vs. Hair Match

Enzo Amore vs. Sylvester LeFort


This should be a fun match. Nothing says entertainment like shaving another guy’s head. Honestly, I don’t remember the last time a good guy lost a hair vs. hair match. I don’t expect that trend to change. Going bald will add interest to The Legionnaires; a team that wasn’t even in the tag team tournament. Plus, who doesn't want to see Sylvester yell over his bald head in French?

Zeppelin's Predicted Winner: Enzo Amore


I have no shame in being extremely bias in my writing of Enzo Amore and Big Cass. I don’t need to be objective with talent this good. They’re extremely entertaining and as long as Vince doesn’t get his heads on them I feel their gimmick will be great. LeFort has been floundering. I’m not quite sure about his spot in the company and it’s a shame because he has a look that could go far. It blows me away that he is only 30 when he looks more like 50. I don’t quite see a heel winning these kind of fights because so far I can’t picture one winning a hair v hair match. In fact I just asked my friend Matt and he informed me one heel to win that he can remember was Jericho in the match against Nash. Regardless, Enzo has sweet hair and will win.

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Enzo Amore


I'll make this short and sweet, Enzo gets the win because LeFort is S-A-W-F-T, period, end of story.

Chris' Predicted Winner (and NOT bald): Enzo “The Realest” Amore


This would be a great match to start the show. They haven't had a very high-profile feud, but it certainly has been entertaining. Enzo and Big Cass have something in them that just connects with the fans and makes us excited every time we see them! LeFort hasn't had a very important role since debuting on NXT TV, but he and Marcus Louis may get somewhere. I'm not expecting much out of this match. Enzo will pick up the win and hopefully we see Team SAWFT get a tag title shot soon.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Enzo Amore

Logan's Predicted Winner: Enzo Amore

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Enzo Amore

NXT Women's Championship Match:

Charlotte (c) vs. Bayley


To be honest, I am not a huge fan of Bayley. The girl can hang with the best, but I just don’t care for the gimmick. On the other hand, I love Charlotte. She will be a great addition to the Diva’s Division, which is getting more talented with every new diva. Charlotte’s time as champion is not over yet. She can show so much more before it is time to pass the title along. Bayley isn’t ready to take down the queen yet.

Zeppelin's Predicted Winner: Charlotte


After the awesomeness that was Charlotte and Natalya, I’m really wondering what Bayley will bring to the table. I have said for a while Bayley is a great worker stuck in a terrible gimmick. About the only good thing to come from it was the crowd chant “Bayley’s gonna hug you!” is just hilarious. I am interested to see if she is going to step up her game and prove why she deserves her spot. I am surprisingly really looking forward to this match, more than I was a few weeks ago. I can’t wait for it.

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Charlotte


I feel I'm in the minority as a fan of Bayley. Charlotte is supposedly being prepared for the main roster, which to me means she'll be dropping the title and moving on to greener pastures. I'm not expecting an amazing performance, Charlotte leaves a bit to be desired and Bayley isn't quite ready for prime time yet, but I see Charlotte taking the loss.

Chris' Predicted Winner: Bayley (new champion)


Some fans seem skeptical of this match and the potential it has to follow up Charlotte vs. Natalya from May. Bayley is entertaining and underrated, I believe. She can steal the show if given a chance. And this match is the perfect opportunity! Charlotte and Bayley both will benefit from this match. Bayley's gimmick isn't something most fans care for, but I am still a big supporter. Charlotte needs this win to continue her dominant reign and work towards debuting on the main roster.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Charlotte

Logan's Predicted Winner: Charlotte

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Charlotte

NXT Tag Team Championship Match:

The Ascension (c) vs. Sin Cara & Kalisto


The reign of The Ascension is coming to an end. The whole point of this tournament was to establish a team worthy enough to take them down. Kalisto and Sin Cara are going to be fine replacements for the dominating duo, and after this loss, they can get the call up to the main roster.

Zeppelin's Predicted Winners: Sin Cara & Kalisto (new champions)


I have been waiting a long time to get any kind of progression out of Ascension and I am still left waiting. I know many people out there like Chris Surrency are huge fans of Ascension but I just don’t see it. Their gimmick is stale and their matches are old. I am sick of squash match after squash match. It’s boring, uneventful, and does nothing for anyone. That being said, how can a team that was just thrown together and are half the size possibly have a chance? To squash that much talent just to go in match one and beat the tag team would be stupid and piss me off. Not sure what else to say. My fingers are dreading this match plain and simple.

Gesus' Predicted Winners: The Ascension


We all know Ascension is on the verge of a call up, so the logical move would be for them to drop the titles here, right? That's why I see it going the other direction. I'm a fan of both teams and could see a solid match coming out of this pairing, but I see Ascension actually retaining the tag titles, then dropping them at the NXT tapings the next night.

Chris' Predicted Winner: The Ascension


Ugh, The Ascension! You've probably heard this from me somewhere, and I shall repeat here again. The Ascension has been around for more than two years, and ninety percent of their matches have followed the same pattern. It goes a little something like this: Ding, Destroy, Fall of Man, Ding, Repeat. Sounds something like Brock Lesnar's match against Cena at SummerSlam, right? Well imagine seeing the match for two minutes at least every other week. Sin Cara and Kalisto impressed me throughout the entire NXT tag team tournament and it would certainly be nice to see at least one title change hands, and please let it be this one!

CJ's Predicted Winners: Sin Cara & Kalisto (new champions)

Logan's Predicted Winner: The Ascension

Jamie's Predicted Winner: The Ascension

Fatal Four-Way NXT Championship Match:

Adrian Neville (c) vs. Sami Zayn, Tyson Kidd, & Tyler Breeze


This is the match I am looking forward to. All four of these men could come out as champion in my book, but who actually deserves it? This title is the launching pad towards getting a call to the main roster. With that being said, Tyson Kidd won’t get it. He has shined at NXT, but his time for a WWE return isn’t here anytime soon. Maybe he should remain a team with Justin Gabriel and go for tag team gold. Tyler Breeze and Adrian Neville are both talented, but something tells me they won’t win it either. That leaves Sami Zayn. The man has it, and his entire character has been the man fighting to win the big one. It is time for a new part of Sami Zayn to be explored, the one that actually wins. Let’s see if Sami Zayn’s character can be as captivating as champion as he was as the challenger. His time is now, and I believe he is going to be among the next crop of superstars called up after this.

Zeppelin's Predicted Winner: Sami Zayn (new champion)


This match, I feel, if you aren’t excited for, then you shouldn’t call yourself a wrestling fan. This match has everything you could want. There has been solid build, awesome wrestling, and great characters to work with to name a few things. My fingers weep at fact that I have to write this match live. This match should go the distance and be given a while to go. I am not completely sold on Adrian Neville yet, but he has shown solid in ring skills in everything he’s done so far. I know I’m in the minority on that. I would love to see Sami walk out with the title. He is the most promising wrestler out of the bunch. A huge fan favorite and a wrestler that is truly must see down in NXT. That’s not to say Breeze and Kidd aren’t. I do feel the WWE will reward a heel with a title run and that heel be Kidd. He, as my friend Matt said, is doing the best work of his career. I personally would have loved to see Natalya and him reign supreme over NXT for a while and have them both be heel. Let’s hope WWE does something to blow us out of the water. An ability this match definitely has. The mere fact that it’s so hard to guess who will win is evident enough this was built solid.

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Tyson Kidd (new champion)


This match should EASILY climb into the match of the year conversation, as NXT tends to do these days. Neville and Zayn are supposed to be moving up very soon, Kidd is very talented but I don't know if I would put the title on him here because it almost forces a Breeze face turn to chase the gold. While I am a fan of Breeze, I don't want him turned face right now, it's too soon. I say Breeze HAS to win the title in this case, he winds up hitting his kick and pinning Kidd to become champ.

Chris' Predicted Winner: Tyler Breeze (new champion)


This is going to be something special. I'm not sure how many remember, but Kidd, Zayn, and Breeze clashed in a triple threat match in May to determine who would face Neville at the first Takeover. Adding Neville to the mix, as well as the NXT Championship, will only make this just flat out awesome. We know each and every one of these guys is talented and worthy of holding the title, but it's all about trying to see what the creative team is thinking. You can go with the simple option of having Neville retain. You could strap Kidd, who has refueled his career since coming down to NXT. Sami Zayn is looking to be a favorable choice, one that I'm highly considering. Or Tyler Breeze, who technically is the number one contender, could walk out as the first credible heel to win the title (haha). They each gave us an awesome little tag team match on Raw and now we are all left wondering who is going to the main roster next. I keep going back and forth on this, and have finally decided that Sami Zayn will win the NXT Championship and Adrian Neville will head up to the main roster.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Sami Zayn (new champion)

Logan's Predicted Winner: Sami Zayn (new champion)

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Tyler Breeze (new champion)


Well, there you have it! I must say that I'm actually surprised no one has Adrian Neville retaining in the main event. Be sure to join us Thursday night in the NXT Takeover Open Thread, which is open to everyone. Gesus Oliver will be providing live results and we will have full coverage right here at Feel free to leave your predictions and comments below and thanks for reading!

CJ, Gesus, Chris, Zeppelin, Logan, & Jamie

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