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WNW Reviews: WWE TLC

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Sasha Banks VS Alicia Fox (GRADE C)

From temper tantrums to crying, this match was decent. Alicia Fox's crazy persona was fun to watch. There was quite a bit of action throughout in this kick off match. Some good spots in the match from both Fox and Banks. Sasha's counter's proved on why she is the boss at the end of this one. Picking up the submission victory.

Asuka VS Emma (GRADE B)

Asuka's Main Roster debut was worth the wait. She proved why she's such an great in-ring performer. A bevy of submission attempt's and counters made this match very enjoyable. I'm not at all knocking Emma in this match, she too showed she belongs in the mix at the top of the Women's Division. The match overall was very good. Very Physical. Emma showed why she really is the Diamond In The Rough. But Asuka showed us why she is the Empress of tomorrow.

Cedric Alexander and Rich Swan VS Gentleman Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick (GRADE B)

The Cruiserweight Division never fails to put on a great show. They are by far the most athletic group in the WWE. They bring the best out of one another each and every time out. And this match did not fail. They showed their speed, their high flying abilities, and their power. They proved why they are the most exciting group on WWE television. This match was filled with great action from beginning to end.

Raw Women's Championship Alexa Bliss VS Mickie James (GRADE B)

The Women's Division proved once again they belong. Especially the way Mickie James worked, she looked like the Mickie James of the past. She put in some great work against Bliss. And Bliss as well did not disappoint. Good action throughout, but even though Mickie James did not take the Raw Women's Championship home, and become an 7 time champion, she showed us why she's an former Women's Champion six times over.

Cruiserweight Championship Enzo Amore VS Kalisto (GRADE C)

The reason for the Grade is because this match to me did not live up to the Cruiserweight style we're used to seeing. Now I know Enzo isn't going to blow us away with a Lucha Libre style match, but just a bit more action would have given this match a higher grade. Most of the match was grounded, and not as exciting as the Cruiserweight Division lives up to be.

Finn Balor (The Demon) VS AJ Styles (GRADE A)

The fantasy match we've all been waiting for. These two put on a great show with less than 48 hours to prepare. That's what happens when two true ring general's face off. From the beginning to the very end, it was an amazing match that lived up to the hype, in the short time we had to digest. I'd say this match was just TOO SWEET.

Jason Jordan VS Elias (GRADE C)

No build up, nothing spectacular to draw you into the match. Jason Jordan showed his wrestling background, and Elias showed his power. I enjoyed both guys, but nothing in this match said PPV to me.

Kurt Angle and The Shield Rollins And Ambrose VS The Miz, Cesaro, Sheamus, Braun Strowman And Kane (GRADE B)

What can I say about this match?. For the very short time to implement Kurt Angle. A guy that hasn't been in competition for quite some time, was actually very exciting overall. There was chaos every where, which we can all enjoy. I loved seeing Kurt as an in-ring competitor, he showed he still had something left in the tank. The rest of the guy's showed that no matter what the circumstances were they could put together a decent match. A ton of chaos everywhere made the match watchable.

Final Grade B-

TLC was overall decent. I'm feeling a bit generous with the overall Grade. Once again it lacked that certain something. That match in which a Major Title was on the line. Not having the Universal Title on the line makes you lose interest in a way. There's very little direction when the Champion stays off the show. We have a PPV and we expect to see the Title on the line. Yes we got to see Finn VS AJ, and the return of Kurt Angle. But not seeing the respective Champion on the PPV is always a buzz kill. Not even a showing by Brock Lesnar hurt the PPV for me. The entire handicap scenario involving a thrown in Kane was also very confusing.

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