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WrestleMania 34 Main Event: Charlotte vs Asuka


This past weekend at the Royal Rumble, the female Superstars proved they have become a focal point in WWE. These women have done anything and everything in WWE. From competing inside Hell in a Cell, to having a Money in the Bank ladder match, and most recently, a Royal Rumble match. The female Superstars have done it all, and they have shown that they are just as good as the men. The only thing left for them to do, is main event WrestleMania 34.

WrestleMania is the showcase of the immortals, and the grandest stage of them all. WrestleMania is a place where history is made, and where Superstars establish their legacy. Now it's time for the women to do just that; it’s time for Asuka and Charlotte to main event WrestleMania 34.

Asuka vs Charlotte makes sense on paper. On one side you have Asuka. The Emperess of Tomorrow, the woman who's never lost, the longest reigning NXT Woman's Champion, and the winner of the first ever Women's Royal Rumble. Then there's Charlotte. The self-proclaimed Queen of WWE, the daughter of Ric Flair, and the SmackDown Live Women's Champion.

Charlotte and Asuka need each other. The same way Trish needed Lita, and Stone Cold needed The Rock. Charlotte and Asuka will push each other, in what could be the biggest Women’s match in the history of WWE.

Now, it's still up in the air who Asuka will face at WrestleMania, but Charlotte gave WWE something to work with.

During the Royal Rumble pre-show Charlotte expressed interest in a match with Asuka. Charlotte, in so many words, said she wants to end the streak, and be the first woman to defeat Asuka. WWE could parlay that statement, along with Asuka's Rumble win, to start a fued between the two women.

The WWE has an opportunity to make history yet again. The women in the WWE have proven time and time again, that not only are they good, but at times they are better than the men.

This years WrestleMania needs a woman's main event. Not just because they are women, but because they deserve it.

Charlotte and Asuka are two of the best Superstars in WWE, period. These women have the skill and drive to put on a match worthy of a WrestleMania main event. Now all WWE has to do, is give it to them.

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