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WWE Predicts - 1,000th episode of RAW

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Ken -

The other night I was talking to Gesus about the upcoming 1,000th episode of RAW. Shocker, we're always talking wrestling, but he thought it might be a good idea to write up our predictions for 1,000th episode of RAW. There's no major PPV this weekend, so we had the extra time to think about what might happen on Monday and write out our thoughts on the matter. Between the two of us we worked out specific matches and topics for predicting, but I have to give the props for the overall idea of this WWE Predicts to Gesus. He should get the props for this Blog, he's a newlywed, so he needs all the props he can get!

Gesus -

What a great day to be a wrestling fan. The 1000th episode of raw is upon us. This feat is really a feel good moment. Yes to be fair every week that goes by with a new episode is slowly turning the knife into everyone that says “Wrestling is fake or wrestling is stupid how can you watch that?” Wrestling is so much than 'fake' but I am sure I don’t need to bore you with futile attempts at explaining what it is, because ultimately it is what ever you want it to be. I am going to try writing these predictions as what I would like to see on Raw, as well as how I’d book the show. Of course not 3 hours of television but high notes of surprise appearances, memorable flash backs, and great matches.

Ken Predicts - What will happen with DX?

The big questions I've seen floating around the web are whether more than Trip and HBK will appear, and will they be the only members of DX who will appear? I know they keep advertising them as a duo, but this is the WWE and they love swerves. While I adore Trip and HBK, and their chemistry is something that few can touch, I would like to see Road Dogg and Mr. Ass appear with them. I know things could be a bit touchy with X-Pac, but who knows, relations could be better than I think. The one member of DX I can almost guarantee won't appear is Chyna. After all the porn she's been involved with, I don't see the WWE wanting her anywhere near RAW, for any reason.

I know that Trip and HBK will leave us cheering for more and laughing until we're in tears, but more than that, I want to see Trip and HBK get into it with someone. Personally, I think it HAS to be VKM. Who has DX tortured more than VKM, so it's a natural! I have to admit that I'd love to see Steph involved as well. There's so many things they could do with DX, I hope they go all out in a big way. Oh, it would be fun to see DX abuse Ziggler, at least verbally, but that's not the big fun they will have. VKM has too much history with DX, and he's such a great target, so he will have the biggest bulls-eye on him.

Ken's Predicted DX Segment – A whole herd of DX & VKM abuse!

Stacy's Predicted DX Segment– Only HBK & Trip – abuse Big Show

Gesus Predicts – What will happen with DX?

I would for them to put together a nice DX return as one of the first shows I remember clearly was DX invading WCW. I hate when they just throw together a return where HBK hops around in the ring while they act goofy clearly laughing in the face of anyone with half a brain that can remember the true DX. I first want to say no, I don’t expect Chyna to be there, instead I will wait for her return at WrestleMania 30 aka WrestleMania XXX. I do hope that since Road Dogg is a producer on the road that he will make an appearance. He has been in good graces with the company and would be a great way for them to have a glimpse of history of them faction. I don’t think they would bring back Billy Gun, thought I have heard he has cleaned up and when I saw him back in December he as looking healthy and great.

I would like to share a funny story I had at a house show about DX. About 2 years back when DX “reunited” with HBK and HHH. The house show had X-Pac and Road Dogg. They both looked in really bad shape. X-Pac just looked run down and unhealthy while Road Dogg looked bloated and out of shape. I later found out that it was about 2 months before X-Pac admittedly attempted suicide. In the ring though they both cut a promo resulting in the roar of the crowd about how they’re the real DX.

Gesus' Predicted DX Segment - Road Dogg, Billy Gunn & X-Pac

Ken Predicts – IC Title Match – Christian (C) vs TBA

I've been floating around online to see if anyone had been announced for this Title match against Christian. A lot of people have many interesting things to say about this match. Thoughts on who Christian could face range from any number of people on the roster, legends who wouldn't have a chance of beating Christian, legends who really have a shot of beating Christian and becoming IC Champ – at least for a bit – and wrestlers who are not with the company, but might be returning and could shockingly show up and beat Christian. I read somewhere that maybe Wade could return and defeat Christian for the Title. That would be quite the way to return, but I thought Wade would be returning to face Orton. Then again, if Orton is going back into the main event after his return - something I very strongly disagree with – then Wade will need someone to feud with, and why not Christian?

The other intriguing name I saw thrown out was JoMo. Yes, none other than John Morrison. Now that would be a great return for him, but I'd rather see him return to face his former partner Miz. JoMo has been gone long enough that he could be repackaged and return as someone new and fresh. But no matter who it is facing Christian, whether it's someone returning, a legend, or the likes of someone already on the roster, I think Christian will retain. I'm not saying he'll win clean, but he will retain through this match. Hopefully it's someone that will start a fantastic feud with Christian.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Christian retains

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Christian wins & retains

Gesus Predicts - IC Title Match – Christian vs TBA

I would love to see a throwback Christian has a match against a former IC great. Then I think about a great IC champion and I can’t find anyone that makes sense and shocking. Few ideas I had but wasn’t excited for it for several reasons some obvious some not, I wont get into though. They are Jericho, Morrison, Scott Hall and of course Honky Tonk. I sadly expect a great match with no title change but ultimately being a let down, just like how they have booked the title.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Christian retains

Ken Predicts – AJ & Bryan's wedding?

I had been hoping that Jericho would win his MITBLM, then try to cash in at MITB and AJ would join him. To me it felt like a very viable option, but we know that didn't happen and Jericho is going in a completely different direction. I'm not complaining because I think Jericho could really help Ziggler make that jump to the top, but it left me without my storyline.

As things go in wrestling, very few weddings go off without a hitch. It's a soap opera and very few weddings go down as planned, and I don't see AJ and Bryan getting married here. The big question is who will break up the wedding and under what circumstances? Well, there's Punk and I will be very bummed if his run with Bryan is over because I feel like we're being cheated out of an iron man match that could have been a jaw dropping culmination of what has been the feud of the year – because of their ring and mic work, but also because of all AJ has done to help push this feud to a whole new level. Sadly I think Punk will be working with Cena here for a bit. Maybe they will revisit this storyline, but I doubt it will be with a involves the way she has been. So I guess Punk is out. Then there's Kane, and while he said AJ was too crazy even for him, I would love for them to revisit these two together because the chemistry is so interesting! And they teased possible feelings between them on Smackdown this week.

But I'm still left without a clue as to who will stop the wedding and why. I guess it could be someone stopping the wedding because they don't want Bryan to be married, but I don't see that being the case. Nothing against Bryan, but AJ has been the focal point on RAW recently. I guess the big question is, who will Bryan be feuding with, that's who will be stopping the wedding. Screw is, I'm going with Kane. I love the man and I think his chemistry with AJ is so terribly interesting.

Ken's Predicted Wedding Crasher – Kane, because he 'loves' AJ

Stacy's Predicted Wedding Crasher – Punk & AJ, Punk doesn't like/trust Bryan & AJ is a crazy chick

Gesus Predicts - AJ & Bryan's wedding?

This has seemed like a thrown together rushed storyline. One I don’t really care for. Both AJ and DBD are stars, but this storyline is so beneath them. No marriage goes without their issues. The only way I can see this being relevant and fun is by the remembrance of the weddings involving Stephanie. Those were some classic moments. I would like to see Kane interfere. Though honestly I just don’t care.

I would like to see a throwback to some of Divas throughout the years. I think it would be a big mistake not to talk about the likes of a Mae Young whom I always love to see on TV. As well as Lita, Trish, the love Molly Holly and Sable. I’d make sense to use Sable since she is probably there with Brock anyway. Divas have provided us with great moments in wrestling. I hope they ignore some of the low lights and degrading parts of Divas programing, but I feel it will have been forgotten. Thank you Linda.

Gesus' Predicted Wedding Crasher - Kane

Ken Predicts – What Legends will appear and what will they do?

This list could be massive! Of course there's the list who have already been announced, but I know there will be some jaw dropping shockers. Honestly, I couldn't even begin to guess what unexpected Superstars they could throw at us. There's any number of hundreds of alumni that could be on RAW. I do think that Taker will be there as they've been pushing his newest Streak DVD to be released the day after RAW (which I absolutely will spend the money for). I will be shocked if SCSA does not appear on RAW, it's a natural and could set up for so much in the future.

The only names I can guarantee won't be there live are those who have passed on. Also, I can almost guarantee that Linda McMahon won't be on RAW this week. Originally I thought we could rule out those who are under contract with other companies, but the more I thought about it, the more I wonder if that's really so. I don't know if Flair is still contractually with TNA, but I know because of the lawsuit he can't be hired by the WWE. Does that mean he can't show up on RAW without a contract? Who says Flair has to be under contract, or even 'paid' to appear? Just a thought. Shows that we might not be able to count anyone out just because of their situation. Honestly, I'm just going to sit back, enjoy and hope I don't misspell any names. If I do, I apologize!

Ken's Predicted Appearances – Taker, SCSA & more than I can imagine!

Stacy's Predicted Appearances – SCSA, Snuka, DiBiase & Jake 'The Snake' Roberts

Gesus Predicts – What legends will appear, and what will they do?

I would like to see Undertaker return as well. He has provided so many great Raw moments. I didn’t think he was going to show but then on raw last week they promo’d a new taker DVD that comes out Tuesday. Why wouldn’t he come back for some hype to make a few bucks. I don’t exactly see Paul Bearer showing up, but that isn’t a bad thing at all lately. I love Percy but his returns have been a bit over saturated. I think it would be great to have HHH in the ring having a bit with Lesnar and Taker comes out and lays down a challenge against Lesnar for Wrestlemania, if there is anything left after Summerslam. I think it would be a great moment and get people really buzzing about Wrestlemania next year. I don’t mind Taker having limited appearances unlike Lesnar. Taker has nothing left to prove to anyone yet still being a great treat when we see him.

I hope they go somewhere with the interim general manager storyline. I would love to see Mick Foley come back out as a the Commissioner. It would perfectly set up a program with Dean Ambrose, and it would be a great way to set up a feud between them. WWE is foolish not to put them on TV. Feuding for a few months culminating in a PPV match is just money. With them having an in ring segment fighting it would create a perfect opportunity for Stone Cold Steve Austin to come out and drop Dean with a stunner.

I some how feel like there won’t be an in ring segment with Vince. It makes to much sense for him to come out to the ring and have a heart felt Thank you. That would obviously be the best idea for a stunner since that was the feel good moment for anyone and everyone.

I also would find it a bit exciting if any of these men came out to the ring and toss their hat in the ring. The names that come to mine are Sergeant Slaughter, HBK as a member of DX, and Regal. Just think about it.

Gesus' Predicted Appearances – Taker, Slaughter, Foley, Ambrose & Regal

Ken Predicts - What will Slater do?

I have a very good friend, Asher, who was a wrestling fan back in the day, but he doesn't really watch these days as he doesn't really watch TV. This past week Asher was house sitting, so he caught RAW. He texted me in the middle of RAW and asked me about Slater. I had Stacy text him back so that I could continue writing the RAW Results. Well, I saw Asher later in the week and he brought up Slater again and how impressed he is with his mic work and his attitude. Remember, he's not seen anything other than Slater talking himself up, then Rikishi taking Slater out. (My friend also asked if AJ was supposed to come off as crazy, as she sure seemed that way to him.) I explained Slater's history from NXT, Nexus and into mid-card purgatory. He brought up that Slater reminded him of a young Edge. Asher didn't see much past Edge and Christian running with Gangrel, so he didn't see how Edge grew and matured on our TVs. He was going on Edge way back then, and after thinking about it, I have to agree. I've been saying since this run for Slater on RAW that I really think the young man has something. He's very talented – working mic and the ring with legends who hit their big moves on him, and he made them look good – and has that extra spark that really makes for a Superstar. I think Slater has that, and it felt great to hear that a friend who hasn't watched in so long saw that something that I've been seeing in him. My biggest worry is that TPTB in the WWE doesn't see that spark and that they won't have anything creative for him after this Monday's 1,000th episode of RAW.

But, after all they've put Slater through leading up to 1,000th episode of RAW, it's obvious that he's going to take a pummeling from a big name. While some people online have been picking Austin to be the man to take Slater out with a stunner, I'm going with Taker and a tombstone. I feel really good about this one. Maybe if Slater works this right TPTB will see more for him in the future. I really hope I don't have to start a Twitter campaign for Slater, but I will if I have to.

Ken's Predicted Abuser – Taker w/ a tombstone

Stacy's Predicted Abuser – HBK w/ sweet chin music

Ken Predicts – What will JR announce?

While Punk stated that he wanted JR to announce his match with Cena, I would love to see JR doing more than that. I, like so many who love JR, feel that he should be on RAW instead of Cole, but we don't have any say in the matter, and for some reason VKM loves to hate on JR. I think it goes back to VKM's feeling that no one man is bigger than the WWE, even though Cena has proven over and over that he is. I worry about Cole being a total prat to JR, but I think (hope) that TPTB (VKM) will play things nicely because it is such a huge show. So I'd love to see more of JR, but I think JR will only be out to announce the main even – the WWE Championship Match.

Ken's Predicted JR Involvement – WWE Championship Match

Stacy's Predicted JR Involvement – WWE Championship Match

Ken Predicts – MITB Contract WWE Championship Match – CM Punk (C) vs John Cena

After all the talk that's been going around about every MITBLM winner cashing in to become Champ, I'm thinking either Cena or Ziggler won't be winning the Title when he cashes in. For Ziggler, that would be the kiss of death, but Cena could handle it, especially if it sets up for a Title match at SummerSlam, as it would. Not sure it will be a one on one match, but Cena will end up facing Punk at SummerSlam, even though we, the fans, deserve to see Bryan face Punk in an Iron Man Match for the WWE Championship. The WWE is thinking ahead and setting up for Rocky and WrestleMania already, and I think this is a first step. I see Rocky getting in Cena's face at some point in this show, but not in this match.

I'd think Rocky would want Cena to win the strap, but I think Cena pissed off Big Show last week, so there will be a problem with him. I don't know why Big Show wanted Cena to cash in on Punk last week. Last I knew Big Show had more of a beef with Cena than he did with Punk, but Big Show was all about Cena cashing in when Punk was down. I really think WWE's creative dropped the ball on that one last week. Hopefully something that makes sense comes to fruition this week. All that being said, I see this match going to a screwy ending where Punk ends up retaining. I don't know how it's going to go down, but Big Show, and possibly others, will be involved to cause the screwy mess.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Screwy ending, Punk retains

Stacy's Predicted Winner – AJ or Bryan retaliates & costs Punk the match, Cena wins WWE Championship

Gesus Predicts - MITB Contract WWE Championship Match – CM Punk (C) vs John Cena

I just want to say if JR isn’t yet announcing it is a darn shame. As the voice of WWE and the Voice of RAW, he needs to be here, no excuses. Vince better put his ego aside. Nothing I can say hasn’t already been said or thought on this subject.

My question, and what I have been going back and forth with on this outcome is, where does Punk go if he loses the Title? His long reign has been great but if you haven’t ended a PPV in 7 month,s it’s not the greatest run. Yes, not entirely his fault it’s WWE’s, and the man has put on phenomenal matches. My other big hesitation is, will WWE make their first MITB cash in loss be their poster boy? I would like to see the rock come out and cost him his match. Only for Cena to vow to win it and have a match a title match at Wrestlemania. I don’t see it happening, but it a great way for the Rock to show up in such a great capacity.

Gesus' Predicted Winner – CM Punk

Gesus -

I hope there are no low-lights in this RAW, as they reminisce past terrible story lines. I am sure they will, but I want to refresh a few memories. I hope they ignore anything Katie Vick. Yes it was funny but very wrong. Mae Young's hand, while we are at it, anything sexual chocolate. anything Bra and Pantie, barking as a dog while we are at it. JR getting lit on fire. Those are just a few that stick out in my head.

Raw should be a great feeling of accomplishment not only for WWE but for the fans that helped get it this far. I hope WWE doesn’t drop the ball this time around like they have done so very often with thrown together specials. There is so much that can be done with this show tonight. So many feel good moments. Let’s sit back and enjoy the ride.

Ken -

I am expecting a lot from this 1,000th episode of RAW. While I'm sure there's going to be a lot shoehorned into this show, I doubt they will be dropping the PG rating for the night, something they would need to do for this show to be over the top amazing, and give the fans a true taste of what RAW has been through the thousand episodes. I'm sure there will be some moments that are more over-the-top than we've seen recently, but I don't think we'll be seeing much about VKM loving cock. As long as they focus on the positive and avoid the negative, honor those who have put so much blood, sweat, tears, time and love in to RAW, and that they don't talk too too much, as I want to stay up to the minute, but the talking always messes me. Also, I promised I'd have my writing cave set up so that I won't be balancing my netbook on my knees which is always a pain, and we're almost finished.

So, what are you expecting to see on 1,000th episode of RAW? What do you most want to see? What do you hope the WWE avoids? Who will be the most shocking surprise appearance? Do you think the WWE will do justice to such a huge milestone episode?

KB, Gesus & Stacy

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