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WWE Predicts - Elimination Chamber

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This Sunday WWE presents Elimination Chamber from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I'm really excited about this PPV, even though there's only four matches on the card as of now. Honestly, a couple of my closest online friends are going to be at Elimination Chamber live and I'm very jealous of them, but it also means I'm hoping for some really great pictures to link to after it's over!

Blitz here to make picks for Elimination Chamber. I have made it clear that I have a high distaste for multi-man(or woman) title matches, but I have confidence that WWE will give us good matches to match the solid card presented.

The only two matches on this four match card that I predict as having the potential to be VERY good are the actual Chamber matches themselves. The Kane match will probably remind us all of an Abyss/Foley match and the Divas match will probably be the typical paint-by-the-numbers Divas match-up. Food for thought here, out of 14 people booked in the four announced matches, all but 5 of them have been a WWE, WHC, or NWA world champion. Pretty high profile players on this card if you ask me.

Divas Championship Match – Beth Phoenix (C) vs Tamina Snuka

I really hope this will be a great match, but I doubt it will be. I have been worried about Tamina's actual ring work because we haven't seen much from her. As I stated a number of times when Tamina was 'dating' Santino, she is visually expressive and she's been showing that lately, but she hasn't shown many actual wrestling moves. I hope she's a solid wrestler, more than a girl who can fly off the corners in the way her father did. I find it interesting that it always looks like she should be flying from much higher than the corner, but more importantly, she's different! Tamina doesn't look like the rest of the cookie cutter Divas and that's refreshing to me. What this match comes down to is how long until Kharma returns full time? If she's going to be out for a bit longer, I wouldn't be too adverse to Tamina winning the strap and having a short feud with Beth until Kharma comes back and she feuds with Beth. Just to be obstinate, I'm going with Tamina on this one. Not saying the match will be great, but just to shake things up getting ready for Kharma's return.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Tamina

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Tamina

Blitz Predicts - Divas title match: Beth Phoenix vs Tamina Snuka

Finally, a challenger who can wrestle! This will be one of the better female matches that we've been treated to lately, but I really can't see the Glamazon losing knowing that Kharma is waiting in the wings. Beth Phoenix walks out with the belt, possibly in a dirty manner.

Blitz's Predicted Winner – Beth Phoenix

Chris Predicts - Divas Championship Match: (c) Beth Phoenix vs Tamina Snuka

Do I really need to have any thoughts on this one? Outcome: Beth retains and goes to Mania to defend against Karma.

Chris' Predicted Winner – Beth Phoenix

Ken Predicts – Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match for WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Daniel Bryan (C) vs Wade Barrett vs Big Show vs Great Khali vs Santino Marella vs Cody Rhodes

I am probably one of the very few who is interested in seeing Santino in this Elimination Chamber Match. Okay, more interested in Santino than Khali. I really hope that Santino is able to show off his wrestling skills that so often get pushed aside for the sake of comedy. Yes, he is a funny man, but he's shown that he can work the ring when booked to do so. Again, I expect nothing, or less than nothing from Khali in this. He's only in there to keep VKM's grapefruits swollen. Big Show and D-Bry should be fun to watch in this one after all their recent fighting. I'm bummed to see that Orton is out of this match, but I didn't see him winning it in the first place. And while Sheamus and Wade have been feuding together, I really don't want to see them facing off in the main event at WrestleMania. I expect to see huge things from Cody in this match. Back when he and Ted were bumbling around after Orton, I was laughed at when I said I saw Cody making it to the top before Ted. Now Cody is reaching for the top and Ted is just getting past really struggling to get over. This very well could be the place for Cody to really prove himself, but in the end, D-Bry is going to walk out with the Title still around his waist.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Daniel Bryan

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Daniel Bryan

Blitz Predicts - Smackdown Elimination Chamber: Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett vs. Santino Marella vs. Big Show vs. Great Khali vs. Cody Rhodes

Before I get on to this pick: What in the deepest pits of Hades is SANTINO MARELLA doing in a world title match? If WWE is that desperate, they could have put in Drew McIntyre/Mark Henry/Justin Gabriel/Brodus Clay/a returning Christian/Hunico/DiBiase/just about anyone on the roster, but no, let's put in Santino, who along with Khali has been known as nothing more than comic relief. If Santino makes it INTO the match without being previously taken out, it will be a miracle of miracles. This Chamber match has been better built than the Raw Chamber match (sans Santino) and thus should be a show-clinching performance. Before I break down the wrestlers, let it be known that none of the faces are walking out with the strap. Khali does not belong anywhere near the championship, especially not just coming back from time off. Big Show really doesn't need the strap at this point, and this goes double considering it's likely Show vs. Shaq (or some other celeb) at WrestleMania. Santino and the best case to be attacked for his spot (most likely suspects being, BUT his replacement will not win it either. That leaves Bryan, Barrett and Rhodes. Rhodes isn't winning this one as he's already IC champion and giving him the dual straps this early in the angle just won't do. The obvious booking here is that Barrett wins and gets Sheamus, but I think the champ has what it takes to retain and feud with Randy Orton leading up to WrestleMania to finish cementing himself as a champion(see Raw Chamber as to why).

Blitz's Predicted Winner – Daniel Bryan

Chris Predicts - SMACKDOWN Elimination Chamber match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: (c) Daniel Bryan vs the Big Show vs the Great Khali vs IC Champion Cody Rhodes vs Wade Barrett vs Santino Marella

Santino wins! Okay, all kidding aside, there are three IC champs and three world champs in this match. Good booking, even with Santino thrown in for comedic relief because Orton is "injured". I had Orton pegged to win this one, but, since he "can't" compete I don't see the title changing hands. Nobody will buy Mania to see Big Show as champ, sorry Show-fans.

Chris' Predicted Winner & still WWE WHC Daniel Bryan

Ken Predicts – Ambulance Match – Kane vs John Cena

Either Cena will lose this to head into WrestleMania against Rocky as the underdog, or he will win and go into WrestleMania looking strong. Actually, he could lose here, but still go into WrestleMania strong if he's built up between now and then. I think it would be great for Cena to lose this one, but then beat Kane in a blow off match on the next RAW, then he can clearly move on to Rocky with all of this behind him. But does that mean he doesn't wrestle much for the next month? So many questions! The one thing I really hope for in this match is a return of the Attitude Era and let these two go all out. I think the fans need to see Cena in this way before he goes in to face Rocky. It would validate Cena as more of a fighter than he's seen these days because of his over the top perky persona, and put him in better standings going in to face Rocky, but it would also make this match into what an Ambulance Match should be. We all know that HIAC matches without color just don't have the charm that they used to. It's time to let the color come out for the sake of the wrestlers, the fans, and the match as a whole. I'm going with Kane to win this, possibly with Eve's help, but then Cena coming back to defeat him on RAW.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Kane

Stacy's Predicted Winner – John Cena

Blitz Predicts - Ambulance match: Kane vs. John Cena

This feud was pretty good...until Eve jumped out the ambulance and onto Cena's lips. That sounds almost like something Vince Russo would do! If I didn't know better I'd say that Russo was out before Against All Odds and back on the Raw team before Monday. Seriously, I can understand Kane trying his best to destroy Ryder, but there was no need to involve Eve in this feud whatsoever. While Kane won the last Ambulance match against Shane McMahon, Shane-O-Mac is no Cena, and Shane didn't have a match with the Rock coming up. I'd love for Kane to win and finish unleashing the hate in Cena....but let's be honest with ourselves: It's about as likely as seeing Melina welcomed back in the locker room with open arms.

Blitz's Predicted Winner – John Cena

Chris Predicts - Ambulance Match: John Cena vs Kane

You can bet that this one will have some added drama with the recent segments with Eve and Ryder. Rock could even possibly make an unannounced appearance here. Either way, this feud dies with this match, and the only way it logically dies is.....

Chris' Predicted Winner - John Cena (who may/may not embrace the hate lolz)

Ken Predicts – RAW Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship – CM Punk (C) vs Dolph Ziggler vs R-Truth vs Miz vs Jericho vs Kofi Kingston

I picked D-Bry to win the Smackdown Elimination Chamber, so does that mean I have to pick a new Champion for the WWE Championship? Arg, I don't know! First off I expect to see huge things from Kofi in this match. He's had some time to grow, and has worked hard, since Orton had a fit about Kofi not yet being ready. Kofi has worked through diversity – his tag partner having two Wellness strikes – and has really grown as a competitor. He showed last Monday that he might be an underdog, but he sure isn't an afterthought, when he held his own with Jericho in the ring. For some reason I think Kofi has more of a chance to win this than Dolph does. I don't know why, but Dolph has seemed to be slipping a bit in his standings lately, in my opinion. While R-Truth is getting quite the push, I don't see him winning this one, but I'd love to see him feud with Dolph after the debate on RAW. There's no way Miz could win this one at this point. I think he's in line for some humbling and it could happen painfully in this match. While I'd love to see Punk face Jericho at WrestleMania, I'm not sure I want to pick Jericho to win the Title here. Further, do I pick Punk to retain after I picked D-Bry to retain? And why do Punk and Jericho have to be fighting over the WWE Championship at WrestleMania? Screw it, I'm going way out in left field and picking Kofi. Every once in a while I'm correct in my absurdity, and why shouldn't they really shake things up heading to WrestleMania?

Ken's Predicted Winner – Kofi Kingston

Stacy's Predicted Winner – CM Punk

Blitz Predicts - Raw Elimination Chamber: CM Punk vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Miz vs. R-Truth vs. Chris Jericho

I'm sort of looking forward to this match but I'm dreading the screwjob capabilities this set offers. My picks for the two chamber matches are actually dependent on each other seeing as Sheamus would be facing one of them. As I did with Smackdown, I'm going to eliminate half the field from winning right now: Miz (who's certainly not in VKM's good graces after that little stunt with R-Truth), Kofi (who's better served going for the MITB match and winning it), and R-Truth (who will never be a world champ in WWE given his past and inability to go to certain countries that WWE frequents often). Punk and Jericho are pretty much going to face off at WrestleMania, but the title being on the line would kill the whole "Who's the best in the world?" argument as the best feuds are often NOT over a title belt. Punk's either going to lose it here or at WrestleMania, so I'm going to go out in left field here (where I found Barrett to win the Rumble) and pick Ziggler to take the strap and draw Sheamus back to Raw for WrestleMania and a battle of the two fastest rising stars in the company (Punk was already a star even before his "Pipe Bombs").

Blitz's Predicted Winner – Dolph Ziggler

Chris Predicts - RAW Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship: (c)CM Punk vs Jericho vs The Miz vs R-Truth vs Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston

If Jericho doesn't win, leading to Punk chasing him for the title at Mania, his entire comeback has been a bust. If Jericho loses in the Chamber, entering last, there is simply NO reason for us to believe him as a challenger at Wrestlemania. If Jericho wins, there can be an extremely good lead-up to Mania with the two of them, especially is Jericho somehow wins the title dirty. There are five former world champions in this match, and Kofi has actually held some form of WWE gold for 1.7 years of his fairly short career. This is a very decorated match that should be very good.

Chris' Predicted Winner & new WWE Champion – Chris Jericho

Gesus' Predicts

Diva Championship Match – Tamina
Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match – Daniel Bryan
Ambulance Match – John Cena
RAW Elimination Chamber Match – CM Punk


Possible matches (at least one of which will be dark)-
Primo and Epico defend the tag titles against ? and ? (Maybe the Usos?) and will retain.
Hunico vs. Ted DiBiase: This would be a good opening match to get things going. Hunico wins via cheap tactics, perhaps Camacho interference.
Sheamus vs ?: Your Royal Rumble winner without a match? Sheamus wins and gets a full head of steam.
Jack Swagger defends the US title: The All-American American has been AWOL since the Rumble. Whatsupwiddat? Swagger desperately needs a title defense at this event to save himself. I got a bad feeling that if he loses the title anytime soon, he'll be out with the pre- and post-Wrestlemania cuts.


This is my first WWE live event, needless to say I am excited beyond belief. Elimination Chamber, since its creation, has been a huge favorite of mine. It’s been quite a journey for me to get the tickets. The waking up after 3 hours of sleep to buy them pre-sale. Worth it for the great tickets we have. I just wanted to let people who were interested to follow me on Twitter @gesusoliver I will be posting a bunch of photos. As well I will be posting other things such as updates about the show, pops, boo’s, what have you along with opinions of course. The day after I will post more photos from the camera we are bringing with so they’ll be better. I encourage you as well to join the Live Blog as I will also be giving updates directly to Kendra. Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy the show. Also Don’t forget to look for us!


I'm so excited about the Elimination Chamber. The last PPV before WrestleMania and so many things that could happen! Will questions be answered, or will we just end up with more questions than we started with. And I have to agree with Blitz, Sheamus has to be at the Elimination Chamber PPV somehow, it would be just wrong if he isn't. Either way, make sure you join us in the Live Blog and check out Gesus' Tweets as Elimination Chamber happens. I told you we had good friends going to this PPV!

KB, Blitz, Chris, Gesus & Stacy

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