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WWE Predicts - Elimination Chamber 2014

Welcome to WNW’s Elimination Chamber 2014 Predictions! Elimination Chamber 2014 will be emanating from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This month, I'm letting the inmates over at our sister site run the yard! Chris Surrency, Gesus Oliver, Edward Taylor, and Zeppelin Mayers are giving full predictions, while CJ Blaze, Kendra Bunyon, Zack Krasney, Matt Kunka, and I are doing quick picks.

Preshow Match:

Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel


I really don't see a point in this match, my only hope is that Cody turns on Goldy during the match finally and we get a match between the brothers at WrestleMania and Dustin can ride off into the sunset. Personally, I think that continuing the Santino and Fandango would have made more sense, but whatever.

Chris' Predicted Winners – Cody and Goldy


I don’t like that Cody and Goldust are fading into obscurity. I don’t like the idea of a team so talented is on the edge of irrelevance on the Road to WrestleMania. Let’s hope this is just a side step for the Rhodes Bros. Let’s hope they’re just in a holding pattern until their match against The New Age Outlaws at Wrestlemania. I’m still a fan of Curtis Axel. I like his ring work and feel WWE has really dealt him a crappy hand. I’m not going off on this tangent right now though. Ryback, I feel I'll join the general consensus that he is just a joke. I’m not a fan of his personality nor his in-ring work. Just done with him.

Gesus’ Predicted Winners – Rhodes Bros


There is little question as to why this match isn't on the actual show and is just the kick off, it has the least heat, they barely paid any attention to building it. My theory is that they want to find out how much interest, positive or negative, Rybaxel can garner. I am aware of the rumors, I am sure you are as well, the WWE wants to split up the Rhodes family and put them against each other, I don't see that happening as of this PPV. The WWE seems to be going the other way, towards brotherly love. I see the winners of this match not seeing any title match at least until a couple PPV's from now, However this match will put either team into the title race. Let's call the winners the number three contenders for the tag team championship, and for that it really could go any way. If the WWE are ever interested in splitting up the Rhodes they should start with loss here, If they found little interest in Rybaxel the Rhodes will win.

Edward's Predicted Winners – Rybaxel


At Royal Rumble they lost their titles to New Age Outlaws during the pre-show. Now they compete against Curtis Axel and Ryback on Elimination Chamber’s pre-show. I personally love “The Brotherhood,” and wish they kept their titles till WrestleMania 30. Nothing against Curtis Axel and Ryback, but they aren’t as accomplished as their opponents. Cody Rhodes and Goldust are destined for one of two outcomes at WrestleMania 30. Either they compete in a massive tag match for the titles among all the other teams in WWE currently, or they fight each other. Either way the team’s dissention won’t happen here. If it does happen, it will be at Raw in a possible rematch where Curtis Axel and Ryback get their revenge, because they won’t get the win at Elimination Chamber.

Winners: Cody Rhodes & Goldust

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Kendra's Predicted Winner: The Brotherhood

Ashlyn's Predicted Winner: Ryback and Curtis Axel

CJ's Predicted Winner: Rhodes and Goldust

Zack's Predicted Winner: Rhodes Family

Matt's Predicted Winner: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Singles Match:

Titus O'Neil vs. Darren Young


Some people see this match as just something thrown on the card, and a chance for the crowd to run their CM Punk chants for five straight minutes, but I see more out of the match. Titus can work, as can Darren, and they're both very marketable, I think people will be pleasantly surprised by the match and wind up cheering with a possible couple new mid-card stars climbing the ranks. I see Darren taking the win in a hard fought battle.

Chris' Predicted Winner – Darren Young


Not going to lie to you. I know nothing about this feud. I haven’t watched Smackdown in quite a while. Heck, I’m driving to Green Bay (about two and a half hours away) to see Raw while Smackdown is a 30 min drive. I also I let Hulu run out so I can get ready for the WWE Network. All’s I can say is these two can put on a good match so let’s hope the ringwork by these two are more unstoppable than Kobe….

Gesus’ Predicted Winner – Darren Young


This match is well. The WWE has built heat up the old fashioned way. Two former friends, one feels the other is holding him down and decides to end the team with a punch. The other retaliates the neat show and show that he isn't the reason the team dynamic wasn't working. Classic, I love it. Since the Prime Time Players debut they have enjoyed little success. The team played Heels for the majority of their run. They have seen maybe three title matches? Then after Darren comes out during Summer Slam weekend the team gets a small Face push, no title runs but a push none the less. Titus has what the WWE is looking for in a talent, he's tall, well chiseled, and outside the ring he's very community minded. Darren like Titus is a hard worker. He clearly works out diligently and he trains hard. Darren just doesn't have what Titus has, height. I'm not sure what the WWE wants to do with these two separate. I think they will look to extend this story after this PPV.

WINNER: Darren Young


It is such a shame to see the Prime Time Players get split up so soon, and it couldn’t come at a worst time too. Both of them will get lost in the shuffle around WrestleMania season, and they would have been perfect in a giant tag match for the tag titles (if you haven’t picked up on it yet, I am really wanting a giant tag match to help give these guys their show bonus) but, we are here. It seems like WWE wants to push Titus hard as a singles competitor. Due to this, he is the obvious pick in my mind to go over. Let’s hope both men don’t get lost in the process.

Winner: Titus O’Neil

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Titus O'Neil

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Darren Young

Ashlyn's Predicted Winner: Titus O'Neil

CJ's Predicted Winner: Titus O'Neil

Zack's Predicted Winner: Titus O'Neil

Matt's Predicted Winner: Titus O'Neil

Intercontinental Championship Match:

Big E. © vs. Jack Swagger


I think that Swagger winds up winning this match, Zeb distracts the ref and Cesaro slips in to hit the Neutralizer on Big E, leaving him prone for Swagger's ankle lock. After the match I see Big E tearing through Swagger and leaving him laying. The main reason I could see this is because Swagger is much more expendable than Big E. Swagger would only hold the title for a day, a week tops, before it's taken by Roman Reigns to setup a unification match between Reigns and Ambrose at WrestleMania. Ok, the last part is a bit of a pipe dream, but what the hell.

Chris' Predicted Winner and NEW Champion – Jack Swagger


Big E is a guy that has the personality outside the ring, but is not exactly letting it show inside of it. He has good ring work and was great to watch in NXT. I’m just wondering why it’s not transferring over to the main roster. Swagger has been also floundering since his last offence. I feel like people have really given up on him. Not to mention the confusing direction of the story lines regarding The Real Americans. It’s crazy to believe that this group has lasted over a year. I was shockingly reminded when I looked it up. I’ve given up on Swagger. I have enjoyed him in the past but he doesn’t seem to take it seriously. Then again it’s a year later and there's no offence so we shall see. Big E really needs to step it up and get noticed. It’s Mania season and he needs to make sure not to get lost in the fray.

Gesus’ Predicted Winner – Big E.


This match has had an abnormal build. Swagger, prior to the number one contender match was on a losing streak. Big E has been getting fairly good attention with his title run, they even teased a unification between the US and Intercontinental titles at one point. To add to his attention the WWE even removed the Langston from his name. I believe the WWE are high on Big E. Jack Swagger has been in a sort of punishment for a while now, his DUI/DWI received national attention and gave the WWE a black eye in terms of how there talent act out of the ring.



This was a tough one to pick. Jack Swagger could use this win to help reestablish himself as a fierce wrestler who can be taken seriously, but Big E could really help bring back some prestige to the belt by pulling out a win. This decision really falls on Cesaro and how far they want to push him. They could utilize this win as a means to really put tension between Cesaro and the Real Americans or keep them as a tag team and use them as a spectacle for WrestleMania 30 before they separate him. Also, Big E hasn’t accomplished much as champion and a defeat here would really make his reign pointless in a way. In the end, you don’t need Jack Swagger becoming champion to cause dissention between him and Cesaro, and Big E still needs time to show us how great a champion he can be. So a Big E victory seems like the best way to go.

Winner: Big E

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Big E.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Big E.

Ashlyn's Predicted Winner: Big E.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Big E.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Big E.

Matt's Predicted Winner: Jack Swagger

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:

The New Age Outlaws © vs. The Usos


I'm actually pretty torn on this matchup, while I love the option of The Usos finally winning the titles, I think the reemergence of The Outlaws has helped the division a ton and I would love to see their latest reign go just a bit longer. I think that they should carry the straps at least into WrestleMania, then there could be a four way tag match or something of the sort where they could lose the titles to someone without taking a flat out loss. I think this match will be another example of age and experience trumping youth and exuberance.

Chris' Predicted Winner: The New Age Outlaws


This has huge potential to steal the show. The odds are against them but there is so much to prove on this match. Both teams can simply flat out go. Yes the NAO are starting to show a little age in their match but they can still put on a quality match. I have watched them for years in the local indies here. They put on good matches. Now that they’re in a great place mentally, spiritually, and physically there’s nothing stopping them. If NAO are transitional champions, they’re doing a heck of a job. Uso’s are on the rise and trying to add to their profile. I really feel good about the idea of their styles gelling together for a great match. If you can’t tell, I’m excited to see this match. A tag match done right is some of the best matches you can watch. When it’s all said and done, the NAO retain.

Gesus’ Predicted Winners – New Age Outlaws


This match isn't so well booked, in my opinion the WWE should have put the titles on the Uso's a while ago. I do understand they wanted to establish The Usos as real contenders. I also believe that the New Age Outlaws got the titles for two reasons, nostalgia and to get them off the Rhodes. It is for that reason I believe the NAO will walk out of the WWE only to come back for another Old School Raw.



The New Age Outlaws are just transition champions. This is the moment that we finally see gold around The Usos. They have been putting on great matches with a lot of teams for a while, and I think this is their time to finally grab that brass ring. The Outlaws may challenge for a rematch in the future, but this is the start of a (hopefully) lengthy reign.

Winners: The Usos (NEW WWE Tag Team Champions)

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Usos via DQ, New Age Outlaws retain

Kendra's Predicted Winner: New Age Outlaws

Ashlyn's Predicted Winner: Usos

CJ's Predicted Winner: New Age Outlaws by DQ

Zack's Predicted Winner: Usos

Matt's Predicted Winner: New Age Outlaws

Singles Match:

Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio


Very simple one here, Batista is going to abuse the hell out of Alberto Del Rio, and I've got to say, I can't wait to see it. Del Rio has bored the hell out of me for so long, I can't wait to see them finally have someone steamroll him, and what better way to reestablish Batista as The Animal?

Chris' Predicted Winner – Alberto Del Rio via DQ (Batista beats him so bad the ref DQs him.)


Honestly, does anyone care about this match? I don’t want to see it. I like Batista. My favorable opinion of ADR is wavering. Really what has been done for this match to make anyone really want to watch it? Name value alone can’t sell me on it. I’m sure they will put on a textbook, forgettable match. This is just a holding pattern for Batista until WrestleMania. I am excited for him to point to the sign multiple times. ADR on the other hand... I like what he has to offer, but lately it’s becoming worse and worse. He just doesn’t care and it’s showing.

Gesus’ Predicted Winner – Batista


There's not too much to say about this match. It is a very well booked match with no future. We all know that Batista is the number one contender for the WWE World title set to face the winner of the Elimination Chamber. There are rumblings that Alberto Del Rio wants out. He hasn't received a main event spot in a while. His character is going no where. The only way Del Rio would win is to have a triple threat at WrestleMania. There had been no sense so Del Rio reaching that far.

WINNER: Batista


This is supposed to be a big match, but the lack of build has really hurt it. I swear we had better build coming from Batista and Alberto Del Rio via twitter, than creative on Raw or Smackdown. Combine that with how the fans have reacted to Batista’s return lately and this match has come off as an okay upper card throw in. Plus, with Batista winning the Royal Rumble, he has to win here and keep momentum as a threat towards the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Winner: Batista

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Batista

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Batista

Ashlyn's Predicted Winner: Batista

CJ's Predicted Winner: Batista

Zack's Predicted Winner: Batista

Matt's Predicted Winner: Batista

6 Man Tag Match:

The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family


I'm looking forward to this match, as are most other people, but I am a bit disappointed by one element that doesn't really seem to have been added to the match. While I see the match coming off great and entrenching the teams even deeper as two of the best factions/teams in the history of the business, I feel that doing the match outside of The Chamber actually devalues the match. This could have been amazing, brutal, and beautiful in the cage, not that it'll be too much less outside of the structure, but inside would have been a spectacle. I think the Wyatt Family winds up winning as The Shield is slowly imploding. Reigns winds up spearing Ambrose and walking off, leaving him to be dismantled by the Wyatts. This, much like my Big E craziness, leads to a title unification between Reigns and Ambrose at WrestleMania.

Chris' Predicted Winners – The Wyatt Family


This match really needs to be in the Chamber. I feel WWE is leaving money on the table by not putting them in there. I hope the last minute they throw a curveball and put them in there. It’s not logical to do so, but a boy can hope. Not sure what I can say about these two teams. They’re just money. I still get goosebumps when the Wyatts come out. I’m interested in the continuing dissension with The Shield. I don’t know what to say that the other writers won’t have already said. There is so much good that can come out of this match. I personally feel Wyatts need this win.

Gesus' Predicted Winner: The Wyatt Family


This is another well booked match. Next to the break up of The Shield the WWE Universe has been looking forward to this match since it's tease. Two really good tag teams, the future of WWE. As I mentioned the WWE has been teasing a Shield break up so the obvious notion that comes to mind is a Shield loss. The WWE knows that, however there would be no reason for the Wyatt Family to loose, the've also been teasing a Wyatt Family Cena altercation. This match is implicit of the greater group. Both teams have been running wild around the WWE since both teams showed up on the scene. The biggest tell is that Wrestlemania is the next PPV up, added to that is it will be on the brand spanking new WWE Network. The WWE is not ready for a new singles player, Roman Reigns for example, in the running for any title. It is for that reason that the Wyatt Family will not stand a chance.

WINNER: The Shield


This is one of the two matches I am excited for. We finally get to see two of the biggest trios in the current era go head to head. This was a fantasy match people have had since both groups have been around at the same time. This may just be a match established to keep the factions busy till WrestleMania hits, but it is a new and interesting treat for the fans. This will mark the end of The Shield and solidify the dominance of The Wyatt Family. Think of this scenario: Wyatt Family wins due to another incident of miscommunication between Reigns and Ambrose. With a huge win under their belt they go on to cost Cena a victory in the chamber later that night; thus, proving they can do anything they want. They become the new dominating force, similar to what The Shield was last year. Meanwhile, Ambrose and Reigns are at it and it breaks down into a brawl with Rollins getting hit in the crossfire. The Shield is officially over leading to a match to settle it all at WrestleMania 30.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

Jesse's Predicted Winner: The Wyatt Family

Kendra's Predicted Winner: The Shield

Ashlyn's Predicted Winner: The Wyatt Family

CJ's Predicted Winner: The Wyatt Family

Zack's Predicted Winner: The Wyatt Family

Matt's Predicted Winner: The Wyatt Family

Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship:

Randy Orton © vs. Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena vs. Sheamus vs. Cesaro vs. Christian


This is going to be a hell of a match, and I personally would love to see Cesaro have a coming out party in the match. While I think the winner is obvious, the work and false finishes will likely be amazing. Christian will likely be the first man eliminated, coming in as the only person to have lost to Orton in their singles match, then I see Sheamus going under to Cesaro. This leaves the old guard of Cena and Orton squaring off against the new era of Cesaro and Bryan. Going back and forth during the match I could see Cesaro getting the pin on Cena in order to get over and avenge his loss from Monday. This leaves Orton to face the two most loved stars by the fans, what better way to get him over as the top heel? Bryan winds up eliminating Cesaro, with Orton having beat nobody himself. The end, even in the Chamber, will likely be screwy with either interference from Kane or Triple H coming down and interrupting Bryan's offense in order to keep the title on Orton. This sets up Bryan and Triple H for WrestleMania and Orton versus Batista. (That said, my wildcard is if Lesnar takes out Christian and steals his spot in the Chamber, I could see him taking the title and facing Batista.)

Chris' Predicted Winner – Randy Orton (Unless Lesnar shows up)


This is where WWE can really change the direction of the Wrestlemania card. Is their faith still in Randy Orton or is it going to a different wrestler? I love this match, as it is my favorite gimmick match. It’s starting to slowly become routine with not much left to do. They have still come with some surprises. There are a lot of components to this match. I really hope they don’t go with Orton in this match. Cesaro has really raised his profile in the company. I mean what a match he had on Raw. Daniel Bryan really needs this push and his WrestleMania moment. These guys have the ability to put a match together. I hope WWE throws the normal rules to a match away. No Super Cena or Orton just going through the motions. Some variety in moves and refreshing spots in the match. A winner isn’t so clear cut but I have to go with Daniel Bryan out of sheer hope. Even if Orton v Batista Evolution storyline seems likely.

Gesus’ Predicted Winner - Daniel Bryan


This is the most well booked match on the card, it is the main event so it better be well booked. This match actually has everything for everyone. There is someone for Smarks to snark at, Christian, an obvious loser in the match. There's someone everyone wants to win in Daniel Bryan. The entire WWE universe was upset that Daniel Bryan didn't win the Royal Rumble, they were livid when they noticed he wasn't even in it. There are people that are normally In title contention in Sheamus and the man that lost not only his title but the entire Champion of Champions match to Orton, Cena. There is a relative unknown in the title hunt, the wild card, in Cesaro. Then we have the WWE World H.W. Champion Randy Orton, the Champion of Champions. This match would be more difficult to predict if Orton vs. Batista hasn't been teased since Batista came back. Added to that is the fact that the two are Evolution alums. Cesaro is new he will have many more opportunities for this title, I see many main events in his future. I believe Sheamus added because there was no good ideas for his return so they went with this. Cena was an obvious add to supplement halo COC loss to Orton. Christian is in this match only for the one more match idea. After the PPV we may not see him until after WM. That brings us to the only man that should win, if you ask the WWE Universe, Daniel Bryan. His win would be the prediction of someone who hasn't been around the WWE as long as I. It seems the WWE is still trying suppress him, the evidence is in the fact that he wasn't even booked for the Royal Rumble. What a waste.

WINNER: Randy Orton


Let me start this off by eliminating people who won’t win at all: Christian, Sheamus, and Cesaro. Christian and Sheamus are just place fillers because they have no direction creatively at the moment. Cesaro hasn’t reached that level yet. We all know he is capable, but he has to drop Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter before he can take that next step. John Cena is always capable of pulling out a surprise victory, but with his current feud with Bray Wyatt, that is highly unlikely. This leaves Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton as potential winners. I would love for Daniel Bryan to win, but WWE is dedicated to giving him his WrestleMania moment by not giving him any big moments till then. That and they seem to really want to do Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H. This allows for an Evolution type feud between Randy Orton and Batista, maybe bringing in Ric Flair into the mix as a Guest Referee for the bout. But I am going to go with my gut and say Daniel Bryan wins. He is the hottest thing right now. If you don’t put him in the main event of WrestleMania, then the match will be hijacked by the crowd again. With this choice you also have Daniel Bryan as the face of the company. The same company launching a network the night after Elimination Chamber. Who else better to entice people than the man who has the media yelling YES! This way he can still get his WrestleMania moment when he retains against both protégés of Triple H. It is almost too perfect to screw up.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton

Ashlyn's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton

CJ's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton

Zack's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan

Matt's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton


After looking over all of the predictions, I had thought we might have seen more variance than we did, especially in the 6 Man Tag match. However, the only extremely unpredictable match on the card seems to be the Tag Team Championship Match! With as close as a lot of the writers were this month, I have to hope WWE has something up their sleeves, lest we enter the true Road to WrestleMania already in trouble of yet another lackluster year.

Be sure to join us here for our live coverage, and join Kendra, Gesus, CJ, and all of the other writers in the Live Blog for our instant thoughts and analysis!

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