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WWE Predicts - Extreme Rules

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Sunday, April 29th, WWE will present Extreme Rules from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. I have a feeling that this will be a stronger B level PPV coming off a WrestleMania than we've seen in many years. I hate to say that all of the hype is due to Brock Lesnar because I'm chomping at the bit to see Sheamus face Bryan, Punk face Jericho, even Orton face Kane, and keeping my fingers crossed that we might see Kharma, but in reality, the hype is about Brock. Some people have been unhappy about some younger wrestlers losing their spots to the big names like Rocky and Brock returning, but these big names are bringing the viewership up and they won't be around forever. In my opinion these guys should take this as an opportunity. They should work hard to prove themselves so that when Brock isn't there, someone else will need to be pushed, so why not those who fought hard to keep their spots while Brock was there. As per usual, Gesus is joining me for the predictions, but we also have WNW reader Robbie Newman who has stepped up for ridicule and abuse. Don't let us all down!


It has been quite the roller coaster of a ride to Extreme Rules these past few weeks. Though I can’t be more excited that we are here. Tonight could stand to be a pivotal night for WWE will certainly blow off feuds, but will also set the tone for the next few months. For those of you that care, I will be attending the event live. I will be tweeting and posting pictures very much like I tried to do during Elimination Chamber. I have done my best to work out the bugs! Please feel free to add me on Twitter at @gesusoliver or Facebook at Gesus Oliver and join in on the conversation. Also be sure to check out the always entertaining Live Blog. Most importantly sit back, strap in, and enjoy what is sure to be a good pay per view.


I am excited for this PPV because of the three main matches. And I am hoping that the under-card matches will be able to exceed my expectations. So here is hoping for a great PPV!

Ken Predicts - US Title Match – Santino Marella (C) vs Miz

Miz could look at this as being off the PPV, but he could also look at it as a chance to prove he should be on the next PPV. Wow, I'm really cheery and optimistic today; don't know where that's coming from! Anyway, I think this will be another funny Santino with some solid moves from both of them, but in the end I see Santino retaining as he brings a note of silliness to RAW and with Brock there, RAW has needed its light moments. I just hope this doesn't lead to a feud between Santino and Miz.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Santino

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Miz via DQ, Santino retains

Gesus Predicts - US Title Match – Santino Marella (C) vs Miz

A perfect match for the preshow. I hope in my heart of hearts that Miz wins and will be on his way back up to the top. I really like the Miz and is decent guy to have around the top of the card. I just fear WWE has such a love for Santino that they will keep the strap on him. I don’t see why they like him so much.

Gesus' Predicted Winner – Santino

Rikki's Predicted Winner - Miz

Robbie Predicts - US Title Match – Santino Marella (C) vs Miz

I will admit, I originally had this down for a Santino win. But the more I thought about the more I decided to lean for The Miz to become the new champ. When Miz got the pinfall for Team Johnny, I expected him to be rewarded in someway on Raw but hasn't featured lately. So the way to get The Miz back on TV is to make him the United States Champion. That's why I went for The Miz in the end.

Robbie's Predicted Winner – The Miz

Ken Predicts - Falls Count Anywhere – Randy Orton vs Kane

Kane defeated Orton at WrestleMania, and sadly I had to look that up to make sure. I know they've faced each other in the past, but during this little feud, Kane is one up. Because of that I see Orton winning this one so they can go on and have a rubber match to blow off this feud. This is basically a way for Orton to kill time until Barrett comes back from his elbow injury, but I'm finding it enjoyable. I've admitted many times how much I adore Kane, so I am biased. I will say that I think this could be a hardcore match if the WWE let they really go at it. If they let the blood flow, Kane and Orton could really tear things up, but I doubt they will be let loose, so in the end I fear this will fall a bit flat.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Orton

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Orton

Gesus Predicts - Falls Count Anywhere – Randy Orton vs Kane

I really just don’t care about this match. I know everyone loved the “family reunions” line delivered by Kane on Smackdown forever ago, but I thought it was dull and corny. This feud is pretty much a throw away. Kane can do so much more and needs to be chasing a belt. I fear there isn’t much left for Kane in the WWE.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Orton

Rikki's Predicted Winner – Kane

Robbie Predicts - Falls Count Anywhere – Randy Orton vs Kane

The feud has to end at Extreme Rules because it has run its course. These two will be brawling all over the place and an RKO outside the ring or somewhere in the arena will settle the feud and both will move onto hopefully better feuds because in my opinion it hasn't been the best feud.

Robbie's Predicted Winner – Randy Orton

Ken Predicts - Intercontinental Championship Match – Big Show (C) vs Cody Rhodes

Due to how Cody's luck has recently sucked, I think Big Show will retain. I don't know why they're continuing this feud as I think Cody should be moving up in the ranks, not still piddling around with Big Show. Big Show doesn't need this Title at this point in his career and should be working to elevate another young wrestler as Cody climbs into World Heavyweight Championship feuds. Hopefully this is the blow off of this feud and Cody isn't left looking like a pathetic wimp. I think to keep Cody looking useless he has to fight dirty and really take Big Show down hard.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Cody via DQ, Big Show retains

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Cody

Gesus Predicts - Intercontinental Championship Match – Big Show (C) vs Cody Rhodes

I was very against Show winning at Mania. Even more upset since they are doing nothing with Rhodes. They are really dropping the ball on his talent. Rhodes needs to get the title back in this match. The feud between these guys have been lackluster at best. I personally think Big Show should look at phasing out and ending his career. I don’t think he is as good as he once was. He is a draw, and I know he loves the business, just not sure if there is much left for him to do. He needs to give Rhodes the rub.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Cody

Rikki's Predicted Winner – Cody

Robbie Predicts - Intercontinental Championship Match – Big Show (C) vs Cody Rhodes

I don't want Cody to win this match as I feel he is ready to step up and move on to bigger and better things. I want Big Show to win the match and hang onto the title until the next up and coming superstar is ready to become the new IC Champ and grabs the brass ring like Cody certainly has. So for this I am going to go for The Big Show.

Robbie's Predicted Winner – Big Show

Ken Predicts - Divas Championship Match – Nikki Bella vs Beth Phoenix

What I want to see is Kharma taking Beth's place in this match due to Beth's 'injury' or injury. Kharma said she'd be back for the Bellas and their contract is almost up. I just hope Kharma is ready emotionally to be back in the ring. If she isn't, then I hope she isn't back. She could always return when she is ready and take it out on the other Divas because the Bellas are gone and she can't get to them. Because of all this, I'm going with a screwy ending, possibly with Kharma as the new Divas Champ. Stacy thinks that if it is Kharma, then it will be a squash match and Nikki will be easily flattened, possibly Brie will be splatted on the mat too.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Screwy Mess!

Stacy's Predicted Winner - Kharma

Gesus Predicts - Divas Championship Match – Nikki Bella vs Beth Phoenix

Nothing can be said here that hasn’t already been said. I just see Nikki retaining and dropping tomorrow or a surprise return of Kharma. I would prefer that more.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Nikki

Rikki's Predicted Winner – Nikki

Robbie Predicts - Divas Championship Match – Nikki Bella vs Beth Phoenix

The only reason why I see Nikki Bella becoming the Divas Champions is to make way for a returning Kharma. As someone noted out to me previously, before Kharma left she said she hopes that Bellas are still around when she comes back. So I can see Kharma returning at the end of this match and becoming the champion on Raw where she will feud with Beth. I also can't see Nikki winning clean so I predict some Twin Magic and Nikki will retain.

Robbie's Predicted Winner – Nikki Bella

Ken Predicts - 2 Out of 3 Falls World Heavyweight Championship Match – Sheamus (C) vs Daniel Bryan

As much as I thing Bryan is one of, if not the best wrestler on the roster, I don't think he's going to win this one. Taking the strap off Sheamus this quickly doesn't benefit anyone, least of all Sheamus. I really want to see a feud between Cody and Sheamus for the Title, but that's just me. Also, I am sick of ADR and his character that's not growing or changing in any way. He should NOT be in the Title run again until his character grows and he develops a finishing move so he doesn't always end on a submission. But this isn't about ADR, it's about Sheamus and Bryan. I hope the two of them have the great fight that they should have had at WrestleMania. The first two falls should be great, but I think they last one is going to be AJ costing Bryan the Title. We have seen her lose it already and I think she's going to lose it during this match so Bryan loses the Title Match. Stacy thinks Bryan will win as his "YES!" blew up after WrestleMania. That way Sheamus can feud with Cody, who Stacy believes will win the IC Title back.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Sheamus

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Bryan

Gesus Predicts - 2 Out of 3 Falls World Heavyweight Championship Match – Sheamus (C) vs Daniel Bryan

I sort of hope the first fall is within 18 seconds again ;). Seriously though, this hopefully will get enough time to deliver the type of match many of us were expecting to get at Mania. I fear WWE won’t break out of their normal routine where each men get a fall making the final fall the most important one and the others pretty much pointless. I am excited to see how hot the crowd will be for this match, at least let’s hope the people around me are DBD fans because I will be marking out. DBD wins or we riot.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - DBD

Rikki's Predicted Winner - DBD

Robbie Predicts - 2 Out of 3 Falls World Heavyweight Championship Match – Sheamus (C) vs Daniel Bryan

I, as with nearly every wrestling fan here, hopes that someone will get a fall in under 18 seconds because that would be ridiculous. I can see AJ getting involved here and possibly costing Bryan a victory. With Sheamus being under "permanent probation", I can see Sheamus being involved with a referee. Whether it will be accidental or purpose, who knows. Even under that stipulation, I can't see Sheamus losing so I'm backing him to retain.

Robbie's Predicted Winner – Sheamus

Ken Predicts - Chicago Street fight WWE Championship Match – CM Punk (C) vs Chris Jericho

As with Orton versus Kane, I hope these two are allowed to go all out in this match. I know it's not ECW, but I really wish these two could go there, at least a little bit. Jericho might not be in the shape he was when he debuted in WWE, but he sure isn't far from it. Jericho goes better than most of the guys he wrestled with when he became a big star. While I'm bummed that Jericho won't be sticking around for very long, I'm sure impressed with the work he's doing now. But will WWE strap Jericho for the short months that he will be in the WWE? I'm surprised to say that I wouldn't have a problem with that. I think it's the next logical step in this feud. Punk would be winning it back before Jericho leaves, but losing in his hometown, in front of his family where he won last year would seal the deal for all the horrible things Jericho has said and done. How low will Punk fall when he loses? How will Jericho grind the glass into Punk's wounds? This could get even more fun than it has already been. Stacy completely agrees with me on this one.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Jericho

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Jericho

Gesus Predicts - Chicago Street fight WWE Championship Match – CM Punk (C) vs Chris Jericho

I have had issue with this feud. Though it seems like one that can easily be over looked. That issue is, I think their feud for best in the world should be continuing. It seems like all to often in WWE now a days that the titles are secondary and it’s a shame. I think this is going to be a hot match since it’s obviously in Punk’s hometown. I will admit I am very eager to be seeing this match live. Personally I am hoping with all the edge WWE has been bringing to their shows lately some color will show up. Just a hope. There is a lot that can be done with this match. With Jericho saying he is planning on taking time off, I think taking the belt off Punk at this time would continue to be a mistake, although Jericho does keep jobbing on PPV's.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Punk

Rikki's Predicted Winner – Punk

Robbie Predicts - Chicago Street fight WWE Championship Match – CM Punk (C) vs Chris Jericho

This is a match I am really looking forward to. In Punk's hometown, I hope the atmosphere will match last years MITB ppv match with John Cena and so it should. With Y2J embarrassing Punk the last few weeks about his family, I can see Punk getting retribution and retaining the WWE Championship in front of a hometown crowd in Chicago Illinois. 

Robbie's Predicted Winner – CM Punk

Ken Predicts - Extreme Rules Match – Brock Lesnar vs John Cena

For me this one seems like a no brainer. Cena's hips are bothering him and I can't remember when he last had any time off. Even if Cena just cuts back his WWE time, yet continued his charity work, it would still be a huge vacation, but I hope he takes some serious time to sit on his bum and relax! I hope that Brock remembers he's in the WWE and not in the UFC, that no one gets injured in this match. I'll actually be shocked if there isn't a little blood shed in this match, and that they keep a close eye than there isn't a drop of blood anywhere else because of that. In the end Cena will be too 'injured' to continue, or Brock will get the three and Cena will be wheeled out, or leave with help and his head hung low.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Brock

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Brock

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Extreme Rules Match – Brock Lesnar vs John Cena

I am, like most, really eager for this match. I want to see if Brock’s wrestling has evolved and diced in some MMA. Or has he lost all his wrestling abilities and just full of MMA? I think I am more anxious to see that than the match itself. I think it’s clear Brock will win. In light of the news from Cena, I just don’t see how he can go over. For about 2 weeks I have been mulling around the idea of a Rocky Balboa like story line in my head way before the news. I will go on about it anyways since it seems even more logical now. Yes, Cena loves the business, but everyone needs to take time off. Say what you want about the man and his boring move set, but the man loves the business. He has been going since like what 08(?) when he got back from surgery? He needs to take some time off and heal up. I saw this match as the perfect opportunity. With Cena losing at WM, and then lord Tensai, I could see them saying he just lost his heart and doubts himself. Then takes time off to find himself and come back bigger and badder than ever for SummerSlam and take Brock out. I think it would be the logical move right now given the fact of his character needs to cool off. This really has nothing to do with the match but I feel the need to clarify so I don’t get chewed out. I chalk Cena and Hogan up the same in my book in their prime. Both are dedicated to the business and have done a lot for it, though can’t wrestle their way out of a wet paper bag.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Brock

Rikki's Predicted Winner – Brock

Robbie Predicts - Extreme Rules Match – Brock Lesnar vs John Cena

Now we get to the main event. Brock Lesnar returning to a WWE ring in 8 years to go against a man that is coming out of WrestleMania with the biggest loss of his career against The Rock. When this match was announced a few weeks ago, I really had a hard time picking the outcome. Would they job Brock Lesnar on his return? Or will they make John Cena lose two massive matches in two straight PPV's? It was a hard one to call until Richard recently announced that John may be injured and will take some time off. The possible outcome is to let Cena have his little moment and then Brock just beats him bad to win the match to leave him on the shelf. The other outcome is for John to win with Brock attacking him afterward and leaving John down and out. So after thinking about it I decided to go with the first outcome.

Robbie's Predicted Winner – Brock Lesnar

Ken -

I think predicting this PPV would have been a bit more fun if we hadn't know how Cena has been feeling of late. I might have thought he had a fighting chance against Brock, but now I'm hoping Cena will take the loss and the time needed to recuperate and come back with his character tweaked and a fighting spirit. This whole PPV has the building of more than a B level show, but we will have to watch and see if the booking lives up to the greatness this card holds. I feel strongly about Extreme Rules this year and hope it shows that there doesn't need to be a post-WrestleMania lull. Make sure you join me in the WNW Live Blog for all the fun and trash talk about the show.

Gesus -

Just one last quick note, I am interested in seeing how good the booking will be. Bare in mind 3 matches despite the names are the exact same match. I was skeptical at first but then I thought about Lockdown where every match was a steel cage but the go home was very different. There are sure to be many twists and turns during this pay per view. I just personally hope Chicago doesn’t riot.

Thanks for reading, KB, Stacy, Gesus, Rikki & Robbie

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