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WWE Predicts – Extreme Rules 2013

Welcome to WNW’s Extreme Rules Predictions! Exteme Rules will be emanating from the Scottrade Center in Randy Orton’s hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. This month, I, “Your Bastion of Logic and Reason” Jesse Sherwood, am taking over for Kendra, as she has a prior commitment. In addition to myself and “The Queen of WNW” Kendra Bunyon, we have “The IWC’s Most Wanted” Alex Barie, famous for his Assumptions and for running our sister site, "The Total Package Jockey" Gesus Oliver, and “The British Invasion” Elto Alexandrov doing full write-ups, and we have Guy Landau doing quick picks! But before we look at the card itself, I want to give everyone a chance to sound off on the build-up.


I am surprised that WWE has done as well on the buildup to Extreme Rules as they have in the last 6 weeks. Maybe I have let myself become a bit jaded over the fact that WrestleMania and Lockdown both had horrid builds, but while I feel that there were some issues in how the matches were built, at least they built up to most of them for the entire 6 weeks. That’s much better than the 2 week build for most of WrestleMania and the 1 show build for most of the matches on Lockdown! However, as most people will say, it is quality over quantity. And I honestly can say that Extreme Rules has too many matches on the card that really aren’t going to be anything amazing. Sure, we will see a good amount of PG violence, but I promise that no one will say that this PPV is anything more than a speed bump on the road to SummerSlam.


Because there were so many similar predictions for WrestleMania (and of course everyone wanted to predict the biggest PPV of the year, who could blame them?), I have decided to go in a totally different direction with my predictions this month. Please, none of this is written to offend or upset anyone – take this for the fun it is, nothing more.


I have to thank Kendra for letting me know when this PPV was because I honestly did not know. I really can't blame it all on WWE because I really wasn't paying attention. Isn't the point of WWE is to keep my attention though? Isn't that the focus? They certainly failed here. The build has been mediocre at best. They had over a month build and there isn't too much that is catching my eye as "Must see!" I want to see the Steel Cage Match just because Brock is wrestling. Ryback vs. Cena hasn't really been built much at all. Everything else is just filler. This could be the PPV of The Shield once you run down the line-up, but you have to wait and see about that. What a step down from what Wrestlemania was like.


With Extreme Rules just around the corner I have to say I am rather excited. Not for the pure fact that I will be live at Extreme Rules for a second year in a row, but for the fact that this has shaped up to be a major PPV and can create opportunities for some talent that really need it. This PPV could set up many of the storylines going into the summer, while cooling off feuds carried over from WrestleMania. I just want to say to anyone who complains that TNA is an inferior product clearly has not watched the build to this PPV. I am going to explain in detail as I go long, as the whole buildup to this was dismal. There is a whole bunch of good, bad, and ugly going into this PPV. Let’s dive in.


With the exception of last year's edition of Extreme Rules, which featured the return match of Brock Lesnar, the first Pay-Per-View after WrestleMania is usually a throwaway show. I can't say the card for this Sunday looks weak, but the build-up should have been more exciting. Lesnar vs. Triple H is a big match on paper, but how many times can we see that match before we've had enough? My interest in Big Show vs. Randy Orton is also surprisingly low considering the names involved, and the reason for this is, the last few weeks of WWE programming simply have not been top notch. Monday Night Raw has featured a lot of filler content and has failed to keep our attention. What may save Extreme Rules from being a borefest is The Shield, as the group is hungry for championship gold. Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins are by far the best thing in WWE right now and this Sunday has the potential to take their quest for justice to a whole new level.

Pre-Show Match:

The Miz vs. Cody Rhodes


This is the singular match on this card that makes absolutely no sense. Miz returned on Raw this past Monday night and beat Heath Slater, and then he is magically in a feud with Cody? It just feels like a way to get both of them on the card so they can get a show bonus. Since there isn't a stipulation announced here, I have to assume that there won't be one. With Miz's fresh return, I have to call it for him.
Jesse's Predicted Winner - The Miz (Sub)


Because Sandow doesn't have a match on the Extreme Rules card, he will sing a variation of Miz's entrance music as Cody heads for the ring. Once Cody gets to the ring he is disgusted by the state of Miz's eyebrows. Cody is so distracted by Miz eyebrows that he cannot focus on the match. Miz manages to lock on his famous fig 4 armlock, the only thing touching the mat is his toes, and Cody taps out. Miz celebrates as Sandow gets into the ring and sing to his bestie.

Kendra's Predicted Winner - Miz


This is a pre-show match that I certainly do not understand. Why is it a pre-show? You have Cody Rhodes who is one tremendous wrestler and one person I have been wanting WWE to push for years and then you have The Miz is a former WWE Champion. I just don't understand how WWE labels this as a pre-show match. At any rate, I can see this match going both ways. Miz has returned from his movie role, but we also have Cody who has been waiting for a push. I know WWE hasn't been happy with Miz when he returned on Raw (as Richard stated in the premium section). I do see The Miz going over on this one simply because WWE may try to build him back up since he has been absent for sometime.

Alex's Predicted Winner - The Miz


When did this happen? Was it part of Raw that literally put me to sleep? Why is Rhodes feuding with Miz? Why are they not giving him a gimmick that will stick and push him? I hope many feel my anger and confusion over the handling of Cody. The boy can take a terrible gimmick and make it must see. The potential is endless and sky is the limit for this boy, he just needs WWE to back him. Just one more person that is so great but the WWE machine has no clue what to do with him. All I have to say about The Miz is, every time he botches the figure four, a bit of the prestige dies.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Cody Rhodes


Michael Cole said last night on SmackDown that The Miz was more famous than the three of the Jonas Brothers combined. While the validity of that statement is questionable, it does indicate there are big plans in store for the former WrestleMania headliner. It looks like The Miz is getting pushed back to the top and Cody Rhodes is hardly any threat to his momentum.

Elto's Predicted Winner - The Miz

Strap Match: Mark Henry vs. Sheamus


This was a program that when they started it right after the blow off of Sheamus and Big Show, I could have honestly cared less about. Since Henry returned shortly after the Royal Rumble, he has yet to be involved in a meaningful feud. First was the poor build to him in the Elimination Chamber, then the throwaway feud with Ryback. And now TPTB have had him doing various "Feats of Strength" in the build to Sheamus, who always seemed to have his number during them. And is it just me, or does it seem like Sheamus has been barely coasting since WrestleMania? The only reason I am intrigued here is that Henry got desperate enough to use a belt on Sheamus, setting up the strap stip. it isn't something that is used much anymore, and something that brings back fond memories to me as it was a common stip down here in the South. Sheamus has had the upper hand too many times in this build, so I have to give it to Henry.

Jesse's Predicted Winner - Mark Henry


Henry, as usual, will talk big before the match, but when they get in the ring he will refuse to be strapped in. Only when a ghostly cloud above the ring starts taking shape will Henry be strapped, and only because he is too shocked to do anything but stand there with his jaw hanging open. The cloud dissipates and Henry thinks it was nothing, that it was all in his head, so he doesn't mention it, but he's not the only one who saw it – Sheamus is left smirking. The match starts and a bell can be heard. Not the ring bell, but a cowbell. We all know there needs to be more cowbell. No, it's not Christopher Walken, but the bell continues to clang whenever Henry starts getting the upper hand. Henry is able to light up a couple corners, but just isn't able to beat Sheamus. Sheamus comes back with three lights, and the cowbell starts up again. Sheamus is heading for the 4th corner and the cloud starts forming over the 3rd corner, but this time it solidifies. Who is it lounging there, relaxed as the day is long? It appears to be Eddie! It can't be, but then he bounces down to the mat. Eddie helps Sheamus lie, cheat, and steal the match as Henry is too shocked to do anything other than lose. Eddie and Sheamus smile as Sheamus celebrates, then Eddie fades into a cloud of smoke and is gone. Did anyone else see what happened in the ring, or is Henry losing it?

Kenda's Predicted Winner - Sheamus


I never really followed how long these two have been battling. It would have to be right after Wrestlemania. I never really got into it until this past episode of Raw. When Henry did that segment with the strap and then Sheamus came out to attack... that sold the match for me. That one segment is all they needed. It worked. Henry is a great heel and Sheamus gets over. They don't need anymore segments or interviews. I am ready for this match. It should be a good one. I hope it is. It's hard to call though because Mark Henry won at Wrestlemania and I thought he was in line for a World Title shot, but it doesn't seem like the case. This is one of those instances where the underdog will go over. It will be one of those "inspirational" stories for all of the kids. Sheamus can beat the strongest man in the world. It certainly makes Sheamus look good.

Alex's Predicted Winner - Sheamus


The booking to this feud is completely perplexing. It’s proof WWE has no idea what they’re doing. They are booking these characters all wrong. Sheamus is the face yet they are booking him like the menacing heel, while Henry is breaking world records and garnering a face pop while being heel. This feud sort of came out of nowhere too. Why are these guys even fighting again? I can’t remember what even stared this feud, which is never good. I like this gimmick match when it is used correctly (which seems pretty obvious) and I don’t think this will be the case here. The only redeeming quality of this feud is that this is a fresh match. Every time I hear a strap match, I think of the dismal match between Hogan and Flair at WCW Uncensored. You need to watch this match if you haven’t. It may be a pleasant distraction. Predicting this match and the outcome is extremely hard due to the poor booking of this match, but I am hoping Sheamus gets the win. I don’t like Henry so this is very biased, simply because that’s what I do.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Sheamus


Everybody thought Ryback would go over The World's Strongest Man at WrestleMania, but we were proved wrong. Apparently Mark Henry is in a great position right now, and I doubt shattering a Guinness World Record has hurt his standing. Sheamus has outsmarted him on a number of occasions in the last several weeks, but when it comes to Extreme Rules, WWE probably wants Henry to look as impressive as possible to follow up on his Record.

Elto's Predicted Winner - Mark Henry

Chris Jericho vs. Fandango


So, Jericho can’t stand the fact Fandango beat him on The Grandest Stage of Them All, so we get this rematch? In a day where I have heard worse ideas for a storyline (Henry’s “That’s what I do” anyone?), I can buy it. I’m just wondering if they are pushing too hard on Fandango. Sure, he has the experience to be able to go out and have a good match and has surprisingly taken a gimmick that would have immediately killed most people’s careers and made it work well, but I can see he is on that rocket to the moon that only ends up doing one thing, and that is blowing up in everyone’s faces. And this isn’t a knock against Jericho either, as he has the sensibility to take a new guy like this and work with him so that WWE is trying to build future stars. I just don’t see how Jericho losing 2 PPV’s in a row to Fandango helps either party. It makes Jericho look like the guy that needs to hang up the boots because he can’t win the big matches and it makes Fandango look like Jericho is his only competition, so who does he work with now that would be a believable challenge? And add on top of that all of the times here lately that Fandango has gotten the upper hand on Jericho, this one becomes easy to call.

Jesse's Predicted Winner - Chris Jericho (Sub)


Jericho has a purpose. He is more than mad about what happened during the Dance-Off, and he's going to get revenge over Fandango. Of course Fandango will try to keep Jericho off kilter, and really push the Superstar to the edge, but Jericho is Jericho and he will keep the utmost control over Fandango through the majority of the match. Suddenly, it's as thought Fandango's feet have been taken over. He looks down incredulously as his feet start to dance, seemingly without him doing it. Fandango shows a gracefulness that he's never had previous, in his dancing, as if his feet were taken over by Arthur Miller. Fandango glides all over that ring, dancing circles around Jericho, but then he climbs and it's as if it all goes away. Fandango hits his glorious and unique leg drop, but all the grace has left him. Jericho quickly overtakes him and Fandango is done.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Chris Jericho


This is quite an obvious match. We know what Chris Jericho is about. He is about pushing young talent. He isn't afraid to go under to help the future of this company. He lost against Fandango at Wrestlemania and he is willing to do it again at this PPV to help the young gun get over. I've been impressed with Fandango in the ring. WWE shouldn't be forcing him and his entrance music on us. WWE tends to out due it all the time. Let Fandango run his course. It will only lead to greatness if it is done right.

Alex's Predicted Winner - Fandango


Much to the chagrin of my wife, I am a big Fandango fan. He is portraying this character very well. While I fear where the gimmick is going next, that is a conversation for another day. Embarrassing dance segments hopefully behind us, this feud has been confusing, though their match at WrestleMania was pretty good. It’s a shame Jericho is basically a part time wrestler. He has done everything he could to help put talent over in the last two years. I can’t commend that guy enough. I love Jericho. Before I get off on to much of a love for the man, I need to talk about this match. I am curious as to how it will play out. I am hoping there is a switch of roles. Fandango is clearly a face and despite many attempts to keep him heel, it doesn’t seem to be working. I would love to see the roles switch in the match. If they could pull off telling the story, what a moment in the storyline and career of Fandango this would be! I hope this match gets the time it deserves. I will be on the edge of my seat. A fun feud between two talented wrestlers is what the sport is missing. Sit back and enjoy this one.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Fandango


WWE has been utilizing Jericho exactly the way it should - by putting younger workers over. Fandango is seen as a star of tremendous potential and a second win over Y2J would solidify him as a force to be reckoned with.

Elto's Predicted Winner: Fandango

Extreme Rules Match: Randy Orton vs. Big Show

And we get to another two stars that have been coasting since WrestleMania! Although, to be fair, Orton has been floating in the pool for much longer than that! I just really hate how WWE developed this feud. Simply put, it is all over the fact Orton “stole” the tag Big Show thought he deserved at WrestleMania. Yawn. That means this feud is pettier than the fights I deal with on a daily basis between my two boys. Since I really just don’t care here, I’m going to pit them against each other in a simulated match on WWE 13 and see who wins the best of 15.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Big Show (Pin: 9-6)


Orton is as cocky as ever, really acts like this is going to be an easy win for him – especially in his hometown, as everyone wins in their hometown. It's an Extreme Rules Match, but what can happen? Everything! Big Show dominates early, so Orton brings out all the stops. Any and all weapons are used on Big Show, but nothing will stop the big man. Then Orton sees it under the ring, the one thing that he hasn't tried, but always worked so well for his father. Orton emerges from under the ring with a cast on his lower left arm. Orton raises the casted wrist up and hits Big Show with it. Sadly Orton didn't think this through and the knocked out Big Show falls squarely on Orton. Orton cannot get out from under the big man, he is pinned, and Big Show wins.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Big Show


Randy Orton has been on the short end of the stick for quite sometime now. WWE has more faith with Big Show than Orton... I think. We know Show has quite an attitude recently as he freaked out backstage when he was asked to do an interview. The guy quit because he couldn't work with Show anymore. Orton isn't reliable. WWE can't trust him as one of the top guys in the company. He certainly is one guy who might now learn. While I was a fan of Orton in the past, he has gotten very stale for me. That has to do with the lack of programming he is in. He hasn't been involved in any big stories. Well, WWE can't think of any either. Orton needs to change his character and his dynamic. I don't know if he will ever reach the status he once was, but he surely can be a strong upper mid-card. I think WWE wants to push Orton again, but they just don't know how far they can go with him. I see this match as, sadly, boring. Both of these men haven't been able to catch my eye recently. I'm sure there will be some sweet spots, but I actually see Orton getting the win as WWE wants to do something with him but they just aren't sure what.

Alex's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton


This is probably the match I am most dreading. I will be in the heart of Orton country. This feud also makes no sense. Big Show did nothing wrong during the match (as JBL had pointed out and since been silenced on) at WrestleMania so to book it as he did is just lunacy and banks on our short term memory. I think the Big Show should start to phase out his career. He doesn’t entertain me anymore. And don’t even get me started on Orton! I just want to say that, sadly, Orton needs this win. In a company desperate for talent that is face they are forced to start to treat Orton with a little more respect, however little deserved at this point. He puts butts into the seats and for the life of me, I can’t understand why. They need to give him that win to get that big pop in his hometown to breathe life into a stale gimmick and possibly push him as an important baby face in the company.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Randy Orton


Two very big names are featured in this contest, yet its build-up has failed to reflect that. This feud has not been very engaging for me (and for the majority of the audience), so I hope the babyface wins it and gets it over with. I also feel like The Viper has gotten too soft as of late and a win over Big Show can only do him good.

Elto's Predicted Winner - Randy Orton

United States Championship Match: Kofi Kingston (c) vs. The Shield's Dean Ambrose


While this is the only other match on the card that has a short buildup to it, Dean Ambrose has had a huge build in the timeframe. Not only has The Shield as a unit had huge wins since WrestleMania, but Ambrose himself has too, beating both Daniel Bryan and Kane, as well as putting up a great show against the Undertaker! The sky is the limit with him. Kofi, however, was buried for months before finally picking up a win over Cesaro, and now has been booked hotly going into Extreme rules with wins over Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes. When you look at a comparison like that, it seems clear to me who wins.

Jesse's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion - Dean Ambrose


This is the battle of the bouncy guys! Between Kofi's boom-boom-boom bouncing to the ring, and Ambrose's crazed bouncing in the ring, who will come out on top? I don't think any of us question what's going to happen in this match. The WWE has been hot and cold running Ambrose since day one, and Kofi has been getting rave reviews after every match. We all know that Ambrose will go in there all on his own, no one there to help him at all, while Kofi will have R-Truth and Little Jimmy running interference at every turn. Of course Kofi is going to come out on top of this one! Wait, swap that.

Kendra's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion - Dean Ambrose


This can go either way. For one, did WWE conveniently make Kofi beat Cesaro for the title so they can do a face vs. heel match with Dean? Ultimately Dean will win the title, but they didn't want to do Dean vs. Kofi. Or, will Kofi keep the title and The Shield will have the tag titles and they will interchange the titles to the three people in the group? Either way can work. It's tricky on how WWE is going to book this. Honestly, I would do a all-or-nothing for The Shield. It's time for them to shine. They need to really get over. With Summer coming... there's no better time. Push, push, push! Have The Shield have gold... make them all champions. It will certainly help me judge them. It will make them look quite a threat.

Alex's Predicted winner and NEW Champion - Dean Ambrose


I have seen this online and I want to echo it. Kofi, have you heard the term transitional champion? If you haven’t read the article that Jesse Sherwood wrote “Where Did They Go Wrong?” about Kofi, then you need to read it. It sums up how I feel about him. The guy has talent, but only enough to stay in the midcard. I don’t think Ambrose needs this title, though it couldn’t hurt giving it to him. I think he’d be better suited with the IC title. To me it’s just more prestigious. Either way, he could bring back some credibility to the title. I fear it does set him up to lose at some point but knowing how useless the title is right now, it could be a while.

Gesus's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion - Dean Ambrose


This one is harder to predict than the Tag Team Championship match, as I feel a loss for Ambrose could make for some interesting dynamics within The Shield. In addition, it has only been a month since Kofi's title win and he has been booked strong ever since. Nevertheless, I am betting my money on the stable's reign of destruction, predicting a second triumph for The Hounds of Justice at Extreme Rules.

Elto's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion - Dean Ambrose

I Quit Match to become #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship - Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger


Now here is a match I know will be a technically excellent bout, but considering why it is on the card in the first place, I hope that it is either the first match, or maybe gets left completely off the card. And considering the report Richard released on Wednesday here, I know that this match can only go one way. But it is what they do with the match itself and the aftermath that intrigues me. How I see it going is like this. The match goes a good 10-15 minutes, and is paced a lot like the No DQ match that they had on Smackdown a couple of weeks ago. They brawl up the ramp, and Del Rio knocks Swagger into the big WWE symbol. As Swagger staggers, Del Rio locks in the Cross Armbreaker. Swagger refuses to quit, so Del Rio worms himself and Swagger to the edge of the stage. Swagger looks at Del Rio in horror, as he knows what is coming. Del Rio pushes himself off of the side, causing Swagger’s arm to bend at an angle that seems to be unnatural for a human! Swagger screams the two words, “I QUIT!” Del Rio releases the hold and starts his celebration. As Swagger looks on with tears in his eyes, Zeb walks up with a mike in hand. “Jack, tonight you just proved to me, to this crowd, and to everyone watching at home what is wrong with America today! Instead of fighting for what you believe in until you physically can’t fight anymore, you gave up and let Alberto Del Rio take what was rightfully yours! You disgust me and don’t deserve to be called a Real American!” The camera pans out as Zeb walks away from Swagger begging for Zeb to not leave him behind like this.

Jesse's Predicted Winner - Alberto Del Rio


This won't be a one on one match, everyone will get involved! Ricardo, Zeb, Big E, and possibly even AJ. Too many people have too much at stake in this match. I'm expecting Ricardo's bucket, an American flag (which I'm shocked Zeb hasn't pulled out yet) Big E's weights, AJ video game controller – everything to be used as weapons in this one, but we won't be seeing 11 unprotected chair shots to the head (love you Foley). They might even pull out a kitchen sink for this one, but in the end it will be Swagger, sitting in a puddle of his own vomit half under the stage, crying, apologizing for what he did to Ziggler, and saying "I Quit and I Quit!"

Kendra's Predicted Winner - Alberto Del Rio


I don't know what will be worse for Dolph Ziggler to face. First, ADR isn't the most entertaining guy on the roster. He also isn't the best in-ring worker as he has botched a couple times in most of his matches since Wrestlemania. Jack Swagger is just plain dangerous and cocky. His ego is getting the better of him. He is reckless and careless. While I think he was trying to prove himself on Raw two weeks ago with those hard ladder shows and then the Smackdown kick to Ziggler... he also got carried away. He wants to show his intensity and have people talking, but he just went way too hard. Sure it looks great and sick, but it can really affect the person who is receiving the shots. I just think it would be better to have Del Rio get the shot. I don't want WWE to push Swagger away, but they really need to have a talk with him. Calm him down. He is talented. He just needs to think straight. Overall, this match should be a great fight because it will have an ADR botch and then Jack will make up for it with a huge shot with a steel chair or steel steps that may injury Del Rio. Yeah, great rebound. I see Del Rio having a better chance here.

Alex's Predicted Winner - Alberto Del Rio


Dang, what a heartbreaker this is. I can’t begin to tell you how eager I was to see Ziggler in a ladder match live. Especially after how great he did at TLC. While it’s a shame about his concussion, I feel every writer and their mom will be writing about it so let’s actually move onto the match. “It’s just a rematch from Wrestlemania.” Quit complaining. This I Quit match does have a promising aspect to it. I have never seen an I Quit match live, so this is almost better. Then again I’ve never seen a ladder match live, so either way I’m winning. Also when was the last I Quit match? (I feel having asked that there would have been one like last week at a house show and people will get angry.) *EDITOR'S NOTE: It was at Over the Limit 2011, when John Cena beat The Miz for the WWE Title. END NOTE* It’s a fresh gimmick to a match we have seen many times before. The same people who I believe are complaining are the same people who would have thrown their remotes at the television as they stripped Ziggler the title. So everyone, just enjoy the match. It can be entertaining. What will Zeb do? What will Ricardo do? There are many ways they can go. In light of the news about Swagger, I don’t see him winning. It’s easy, next PPV we shall see Ziggler vs. ADR.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Alberto Del Rio


First things first, the contender for Ziggler's title is more likely to be a babyface. More importantly, I have the feeling Swagger may have messed up one too many times. WWE was willing to overlook his arrest back in February for the sake of his planned WrestleMania match, but a reputation for being an unsafe worker can be detrimental. A botch by Swagger is the reason the World Heavyweight Champion is not at hand for this PPV and that has probably made for a fair number of unhappy people backstage. Why would anyone want to push someone this unreliable?

Elto's Predicted Winner - Alberto Del Rio

Tornado Tag Match for the Tag Team Championship: Hell No (c) vs. The Shield's Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns


I expect nothing less than an absolutely brutal match here. Kane’s tensions are running incredibly high thanks to The Shield taking out the Undertaker, so I expect him to get extreme quickly. I also know that The Shield won’t just stand back and take it, either, so this will turn into a good old-fashioned slobber-knocker! Hell No have been working a bit too well together lately and The Shield have too much going for them to lose. I think that The Shield pick up the win on a fallen Daniel Bryan, sowing the seeds of dissent between Hell No yet again.

Jesse's Predicted Winner and NEW Champions - The Shield


In all seriousness, I have to admit I wish that this was combined with the US Title Match, as all six men in the ring would be greater than the sum of the two matches. Now, I am absolutely sure that this will be a star studded match. The Rock didn't want to lose to Cena two PPVs in a row, but he has no trouble appearing to help his (cousin?) Reigns. Yes, The Rock will be appearing to help The Shield win the TTC! Further, Taker will appear to help his brother. This will lead to another year of feuding, and stalking of Michelle McCool by The Rock, and another epic Taker WrestleMania match where The Rock will end the streak, as well as steal Michelle away from Taker. But, in this match, Kane will be unmasked by Bryan, accidentally, leading to Rollins pinning Kane for the straps.

Kendra's Predicted Winners and NEW Champions - The Shield


I can't wait for Team Hell No to break up. Certainly Kane and Daniel Bryan were entertaining at the beginning as they attended the therapy sessions, but that is long gone. They did the whole "Yes, Yes" thing and then a "No, No" thing. Now they just come out and wrestle a tag team. Nothing more. They are stale now and really need to split. Their time has ended. While it is sad and true, the flip side gives The Shield some focus. The Shield has not won me over simply because of how they have been booked. They are great wrestlers and people on the mic, but they have been in WWE since November 2012. I certainly thought they would have some gold by now. They taken out the top of the top and they have nothing to show for it. They run in and leave almost every week. It just doesn't fit. How can you take out John Cena and Ryback, while The Rock can't take out Cena, yet not have any push to a title? It isn't logical. This is time where The Shield gets the titles and are finally able to show that they are truly something. Honestly, I am wondering how they have contracts with WWE (through a storyline standpoint) because Paul Heyman brought them in to help Punk... yet Paul can't sign stars.

Alex's Predicted Winner and NEW Champions - The Shield


This match is just another reason why anyone who says “Extreme Rules is just a blow off pay per view” need to be silenced. This is another example of quality booking. This is a feud that sells tickets and that isn’t something that can be said very often. However obvious the ending may seem to be, I could see WWE keeping the titles on Team Hell No. Every time that team seems to have run it’s course, they find something great for them. Daniel Bryan is that workhorse that no matter where he is on the card, he continues to deliver time and time again. A local promoter here said “Kane is better today then he was 10 years ago…” I am inclined to agree. Kane is just talented. While I can see where Richard Gray is coming from saying “Kane isn’t a top talent” I respectfully disagree. While Kane is no Stone Cold Steve Austin, Undertaker, Rock, or Eddie. I do believe he is on par with todays talent such as Ziggler, Swager, ADR, and even Orton to name a few. Interpret the decline in wrestling ability how ever you want. Kane and D-Bry are main event talent. Holding these titles are never a mistake. Then there is The Shield. Hands down, they are just great. WWE has booked them perfectly and, like Ambrose with the U.S. Title, this makes me fear they might be booked into a corner at a later date. However seemingly too obvious the title change may be, I do think tricking us with the title change would be a huge mistake. The Shield needs these titles. The reason why I don’t think Ambrose should win his title is because I would love to see these 3 swap the Tag Titles for matches. It would make booking very interesting. Heck, they could do it with the U.S. Title!

Gesus' Predicted Winner and NEW Champions - The Shield


I expect Extreme Rules to be the next step in the progression of The Shield, which has been booked with tremendous confidence. There are only so many big names the faction can demolish week in and week out and a run with the tag team belts would give them something fresh to do for the months to come. A win for Team Hell No would be illogical, especially considering how dominant the group has been over the company's top stars, including The Undertaker.

Elto's Predicted Winner and NEW Champions - The Shield

Steel Cage Match: Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar


Ok, show of hands people! Is there anyone left in the world still interested in this feud? No? Ok then, moving on! What, I have to talk about it? Ugh, alright then! If you can’t tell, I am utterly burned out on Triple H and Lesnar’s little High School rumble. And that is exactly how I feel about it, like I am watching a pair of school kids picking on one another until someone throws that first punch. At least with it being inside a cage, it should be a faster match than the previous two encounters. There are a lot of people that are clamoring for a Lesnar win so that he can stay relevant, but it’s like Richard said in Ask WNW a few weeks back, wins and losses don’t have the impact like they did back in the older days of wrestling. Honestly, I’m going the farfetched route here and calling for something to happen in the match that results in a no-contest. This way, both men are not hurt by the outcome and we get a nice change of pace leading into the main event.

Jesse's Predicted Winner - No Contest


Heyman will try to keep Brock from entering the cage, because Heyman has decided that not only does Brock not fight for free, but now he only fights at the big 4 PPVs. Heyman tells Trip that he will have to wait for SummerSlam to face Brock, but Trip doesn't like that idea, so he drags both Brock and Heyman into the ring and has the refs lock the cage. Brock takes this opportunity to turn on Heyman – they have been having serious issues since before Brock joined the WWE. Once Heyman has been taken out Brock tells Trip that he honestly has no trouble with Trip, and he's sorry for all he's done. He also doesn't need all that money, he just wants to come back and wrestle. Trip and Brock shake on this, and to show his faith in each other they decide to leave the cage together, arm in arm. The refs see that Brock's foot touches the floor a fraction of a second before Trip's so they name him the winner.

Kendra's Predicted Winner - Brock Lesnar


This is going to be one brutal match... to an extent. It is only brutal depending how far WWE wants it to go. They really don't like taking it far these days. At any rate, Brock needs to win this and I think most of the wrestling world will agree with me. Brock only won one match since he came back to the WWE. With him being here for 2 more years and the potential matches he will be having.... he needs to look credible. Even though he came from UFC... it doesn't make him an unstoppable force. Win and loses still affect people. Brock needs to win this and then move onto his next program. Triple H has nothing to lose because he will be back in the office and come to the ring when another program pops up. Most will forget that he lost. Brock has two years of fighting left as well as a title reign. People will certainly remember his loses. How can we care if you lose? I know I couldn't care when Ryback lost to Henry at WrestleMania 29 and then became number 1 contender for the WWE Title.

Alex's Predicted Winner - Brock Lesnar


Yeah, yeah, this match has been done before. Not like this though. The intensity has escalated because of the cage. To any of you who read my article about cage matches, you know how much I love them. For those who haven’t, what are you waiting for? I am excited to see this match in a cage. There is so much that can happen and so many ways the match could go. No doubt that there is a story to be told here. I hope that they exceed the level of brutality Brock has brought to the table since stepping back into WWE last year. I also want to know what role will Heyman play in this match? Will Stephanie get involved? Like I said, many ways this can go. I feel Brock needs to win this match to remain relevant. How can we take Brock seriously if he loses another match while on a limited schedule? Let’s hope HHH doesn’t bury him like he is so notorious to do.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Brock Lesnar


WWE did not want to have Triple H go under at The Show of Shows, but the outcome of the match has hurt Lesnar's record, with his losses over the past year currently outnumbering his wins. Lesnar needs a win at Extreme Rules in order to prove his money's worth. Another loss would destroy every bit of credibility left in him and if his arm does not get raised in victory this Sunday, WWE might as well leave him off WrestleMania 30.

Elto's Predicted Winner - Brock Lesnar

Last Man Standing for the WWE Championship: John Cena (c) vs. Ryback


Now this is what happens when WWE tries to elevate someone too far, too fast. Ryback had an awesome thing going as a face but had to deal with the fact he would never be the #1 face of the company, so he pushed WWE into letting him turn heel, and now the crowd is dead for him. And while some will blame this fact on Cena’s domination of the main event scene, I think it’s thanks to the ego factor these guys get by being pushed to the moon right out of the gate. And while I want to say that this will be an excellent Last Man Standing match, let’s face facts here. Cena has not lost a PPV match right after winning a title since Hell in a Cell 2009. Cena is 2-2 in Las Man Standing matches, beating Umaga and Batista but losing to Del Rio and Edge, and both of them had outside interference in beating Cena. And Cena’s only loss in the history of the One Night Stand/Extreme Rules PPV was to RVD in 2006. The odds are definitely against Ryback winning here. However, who will pose a credible threat to Cena after this match? There isn’t anyone on the roster right now that I can think of for Cena to feud against that we either haven’t seen before or has been built to the level of being able to hold their own in a match against him. With all of the factors considered, I have to give it to Cena. I just hope that there is a curveball to end the show, as seeing Cena all smiling and giddy over his win will make me not want to tune into Raw on Monday.

Jesse's Predicted Winner - John Cena


Cena to the looking really puffy and bulky up top. Slowly he starts to strip off layers and layers of Cena shirts. One of every Cena shirt that has been put out by the WWE (over 20 of them), but he doesn't stop there! No, Cena actually strips off his jorts to show that he's wearing true ring gear, for the first time ever! *EDITOR'S NOTE: Cena started his career in WWE in normal gear.* The crowd is in silence as they stare in awe. It's obvious that the reason Cena had been wearing jorts for all those years was because he had been smuggling plumbs! Yes, Cena is, and has been for years, a black market plumb smuggler. Ryback doesn't care, he's on Cena like white on rice. Nothing is going to stop the man, he is determined to show the world that he's the one who should be Champ because Ryback rules. They fight all over the arena, Cena hitting enziguris, SSPs, and hurricanrannas like he hits so beautifully every week, but Ryback keeps coming back through it all – he's like a middle school marching band that just won't stop! Ryback grabs Cena's ankle and ties a bungee cord around it (the jumping off bridges type, not the strapping things to your truck type), and climbs the scaffolding of the Extreme Rules stage set. Ryback pulls Cena up after him and they fight up top. Ryback pushes Cena off, expecting him to splat on the stage and not be able to respond to the ten count, but Ryback stumbles and falls off the other side. Both men are left hanging upside-down. The ref is confused and calls a double DQ!

Kendra's Predicted Winner - No Contest, Cena Retains


I don't know if anyone thinks Ryback will win this. If he does, what was the point of putting the title on Cena? I stated in The Fine Line that Kendra and myself write that Cena will be holding the title for quite sometime. I don't see anyone who can be WWE Champion right now. Now one is built up for that. That falls on WWE. Cena is the champion and will remain champion. I don't know if I can even care about this match as the outcome is so obvious.

Alex's Predicted Winner - John Cena


Cena is hurt, so anyone going into this expecting a 5 star match are delusional. Anyone expecting these two to put on a quality match healthy are delusional. There is still a pretty good story that could be told here, however. Ryback’s booking gives him zero credibility to be in this spot for the title or to even win, yet him getting his character over to the extent he has does. While they pulled the trigger too early on his heel turn, he is doing everything he can to elicit a crowd response on the gimmick. They just don’t care. Some people on the internet try to blame it on the fact that the Ryback character is terrible. While that is up for debate, the man still remains relevant. That is a testament to his character. He needs this win. He has yet to win a match at the top of the card since being thrusted into the main event. With fears of him getting over mounting, they need Ryback to pull out a win here. There is also the issue of Cena being injured. Why run the risk of keeping the strap on an injured champion? While I am partial to long reigns, this seems like a no brainer. I fear WWE won’t do the safe bet and strap Ryback. Instead they will run the risk of injuring Cena. It’s a true testament to how desperate WWE is in need of not only Punk, but top tier talent in general. No one in that locker room is stepping up. Tangent aside I am going with Ryback even though I feel I’m wrong.

Gesus' Predicted Winner and NEW Champion - Ryback


John Cena's win over The Rock at WrestleMania was supposed to be monumental, and as much as some may hate it, we are probably in for a very long title reign. Another major PPV loss is the least Ryback needs right now, but he is not ready for a WWE Championship reign either.

Elto's Predicted Winner - John Cena

Guy's Quick Picks:

Miz beats Rhodes

Sheamus beats Henry

Jericho beats Fandango

Orton over Big Show

Kofi retains via DQ over Ambrose

Del Rio over Swagger

The Shield beats Hell No

Lesnar beats Triple H

Cena outlasts Ryback

Closing Thoughts

With all of the matches on the card, it looks like we are in for a decent night of wrestling, even if it does seem a bit predictable. One can hope that WWE will take the road less traveled and make us have that edge-of-your-seat wowed feeling most of the evening, but I also know that lofty expectations only make the fall hurt worse. Don’t forget that we will be holding live coverage here on the site, as well as the Live Blog that I, Kendra and the others will be part of! Feel free to follow all of us writers here on Facebook or Twitter, as I have linked to the pages at the top of the blog, and post your thoughts and predictions below! Now I must go administer Kendra her crazy pills!

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