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WWE Predicts - Hell In A Cell

WWE Hell in a Cell

Welcome to WNW's Hell in a Cell Predictions! This year's Hell in a Cell PPV will be emanating from the American Airlines Arena in The Rock's hometown of Miami, Florida! This month, we have Kendra, Chris Surrancy, CJ Blaze, and Justin Mayo doing full predictions, while Gesus, Alex Barie, and I will be on Quick Picks! But before we get started with the actual predictions, let's hear what some of the writers thought of the build to Hell in a Cell.


It's been a while since I wrote straight up predicts without being crazy about it, but this is HIAC and I have to throw my true feelings about the scheduled matches out there. I have to admit I'm excited about HIAC, and almost as excited about the WNW Live Blog that we will be leading during HIAC. After Battleground, the WWE had a lot to prove, and HIAC is a great place to do it. The card appears to be much stronger than the last PPV, so I'm hoping for good things. Fingers crossed!


I know it's only been a few very short weeks since Night of Champions, but I'm actually excited for Hell in a Cell this year! We have Shawn Michaels and John Cena returning, another fantastic tag match, what's HOPEFULLY the end to the Bryan/Orton feud, and we have Heyman locked in the Cell with CM Punk, basically guaranteeing the revenge we've waited a long time for. Even though the buildup's been quick, I honestly think it's been well done, and even though I won't be able to watch the PPV, I'm honestly excited for it, and I haven't been excited for a small time PPV in a very long time. I have a strong feeling that this small PPV will top last week's Bound for Glory, which is a huge letdown, considering BFG's supposed to be one of the two biggest shows of the year for TNA. Either way, I can't wait for Hell in a Cell, as it's looking to be a great show!


I’m not sure why WWE decided to have three pay-per-views packed into two months, because it just doesn’t work. Last year, WWE had six weeks to build up Hell in a Cell, and this year there were only three. Another thing I disliked about the build, is the fact that the three main events were announced throughout the first two weeks, and the mid-card was filled out this last week. Despite these negatives, I am very excited to see what the results are for the three main events, and I’ll explain those in my match-by-match predictions.

Preshow Match for the Intercontinental Championship:

Curtis Axel (c) vs. Big E. Langston


A step up for Big E, a step down for Axel, but that's to be expected. The worst part about this, even though I'm a huge Big E fan, is the direction Axel seems to be going. As much as I love watching him in the ring, he just doesn't have the charisma to get very far. I wonder if it's what Richard said in Ask WNW this week about too many of the younger wrestlers being more worried about hitting their lines and doing what the script says than stepping up and wowing the fans. It seems to me that Axel has it in him, but is holding back so he can hit the things he thinks he needs to hit. I truly believe if he lets go, he will get much further. I think that Big E is better at letting go and working the fans, but as a face. I think he's a natural face, and because of that his heel work flopped. Since this is his first PPV match as a face, and because of who it's against, I see Big E pulling this one out, and fairly easily, other than Heyman's involvement in the match.

Kendra's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Big E. Langston


I’ve been sitting on one spot for this match for a while, the night of the Langston turn I predicted that we would get a match for the IC title between these two men, and shockingly it’s happened. In my estimation the outcome is pretty easy, and obvious, Big E takes out Axel, and I would go so far as to say he “hurts” him enough to keep him from attempting to interfere during the main card.

Chris' Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Big E. Langston


In all honesty, I'm not a fan of NXT. I've seen it live a few times, but other than that, I have no idea what's currently going on, who's face and who's heel, or anything else, really. However, from what I've heard, Langston's a great face, and from what I've seen the past couple of weeks, I've heard right. I haven't had a chance to see his silly side yet, but his tough guy attitude as a face just seems so believable, like the way he got in Ryback's face on Monday night. Axel, on the other hand, has shown me nothing. His mic work has a LOT to be desired, his ring work makes me want to take a nap, and he has his much of his father's spark as I do my father's love for baseball-none! I really wanted to like the guy, and I was pumped when he was paired with Heyman and repackaged into a more honest gimmick, but as the weeks have slugged by, he hasn't given me any reason to care about him anymore. I see Big E coming out on top in this one, and hopefully it brings a little more life into the IC title than we currently see!

Justin's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Big E. Langston


Big E’s face turn was rather sudden and unexpected, but I’m glad it happened. Langston has impressed me since his days in FCW, and his future is bright. Axel hasn’t gotten over with the fans, and I fully believe it is time for him to drop the belt to the next big thing. If Axel does retain, I will have no idea what the creative team is thinking. Sunday will be Big E Langston’s big break.

CJ's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Big E. Langston

Jesse's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Big E. Langston

Alex's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Big E. Langston

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Curtis Axel

Tag Team Match:

Los Matadores vs. Real Americans


(I have to admit that I have to go with my crazy predicts on this match. I just cannot take this match seriously, so I'm not going to!) This would be better suited for not being on a PPV card, but there's no way it could rile the fans up during the pre-PPV show, so I guess they had to schedule it for the actual show. It might be a better time to run to the loo, or grab a drink than the Divas Title Match, other than Cesaro. He, of course, will continue with what seems to be a face turn, and pushing his giant swing aspirations by swinging Fernando, Diego, and El Torito all stacked up at the same time! Just when it looks as though The Real Americans are going to win, El Torito again goes after Zeb. Zeb tries to fight back against El Torito with Matilda, but then the true gore, gore, gore appears through the crowd and does just that (gore, gore, gore) Zeb. This sets up a feud between The Real Americans, specifically Swagger, against Rhyno.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Los Matadores


A match, despite the excellent work of Mr. Cesaro, that I have no interest in seeing. I would love for Swagger and Cesaro to win, but I see the cartoon babyfaces taking the victory in this one with some shenanigans from their mascot.

Chris' Predicted Winner: Los Matadores via some real bull... you get the point!


Honestly, this is one match that I feel should be left off the card, giving the more established matches more time to tell their story. It seems, however, that we're to be given this match, probably as a relief match between two of the big three. The only man in this match that I have any interest in is Cesaro. He's slowly growing into his own quite nicely, and with the right gimmick, could really become a true star. After all of his idiotic choices as of late, including , his recklessness in his kick to Ziggler, I have no respect for him. My views on marijuana aside, he really should have waited a little while before driving if he really had to smoke then and there, and anyone that knows me is welcome to discuss this with me if so inclined. I really have nothing to say about Los Matadores, because I have absolutely no emotion for them whatsoever. As ridiculous as I've thought their gimmick, I at least tried to give them a chance. However, four matches in three weeks against the same team is the kind of terrible booking that can ruin any gimmick. I know there's not very many tag teams not dedicated to a more main event story, but they really could have shaken it up a bit more than that. As much as I want Real Americans to win purely due to Cesaro, I have a feeling Vince won't want his newest tag team losing in their debut PPV.

Justin's Predicted Winner: Los Matadores


The team of Los Matadores is undefeated since debuting last month. Swagger and Cesaro have been on a roll lately, as well. My bold prediction for this match is that despite all of The Real American’s efforts, Los Matadores pull out the win. This leads to arguing between Swagger and Cesaro, which results in Cesaro being kicked out of the group. Zeb Colter comes out on Raw, claims Cesaro should have never been allowed into their group, because he’s not from America! And finally, we get Cesaro’s babyface run, and a feud with Jack Swagger.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Los Matadores

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Real Americans

Alex's Predicted Winner: Los Matadores

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Los Matadores

Diva's Championship Match:

AJ Lee (c) vs. Brie Bella


I think it's time for them to shake things up and move the strap. I adore AJ, and with Tamina at her back she appears to be virtually unstoppable, but I think Brie and Nikki are going to be able to get the upper hand, take out Tamina in some way, or at least keep her busy enough, so that AJ will have to handle Brie by herself. While Brie isn't a great wrestler, like say Paige, she has really stepped things up since her return, and is proving that she's more than just a pretty face. I expect her to continue to grow in the ring, and will do so with gold around her waist, at least for a bit. This will also piss of AJ enough that the Divas Division could be quite a lot of fun for the coming months.

Kendra's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Brie Bella


With all the matchup options that could exist (especially if they lured back some other workers) we get a match between a real WOMENS champion and one of the “reality stars” in their division. As much as they’ve been pushing Brie as a champion, I actually see her taking the loss here, thankfully. It won’t be clean, Tamina will take her out behind the refs back.

Chris' Predicted Winner: AJ Lee (Dirty)


If this match had been scheduled six months ago, my money would be on AJ in a heartbeat. Lately, though, Brie's been really stepping up her game, and is starting to prove she's actually NOT just a pretty face, or only there because she's dating Daniel Bryan (not that it's hurting her, of course!) The last few weeks, I've actually enjoyed watching the Diva's in ring, when I usually decide to make a Diva's match my smoke break. Brie's improved a lot in the last month, and although she's no Trish or Lita yet, if she keeps up the pace, she might actually go pretty far in the business, and on her own merit, to boot! I can't really say anything about AJ, because she's...well...she's AJ. She's almost as unpredictable in the ring as Bray Wyatt's whole gimmick, and the ease and speed in which she switches emotions is insane, pun definitely intended! I think I'm gonna go with my gut and pick Brie, though, as she's already proven she can beat AJ, even though my brain's telling me it was only to make her look strong before another loss.

Justin's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Brie Bella


I’m not exactly sure where the divas will go after this match. And I’m just not interested in seeing this match again. AJ’s reign has lasted long enough, and it may be time for her to drop it, but that just feels wrong to me. With Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan both being in title matches, I believe this will be the night the couple walks out with gold around their waists.

CJ's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Brie Bella

Jesse's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee

Alex's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Brie Bella

Gesus' Predicted Winner: AJ Lee

Triple Threat Match for the Tag Team Championships:

Cody Rhodes and Goldust (c) vs. The Shield vs. The Usos


The Usos and The Shield have put on some fantastic PPV matches over the past couple months, and the Rhodes brothers have stolen a number of shows, including Battleground, so this match has to be even that much more. I'm rarely a fan of matches with more than two teams involved, but these three teams are a totally different story. This match could steal the show, and that's saying something with Bryan in his first HIAC with HBK as the Special Guest Ref. Even with HBK inside that cell, I might honestly say that this is the match I'm most looking forward to. These three teams are going to leave it all out there, and even though Goldust is well into his forties, he will give as much as the rest. In the end, it's too early for the straps to come off the Rhodes brothers, and even though they don't have to be pinned to lose the belts, I think they will be the ones pinning a member of The Shield to retain.

Kendra's Predicted Winners: Cody Rhodes and Goldust


For the first time in ages we’ll see a tag match that’s absolutely awesome on a PPV card. I am fine with any of these teams carrying the gold out of this one. The Shield held the titles, and even if some people didn’t care for the lack of “competition” they DID help the prestige. The Usos are deserving of a run finally, but I actually think that Cody and Goldy wind up carrying the titles a bit longer, maybe even into the Rumble.

Chris' Predicted Winner: Cody Rhodes and Goldust, Goldust gets the pinfall on one of the Usos after a flurry of finishing maneuvers


Forget Daniel Bryan, forget John Cena, I fully expect this match to steal the show. The amount of star power and honest talent in this match is off the chart! First, let's start with the Shield. Ever since their debut at Survivor Series last year, they've been a force to be reckoned with. They may have fallen down the card a little as of late, but I place the blame squarely on the shoulders of booking. Rollins is one of the most gifted rookies I've ever seen as of late, and Reigns has pleasantly surprised me, proving that he's more than just the muscle of the group. Next, we have the Uso's, distant cousins of Reigns. I don't know what it is about that bloodline, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't think of any names in that family that hasn't become a star, and the Uso's just seem to prove that stereotype right. Jimmy and Jay are one of the most charismatic, naturally talented TRUE tag teams (as in not just thrown together) that I've seen in a very long time. Finally, we reach the Rhodes, another family of pure stardom. Goldust, after finally beating his personal demons, looks to be in the best shape of his career, and the night when Cody was "fired," he proved that he belongs in the main event. Speaking as a fan, this match is too full of talent to predict, but I honestly don't see them taking the belts of the Rhodes this soon into their reign.

Justin's Predicted Winner: Cody Rhodes and Goldust


I’m really enjoying the team of Cody Rhodes and Goldust. I was actually slightly shocked to see them win the titles, especially because The Uso’s were still #1 contenders. I certainly expect Rhodes and Goldust will retain, and I will be greatly confused if they don’t. The only way there would be a title change, is if Triple H screws Rhodes and Goldust over for The Shield to win. I expect the match to be fast-paced, and full of big spots that will keep the crowd into it.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Alex's Predicted Winner: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Handicap Hell in a Cell Match:

CM Punk vs. Ryback and Paul Heyman


I went with Big E over Axel as part of what I think is the blow off to the Punk and Heyman feud. This feud has been booked in such and upside-down way, and while the work between Punk and Heyman has been great, it's absolutely time for them to both move on. The only way I can see that happening is Punk completely removing Ryback and Heyman from his sight by destroying them in this match. I worry that this match might take on a bit of a comical air with Heyman's zaniness, and Ryback's creative theory on how people should work the ring against him. In some ways I hope Ryback opens his mouth and sticks his foot in it during the match, as Punk will take him apart while making is look like it's the way things are supposed to go, in other ways I know there's roles for Ryback in the WWE, and if he does something like that, he wouldn't be lasting long with the company. All in all I expect this to be a decent and entertaining match, and I expect both Punk a Heyman to give their all in this match, but in the end it will be Punk coming out on top.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: CM Punk


I am honestly hating the words I am about to type. I actually see Ryback getting the win in this match. While Punk may finally get his hands on Heyman I get the feeling that they’ll use the hatred against Heyman as a catalyst to Ryback getting the upper hand and beating Punk. Would I prefer it to go the other way? Absolutely, would I prefer Lesnar to return, or even Matt Morgan to show up as another Heyman guy, damn straight, but I get the feeling Ryback just won’t be allowed to die on his own.

Chris' Predicted Winner: Ryback, because Punk gets so fixated on beating on Heyman that Ryback gets offense in on him from behind.


Forget the explanation, let's just go to the end. Ryback has Punk up for the Shell Shocked, when all of a sudden, referee Brad Maddox turns around and hits....wait, this seems familiar. Now I remember, that was last year! Well, here we are, one year later, and almost nothing at all has changed, except for adding Heyman into the match. A year ago, Ryback had all the potential in the world, the support of Cena, and happy children screaming FEED ME MORE as he came to the ring. Now, all Ryback has is his look. In over a year, his mic work hasn't improved, and his ring work has been..well...the phrase "five moves of doom" comes to mind, but he really only has two moves of doom, his Meat Hook clothesline and Shell Shocked. As with Axel, I really wanted to like Ryback, but it seems almost like he doesn't want to be there. I know not all of the problems with him have been his fault, as he's been backed into multiple corners due to bad booking, but his bad attitude behind the scenes really has not helped him any. Unless Heyman has one more trick up his sleeve to last until Survivor Series, I see this story finally blowing over.

Justin's Predicted Winner: CM Punk


This feud has been enjoyable, and I feel it’s ran its course. After four months, CM Punk has been tortured by Paul Heyman and his Heyman Guys. The feud has also gone backwards, as Punk faced the monster Brock Lesnar, and then Curtis Axel and Ryback. The only match Punk won out of the whole rivalry was last month at Battleground, where he used dirty, heel-like tactics to beat Ryback. Now as they are trapped inside the cell, I think it is time the feud ends, and Punk wins. Even if Ryback and Heyman do end up winning, the feud needs to stop here.

CJ's Predicted Winner: CM Punk

Jesse's Predicted Winner: CM Punk

Alex's Predicted Winner: CM Punk

Gesus' Predicted Winner: CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. John Cena


Is there anyone who thinks ADR is going over Cena clean? I know there's been questions about Cena possibly passing the torch in this match, but I think when it comes time for Cena to pass the torch, and he's nowhere near that point, it will be to someone who can carry the WWE into the future, and I hate to say that to any ADR fans, but he's not the one to be doing that. ADR has proven that he's not the face of the WWE, and with the face returning, why not shake up the WHC and put it on Cena. Some might see this as a step down for Cena, but I could see as a step up for the WHC, a championship that has not done well over the past year or so, and especially since the brands have been recombined.

Kendra's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: John Cena


Del Rio is still the least entertaining champion I can remember, the man just exudes boredom like no other. I’m ready for his reign to come to an end, but dear god do I not want it to go to Cena. Nothing against Cena, I do respect the man, but to come back from an injury directly into a title match as your return to television is a bit much. Ideally Sandow would cash in here and take the title, and as a fan I’m seriously hoping this is what happens. The only downside, we lose that beautiful briefcase.

Chris' Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Damien Sandow cashing in (shocker here) DURING the match after Cena’s arm is weakened and Del Rio is downed by the AA, leaving Cena unable to make a cover.


This is really a no brainer. In one corner, we have a champion that makes most of the audience wish they were watching paint dry instead. In the other corner, we have the returning face of the company. I'm honestly so over Del Rio's character at this point. I know with Rey's injuries, WWE wants somebody they can market to the Latino community, but Del Rio's just not working. I'll be the first to admit that he's had some good matches as of late, but he reminds me of RVD during his run in TNA- just phoning it in. He's like an understudy in a play, in my opinion. Week in, week out, he does the bare minimum, as if he expects everyone else to get his character over except for him. Even his personal ring announcer was more over than him, which really should have given WWE a clue over how over he really wasn't. Also, I know there have been a lot of teases of Sandow cashing in, but let's face it. Even if he does cash in and leave with the title, I don't see him as a viable threat to either man, especially a returning Super Cena. He could spend months running from Cena while claiming he's the champion, but we'd all be waiting until he simply wipes Sandow off the mat, so I don't think Sandow would be stupid enough to risk it. With this match being Cena's return, I only see one way to end it.

Justin's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: John Cena


When Vickie Guerrero announced a few weeks ago on Raw that John Cena would be challenging Del Rio at Hell in a Cell, I was flabbergasted. I totally thought it was just a joke to scare Del Rio and lose his match to Ricardo, but nope! Cena returning early is risky, but if he’s cleared to compete, he needs to get back on TV as soon as possible. Ratings are struggling with NFL, and now the World Series. Cena winning the title would be best for business for a couple of reasons.

One, John Cena hasn’t held the World title in quite some time, and it would bring the much-needed prestige back. Two, if Cena wins the title, he will mostly likely be on SmackDown which will most likely boost viewership numbers and ratings. If Del Rio retains, we’re back to no one caring about the World title. WWE would be wise to put the strap on John Cena, because I don’t see how it wouldn’t be best for business.

CJ's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: John Cena

Jesse's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: John Cena, Damien Sandow cashes in

Alex's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: John Cena

Gesus' Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: John Cena

Hell in a Cell Match for the Vacant WWE Championship with Special Guest Referee Shawn Michaels:

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton


I honestly don't know how to handle this match. On one hand I expect Bryan to win, with or without the help of HBK, but on the other hand, I don't know how Bryan could move forward as Champ if he's going into a feud with Trip. Then there's Orton, I just never feel right with him as Champ, no matter his character. Yes, he's a top guy in the company, but I prefer to see him chasing, not being chased. I think Orton works much stronger when he's after something, than when he's protecting it. Then there's HBK who I'm expecting will add so much to this match. Between being Trip's bestie, Bryan's trainer, hating Orton, and promising there will be a new Champ, there's more questions than answers over HBK's head. HBK has called matches right down the middle before, look at when he was the Special Guest Ref between Trip and Taker at WrestleMania! And HBK has more knowledge of HIAC matches than most others, between being in them, and being a ref in them, but that still doesn't tell us what he might do when actually locked in that cage. HBK is the wildcard in this match, and the one thing I cannot nail down. Honestly, I'm close to flipping a coin on this match, as I have no clue. Looking back at the Divas match, that I picked Brie to win, and my need to go with my heart, I'm going with Bryan. Honestly, I won't care if I lose on this one, as long as it's one of those matches that leaves us in awe, and with a great storyline coming out of the PPV.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan


I would LOVE for Daniel Bryan to get the victory and become the WWE champion, but I don’t think the time is quite right for that to happen. I could see HBK getting a kick in on Orton at some point, but the more likely moment is that he slips up and hits Bryan with the kick when Orton ducks. Orton slides into the pin and HBK reluctantly counts the three. This will lead to a bit more TV time for HBK as he defends his motives, while HHH and Orton claim he did “what’s best for business.”

Chris' Predicted Winner: Randy Orton via accidental kicking of Daniel Bryan


This has got to be one of the hardest matches I've ever had to predict, because it can honestly go so many ways thanks to the addition of Shawn Michaels. Will he call it down the middle? Will he side with his former student to stick it to his newly matured best friend and the Authority? Will he turn heel and align with the Authority to become a new, more corporate version of Degeneration X (if that's even possible?) Also, let's not forget the Big Show, who's been on a rampage ever since Night of Champions. It's possible he might break the door off, knock Randy out, and stick it to Triple H once more, setting up a one on one matchup for Survivor Series. There's so many "what ifs" in this match that it could be anyone's guess! Since I have to make a prediction, however, I'll go with my gut. I just can't see HBK turning heel. I know it's highly possible, but with him being a part timer, I see no reason to turn him heel before he leaves again. Whether he calls it down the middle or sides with Bryan, though, my gut tells me that there's been enough screwjobs.

Justin's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan


Daniel Bryan spent all summer proving to us he is the best wrestler in the world. Randy Orton came in as the face of the company, and ruined Bryan’s moment of winning the WWE Championship. I’m sick and tired of seeing Bryan getting buried time, after time again. This feud was refreshing for the WWE Title scene, but it’s time to end. Shawn Michaels will add the extra special element to the match to make fans, like myself, care about Bryan and Orton’s third encounter since SummerSlam. My bold prediction is that Daniel Bryan wins with or without help, and he goes on to defend the title against Triple H at Survivor Series.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan

Alex's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan


Well, I expected this PPV to have a bit more of a random element to it than the last one, but it looks like I was proven wrong! Don't forget to join us for our Live Coverage starting at 7:30 PM EDT and in our Live Blog to hear mine and the rest of the writers live thoughts and interactions on Hell in a Cell!

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