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WWE Predicts - Money In The Bank 2013

Welcome to WNW’s Money In The Bank Predictions! Money In The Bank will be emanating from the Wells Fargo Center in the hometown of ECW, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This month we have a great lineup of writers giving their predictions! Myself, Alex Barie, CJ Blaze, Chris Surrancy, and one of's newest writers Daniel Arda are giving full predictions, while Kendra Bunyon, Zack Krasney, Shashank Bhandari, Elto Alexandrov, and Gesus Oliver are doing quick picks. But before we get into the predictions themselves, let’s hear what the writers thought of the build to this new PPV.


Oy vey... WWE has seemingly forgotten how to properly build to a PPV. Between the severe lack of physicality in the WWE Championship feud, the imbalanced MITB matches, and the underwhelming lower card, I am honestly starting to have second thoughts on purchasing this year's MITB. The most developed match on the card is the Diva's match for crying out loud! And while ADR/Ziggler had a decent build, it involves ADR. The man is a pain to watch thanks to his lack of motivation. The highlight of the PPV, the MITB matches, has seemed to take a bit of a backseat to other storylines as well, primarily the one between Punk and Heyman. There just hasn't been much tension built up for the WWE Championship MITB until this week and almost none for the WHC MITB. And that is pretty sad considering this should be revered at the same sort of level as the Royal Rumble. It is a guaranteed title shot for 2 men.


I'm actually happy to say that WWE did a good job building this month's PPV. Sure, it isn't their best by any means, but it is a start. They have had some lousy builds this year, but Money in the Bank always seems to do them good. They had several weeks and they started to build it early. I sure hope the show is even better than the build. I remember Money in the Bank 2011 and the huge aftermath. I was leaving for Florida the next day and I was swamped with wrestling stuff that morning... and I wasn't even involved in the business as I am now! I would NOT mind having one of those moments again!


Looking at how this year’s Money in the Bank has been building, I’m one of the few people who still believe that the Mark Henry and John Cena match has been built well. I think Mark has been solid on the mic the entire time and Cena has sold the underlying fear of Henry being able to take him out. The way the Curtis Axel saga has been playing out, with him taking some losses into the show is good as it will make his win Sunday that much more meaningful. I’ll be honest that I haven’t cared for Ryback’s build mainly because of his “giving up” on Raw a couple weeks back, it came off pathetic. I haven’t seen the build on the Smackdown side for their ladder match (my “day job” always seems to make me work Friday nights) so I’m lost on how that one is shaping up other than who’s in the match. On the Raw side, the lack of RVD’s inclusion has been awkward, other than that it’s been built very well, aside from Christian always coming off as a loser. This is a great PPV each year; I just wish they could have put a bit more into the show this year.

CJ Blaze:

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m really excited for this year’s edition of Money in the Bank! Money in the Bank always brings us thrilling action, and some of the best matches of the year. I’m also really glad WWE had all the matches announced ahead of time, rather than the week of. I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see any qualifying matches for the ladder matches, but having some of the participants face each other was a smart move and made up for it.


Hello WNW readers. I was enjoying some tea and strumpets in England when I received an invitation from Mr Sherwood to join WNW’s writers for my first-ever round of WWE Predicts. So, whether my random musings hit home like a Punk promo – or read like receiving a stinkface from Rikishi – I hope that they’re worth a look.

The build for Money in the Bank (MITB) has felt underwhelming in comparison to, say, the summer of Punk in 2011. Part of this is down to some questionable booking decisions – like the Shield’s second-ever loss. There were some bright spots, including Bryan’s main-event push and Henry’s promos. It’s ironic though that the hype surrounding the arrival of the Wyatt Family has felt bigger than MITB itself. That’s a concern because as much as I enjoyed the debut, there should have been more focus on selling the pay-per-view.

Pre-Show WWE Tag Team Championship Match:

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns (c) vs. The Usos


While some people may see this as a step backwards for The Shield to be regulated to the Pre-Show, I see it for what it truly is. MITB is a PPV that is focused on solo glory. It makes perfect sense for this match to be on the Pre-Show because it is a tag team match. Now as for the match itself, I expect a lot out of both The Shield and the Usos, as they have both shown a great work ethic and an ability to draw in the crowd with their ring work alone. The thing is, The Usos aren't remotely ready to take the Titles off of The Shield. Sure they hold a 6-Man Tag victory over The Shield, but it was Christian who picked up the pin, not the Usos. Also, this is the first we have seen of them in years that wasn't them jobbing to the flavor of the week team. Give the Usos some more time to pick up some more steam and then I'd consider them a credible threat.

Jesse's Predicted Winners: The Shield


I'm actually feeling bad for The Shield because of the huge drop-off they have received. I mean, they take out The Rock, The Undertaker, Ryback and now they are on the pre-show. WWE, recently, has the tendency of building stars up too fast and only to drop them off at the waste side at the end. This goes for The Shield and for Ryback. I hope WWE will learn for The Wyatt Family. Anyway, I don't see this being such a big match. While I usually pick the babyfaces to go over on the pre-show, the show is in Philadelphia and it is The Shield. I can probably bet they will be cheering for The Shield. They will win and keep their titles.

Alex's Predicted Winners: The Shield


While the easy selection here says that Rollins and Reigns will dominate the match and put the Usos out of their misery, I’m not too sure that’s how things are going to go down. The Usos aren’t going to be pushed around; they seem to finally be getting a chance to climb the ladder (no pun intended, but clearly implied) and step into the limelight as a tag team. I don’t see them taking the straps this month, but I don’t see them being beaten easily either. The Shield retains, but in a close fight. With the Wyatt development I see this match being repeated next month at SummerSlam.

Chris' Predicted Winners: The Shield

CJ Blaze:

The Uso’s have been built up in the last two months to seem like a threat to the tag team champions. Teaming with Christian and picking up a win over The Shield was done to help that. It seems obvious Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns will retain, but The Uso’s should get to hold the titles sometime in the future. The Hounds of Justice will retain, and hopefully face The Brothers of Destruction at SummerSlam.

CJ's Predicted Winners: The Shield


I was surprised to learn that this was on the pre-show because this diminishes the importance of the build, title and the match itself. It’s a shame for these guys because it should be a solid tag wrestling match featuring teams who are not composed of two singles wrestlers who have been randomly thrown together. However, the timing for the Usos is unfortunate because they’re going up against one of the hottest acts in years. The Hounds of Justice aren’t ready to give up the gold just yet and I would be surprised if they didn’t have a long reign to enhance the credibility of the titles.

Daniel’s Predicted Winner: The Shield

Kendra's Predicted Winner: The Shield

Zack's Predicted Winner: The Shield

Shashank's Predicted Winner: The Shield

Elto's Predicted Winner: The Shield

Gesus' Predicted Winner: The Shield

Divas Championship Match:

AJ Lee (c) vs. Kaitlyn


Have you ever heard of the 3 Year Rule? Basically, if it has been 3 years since WWE has done a particular storyline, they can reuse it again. And while it is somewhat different than the Piggy James storyline, the tale that AJ and Kaitlyn have been weaving over the past few months still is incorporating portions of it. And while I am encouraged that WWE seems to be trying to revitalize the Divas Division with the talent that they have, I have to wonder if it isn't just because of the Total Divas show. But as long as WWE keeps letting these ladies put on the quality of matches that they have during the PPVs, I won't complain too much. Momentum in this feud is on Kaitlyn's side, which tells me that she has little chance at coming out on top.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee


WWE is really liking these two recently. Sadly, it is only because of WWE's new diva show that will be airing. After the show gets running, will the divas even have a role on Raw? Will there be any storyline for them? I don't want to burst anyone's bubble or even even get people excited, but it is just a thought. I sure hope WWE continues as these two divas are actually entertaining. They can't beat the Knockouts though, in my opinion. I think this is one match that I may look forward to. These two are physical and are willing to do some sweet stuff. My plan on having Ziggler, Big E Langston and AJ Lee carry titles at the same time has failed. With that being said, I don't see AJ carrying this one too long.... just like Dolph with the World Title!

Alex's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Kaitlyn


I’m looking forward to this match as this feud is something I’ve been begging WWE to run with for a while. I love that these Divas are paired together, Kaitlyn has the power and AJ is quickness. It’s difficult to pick a final outcome on this one, as much as I would love to see Kaitlyn take back the belt, I just don’t see that happening just yet.

Chris' Predicted Winner: AJ Lee

CJ Blaze:

The diva’s division actually has a storyline! While it has been more of a copy of Piggy James, it’s still something that has our attention. Kaitlyn will try her best to win back the title, but many think it is obvious AJ will retain her butterfly title. But what really could add intrigue into the rivalry would be to have Kaitlyn win it back at MITB, and maybe AJ regains it at SummerSlam? Only time will tell.

CJ's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee


As with The Shield, AJ’s first run with the Divas title needs more time to develop a credible reign. It’s good to see that a Divas program is finally being given more television time, although I could do without the typically sophomoric antics we’ve had in recent weeks. Photoshop anyone? Kaitlyn winning wouldn’t be a smart move because her reign is still too fresh in fans’ memories. I think AJ will do something sneaky to win the match, so my money’s on her.

Daniel’s Predicted Winner: AJ Lee

Kendra's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee

Zack's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee

Shashank's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee

Elto's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee

Gesus' Predicted Winner: AJ Lee

Intercontinental Championship Match:

Curtis Axel (c) vs. The Miz


Now here is a match I desperately want to care about. Curtis Axel is a very hot talent and he has been pulling out better matches with just about everyone he works with, Sin Cara withstanding. But The Miz has just seemed to have lost a step ever since he came back from shooting his latest movie. Between his look regression and sub-par mic skills of late, I'm wondering where the main eventer went. The only thing Miz has been doing well is putting his butt in the ring and working it off every chance he gets. But the whole premise to this match is that both men think they should be champion due to the way Axel won the Triple Threat last month. But The Miz really doesn't need the IC Title for anything other than to drag the belt back down into obscurity. At least around Axel's waist, the Title seems to be gaining some credibility.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Curtis Axel


Curtis, just like The Shield, has dropped off in my opinion. He goes and beats Triple H in two matches and now we barely see him on Raw. I don't understand WWE's booking once again. He has The Miz in the opposite corner, but I don't see Miz going over at all. This is almost a throw-away much for me.

Alex's Predicted Winner: Curtis Axel


This match could potentially go either way, in order to keep Miz as an important part of the roster they could easily stick the belt back onto him. Luckily I don’t see that one happening this time. I’m taking the young buck to continue his run in the IC division. While he’s been going under this week, I see that as the reason he takes the victory Sunday.

Chris' Predicted Winner: Curtis Axel with the Perfect Plex

CJ Blaze:

With Barrett being pinned at Payback, it only makes sense for Miz to want another shot at the title. Axel is kind of in two storylines at the moment and most of the focus has been on the Punk/Heyman situation. I wouldn’t mind seeing Miz with the strap, but it’s too early for Axel to drop it. My next question is where do these two go heading into SummerSlam?

CJ's Predicted Winner: Curtis Axel


This is Curtis’ time to build up his résumé as the ‘Perfect’ Champion while Miz returns for another shot at IC gold. Miz’s face run has been disappointing and a win won’t do much for his character as we’ve already seen it before. The momentum is with the third generation grappler and I see him emulating his father’s illustrious career by defending the strap at SummerSlam. So, this ending will be nothing short of Perfect.

Daniel’s Predicted Winner: Curtis Axel

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Curtis Axel

Zack's Predicted Winner: Curtis Axel

Shashank's Predicted Winner: Curtis Axel (Dirty)

Elto's Predicted Winner: Curtis Axel

Gesus' Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: The Miz

Ryback vs. Chris Jericho


Now, this match is a prime example of incredibly poor booking at it's finest. I can just imagine the creative meeting for it... “We have two guys that we have utterly buried at PPVs lately, what do we do with them?” VKM: “Let's have them face each other! Someone getting a victory here should help elevate them in the fans' eyes!” Both Ryback and Jericho are damaged goods at this point and it is very questionable on who needs this victory more, the established veteran who has tanished his legacy with a losing return or the meathead that got pushed to the moon but wasn't trusted with a big win? With the fact that Kane has been eliminated from MITB, I see this match going one of two ways. First, I see it going off just the way it was booked, as a singles match. If that occurs there is a bevy of ways to make both men look good, but the scenario I like best is that Jericho wins and Ryback snaps, “injuring” Jericho in the process. This way, Ryback looks like a monster heel and Jericho leaves with a win. The second option is that they turn this match into a qualifier for the open MITB spot. If that happens, then the only solution would be to have Ryback go over clean so he gets in. That would be the only to make him look fairly credible for the titular event.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Chris Jericho if match is left the way it is, Ryback otherwise.


Ryback needs help and fast! After losing to John Cena so many times, and CM Punk so many time, he fell off and actually started to cry because his knee was hurting him. This is the same guy that wanted more stars to fight him. I don't understand WWE's booking at all. In fact, what booking? At any rate, I see this as the right opportunity to, not only write Jericho off, but for Jericho to elevate another star. He helped Fandango and now he is in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, so now he will try to get Ryback back in gear.

Alex's Predicted Winner: Ryback


This is actually one of the easiest matches to pick in this lineup. The obvious choice is that Jericho is putting over Ryback. With the knowledge that Jericho is headed out to tour for a while with Fozzy, Ryback is likely going to be used to write him off television for that time.

Chris' Predicted Winner: Ryback destroys Y2J, leading to him interfering in the main event and setting up SummerSlam.

CJ Blaze:

This match came out of nowhere, and I really wasn’t pleased with the boom there it was feeling I got from it. The build has been decent, though. Jericho’s going back on tour and this could be a way to write him off TV. Ryback hasn’t won a pay-per-view match in a year, and this could be a win for him. Another ending we could see is Jericho getting the win, and Ryback attacking him after to write him off of television. I’m not sure which is more likely, but I’m going with CryBack on this one.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Ryback


Looking at their recent run of results, this reads like a tale of two high-class jobbers. I respect Jericho’s dedication to giving the rub to up-and-coming talent – eg. Fandango – but it means that a win over the first undisputed champion isn’t quite the upset it should be. Given that Ryback’s stock has dropped considerably, I see him finally getting his first pay-per-view win in over a year.

Daniel’s Predicted Winner: (C)Ryback

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Chris Jericho

Zack's Predicted Winner: Ryback

Shashank's Predicted Winner: Chris Jericho; Ryback "injures" Jericho after match

Elto's Predicted Winner: Ryback

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Chris Jericho

World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match:

Wade Barrett vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Fandango vs. Jack Swagger vs. Antonio Cesaro


Forgive me if I seem to ramble on here, but I analyze MITB a bit differently than I do other matches. When you look at the field presented for the WHC MITB Match, there is one overwhelming theme here: the future stars. By that virtue alone, there is one name that needs to be eliminated from contention, Jack Swagger. From there, we must look at how people have been booked recently. Ambrose and Fandango have been booked to look very strong while Barrett, Rhodes, and Sandow have been booked weak and Cesaro has been booked in the middle of the road over the past couple of months, when he has been on TV at all. Based off of strength of booking, I can eliminate both Fandango and Dean Ambrose since WWE rarely gives the case to someone who has been booked well. From there, we have to look at who has been booked in a main event level feud. Barrett and Rhodes have both had a major push, so while that isn't normally an instant disqualifying quota, it shows that they may not be up for a case this time and is why I am cutting them. That leaves me with Sandow and Cesaro. Between Sandow and Cesaro, Sandow has been on TV more. Thus, he shall be my pick.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Damien Sandow


When I looked at the stars in this match, I said, "If Jack Swagger wins, we riot." I love Swagger in the ring, don't get me wrong, but if you think WWE is going to give him this briefcase to be back in the main event so soon then you really don't know how WWE treats their stars. It's just like R-Truth and Christian and Ryback and Randy Orton and the list goes on. I don't think WWE has enough faith in Antonio Cesaro. Ambrose is still too new. Rhodes or Sandow could be likely, but I see Wade Barrett coming out on top and getting his push. It has been talked about for awhile. Fandango is just like Ambrose... too new on television. Barrett has been around for a couple years and he is great in the ring. I certainly hope, if he wins the briefcase, that he becomes more entertaining.

Alex's Predicted Winner: Wade Barrett


While people are talking about how absurd the concept of all heels and all faces is, I actually really like this match. For my pick I’m going to use plain deduction. First off you have Sandow and Rhodes, a team with a little rift right now; this match is going to result in a final split with one costing the other the case. Next you have Swagger and Cesaro, pretty simple, at some point Cesaro takes out Swagger, leading to those two fighting and keeping each other from winning. This comes down to Barrett, Fandango, and Ambrose. I’m going to say Fandango has a decent showing but he’s taken down and kept out of the finish. I see Ambrose and Barrett fighting it out for the case at the end with Barrett taking it. Ambrose will still ascend; he’s not going to need to case to make the transition to the top.

Chris' Predicted Winner: Wade Barrett

CJ Blaze:

I’m loving the fact that we have an all heel ladder match and an all face ladder match. Let me start by saying Swagger better not win this match. There is too many up-and-coming talent in this match for him to win. I personally don’t want to see Fandango win. Cesaro is quite the possibility with his recent aligning with Colter. I was thinking early on in the spring that Barrett would steal the win, if featured, but I don’t think so anymore. I don’t know what to think about Sandow. Ambrose is most likely the winner, and his promo on SmackDown really made me put thought into that. But, there is one person I’ve got my money on: Cody Rhodes. Cody has attempted to win this match several times, but always comes up short. With the teased tension between Sandow and Rhodes, I believe Cody will turn face and walk away with the MITB briefcase.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Cody Rhodes


This match is one of the hardest to predict, especially with its all-heel line-up. Swagger’s had ample chances at the main event and there are more contenders worthy than him. Sandow and Cody appear to be headed for a showdown, with a possible face-turn for Cody. The briefcase would be a great way of freshening up Barrett’s character and he showed what he can achieve as the leader of the Nexus. But recent TV losses count against him. It seems that WWE management is still not completely sold on Cesaro, in spite of him having the classic muscular look that they like. Fandango is a dark horse and he was destined for an IC title reign. Seems too soon for him to move up towards the main event though. Dean Ambrose’s stock is constantly rising, yet it does seem a bit of waste to give him both the briefcase and the US title. I’m going to back him anyway because he’s shown the best combination of mic skills, in-ring ability and ambition to move to the top.

Daniel’s Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose

Zack's Predicted Winner: Damien Sandow

Shashank's Predicted Winner: Wade Barrett

Elto's Predicted Winner: Damien Sandow

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Antonio Cesaro

World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler


If this feud had anyone other than ADR in it, I would be psyched for this match. But ADR always seems to suck the life out of everything. But my feelings for him aside, this has been a pretty good feud. I was appalled by the use of Ziggler's concussion in this storyline, but once the smoke cleared I have to say that may have been one of the best double turns since Austin/Hart. But the key factor in this match is something no one else will think about: Del Rio's title reign history. His length of reigns has been astoundingly low, clocking in at 35, 49, and 90 days each. At MITB, he will be in his 28th day as champion. Considering that and the fact that it would seem a little hasty to pull the title from him this early, I think he will retain. But it won't be a clean win, as I see this program running until SummerSlam.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Dolph Ziggler by DQ, Del Rio Retains


I was wrong last month when I said Ziggler would keep the World Title. So, if I say ADR will keep the title, will I be wrong? I just don't see WWE switching the title back and forth like that. If they do, it hurts the title as it makes it look like a prop. Most titles in the WWE are props though. Anyway, ADR has to carry himself without Ricardo. Ziggler really doesn't need anyone. I think WWE will at least keep the title on Alberto a little longer. Let's try to get him off the ground!

Alex's Predicted Winner: Alberto Del Rio


Another match that has me a bit torn, so many people are dying to see Ziggler take the gold back from Del Rio, but I’m scared to death that Vince will be letting Del Rio keep the belt and shoving him down our throats more. In this instance, I’m going to go ahead and go with my heart and say they let Ziggler get his belt back, starting his run as a babyface champion.

Chris' Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Dolph Ziggler (Zig Zag, clean victory)

CJ Blaze:

Ziggler has been on a rollercoaster over the last year. He won MITB last year and finally became the World Heavyweight Champion. Within weeks, Ziggler was put on the shelf by a concussion! He returns to defend it, and shockingly loses it to Del Rio. I continue to think Del Rio will emerge victorious again, but I’m going with Dolph on this one. It’s time Ziggler gets what he should be holding now, and has a meaningful reign.

CJ's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Dolph Ziggler


The return of Del Rio’s scarf means that he’s back to his heelish ways. Interestingly due to Ricardo’s suspension, this means that Del Rio will be mano a Dolpho. Unless Alberto has some hired goons to interfere and help him stack the odds against Ziggler. So, purely on a flight of fancy, I say that Dolph gets screwed over only to chase Del Rio for the championship where he could get a win on the bigger stage at SummerSlam.

Daniel’s Predicted Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Kendra's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Dolph Ziggler

Zack's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Dolph Ziggler

Shashank's Predicted Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Elto's Predicted Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Alberto Del Rio

WWE Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match:

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. Christian vs. Kane vs. Rob Van Dam


Now, despite the exclusion of Kane, this MITB holds a lot of promise. Now, let's look at the variables in this match. Every single talent in this match is at a main event level and could easily be thrust into the title scene at any point, so we can't nix anyone by that criteria. Punk, though, is the only one with an ongoing storyline, so he is out. Now out of the people left, Sheamus and Bryan have both been booked very confidently, with the two of them very rarely going under. They wont need the case to re-establish themselves, so they are out. That leaves Orton, Christian, and RVD. Orton has been slowly rebuilding his fanbase by actually caring in his ringwork, Christian is freshly back off of injury, and RVD is making his long awaited return to WWE. I don't see Orton needing the case, so that leaves Christian and RVD. With it down between the two of them, I'm going to go for the off choice of RVD, as it makes little sense for him to return at this PPV and not go over. However, that analysis all depends on if Ryback isn't inserted into it by the method I thought of earlier. If that happens, I am calling for him to take the case.

Jesse's Projected Winner: Rob Van Dam or Ryback if he is inserted into the match.


This has to go to someone who really just can't walk into the main event spot. First off, Rob Van Dam probably won't win it since he really isn't going to be a full-time star and he isn't going to be around long-term. CM Punk and Sheamus can really just walk into the main event picture if they want. Christian may win, but I don't see WWE giving him a briefcase for the WWE Title. Vince gave Christian's time with the World Title. Daniel Bryan was going to be my obvious choice, but I am not going to pick him on account of how WWE has booked him this week on Raw and Smackdown. They are making Daniel look too big. He is over more than anyone, but he can really be in the main event next month by not even winning the briefcase. With that being said, I am going with Orton, sadly. I've said that Randy won't be in the main event for awhile, but I think it is going to be his time. He has been too quiet. He has been hiding for months. He will win and how shine to the top like WWE wants him to do. They will have that same Orton vs. Cena match that they had 100 times a few years ago. Let's see if Orton can stay on the top. It may be his last chance.

Alex's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton


This is a stacked match (and if you look at my article Kane's Replacement it could be even more stacked), tons of talent and really difficult booking abound in this one. As big as Punk getting number 3, Bryan or RVD getting number 2, Orton or Sheamus taking their first, or the mystery replacement taking the case would be, I going with the one nobody seems to really be counting on in this match. Christian has been back for a little while now, and he’s been on the commonly associated losing streak, making him one of the most likely candidates to take this match.

Chris' Predicted Winner: Christian or if he returns Kofi Kingston

CJ Blaze:

As Stephanie McMahon was announcing the participants for this match, my jaw was dropped for a while! I was completely shocked and excited to see all of these future hall of famers put into one ladder match. While I am looking forward to seeing RVD return, I don’t want him to win this match. I don’t know why, but I feel like he just shouldn’t. Christian has low chances, but I’m kind of hopeful he’ll walk out victorious. Orton is one to look out for. He’s been on a roll lately, but I don’t see him winning either. Sheamus and Punk are dark horses. Sheamus hasn’t been in a title picture for a while, let alone the WWE Championship. Punk will most likely go on to feud with Lesnar at SummerSlam, but I am looking forward to seeing “the best in the world” in this match. My pick to win is Daniel Bryan. It has been rumored Bryan may be facing Cena in the near future for the WWE title. Not only that, but my gut is telling me Bryan is the next WWE Champion. He’s as over as he’s ever been and there’s no doubt he has talent. Daniel Bryan will walk into the match as The American Dragon, and he’ll walk out Mr. Money in the Bank.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan


This has surely got to be the headline match. With Kane having been officially ruled out, there is speculation that Bray Wyatt may take his spot. This kind of intrigue is great because wrestling is much more entertaining when it’s unpredictable. The stage is set for the big return of Rob Van Dam and Philadelphia will welcome him back with open arms. My guess is that the Wyatt Family will wreak havoc during the match; guillotining another victim: RVD. This means he could go on to briefly tag with his former partner Kane to battle the Wyatt Family. The long-rumoured Orton heel turn could also come to fruition with perhaps the seeds being sown for a feud with Sheamus. Christian may well resume his duel with Dean Ambrose. For me, all the signs are pointing towards Bryan. Given that Punk and Bryan have been given strong wins at the expense of the other competitors in this match, I reckon that these two guys will duke it out. Beating Punk to the case will give Bryan more bragging rights. With the crowds on his side, the Dan of the moment finally has his time to dazzle. He’s on a collision course with John Cena and what a match that could be for SummerSlam.

Daniel’s Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan

Zack's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton

Shashank's Predicted Winner: Christian

Elto's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan

WWE Championship Match:

John Cena (c) vs. Mark Henry


Now this will be a fun match to hear the crowd reactions on! Philly fans despise Cena with a passion and they hate slow big men like Henry! I am betting we will get crowd reactions like we had the day after WrestleMania in this one match. But as for the match itself, Henry has done a great job of re-energizing his character. The promos he has cut of late shows why, despite the years of questionable booking with him, he is still around. He knows just what kind of performance to put on at the right time. But Cena has been the same steadfast individual we know him to be throughout this feud. But that is why I can't bet against him. Until someone shakes him up, I don't see him losing the WWE Title unless someone cashes in on him... Such as Ryback! I know I have been playing this card all night, but what better way to validate the man than to give him 3 PPV wins in a single night?

Jesse's Predicted Winner: John Cena, Ryback cashes in if he wins MITB.


I just want to see this match to see how the crowd reacts. It's either they are going to be surprised by how good it is or they are going to hate all over it. They don't like Cena to begin with and they certainly don't like Mark Henry in the ring. It will certainly be interesting. As far as predicts, I don't see Cena losing it. I would love to see some swerve on where Henry actually wins the title. I wouldn't even mind seeing him champion, but will that happen? Cena is on that WWE train and it has yet to stop. It really hasn't even put a dent into the coal supply. The train will be riding for awhile, but let's try to stop it!

Alex's Predicted Winner: John Cena


I’m honestly torn on this match; with the rumored SummerSlam matchup in the wings I think they go one of two ways here. Either Cena retains going into SummerSlam (Ryback interferes as Henry is about to win) setting up the triple threat, or Henry finally gets the gold. My heart is wishing for Henry to finally get the belt, that said I’m going with my head and saying the first happens.

Chris' Predicted Winner: John Cena (Ryback interference)

CJ Blaze:

The night after WrestleMania 29, Mark Henry interrupted Cena’s in-ring celebration. Henry said he had a big win as well that night. This lead me to believe Henry and Cena were going to fight at Extreme Rules. Ryback was thrown into the mix making it look like a possible triple threat, but Ryback turned heel, and faced Cena at the next two pay-per-views. Mark Henry would return after Payback, teasing retirement. He left the entire WWE Universe shocked after his attack on Cena. I feel Henry should have challenged for it at Extreme Rules, and then they built Ryback up as a hell to face Cena at MITB or SummerSlam. There’s something about it I don’t care for, but I am looking forward to seeing how the match will play out.

CJ's Predicted Winner: John Cena


Mark Henry’s stand-out promo performances have made this match so much more interesting than it first appears on paper. The hungry veteran wanting one more chance at glory would have been a great story for a face. Instead it’s been turned on its head as the calculating heel has shown his ruthless streak in going after the title. Nice to see Cena actually showing some vulnerability. But I’m not buying it. He’s the big name draw and the WWE title needs to be around his waist to sell more pay-per-view buys for SummerSlam.

Daniel’s Predicted Winner: John Cena

Kendra's Predicted Winner: John Cena

Zack's Predicted Winner: John Cena

Shashank's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Mark Henry

Elto's Predicted Winner: John Cena

Gesus' Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Mark Henry


Wow, after looking at and reading all of the MITB Predictions, it goes to show you just how everyone looks at this business in slightly different tones when it comes to certain matches. No one expects Punk or Sheamus to win the WWE Title MITB, nor Fandango or Swagger for the WHC MITB. And while I expected some of the matches to be cut and dry like The Shield vs. The Usos, I can honestly say that the divide on the WHC Match surprised me. Maybe I was a bit harsh in my opening statements and WWE has done something right. WWE has brought the mystery back to the business. Thanks for reading and don't forget to join us for our Live Coverage of Money in the Bank right here on WNW and in our Live Blog as well. Also, as a side note of upkeep, due to unforeseeable circumstances, there will be no Smackdown Breakdown this week. Feel free to post your predictions below!

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