WWE Predicts: Night Of Champions 2013


Welcome to WNW’s Night of Champions Predictions! Night of Champions will be emanating from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. This month we have a great lineup of writers giving their predictions! Kendra Bunyon, Alex Barie, and Gesus Oliver are giving full predictions, while CJ Blaze and I are doing quick picks. But before we get into the predictions themselves, let’s hear what the writers thought of the build to this PPV.


After the great build SummerSlam had, I have been sorely disappointed with Night of Champions' build. It has been very focused on the battle between Daniel Bryan and the Corporate Evolution and while that isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it is re-establishing Orton as a main event heel and cementing Bryan as a top face, It has made everything other than CM Punk and Paul Heyman take a backseat to it. In fact, if it wasn't for AJ Lee's pipebomb, I'd be questioning why the Divas were on the card because we had such a poor build with them. And don't get me started with ADR and RVD or the Tag Title matches! You might as well have slopped in rookies from NXT here with as much as WWE seemed to care about the card. But despite all of this, I have high hopes that the card will deliver some high octane wrestling and emotional twists in the main event.


With only five matches on the NoC card, plus the Kickoff Show match, I have to hope the matches will be long and solid, but I'm willing to bet that they're going to fill in with boring and crap. Rather than my normal crazy predicts this month, I'm only a little wonky. For some reason I just don't have the crazy in me today. I'm sorry about that. I put all I can into it, but I'm just not feeling the healthiest, so the silly isn't there. Also, for some reason, the matches on NoC are not conducive to the fun I've been throwing up for past PPVs.


After looking at the line-up for this year's Night of Champions pay-per-view, I realized that it is not as solid as I thought it was. The Monday after Summerslam showcased the beginning of Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton. The story has moved week after week (with almost the same thing happening every Monday and Friday). While that was squared away at the beginning, the other matches seem to have dragged. The next stop would be CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel. The whole story between Punk and Heyman has been great. It is a wonderful story with rising action, dilemmas, conflicts, and the climax. However, why have Punk lose to Lesnar and then face Curtis, who is nowhere near Brock's level? Just doesn't make sense. The other matches all have some kind of story behind them, but not really stories that are going to sell pay-per-views. The main story has been built as strong as WWE could have (I guess), but I feel like this could be a lackluster PPV.


I was preparing this ppv before hand in my head. I was having a problem coming up with the matches that were supposed to be on the show tonight. Which by the way is never a good sign for a pay per view when a person who watches wrestling frequently can’t think of the card. I’m sure the casual fan is even more lost. It never bodes well for the buy rates either. I know this is a B level pay per view but don’t you think you’d still want to squeeze out money? This is WWE we are talking about. TNA is fine squeaking by on deficits from their shows, but the lack of build for NoC’s is very TNA like. I just hope they throw on some good last minute matches or let matches actually tell a story and go for a while.

PreShow Tag Team Turmoil to determine who will face The Shield later in the night for the Tag Team Titles:

The Primetime Players vs. Tons of Funk vs. The Usos vs. Tons of Funk vs. 3MB


This is supposed to be a Tag Team Turmoil Match, and I see a whole lot of turmoil going on in here! Cesaro and Swagger will try to be better than the rest while saluting the American flag, looking down their noses, while the Usos will be dancing with themselves on stage. 3MB will be slapped around looking like total hot messes, while Tons of Funk flop and splash around. Then there's the Prime Time Players who will be barking and swaying in the middle of the ring. I'm not sure any of these guys will actually get in there and wrestle as they're too into their own little, personal world! It seems as though each of these teams has something going on other than wrestling, and they're all going to be too busy with these things to actually pay attention to anyone else in the ring. The turmoil will be the lack of wrestling! But in the end the Prime Time Players will come out on top because they're the hottest of the face teams right now. They're not the best wrestlers, and won't give The Shield the best match, but they're the most over right now, so I see them going on.


I don't want to harp on this so much but I think we all know the reason why The Prime Time Players have been winning in every match they are in. I think it's great for Darren Young to come out, but WWE thinks that they HAVE to push him because he did. He is very talented, but I feel like the only way to get pushed in this company is to have your name in the media. It's save to say that 3MB will not win this match. I don't see Tons of Funk winning either. Real Americans can't be taken seriously because they just don't have the foundation of constant wins. The Usos always have great matches, but they had their time to fight the champions. The Prime Time Players are getting over as faces just in time to face the heel Shield. Looks to be predictable if you ask me.

Alex's Predicted Winners: Primetime Players


This seems like a baby steps in WWEs hot and cold approach to their Tag Team division. With a show so lightly booked, it seems the preshow has a lot of talent on it. I am hoping maybe it’ll flow over onto NoC depending on how a Tag Team Turmoil match is booked. It could be a great way to carry over the fans from preshow to pay per view. It seems pretty obvious where they’re going, I have no complaints about it either. Strike while the iron’s hot.

Gesus' Predicted Winners: Primetime Players

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Primetime Players

CJ's Predicted Winner: Primetime Players

Tag Team Championship Match:

The Shield (c) vs. Winners of Tag Turmoil


Anyone going against The Shield at this point don't have much of a chance. If it looks as though The Shield is going to lose, they will just cause a DQ. I think that this match will be even more of a turmoil than the first tag match, but this time caused by The Shield. They are going to continue to dominate as Corporate Evo's lapdogs. I don't see any way that any team is going to get the straps off The Shield at this point, because The Shield will do anything they can to keep them. I just hope the match looks solid, but I do think that Rollins and Reigns could do a solid job of helping O'Neil and Young look that much better in the ring.

Kendra's Predicted Winners: The Shield


I think we’d be foolish to think that they would take the titles of The Shield right now. It would really hurt their image. It would be nice to see PTP get a title shot though. Let them try and chase the titles and see what they can do at that higher level. Give them some proper direction. I love that they haven’t made Young’s coming out a story line and nor should they. This just seems like this ppv was so short they needed some kind of match and this was the best choice. I also wonder if it’s just a way to make us forget about Ambrose Ziggler? I just love seeing the shield in action because I know we will always get a good match.

Gesus' Predicted Winner: The Shield

Jesse's Predicted Winner: The Shield via DQ

CJ's Predicted Winner: The Shield

Fatal 4-Way for the Diva's Championship:

AJ Lee (c) vs. Naomi vs. Natalya vs. Brie Bella


While Brie is the weak link in this match, I hope these Divas are given the chance to really show that they can work the ring. Of course they're going after AJ hard from the start, but in the end the Total Divas will end up fighting between themselves to see who wins. AJ will be back to cause problems in the match, but I don't think she has a chance. If all of the Divas are really on, and really look solid – as Natalya did on RAW this week – I think we're in for a heck of a Divas match. In the end, I'm thinking Natalya will get the win. It would shake up the Divas Division, help Total Divas, and give AJ something to fight for. And, of course, Natalya is very deserving of being Divas Champ!

Kendra's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Natalya


This match is certainly going to get a lot of attention on account of the Total Diva's show. The funny thing is, this PPV is going up against the Total Diva's show this Sunday. The last time a PPV went up against the show, the show lost viewers. Will it be the same this Sunday? Either way, I can't see anyone else winning it but AJ Lee. She has been on a roll lately... not to mention her little "pipe bomb". I would love to see Natalya hold the title, but I just don't think WWE is ready for her. We very well know she is ready.

Alex's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee


I think we are all going to write about how awesome that promo was from AJ so I’ll just move on. This match has me worried. Will WWE move forward with their love of Total Divas or will they be smart and keep the title on the best divas on their roster? I have said it before and will say it again, AJ has the ability to elevate that current roster. I just wish E would give her the tools to run. She dropped that pipebombshell and then followed up with nothing. Why wouldn’t WWE keep that momentum? Just another annoying question we won’t get answered. This should be an interesting match. Natalya has so much talent that is being squandered. I would love to see a program between her and AJ. If taking the title off AJ is the price we have to pay I am more than happy. I just don’t see E being that smart.

Gesus' Predicted Winner: AJ Lee

Jesse's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee

CJ's Predicted Winner: Natalya

World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Rob Van Dam


Yawn! Ricardo announces RVD to the ring in such a vivacious way, more than he ever gave ADR. Then ADR out to the ring in his arrogant way, but with nothing to show. RVD is crazy off the bell, all over ADR. ADR tries to fight back, but there's no creativity, no spark. RVD is in control, other than a few odd kicks, an enziguri and ADR trying to work over RVD's left arm. It looks as though RVD is going to win the match, but wait, it looks as though Ricardo is going to turn on him to help his old friend... ADR looks excited... But no, just a teaser. Ricardo leaves ADR on the mat to take the three!

Kendra's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Rob Van Dam


This match was bound to happen since Rob came to the WWE. I had no idea what his schedule was going to be like, but I thought it was going to be a part-time ordeal. That is not the case as he is pretty much on every Raw (and maybe Smackdown too). I like Rob and still thinks he has it, but would I give him the title? Does he deserve it? Sure, but what about Dolph Ziggler or Antonio Cesaro? I mean what happened about the younger stars as the IWC would say? Anyway, I can see this match being one of the top matches of the night simply because Alberto has been impressing me as of late and RVD is stepping up his game. Will Rob walk out the winner? WWE very well can book him over, but I sure hope not. I still think Rio has a change to be a great heel in the business. He is slowly getting there since he turned on Ricardo. This is a tough one, but I will say Rob Van Dam picks up the win.

Alex's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Rob Van Dam


Alberto’s star seems to be fading fast. It’s actually a good sign for Ricardo who was instrumental in getting him over. Then we have RVD who since being back not only looking phenomenal since returning but has had a rocket strapped to his back. The pairing of Ricardo with him has been nothing but strange. Regardless I think we will all be happy to see RVD with another Title run. We all thought his career was starting to fade out for those who watched TNA. Just wasn’t going like he used to. Then he comes back to the WWE and is having some of the best (nonhardcore) matches of his career. All that being said, I don’t see this being a good match. I hope I’m wrong but it seems already forgettable.

Gesus' Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Rob Van Dam

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Alberto Del Rio

CJ's Predicted Winner: Rob Van Dam

Elimination Handicap Match:

CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman


For some reason I thought this was slated to be in a cage, but I must have been hallucinating. Axel proved that he's a loose cannon, and not someone to be trusted. Heyman, on the other hand, is selling this better than most anyone on the roster could. That man should be teaching some of these young bucks about how to sell their characters through absolutely anything. That he stopped shaving seems like a minor thing, but shows so much. Anyway, there's no way that Punk won't work his way through Axel so that he can have Heyman all to himself, but I don't see this ending up one on one. Someone will come to Heyman's aid, and I only have two thoughts that quickly come to mind. As much as I'd love to see Big E turn face, Heyman could be great for his heel gimmick. I don't know where the Big E idea came from, but I kind of like it. The other name that came to me, and I know I'm not the only one who has this idea, or wants to see her brought up from NXT, is Paige. I know some people might not think that a "Diva" could do much against a rabid Punk, but this is Paige we're talking about! She's the anti-Diva, and one touch little waif! I'm not going to pick between the two as I think either, or both, would be fantastic with Heyman. No matter what happens, I could see this as being the match of the night to try to beat, and the main event has a lot to do to beat it. I don't see Heyman coming out with a clean win over Punk, which is good because Punk has been jobbing too much, but I also don't see Punk winning this one clean.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: CM Punk via DQ


This sounds great on paper. It's pretty simple how it is going to play out though. Curtis and Punk will brawl for most of the match. Heyman may get a shot in and so will Punk at Heyman, but Punk will end up eliminating Axel only leaving Heyman. In steps the revenge part. Punk will go all out and take care of Paul. Could this be the end to a great story? I don't know where they can go from here. We heard that Paul may bring in another person, and if that is the case, it would have to be at this PPV or in the near future. I just can't see Punk losing to Brock and then to Heyman two months in role. Punk needs to look credible again. Beating Heyman doesn't give you credibility (unless you are a creative writer), but it will give Punk a huge babyface cheer.

Alex's Predicted Winner: CM Punk (Clean)


Let’s start out by saying this is some of the best work of both Heyman’s and Punks careers respectively. This has been one of those storylines that have developed naturally. I know many people are expecting a new Heyman guy tonight. Me as well. I would love to see who they come up with. Everyone is saying Cory Graves. I think it’d be a bad idea for Heymans image. I would love to see them with an accomplished star to make a surprise return under Heyman. I am weary of him debuting a new talent and not having them come over. People will become skeptical of his ability to create new stars and being an effective manager. I would love to see an able star to return. they are always looking for someone to bring up and a significant way to do it. I just feel Graves is way to similar to Punk that people will write him off quickly as a second rate. I am slowly becoming more and more impressed with him on NXT. I just don’t want to see his run killed before it takes off. Either way, I will be sitting here excited and anxious to see what they can do! I hope they don’t mishandle the ending to this match because Monday the week after they will be in Chicago. That crowd will be hot. I am going with friends (the Matt and Cat connection) and we have been excited for weeks to go!

Gesus' Predicted Winner: CM Punk via DQ

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Paul Heyman

CJ's Predicted Winner: Paul Heyman thanks to a new Heyman Guy

WWE Championship Match:

Randy Orton (c) vs. Daniel Bryan


This is the match I'm itching to see. We all know that Bryan has it in him to beat Orton, and we all know that these two together can work the match in a sick way, but I worry that they won't have a clean one on one match. Someone will attack Bryan before the match, on his way to the ring, before the bell rings, something. And, of course, the blubbering giant will be involved in some way. I'm really hoping that Big Show somehow gets around the abuse that the Corporate Evolution, and really pounds his way through The Shield. And who knows who else might show up? I don't think we'll be seeing HBK at NoC, but hopefully soon. That being said, I'm hoping for a swerve of some sort, someone unexpected trying to help Bryan. All that being said, no matter how great Bryan looks, something will happen and he won't win the WWE Title. I'm expecting this to be a DQ of some sort, Bryan won't lose this one clean. Bryan needs to have a reason to fight back against the Corporate Evolution, that he didn't cleanly lose the match and deserves to continue fighting.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan via DQ, Orton Retains


This probably will be, without a shadow of a doubt, the match of the night. Daniel has impressed me and every single person who watches WWE programming. He is becoming the stable of performance in a WWE ring. While Randy Orton is a different story, he is still preforming at a high level situation. I may not agree to have Orton as Champion and the "face of the company", but the guy is talented, no doubt. At any rate, while this may be the match of the night, I see something going on that will not end cleanly. It just doesn't make sense. So there has to be some interference whether it be The Shield, Triple H, Vince McMahon, or the Big Show. I was going to put Daniel Bryan over here, but I realized that Battleground is the next PPV and then Hell in a Cell. While things can change, I see these two fighting till at least HIAC where Bryan may be defending the title at that point. Anyway, that is in the future. As for now, I can't help but say that Randy Orton retains.

Alex's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton


A lot of people have been crapping on this build. Personally I think it’s been great. Everyone has been expecting Daniel Bryan to get the upper hand. In a way he did on Raw but wasn’t significant to write off that he has a chance. It make this match much more exciting to me. they can literally go anywhere they want with this storyline. It’s just the start of it and people are ready to write it off. It makes no sense. One of the best compelling storylines in years next to CM Punk leaving the company which was then handled wrong. I don’t know what to predict because this is just up in the air. I am just going to watch this match because anyhting can happen in the WWE. Also, of course this will be an amazing match from Daniel Bryan. Let’s hope it encourages Orton to elevate his game too

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Randy Orton

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton via DQ

CJ's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan

Gesus' Closing Thoughts

So I think the only title not to be defended tonight is the U.S. Title. With only 5 matches announced there is always time. It just seems to be an empty pay per view. I will be interesting to see what they do with all the extra time they will have. What are some other matches you all think could be on the show? I hope you all join us in the Live Blog on Sunday to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly from this show. We always love the diverse opinions. Also don’t miss the bickering between myself, Kendra, Jesse and Robbie. That’s a show in itself!


I couldn't have put in the cheap plug in better myself! Be sure to voice your predictions below and join us for our live coverage here on WNW!

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