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This Sunday, May 20th, WWE presents Over The Limit from Raleigh, North Carolina. Personally I think it will be a very interesting PPV with a mix of wonderful matches and possible screwy messes. Hopefully the screwy won't be total messes, but that the WWE will throw something totally unexpected at us during the John vs Johnny match. Only time will tell! As per usual, Gesus is joining me for Predicts, as is Robbie who joined us last month for Extreme Rules.


I want to apologize in advance for my staunch negativity in what I will be writing about this pay per view. These are my views and don’t reflect that of Kendra or WNW. Remember this is just wrestling kids. With that said here we go. Over The Limit is on Sunday May 20th in Raleigh, North Carolina. I have to admit I am very underwhelmed by this card. It’s sad when I am only excited for 2 matches and 1 of them is the Pre-Show and the other has been given away for free twice on weeklies. This is probably the first let down ppv WWE has had going into the show so far this year. I have found no reason to buy this pay per view which is sad to say since their hot streak since TLC.


It's been quite a journey to get to Over the Limit. The match I'm looking forward to the most is the WWE Championship as two great competitors collide. Unfortunately, that will be overshadowed by a match involving a man that's injured and needs time off and a man that hasn't wrestled competitively for over 10 years! Feel free to follow me on twitter at @RobbieNewman95 or on Facebook at Robbie Newman and come talk to me about it! I hope you can all join in on the Live Blog as it really is a good place to talk to others about the event. Hope you you enjoy the Pay-Per-View.

Ken Predicts - Pre-PPV Match - Zack Ryder vs Kane

I'm personally bummed that this match is not on the actual PPV card. Everyone knows I'm a huge Kane fan, so anytime I get to see him in the ring, and not being made a fool of, I'm happy. After all the people he's faced lately and gone over, there's no way Ryder can beat him clean. But maybe Ryder will fight dirty? Doubt it. But I will call for a screwy ending of some sort. I'm thinking they're going to start an actual feud here, so I don't see a clean ending.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Screwy Finish

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Kane

Gesus Predicts - Pre-PPV Match – Zack Ryder vs Kane

I really hope this feud can grow some legs. They blew it off way to quick. WWE has been really good at keeping this feud on the back burner, but keeping it relevant and fresh via stuff like Ryder attacking Kane backstage. This would be a great way to get Ryder relevant again. WWE is really dropping the ball on this guy. Also one thing that has been bugging me about Kane is his outfit. I have never said this because I felt crazy, but that stupid “stitching” just has to go. With this being Ryder and knowing how WWE has booked this match in the past it will be a quick one. This is a mid card feud for a ppv not a free pre-show match. I know WWE is trying to get people to tune into their pre show stuff on youtube but this is just a damn shame and both men are better than pre show.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Kane

Robbie Predicts - Pre-PPV Match – Zack Ryder vs Kane

I am really disappointed on how both these superstars have turned out since the start of the year. I was really hoping to see a long title reign for Zack Ryder, unfortunately that only lasted about a month and has gone down ever since. Kane is supposed to be the Big Red Monster but what has he done to earn that accolade lately? He hasn't been the monster that I and I'm sure everyone else was hoping for him to be. I can't see a Ryder win here, so Kane for me and hopefully reignite the engines in both of these superstars. (Which I sadly doubt)

Robbie's Predicted Winner – Kane

Ken Predicts - WWE Tag Team Championship Match – Kofi Kingston & R-Truth (C) vs Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger w/ Vickie

After all that's gone down backstage with Dolph lately, I don't see him and Swagger going over here. Honestly, I'm with Dolph, it's time for them to break him away from Swagger and Vickie and push him to the sky. Hopefully his 'adversity' won't last long and he'll show his that he has the intestinal fortitude to take the bad with the good. Saying all that, I don't want to see Swagger and Dolph winning the Tag Team Titles as it will only hold Dolph back at this point.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Kofi & R-Truth

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Kofi & R-Truth

Gesus Predicts - WWE Tag Team Championship Match – Kofi Kingston & R-Truth (C) vs Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger w/ Vickie

This would be a good way to get Ziggles and Swagger over. I could see these boys running with the titles and bring a glimmer of relevance back to the titles. It is a great way to get Ziggles and Swagger and TV and set one of them up if not both for a main event run. I would love to see Swagger get a shot at the WHC title and Ziggles run for the WWE title again. I have said it before Ziggles is the next Flair. The man just has so much talent and could sell a snow cone to an Eskimo. I am not a fan of Kofi or R-truth. Truth just weirds me out and Kofi has seemed to be stuck in mid card purgatory. WWE needs to pick the ball up on the tag team division and let Ziggles and Swagger run with it, otherwise it’s just a shame for the fans.

Gesus' Predicted Winner – Ziggles & Swagger

Robbie Predicts - WWE Tag Team Championship Match – Kofi Kingston & R-Truth (C) vs Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger w/ Vickie

I've got to be honest here, there isn't a lot I can say about this match. Truth & Kofi to retain the titles and hopefully after this they will tag with each other a lot more.

Robbie's Predicted Winner – R-Truth & Kofi

Ken Predicts - WWE Divas Championship – Layla (C) vs Beth Phoenix

I see Layla retain here. She's on a big push and Beth's having problems keeping up with her right now, so I think Layla's going to keep going. Not expecting much from it, but that's how the Divas have been lately. Hopefully it's better than Beth facing Foxy this past RAW.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Layla

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Layla via DQ, Beth cheats & is caught

Gesus Predicts - WWE Divas Championship – Layla (C) vs Beth Phoenix

Is it just me or does every Divas match seem like useless going through the motions until Kharma comes back? I don’t like Layla and ever since being live at Extreme Rules every time I see her alls I can think is the disappointment of the crowd. Beth needs to win this so we can take a step forward to Kharma.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Beth

Robbie Predicts - WWE Divas Championship – Layla (C) vs Beth Phoenix

I hope these two have a really good competitive match... wait what am I saying? It's the Divas. So expect a 2-minute match and then we can get back to the action. I really hope I'm proved wrong, because these two can work a good match if given a chance. But it seems very unlikely. So I'm going to go for Layla.

Robbie's Predicted Winner – Layla

Ken Predicts - Fatal 4 Way World Heavyweight Championship Match – Sheamus (C) vs Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton

This is one of the two matches I'm chomping at the bit to see. I'm predicting that this match will only be rivaled by Punk vs Bryan. While I love and adore Sheamus, he really hasn't been pushed well during this Title reign. They really just haven't given him anything overly interesting since WrestleMania. Hopefully things pick up as I feel he's been overshadowed by everyone else at the top of the WWE. I know he has the ability, he just hasn't had the time to show it recently. The big question is will he retain and get the chance? Well, I don't see Jericho winning the Title at this point as he won't be sticking around long. I really hope that ADR doesn't win as he's failing miserably for me. That leaves Orton who really hasn't held a Title in a long time. I think Orton will win it and Sheamus will feud with Orton until Wade returns this summer.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Orton

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Orton pins Jericho & wins WHC

Gesus Predicts - Fatal 4 Way World Heavyweight Championship Match – Sheamus (C) vs Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton

This match has been a little underwhelming. Personally I haven't heard much hype this match. It’s nice to see them changing up the scheme of one on one title matches but I don’t think any of these men chasing the title seem very relevant right now. Jericho has gone under every pay per view since being back, ADR had been a let down since being back. Orton just hasn’t caught a hot streak and fans seem like they could care less about him. I really would like to see WWE switch the title to Jericho and let him run with it on smack down for a bit. Maybe fight Punk again title v title. I would love to see Lesnar win the WWE title and fight Jericho to unify the titles for the summer. Just a pipe dream but the WHC scene lately has just been sad since Mania. If you’re excited for this match for something other than the potential wrestling clinic I would love to meet you because that’s the only reason I want to see it. I hope WWE will come up with something to shake up the division but right now it’s dullsville.

Gesus' Predicted Winner – Jericho

Robbie Predicts - Fatal 4 Way World Heavyweight Championship Match – Sheamus (C) vs Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton

I'm really looking forward to this match. Four great superstars in the ring, fighting it out for the World Heavyweight Championship. The one that I think is less likely to win the title is Jericho. Dot com did an article saying if Jericho loses what else has he got to do? And with Jericho planning to leave WWE after SummerSlam to tour with Fozzy, I can see it being like 2010, Orton taking Jericho out. Next is Randy Orton. In my opinion, I think he'll go onto feud with Y2J up to SummerSlam and then will continue his feud with Wade Barrett, seeing as he is expected to return around that time. I'm hoping that ADR and Sheamus will go onto feud for the World Heavyweight Championsip after Over the Limit as I'm a fan of them both and I think it will be a great way to continue building ADR as a main-eventer on SmackDown and Sheamus as the World Heavyweight Champion. So Sheamus for me.

Robbie's Predicted Winner – Sheamus

Ken Predicts - WWE Championship Match – CM Punk (C) vs Daniel Bryan

I am so excited about this match. I know we've seen them wrestling each other on TV, but I expect them to take it to a whole other level. These are the two best wrestlers in the WWE right now (in my opinion) and they're going to both amaze and delight us during this match. As long as they don't get injured, I expect this to be a match of the year candidate. Yes, I have said it, this is going to be just awe-inspiring and something we'll be talking about for quite a while. My only worry is that AJ is going to get involved and screw this whole thing up. Saying all this, I'm going to go to the potty and get my drink before this match starts as nothing's going to tear me away. I think Punk's going to retain, but I'm not quite sure. TPTB in the WWE are high up on both Punk and Bryan, so it really could be either of them. Screw it, I'll jump ship and go with Bryan. Maybe AJ will cost Punk somehow?

Ken's Predicted Winner – Bryan

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Bryan w/ AJ's help

Gesus Predicts - WWE Championship Match – CM Punk (C) vs Daniel Bryan

This is the other match, if you couldn’t tell, I am sort of excited for. This is going to be match of the night. Then again with this card an 18 second match has a chance to be match of the night. I was going to say this is the only match on Over the Limit was worth the purchase, but like I said,if it was given away for free. Let alone the free show on ROH earlier this week. I think this could set up a great feud between two guys who can put on a great match. I would love to see WWE give this 15 min match and have a feud that could lead to a great Iron Man match. I think then the fans will win. I don’t see Punk dropping the title yet though I think DBD deserves it.

Gesus' Predicted Winner – Punk

Robbie Predicts - WWE Championship Match – CM Punk (C) vs Daniel Bryan

This is the match, I'm looking forward to the most as what can be better than Y2J vs Punk or Sheamus vs Bryan? Put Punk vs Bryan together. Two great technical wrestlers going after the biggest prize in the industry. I'm pleased that these two have got where they are today. I hope that these two will be able to give the fans a good 20-30 minute wrestling match. I'm going to have to go for Punk because I feel it is too early to take the title of him and place it onto somebody else. What WWE needs, is a long World Title reign and they should do that with Punk.

Robbie's Predicted Winner – CM Punk

Ken Predicts - No DQ Match – Johnny Laurinaitis vs John Cena – If any Superstar or Diva interferes, they will be fired. If Cena wins, Laurinaitis will be fired.

Wow, this is just a mess all the way around! At least Tensai won't get involved? Wait, maybe we want him to get involved at this point as he sure isn't doing anything good for the WWE! The last thing I want to see on this PPV is Johnny vs John. I have less interest in this than the Divas Match. The only reason I will be paying attention to it and not anything else is because I expect the WWE to pull a couple zingers in this match, and I should watch while talking about the PPV in the Live Blog. Honestly, I think they either throw some really unexpected moments into this match– and I don't mean Laurinaitis in ring gear – and they will save this match from total failure. Laurinaitis wasn't good back in the day and he isn't good now. Cena NEEDS to take some time of for physical and mental reasons. Those two things being said, I hope they can get through this match without any injuries or serious issues. I do expect to see Brock, Big Show, and/or some other former Divas/Superstars get involved in this match, hopefully they won't completely make the match into a three ring circus. I also hope that Big Show doesn't end up turning heel through all this. In the end I see Laurinaitis coming out on top as VKM likes the heat Laurinaitis gets and he doesn't want that reaction to go away. Hopefully Cena will finally that the time off he needs after this match is done. Okay, he can be on RAW on Monday, but after that he needs to take time off!

Ken's Predicted Winner – Johnny Ace

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Laurinaitis w/ help

Gesus Predicts - No DQ Match – Johnny Laurinaitis vs John Cena – If any Superstar or Diva interferes, they will be fired. If Cena wins, Laurinaitis will be fired.

Who cares? Cena needs to go home for a bit. Just take a darn vacation! This match is going to be over booked and dirty finish. The Johnny ace character is too new to write off and despite the heat, cheap or otherwise, he is good onscreen for now. At least to carry us through the summer. Then there is Cena. I was at Extreme Rules as he was talking about “taking time off” only to show up the next day; I just felt insulted. I understand why he is back but really? Just leave. You need to leave to keep your character fresh. It’s not cheap heat Cena, it’s hatred. I think you are important to the business, you’re what Hogan was in the 80’s. Learn to lose, put people over, and wrestle more than 5 moves of doom. I respect all you do for Make A Wish, but you need stop being cheesy. Step out of the spot light and let a different talent develop into the main event. This match is just a waste of time. So many stips that would make Russo’s head spin. The booking also seems obvious. Lesnar is no longer a part of the WWE, so he will interfere in the match. Another match on this card not worth the money to see.

Gesus' Predicted Winner – Ace

Robbie Predicts - No DQ Match – Johnny Laurinaitis vs John Cena – If any Superstar or Diva interferes, they will be fired. If Cena wins, Laurinaitis will be fired.

And we come down to this. I want Big Johnny gone, but after thinking about, I feel it won't happen. There is two ways where this match can end. Cena wins and the job will be given to Teddy Long and Johnny will come back and take revenge, or Johnny will somehow defeat Cena and stay in charge of Raw & SmackDown and make us listen to his voice. As much as I'll hate the outcome, I'll have to go with my 2nd outcome. I feel that Big Johnny will have set-up a deal with Big Show and if he helps him defeat Cena, he can have his job back, and Big Show is once again a member of the roster and will turn heel.

Robbie's Predicted Winner – Big Johnny


Ryback vs jobber – Ryback
Brodus vs Miz – Brodus
I hope I am wrong with this ppv and WWE blows it out of the water. Heck I blew off sacrifice and it ended up being a great show. Let’s see where this show will take us. Despite my pessimism I am going to try and enter this show with great optimism. WWE has the ability to make me wrong, and I hope we see it, because on paper this ppv isn’t worth the time or money.


I have to agree with Gesus, I think there will be a couple other matches shoved into this PPV, even though they could easily make Punk vs Bryan run long enough to fill up the length of the PPV. I also agree that it will be Funkasaurus vs Miz, Ryback vs a jobber, or both. I also agree with Gesus' picks for the winner of both matches. I'm not as pessimistic about this PPV as he is, but honestly I'm not expecting a heck of a lot from anything but the WWE and WHC Title matches.

Make sure you join us in the WNW Live Blog as I have a feeling it will be a boisterous and rowdy crowd with much interesting discussion. No, it won't all be about John vs Johnny! Until then, thanks for reading.

Ken, Stacy, Gesus & Robbie

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