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WWE Predicts - Royal Rumble

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Why is the WWE being so secretive? All they have told us about the Royal Rumble is the undercard, that everyone is eligible to join the Royal Rumble Match and that Miz is the #1 entrant. Either they're trying to tell us that someone already in a match will win the Royal Rumble Match, or that Miz will win it. Or they're trying to throw us off the real winner. Either way, they have me totally tied up in a ball trying to figure this all out. I also have to admit that I'm having a bit of a tweak over the whole thing. I never thought I'd make it to a PPV, never mind the Royal Rumble, but now that I have, I want MORE! Beyond that, I'm really looking forward to this Royal Rumble, I think it could be a good one.

My predictions are in the regular type used on WNW, Brooks' are like this, and Dan's look like this.

The Blitz has arrived to drop the bomb on the Royal Rumble. After a series from our own Kendra refreshing our memories of winners from the past, I feel ready to take on the present and future. Expect for this card to be very solid. In the immortal words of Michael Buffer: "Let's get ready to Rumble!"

This Royal Rumble I asked Chris Storm to join us for the predictions as he's had a lot to say about the PPV and the Royal Rumble Match. He might be the bad boy of the WNW commenting world, but he's a really great guy and deserves the same respect that you give all of us here at WNW.

Ken Predicts - John Cena vs Kane

I'm going to predict this one the way I hope it goes down. Going with my heart and what I personally think would be great, not with what I think VKM will do for his perky, corny merchandise ticket. I want to see Cena go all Hulk (Incredible, not Hogan), but not in the lame way he did on RAW after Eve chewed him out. I want to see Cena go hardcore on Kane's big red mask! I want to see a whole new evil Cena out there, but then, in the end Kane takes him out! I mean Kane plasters Cena all over the arena! I mean they have such an ugly fight that they have to change the ring mat before the next match because there's blood and gore from one end of it to the other - not only Cena's! I want this to be an all out ECW-esque mauling, but we know THAT won't happen! I am picking Kane to win this because I think it would continue Cena's downfall heading to facing Rocky at WrestleMania, but more than that it could give Taker a great way to come in, rescue Cena, in the following weeks, and set up for Taker vs Kane at WrestleMania, something I'd much rather see than Taker versus Trip.

Ken's Predicted Winner - Kane

Stacy's Predicted Winner - Kane

Brooks Predicts - John Cena vs. Kane

While the story has been over-the-top, it's pro wrestling. It's okay every so often. I'm enjoying it for what it is. Not to mention it's making the idea of a John Cena heel turn closer than ever. After this Kane storyline, Cena's next opponent will be The Rock, and Cena WILL be the heel at WrestleMania. It's in Miami, and it's against The Rock. Even if he acts like his usual plucky face self, he is the heel. So at the very least, having him become more intense because of Kane certainly wouldn't hurt. As for the match itself, I really don't know how this is going to go. Usually when that's the case, something screwy happens, like a DQ. Maybe Eve will get involved somehow, I'm not sure. Maybe The Rock will cost Cena the match. The Royal Rumble is historically sold on one match, the 30-man match, so honestly, this match might not be as spectacular as some might think. Regardless of that, I can't say that I expect Cena to just Rise Above Hate (tm). We saw the tease last week on Raw that we're in for a new Cena. I just don't know what that will entail at the Rumble. I'm going with John Cena here, just because there are a myriad of possibilities here, but Cena has to end this feud so he can move to The Rock.

Brooks' Predicted Winner - John Cena

Blitz Predicts - John Cena vs. Kane

About time these two face off! Embrace the hate vs. Above the hate... I have a bad feeling about this match as far as Kane's chances of victory go. Can we honestly say that Cena will lose this close to WrestleMania and The Rock? Not a chance. Cena wins in what will likely be the Blitz's potty break in the Live Blog.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - John Cena

Chris Predicts - John Cena vs KaneIf Cena wins in a very brutal fashion to advance his character a bit more I would be all for it. However, who does it help for him to win? Kane has just debuted a month or so ago and a PPV loss this fast would do virtually nothing for his comeback. If he wins, it hurts Cena going in to Mania against Rock by looking weak against someone who hasn't been around the main event in months.Chris' Predicted Winner - No Contest

Dan Predicts - Cena vs. KaneI've been hit or miss on this Cena and Kane feud and how it has been executed. I feel like some of their segments have been too long, and they could have gotten to the point much more quickly (such as the Zack Ryder car incident). Cena I think has done a fine job with this feud. People have been giving him crap for his angry face, but I really do think John Cena looks like that when he is really angry. I have a funny feeling Ryder gets involved in this match somehow and costs it for Cena, thus continuing the development we have seen with Cena's character in the past few weeks. I have a feeling WWE will be drifting away from goody two shoes Cena and try to make his character more edgy in the months leading up to his match with the Rock. I think we have seen it start already, and I think these next few months will be some of the most memorable months of Cena's career. Dan's Predicted Winner - Kane (Dirty)

Ken Predicts - WWE Championship Match - John Laurinaitis is Special Guest Ref, Vickie Guerrero & Jack Swagger are banned from ringside - CM Punk (c) vs Dolph Ziggler

I know so many people think that Laurinaitis is going to screw Punk over so Dolph wins this one, but they made such a big thing of it that I don't see it happening. I think Laurinaitis will try to screw over Punk, but Foley will be there to pick up the pieces. Maybe Otunga will jump in, but he's nothing for Foley to take out. Maybe Swagger will try to take Punk or Foley out backstage, maybe Trip will even show up, but in the long run Punk will come out on top of this one.

Ken's Predicted Winner - CM Punk

Stacy's Predicted Winner - CM Punk

Brooks Predicts - CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler

The Rumble is historically a place to try new talent in the main event, since most of the buys are because of the Rumble match itself. We saw this when Ziggler wrestled Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship at the Rumble last year. We're seeing it again this year, but Ziggler has grown so much as a Superstar since then. He had one of the best (and most underrated) matches of the year with Edge last year, and he's even better now. However this match ends, expect it to tear the house down. The Laurinaitis factor makes it even more intriguing. I can't imagine a scenario where Johnny ends the match in Punk's favor, but I just can't see Ziggler going over yet. He's a future main eventer, that much is clear. But it's WrestleMania season. This is when the biggest names are in the highest storylines, and right now, that's CM Punk. I expect him to retain until the Elimination Chamber at the very least. I really cannot tell you how Punk will win (great job from creative on that point), but I'm thinking he'll find a way.

Brooks' Predicted Winner - CM Punk

Blitz Predicts - Dolph Ziggler vs. CM Punk (c) with Johnny Laurinaitis as guest referee

Am I the only one that thinks that Foley is going to be present as "enforcer" to make sure Johnny Boy doesn't cheat Punk though Vickie and Swagger have been banned? This is very likely to be the match of the night as I'm not a fan of battle royals, even if it IS the keynote match. Tossing people over the top rope doesn't make you an instant credible main-eventer, right Alberto? While my logical side says that Punk will rise above the Screwjob attempt and win.... I'm going to go out in left field and predict either HHH or Vince McMahon to make sure that Johnny doesn't cheat Punk then turn on Punk and give Ziggler the title.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - Dolph Ziggler (new champion)

Chris Predicts - C.M. Punk vs Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie G. and possibly Swagger)I'm looking for some type of an attempted screw-job here. It is too close to Mania to crown Dolph as champ, at least thinking logically. I see Dolph getting a run later this year, but not before Mania. Most people, including me, believe it will be Punk vs Jericho at Mania (I really hope) and I don't see the belt changing hands unless it is overturned on Raw the next night by HHH.Chris' Predicted Winner - Punk to retain.

Dan Predicts - Punk vs. DolphMy good buddy Hoboken Zac just got off of the phone with me and told me to go to his Facebook page and check out the video of Dolph training for his Rumble match. When I see videos like that it makes me question WHY THIS ISN'T ON TELEVISION!!!!!! Dolph and Vickie are utterly hilarious in this video. From Vickie telling the interviewer that Dolph is a real do-gooder after he knocks the carbs out of that dude's (don't know who he was) hands, to Dolph running backwards and knocking the clipboard out of the hand of the guy who just had received the same fate only seconds earlier when Dolph was running frontwards. Great stuff. Dolph is without a doubt world championship material, and his time will come soon enough. With that being said, his time will not come at the Rumble. While Johnny Ace poses himself to be a big threat for Punk, I don't see him ending this match as the official. At some point Ace is taking a bump, and I look for Triple H to return at the Rumble to count the victory for Punk. The match itself is going to bring the house down. I wouldn't be surprised if this match winds being in discussions for match of the year in December, as these two men will most likely bring the house down. It's great that Punk has been able to work with such great in ring talent during his reign as champion as it makes his run so much more legit and entertaining. Dan's Predicted Winner - CM Punk (Somewhat dirty)

Ken Predicts - Triple Threat Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship - Daniel Bryan (c) vs Mark Henry vs Big Show

This is the undercard match that I'm not sure of. Henry won't win it because he's still injured and really isn't much in this feud between D-Bry and Big Show. That leaves it down to Big Show and D-Bry, but they're having too much fun with Big Show holding the strap for such a short time. Further, Big Show has been a great way to get D-Bry over as a heel. I said months ago that one of them was going heel and hopefully the feud will continue to WrestleMania, and I still feel that way, but I don't think it would work with Big Show holding the strap. Actually, maybe it would... I just flip-flopped on this one. Stacy came up with something terribly plausible that I feel could happen. D-Bry's girlfriend was run over by Big Show, but then D-Bry was talking to Kaitlyn about AJ and Big Show on Smackdown. He thinks maybe D-Bry will get Kaitlyn involved and pull on Big Show's sensitive side. So I'm really torn as to who to pick for this match.

Ken's Predicted Winner - Big Show

Stacy's Predicted Winner - D-Bry

Brooks Predicts - Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry

Let me just start by saying that I was unabashedly wrong in my TLC thoughts last month. I was so adamantly against Daniel Bryan cashing in and turning heel, but his character so far has been fantastic. He's the heel that's been corrupted by the belt into thinking that he's still the face. It's a relatively fresh character, at least much more than the usual coward heels we get in WWE. And that's why Bryan should retain. It's a slow burn, and his character isn't fully where it needs to be yet. The belt is integral to his new character. As we've seen, he had no character before this, so it's very important that he keeps the belt in order to keep his character progression, and to keep him relevant. Mostly I'm just happy that Bryan's getting some faith from the WWE offices, he deserves it. So if you're a Bryan fan that's mad about the turn, don't be! He's clearly loving it and thriving in this new role, and it's making him into a much bigger player in the company. I expect to see Bryan get another questionable victory, sneaking out of the cage while Show and Henry are destroying each other.

Brooks' Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan

Blitz Predicts - Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry

This should make for an interesting dynamic as the little guy has not one but two big bullies in the ring wanting to tear him apart. It definitely does not look good for Mr. Bryan's chances as world champion, does it? Not so fast. Big Show and Mark Henry both want that title and they both want the champion taken out. Sooner or later, The World's Largest Athlete and World's Strongest Man are going to clash, and D-Bry is going to sneak right on out the cage and steal it.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - Daniel Bryan

Chris Predicts - Daniel Bryan vs Big Show vs Mark HenrySince Henry was injured Friday, process of elimination indicates that even if he is in the match, he won't win. I don't see Show getting the belt because I really don't know what purpose it will serve, unless WWE is going to have Bryan chase Show from now until Mania. Then again, if Show wins, and my Rumble pick is wrong, they could always go with a heel to win, like Drew McIntyre to challenge Show at Mania. However, there have been Show vs Shaq rumblings for Mania.Chris' Predicted Winner - Daniel Bryan retains

Dan Predicts - DB vs. Show vs. HenryDaniel Bryan will find a way to win this match and retain his World Heavyweight Championship. His heel turn has been superb and his work with Show and Henry has been superb. I can see Show and Henry attacking Bryan to start the match, but I see Bryan using his craftiness to get the giants to eventually attack each other. Then Bryan, ever the opportunist, will get involved hit some wrestling moves, and use his speed and agility to get himself out of the cage first. I just hope that this match is entertaining as the WWE Championship match will undoubtedly be. Dan's Predicted Winner - DB

Ken Predicts - 30-Man Royal Rumble Match: Winner Gets Title Shot At Wrestlemania XXVIII - The Miz will enter first.

I picked the winner of Royal Rumble Match last year and he was a long shot, so there's absolutely no way I'm going to pick this one. I pulled out my white board (actually, I bought a new one) so Stacy and I could work out who we think could win this Royal Rumble Match. The thing is that there's virtually no list for who's participating this year. I put together a list of many who could be in this match, but have no chance of winning for one reason or another, or dozens in Santino's case. I also put together a list of people who could be surprise entrants, but also still have no chance of winning it - Hacksaw, Foley, Goldust, Dusty Rhodes, Viscera, Booker, Trip, Nash and Taker. Then there's the absolutely absurd list of people who could show up, really unexpectedly, and could actually win it (if they do show up, I think I should receive huge props for it) - Goldberg, Brock and Batista. Again, if any of them show and win, then I'm taking one-half a point on principle. But then I have my list of who I think really has a chance to win it - Sheamus, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Jericho, Drew McIntyre, and JoMo. I imagine most people will agree with me on the first four being really possible, but not on the last two, so let me explain myself. I have been watching the way Drew's been losing over and over, that his job is hanging on by a string. What better way to completely turn things around than to have him win the Royal Rumble Match? I know I'll get really abused for JoMo, but I still think he's under the employ of the WWE. Something in my gut tells me he's still there, and this would be the perfect way bring him back and on top - hopefully he's dropped Melina for good! But none of this give you my pick for the match. I think Miz is just too obvious. Possibly JoMo returns and throws him out? Jericho could have come in and said he'd return if he won the Royal Rumble Match and headlined WrestleMania, and Jericho versus Punk would be amazing! ARG! I'm going way out in left field again, what the heck! Stacy and I have come up with so many reasons for each, but nothing really concrete, but that's what makes the Royal Rumble Match so much fun!

Ken's Predicted Winner - Drew McIntyre

Stacy's Predicted Winner - Sheamus

Brooks Predicts - Royal Rumble Match

Oh boy. All I know for sure is that we're in for a swerve. WWE is continually pushing the "For the first time ever, every Superstar is eligible," which is silly. We've seen champions compete before. Does that mean WWE is just trying to promote the show somehow, or is that stipulation leading to something? Does that mean someone like Michael Cole can enter? Does that mean someone like The Rock can enter? We've heard that Cena wants his match at WrestleMania to be for the title, maybe The Rock could win the Rumble and Cena could win the strap soon after. Maybe the often-speculated idea of Chris Jericho winning by coming in to an empty ring at #30 after all the competitors before him eliminate each other. Although Jericho is certainly a huge option, I don't see that scenario happening. It would make for a short Rumble with a cheap ending. Maybe Randy Orton, the hometown guy returning from injury just a few days earlier goes on to win? Maybe a hate-embraced Cena clears house and wins (when he won in 2008, he used his title shot at No Way Out, so he could certainly do that again to get the title). Maybe the very-over but storyline-less Sheamus gets his big moment this year. Maybe a superstar like Cody Rhodes or Dolph Ziggler finally solidify their push with a win. Maybe a surprise early return from injury from Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, or even The Undertaker could happen. Most importantly, will Rikishi return with The Usos in the ring and have a four-way dance off with Brodus Clay?! There are really more people that could win than people that have no chance. Even as I type this, I have close to no idea. Last year, Alberto Del Rio won, and he was one of the more likely choices at the time. So I'm going with the more "obvious" choices and picking Chris Jericho. They have his "End of the World" at the Rumble story going. How is he going to explain that storyline unless he wins the Rumble? Expect something memorable at the Rumble, not only with the surprise legends that will no doubt appear, but with the eventual winner as well.

Brooks' Predicted Winner - Chris Jericho

Blitz Predicts - Royal Rumble Match

After last year's 40-man fiasco, WWE made the right decision in scaling it back to a 30-man. Many people I've talked to think that Chris Jericho will come in and win the Royal Rumble because of his Highlight Reel segment. As per usual there will be a few entrants that we know have no chance (any "surprise" entrant, Santino, etc.) but I have three bold predictions: 1) Miz (number 1) will make it to the final ten. 2) Kane will enter the Rumble and toss enough people to break HBK's career record for most people tossed out. 3) Kevin Nash comes in at #30 and gets tossed quickly (That tweet about not being in unless he's #30 is suspicious). When it all comes down to it, the best chances go to Kane, Sheamus, Barrett, Orton, the non-title holder from Ziggler-Punk, and Jericho. Sheamus has gotten the upper hand a little too much lately, so it's hard to go with him. Kane really doesn't need to be in the title picture at this point in his career, but I do see him costing Cena if he enters or whoever Kane will feud with next. I don't see Ziggler or Punk winning it, though it would be an interesting dynamic for the WWE champion to win the Royal Rumble. I've got a sneaky suspicion that Jericho won't win it but will feud with either Punk or Taker leading into Wrestlemania. With Jericho wanting to end the world as we know it, it either means taking out "the best in the world" (Punk) or attempting to end Taker's streak, which would turn the wrestling world on its ear if successful. Barrett and Orton are likely to eliminate each other. In the end, however, I have to go with my gut and punch the Barrett Barrage's ticket to Wrestlemania. Orton, winning in his hometown? Nope, but he will certainly get the biggest pop.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - Wade Barrett

Chris Predicts - Royal Rumble MatchI'm going with the overly obvious here and choosing Chris Jericho. While I could be way off the mark here, all of his build-up the last few months (videos included) simply must pay-off somewhere. I don't see it happening down the line as Mania is fast approaching. I would book him as number thirty and do it in a way that he still doesn't actually wrestle, but that's just me. I truly hope that I am wrong on this one, and that Drew McIntyre comes out on top.Chris' Predicted Winner - Chris Jericho

Dan Predicts - The RumbleI made my Rumble prediction in the Think Tank the other day, and I will just reinforce here. Chris Jericho is winning the Royal Rumble. It's the one thing missing on his resume and it will set up for his feud with CM Punk. I look for Jericho to cut an epic heel promo either right after the Rumble or on RAW this Monday. Dan's Predicted Winner - Jericho

Ken's Thoughts

I'm looking forward to this Royal Rumble, even though I won't be there in person. I'm really looking forward to hanging out in the Live Blog. It's always fun to hang out with other wrestling fans, and laughing about who predicted what and why. I can't wait!

Chris's ThoughtsThere are three matches that could potentially be used as filler so just for fun, I'll drop my picks for those.

  1. Tag Title defense, I will automatically pick Primo and Epico to retain.
  2. IC Title defense, I pick Cody to retain.
  3. Tamina vs Natayla, I'm going with Beth returning and helping Nattie win. If Beth doesn't return, Tamina wins.....again.

<p>&nbsp;</p><p>Cena v. Kane</p><p>Punk v. Ziggler</p><p>Bryan v. Henry v. Show</p><p>Royal Rumble</p>



CM Punk

The Big Show

Drew McIntyre



CM Punk

Daniel Brian



John Cena

CM Punk

Daniel Brian

Chris Jericho


John Cena

Dolph Ziggler

Daniel Brian

Wade Barrett


No Contest

CM Punk

Daniel Brian

Chris Jericho


Kane (Dirty)

CM Punk (Somewhat dirty)

Daniel Brian

Chris Jericho

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