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WWE Predicts - Royal Rumble

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Sunday, January 26th, the WWE presents the 26th Royal Rumble from the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona. This Royal Rumble has been longer and larger than ever before, starting with The Rock declaring on the 1000th episode of RAW (July 23rd) that he would be challenging for the WWE Championship at this Royal Rumble. Traditionally the Royal Rumble is the start of The Road To WrestleMania, and this very well could be the biggest first mile we've ever seen! Because this is such a huge PPV, there's many of us here to lay our predictions before you. Brooks Oglesby, Alex Barie, Gesus Oliver, Robbie Newman, along with myself have written up full predicts, while Guy Landau, my boyfriend Stacy and our 9 year old daughter Samantha have given their quick picks for the show. We all hope you enjoy our predictions and leave your own. (Please bear with my fonts and italics as I'm trying to distinguish between the different writers.)

Robbie -

Well here we are again Ladies and Gentlemen. This is the Royal Rumble, where the Road to WrestleMania officially begins! We have two packed main events in store for us. Of course the Royal Rumble match which always brings tingles up our spines and the match that we’ve been anticipating since Raw 1000 in July. Let’s not forget the World Heavyweight Title of course between Alberto Del Rio and Big Show. I’m excited for this PPV. Then again, I’m always excited when the Royal Rumble comes round. There is a question that I’d like to ask all of you readers out there. What would you prefer as the main event? The Rock vs. CM Punk? Or the Royal Rumble match? Or would you even prefer ADR vs. Big Show? Please let us know in the comments down below. So let’s get tucked into it shall we?

Gesus -

The much anticipated Royal Rumble is here! I for one am very excited. I want to start with a question, what Raw sold you on buying this ppv? Did the go home show sell you on it? Was it last week, or the week before? Do you even need to be sold because you’re like my wife and a die hard Royal Rumble fan? Just a curious question I have for you all. Lets dive into this ppv there is plenty to talk and argue about!

Ken Predicts – Pre-Show United States Championship Match – Antonio Cesaro (c) vs The Miz

As strong as Miz has looked recently, I don't see him winning the US Title in the Pre-Show. While the US Title is a great stepping stone for a lot of people, specifically Cesaro, I don't think the Pre-Show is a good place for Cesaro to drop the Title, or for Miz to win it. So while I'm expecting a stellar match from the two of them, because they are just that good, and getting better every week – Miz with his new figure 4 and Cesaro proving every week that he can work amazingly with anyone – I don't see the belt changing hands in this situation. Hopefully we'll have some great fights between the two before Cesaro loses the US Title.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Cesaro

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Cesaro

Alex Predicts - Pre-Show United States Championship Match – Antonio Cesaro (c) vs The Miz

This isn't hard. Cesaro is on a roll. WWE won't stop it, and I wouldn't either. Sorry Miz.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Cesaro

Brooks Predicts - Pre-Show United States Championship Match – Antonio Cesaro (c) vs The Miz

This could reasonably go either way. Cesaro finally has some heel momentum and is coming into his character wonderfully. How great is it to have a non-monster heel that isn't a coward? I love heels that are jerks but are mostly frustrating because they're so good. And Cesaro is very good. That said, The Miz needs some momentum with his face turn, and this could be a big opportunity to put over his use of the Figure Four. The deciding factor for me is the placement of this match on the card. If this were on the actual show, I would probably pick Miz going over, where he could get the full glory of a PPV title win. But it's the pre-show. There's enough going on during the actual show this time. They don't need to do a title change, and Miz won't be hurt losing on a pre-show. They're obviously going with Miz as a face, despite my eye-rollings, but if they want to legitimize him, they should do it on a big stage. He deserves it, and so does Cesaro.

Brooks' Predicted Winner – Antonio Cesaro

Robbie Predicts - Pre-Show United States Championship Match – Antonio Cesaro (c) vs The Miz

Now I am a huge fan of Antonio Cesaro. Every match he is in, I just look forward to because I know what I’ll get out of him. The Miz I am a fan of also but his face turn hasn’t convinced me yet. And the fact he didn’t do the Figure Four correctly this past Monday night didn’t help either. But past that I think this could be a good match.

Robbie's Predicted Winner – Antonio Cesaro

Gesus Predicts - Pre-Show United States Championship Match – Antonio Cesaro (c) vs The Miz

What a waste of a dark match. I really would like to see this on the PPV, but am happy Cesaro is making it on this card for a match that isn’t RR. I could see sadly Miz winning this to boost his run as a face while they pursue the next level for Cesaro. I think taking the belt of him at this time would be a bad idea right now. Though they seem desperate to get Mizzz zzz zz over as a face but, he is so boring as a face. I’d much rather see this match be a Divas match.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Miz

Ken Predicts - Tag Team Championship Match – Team Hell No (Kane & Daniel Bryan) (c) vs Team Rhodes Scholars (Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes)

This is another match that should be absolutely amazing, and luckily this one is actually on the card! Bryan and Kane have done a great job of further elevating the TTC, but it looks like it's time for them to pass them along. After their graduation on RAW, this would be a natural time for them to lose the belts and move on to their next level of development. Rhodes and Sandow will be great Champs, and it will help further their characters to that next level. All four of these men are stars, and will continue to be for many years to come, even Kane who is a stunning work horse who still has a lot of matches left in him.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Team Rhodes Scholars

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Team Rhodes Scholars

Alex Predicts - Tag Team Championship Match – Team Hell No (Kane & Daniel Bryan) (c) vs Team Rhodes Scholars (Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes)

I really can't read WWE's mind here. First they are all over the tag team division and now they can care less. Team Hell No is a great one and so is Rhodes Scholars. Both are great, but WWE also wants to split them up. It could be now or months away. I mean Wrestlemania is coming and I don't see them splitting anyone up yet, so I think Hell No will roll right through and the two teams could have a rematch at Mania.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Team Hell No

Brooks Predicts - Tag Team Championship Match – Team Hell No (Kane & Daniel Bryan) (c) vs Team Rhodes Scholars (Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes)

Kane & Daniel Bryan might be my favorite tag team ever. Consistently funny WWE comedy is not something that happens as often as it should. We all knew that Bryan is a wizard in the ring, but who knew he'd be one of the most charismatic guys in the company? That's my mark side coming out. With the graduation ceremony bringing the anger management issue full circle, the logical conclusion would be to end Team Hell No here. It's been a great ride, and something that could be occasionally revisited, but it should end before it gets stale. I know that's not how WWE thinks, though. They'll probably drag this angle out until it stops getting reactions altogether. It'll probably end at WrestleMania at the earliest, but it should end here. Team Hell No did a great job of bringing attention to the tag division, now let a heel team have a shot. Against my better judgment, I'm picking Team Rhodes Scholars to win here. Here's hoping WWE sees the impending shark, and isn't planning to jump it.

Brooks' Predicted Winner – Team Rhodes Scholars

Robbie Predicts - Tag Team Championship Match – Team Hell No (Kane & Daniel Bryan) (c) vs Team Rhodes Scholars (Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes)

Team Hell No just cracks me up every time. The chemistry between Kane and Daniel Bryan is wonderful and with Dr. Shelby involved it’s even better! And the fact that both of them are talented in the ring just makes it brilliant. Team Rhodes Scholars are brilliant as well. Sadly though it took a moustache to get Cody over with the audience. He and Damien Sandow are the future of this company in my opinion and I feel that they will get the gold here against Team Hell No.

Robbie's Predicted Winner – Team Rhodes Scholars

Gesus Predicts - Tag Team Championship Match – Team Hell No (Kane & Daniel Bryan) (c) vs Team Rhodes Scholars (Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes)

What can be said about this match that hasn’t already been said? The booking has been brilliant between these men. Each going over the other. Hilarious and entertaining promos and on screen gimmicks. Everyone in this feud are main eventers, yes even Kane. I think they are all capable wrestling at that top level. It is a great holding pattern for these men until post Wrestlemania. I think they have done a good job to add more prestige to the TT titles. The only sad part is that WWE seemed committed to tag teams within the company and has yet again abandoned them. Many will attribute the AE to being carried by Austin and the Rock, but I will argue that it was sustained also by the tag division with such teams like Edge and Christian, Hardy’s, Dudley's Los Conquistadors, APA, Too Cool, Hollys, DX, and more specifically New Age Outlaws, the list goes on and me just spent about 30 mins reminiscing. Wait where was I? I forgot where I was going with all this even after rereading, so yeah, this is a great way to get people talking and excited for the division again. This should be very entertaining and would be in contention for match of the night if given time and if it weren’t for the spectacle that will be Rock vs. Punk.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Team Hell No

Ken Predicts - Last Man Standing World Heavyweight Championship Match – Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Big Show

There's many ways the WWE can go with this, as they have left themselves wide open for anything. Big Show could easily beat ADR and win back the WHC, or ADR could easily retain as he was shown up on Smackdown this week. We've all seen it many times, the good guy gets beaten down on TV, only to come back and win at the PPV. But because of Ziggler holding back there with his MITB, ADR seems a natural for him to go after. He's more of a size for Ziggler, and he's a face, making a lot more sense for Ziggler as the heel to try to beat, and when better than after a Last Man Standing Match like this? I'm not saying absolutely that Ziggler will be cashing in after this match, just that it would be a natural time, and I don't see another great time until after WrestleMania. I know people have cashed in at Elimination Chamber (it was actually an Elimination Chamber Match at New Year's Revolution 2006 – Edge cashing in on Cena), but that had been won at the previous WrestleMania, so he was really running low on time. Actually, other than that specific MITB contract, Ziggler has held his the longest without cashing in. I'm not predicting Ziggler as the winner of this match, that's ADR, but I would not be surprised to see Ziggler run out when ADR can barely stand.

Ken's Predicted Winner – ADR

Stacy's Predicted Winner – ADR (but Ziggler will cash in)

Alex Predicts - Last Man Standing World Heavyweight Championship Match – Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Big Show

I was shocked to see Rio win the title a couple weeks ago. He won it though and I think he is making a good champion. I was a fan of his when he fought Edge at Mania a couple years back. Rio really impressed me. Since then, he fell flat. I think it was more of WWE's fault for not giving him the ball. He is back on top now. I never could see Rio as a face, but I actually think he plays it well. Ricardo makes him an even better face while Ricardo makes Rio a better heel. Ricardo really helps Rio out. Anyway, I can't see a short title reign here, so I see Del retaining. The question of Dolph's briefcase cash in always comes into play, but people say that month after month and it never happens. I am sticking with Del Rio.

Alex's Predicted Winner - Alberto Del Rio

Brooks Predicts - Last Man Standing World Heavyweight Championship Match – Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Big Show

While I've been underwhelmed with The Miz's face turn, I've been very impressed with Del Rio's. In interviews, he's said that he never wanted to be a face in WWE, but he's so good at it! I wish more faces in WWE were built like he is. His character is actually being noble, which you don't see a lot in the John Cenas and Sheamuses in the company. He has reasons for his actions, and he's got a million dollar smile to boot. In any case, it wouldn't make any sense to put the title back on Big Show this soon (or ever, ever again), so Del Rio has to retain here.

Brooks' Predicted Winner – Alberto Del Rio

Robbie Predicts - Last Man Standing World Heavyweight Championship Match – Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Big Show

Thank you Vince for making ADR face. He has certainly upped his game in the ring! It’s a breath of fresh air to see him do stuff like hurricanranna now and Moonsaults instead of attacking the arm. I was shocked to see ADR go over Big Show on SmackDown two weeks ago given that there were rumours that Ryback was going to face Big Show at WrestleMania. Of course that could still happen. But can’t see ADR losing it this early on when they are trying to build him up as the top Mexican babyface

Robbie's Predicted Winner – Alberto Del Rio

Gesus Predicts - Last Man Standing World Heavyweight Championship Match – Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Big Show

This has been an interesting build. 3 weeks ago had you told me, “Hey, do you think you’d care about a feud between ADR and Big Slow?” I would have just laughed in your face. ADR has been jobbed out and it seemed to hurt his standing, also ADR’s face turn has been lackluster and confusing, though no worse than the Miz’s face turn. Now many people have said it’s just a way to turn the corner on his face turn, or a way to drop the title to Ziggler. Either way, they have me hook line and sinker. This is just one more match on a loaded ppv. I don’t think anyone of us even saw it coming. I don’t care even if this match was on free tv. I am interested in seeing how they’re going to play this match out. Do you think they’ll pass the title to Big Show, only to have, like many predicted, Ziggler cash in? Will there be a lot of in ring work, or being a PPV, will they work the arena? I wonder if VKM, who generally frowns on matches leaving ring side, will let them work the arena this close to Mania, risking injury to two main event talents, or does he not really care since Mania is going to be loaded. I don’t like the idea of bouncing the title around, nor do I want to see Ziggler cash in just yet. I am going with ADR on this one.

Gesus' Predicted Winner – ADR

Ken Predicts – WWE Championship Match – CM Punk (c) vs The Rock

The build to this match has been much more interesting for me than The Rock's build to face Cena at WrestleMania XXVIII. Yes, the WrestleMania match was huge, but every month since the summer we've gone into a PPV with our fingers crossed to see how Punk was going to make his way through it so he could defend against The Rock at the Royal Rumble. I can't say I've been a fan of how Punk won each of his matches, but we got The Shield out of it, so that was a good thing. Not every creative swerve has been good, and people (Ryback) have been hurt because of it, but I know he's going to bounce back very quickly. Then Punk went in for emergency knee surgery and there were so many questions about what was going to happen going into the Royal Rumble. Sitting here with my knee possibly blown out, I'm in total awe of Punk's return to the ring. Punk bounces around as if nothing hurts, and while he admits that he returned too soon, I can't even fathom walking across my living room without my cane or crutches. If Punk hadn't already earned my respect, his devotion to making this storyline and match work is awe inspiring.

All that being said, and after talking to other predictors who have very different views of what they think will happen with the WWE Championship, I'm going with The Rock. The stip that VKM added to this match on RAW recently has me worried that they might not go the expected way, but I'm sticking with my guns that they will go with the expected route on this match as they still have the Royal Rumble Match to really shake us to our foundation over.

Ken's Predicted Winner – The Rock

Stacy's Predicted Winner – The Rock

Alex Predicts - WWE Championship Match – CM Punk (c) vs The Rock

This match is a no brainer, in my mind. A lot of people want CM Punk to win, basically the IWC, but I don't see this happening at all. I like CM Punk, but I don't really see his reign as anything amazing. Yes, the reign itself is great, but he really hasn't done anything to call him spectacular. The only thing people talk about is his promo in 2011. While I LOVE long title reigns, I see Punk's coming to the end. Also, I kind-of want to see it end. I want something new and I really do want to see The Rock win it. He may not deserve it, he really doesn't deserve it at all, but it is the excitement that I am looking forward to. Rock is advertised for most of the shows leading to Mania, so it is not like he won't be there. Pretty much everyone has to face the facts that The Rock will be the WWE Champion... unless WWE wants to pull a fast one.

Alex's Predicted Winner – The Rock

Brooks Predicts - WWE Championship Match – CM Punk (c) vs The Rock

The Rock will not win the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. I'm so confident about that. Maybe it's hubris. Maybe it's just because I want Punk to retain so badly. Regardless, my prediction stands. It's great that Rock is committing to a lot of Raws, but the WWE Champion should be appearing at live events, too. Whether Rock deserves to be above a full schedule is another debate, but the champion should always be there. He doesn't need the title, either. He might win it at Elimination Chamber. If not, he might at WrestleMania. But he won't win it at the Royal Rumble. I don't know if it'll take Brad Maddox, The Shield (through some loophole), or Braden Walker himself, but he will not win. If he does, I'll donate $10 to the charity of my choosing.

Brooks' Predicted Winner – CM Punk

Robbie Predicts - WWE Championship Match – CM Punk (c) vs The Rock

Now earlier I asked you all a question. Which match do you think should be the main event? My answer is this match. The promos between the two have just been brilliant the last three weeks and that has made me more excited for this match then I am for the Royal Rumble. I feel this will be a good match and for me I think it will sadly signal the end of CM Punks 434 day reign as WWE Champion will come to an end. I was pretty much expecting this for a while. But hopefully it won’t be too long after WrestleMania that he regains it from The Rock, John Cena or whoever else will be the WWE Champion.

Robbie's Predicted Winner – The Rock

Gesus Predicts - WWE Championship Match – CM Punk (c) vs The Rock

Let’s be honest this match sold the ppv. I can’t even being to write about how much I loved that pipe bomb a few weeks ago. I have watched it several times and have read the quote even more. Right there that ppv sold me. Punk has seemingly turned his game up a notch since the return of The Rock, and sadly looks like the only one doing so. I think though, The Rock has been a bit lack luster in his promo work. Something about him being back just doesn’t feel right, and I wonder if I’m the only one that thinks so. I have been let down a bit. I don’t know if that’s because I am a huge Punk mark or not. What do you all think? I personally feel the last promo The Rock cut was terrible, just like really Rock? The only thing that saved it was The Shield. The post promo beat down was brilliant, despite the “vintage” Rock beat down twitch that drives me nuts. He sold it well (despite his annoying twitch), and left a lot of people wondering what will happen. Mean while Punk cut a great heel promo and did great heel tactics while Rock cut his promo. I think it was great that on the go home they managed to find a way to keep each other from bumping. I know the last two weeks prior they have but, not even being near each other on the go home was a great choice. Speaking of The Shield I think it was a….

...great way to set up the stipulation and fan the flames of speculation that The Rock is in on their run ins. My friend has been texting me with his theory andm many online have as well, though I just don’t see it. The Shield to me has been doing mostly the IWC’s bidding, and we have been crazy because of it. Though I don’t see how Rock would really care? I think it would be a waste for The Shield to be someones lackey, instead just a rouge heel faction continuing to correct injustice with none of The Rock's puppet strings. Without running the risk of sounding contradicting though, I would love to see them be intertwined with Punk, maybe indirectly, like Heyman went behind Punk's back, and hired them. That would, to me, be great. Heyman is probably the only person I could see capable of working with the group and helping them correct the wrongs in WWE. Just his history, along with WWE, makes it all make sense.

A lot of people are saying as an outcome, The Shield interferes because they’re with The Rock. I think that is lazier writing than having a beat the clock challenge on RAW. All that build just to throw it away on a cheap interference makes The Rock look like he isn’t confident in his abilities. Also, why would The Great One need to rely on a bunch of nobodies (to the WWE audience, not in the business) to get the win? Just seems pointless. The only logical booking I can see if they go that route is having The Shield interfere and cost Punk the Title, have Vince strip Punk of the Title, and handing it to The Rock, then the next night on Raw finding out the truth, that The Shield is helping The Rock, and Vince reverses his decision and Punk is Champ again. Seems overly messy and confusing for them to do. Other people are talking about the possibility of Brock interfering. Simply put, yes he is a Heyman guy, but do you really see Vince, the master promoter, wasting an appearance just for Brock to interfere? Where is the money to be had? This PPV is already sold, there no need for him.

Undoubtedly, with all that being said, there is hell of a story to be told in this match. This is make or break for Punk. It’s his time to show he really is worth all that time and money invested in him from WWE. Was his long title reign worth it? Can he really go toe to toe with The Great One, or is it his arms that are to short to box with God? To quote the Rock “goosebumps” as I write this match. I don’t think I have been this giddy for a match since Wrestlemania. I hope these guys get enough time. I am pretty sure they will, and it better go on last. Sorry Rumble, you are a consistent draw and generally should go last with the winner closing the show, but this match is Wrestlemania quality. I am eager for Sunday night. Saturday will feel like Christmas Eve where I can’t fall asleep waiting for the treat that lays ahead. That is this match. Now who am I going to predict is going to win? My brain says The Rock. It makes too much sense, but my heart wants Punk to win. It’s just good for business to let him win, then again this match is good for business, since a lot of fans are coming out of the wood work. WWE tends to shy away from predictable endings so that being said I am going with my heart on this one, Punk.

Last question, if Punk loses the title, does it hurt him? Does it make his title reign pointless? Let us know what you think.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Punk

Ken Predicts – Royal Rumble Match

Since they've been building The Rock going after the WWE Championship for so long, it would make sense that he both wins it, and the winner of the Royal Rumble Match will be the person going to WrestleMania to face The Rock. Why build such a wonderfully huge Royal Rumble and then have the person facing The Rock for the WWE Title at WrestleMania be the winner of Elimination Chamber? To me that doesn't make a lot of sense. Why not build for The Rock's WrestleMania match at this one insanely huge Royal Rumble?

But who will it be? I've had my white board out for weeks, and I've been staring at the names in the "YES!" "NO!" and "Maybe!" lists. The problem is that few names have been anywhere near the "YES!" list. Will it be someone from the roster? Someone who makes a surprise return? Who will the WWE put in that huge main event at WrestleMania XXIX?

The only names I see possibly returning are Mark Henry, John Morrison, Jericho, Booker, Swagger, Trip, or Taker. Of that list, none of them make sense going to WrestleMania for that special main event – no matter how much I love Taker. That leaves only a handful of people – Cena, Ryback, Sheamus, Miz, Orton or Bryan. The WWE has done a lot of teasing about Cena winning the Royal Rumble Match, but that would kill the 'Once in a lifetime' match between him and The Rock at the last WrestleMania, and that's not cool to do to the fans. I really don't think either Miz or Orton will win this PPV, it's just not the right time for either. Sheamus could win for a second year in a row. He is Trip's golden boy, and he's proven this past year that he can carry the viewership as well as the WHC very well – but I'm not sure he could do the same on RAW. That leaves Ryback and Bryan. As much as I like Ryback (I really do), and feel he's gotten the shaft these past couple PPVs, I just don't want to see him facing The Rock at WrestleMania, or receiving the torch from him if they go in that direction. That leaves Bryan. Yes, I am again going out on a limb – something that worked with ADR in 2011, but failed dreadfully when I went with Drew McIntyre in 2012 and he didn't even appear in the match – and picking Daniel Bryan to win the Royal Rumble Match. Hear me out! VKM is high on Bryan, and we've been hearing that he will be pushed hard in 2013, so why not have him win the Royal Rumble Match and face The Rock at WrestleMania? I think that would be fantastic, and redeem him some from his 18 second match last year. This doesn't mean he and Kane won't continue, or even feud in the future, but it would push it off for a bit. I think their feud could easily sit on ice and be revisited after WrestleMania, with Kane standing by his friend and partner through the whole Road To WrestleMania and after. I think their feud could be made that much more fun with the WWE Championship in the balance.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Daniel Bryan

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Ryback

Alex Predicts - Royal Rumble Match

This is the hardest match to call. I can see so many people winning this. It can be Sheamus, Ziggler, Ryback, Cena, Orton and others. I do have to say that the winner is one of the official entrants. I just can't see someone like Lesnar coming in or Triple H to win it. It just wouldn't make sense. So, I have to narrow it down. I can't see Orton headlining Mania. Ziggler has the briefcase and could be cashing it in at Mania, but I can't see him having two shots at a title. Ryback could be facing Show, so I don't think he will get ANOTHER title shot. I sure hope Cena doesn't win it and Sheamus won it last week. Honestly, going back... I see Ziggler being the choice. No one would expect him since he is the person to start the match and he has the briefcase, but I think WWE is really pushing around him. They have done weirder things.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Dolph Ziggler

Brooks Predicts - Royal Rumble Match

I don't know. I do not know. I know a few things. Randy Orton has two strikes and is the only top face in WWE that taps out to heels. He's not winning. Dolph Ziggler has MITB, he doesn't need a Rumble win. John Cena won't win. I can't explain why, but I just don't think so. Not only does he need it, it's just too obvious. I knew HBK wasn't winning when he said he needed to win. I know John Cena's not winning here. Daniel Bryan won't win because WWE hates me. I think Sheamus will be in the final four, but he probably won't win. The Miz will have a strong showing, but won't win. Ryback has a pretty good chance of winning, but I see him clearing house and whoever eliminates him being his next feud. I can think why a lot of Superstars won't win, but I can't figure out a convincing case for a particular guy to win. So I'm going a little off-base. Brock Lesnar will be #30, face off with either Sheamus or Ryback, and win. There are a lot of good stories that can start at the Royal Rumble. Maybe Lesnar fights Punk and Heyman is torn between proteges. Maybe we get Twice in a Lifetime with Rock and Cena again. Maybe Dean Ambrose and Daniel Bryan will face off in a 60-minute Iron Man War Games match. I don't know, but I'm pretty excited. I'll be a lot more excited if someone not named Ryback wins, but I'm excited nonetheless.

Brooks' Predicted Winner – Brock Lesnar

Robbie Predicts - Royal Rumble Match

A few months ago, I was thinking about the Royal Rumble back when WrestleMania matches were still tossed up in the air (even though they kinda are now) and I thought that maybe Brock Lesnar would be a surprise entrant and win the match to face The Rock at WM but in the end I decided that won’t happen. So after thinking of all the stars that has been linked with the chance to main event of WrestleMania, it came down to two men. John Cena and Ryback. Here are the two scenarios that I��m thinking of. If John Cena wins, he’ll pick the WWE Championship at WrestleMania which means The Rock will most likely defend the title inside the Elimination Chamber, win and go on to face John Cena for the title. If Ryback wins, he’ll pick the World Heavyweight Championship. CM Punk will come calling for a one on one re-match for the title, whilst the Elimination Chamber match will be a #1 Contenders match for the WWE Title and Ryback will get his WrestleMania moment by becoming World Champ on the biggest stage of them all. So in the end, for me, it’s Ryback.

Robbie's Predicted Winner – Ryback

Gesus Predicts - Royal Rumble Match

There is so much legacy and prestige to the RR match. I firmly believe this is the most consistently drawn ppv WWE has. Yes even more than WM. I know a handful of people who would rather watch the Rumble than WM, and many can agree that even years when the WM was garbage, the RR was great. There is so much history with the Rumble. Just looking at the list of winners is great. I had the pleasure of meeting Hacksaw Jim Duggan back in December and he almost stole my wife! I have two Rumbles on VHS and have watched them recently too. I just don’t know really what to write about. This match is the hands down most complicated match to predict. It’s one of those where I just want to sit back as a little kid and watch the match play out. I am happy this isn’t a 40 man Rumble though. That seemed to really kill the crowd but, was great for the workers looking for a bonus. Many people are expecting surprises in this match too. Really the only person I can see in it is Flair, obviously, I guess possibly Christian too. There is a lot they could do with this match and I hope with Patterson and HHH working together on it some great moments will be had. I also think Kane should really up his eliminations and have some bit of legacy. Just a thought. As far as a winner goes, my shot in the dark is Alex Riley. It’s his year! 2013! Seriously though, I hope to see Cesaro win it. I can’t get enough of that man and it is now or never for him. Will WWE pull the trigger?

Gesus' Predicted Winner – Antonio Cesaro

Guy Predicts -

US Title Match – Cesaro
Tag Team Championship Match – Team Rhodes Scholars
World Heavyweight Championship Match – Alberto Del Rio, followed by Ziggler cash-in
WWE Championship Match – The Rock
Royal Rumble Match – John Cena

Samantha Predict -

US Title Match – Miz
Tag Team Championship Match – Team Hell No (because Kane's awesome!)
World Heavyweight Championship Match – Big Show (because ADR ran over Santa!)
WWE Championship Match – The Rock (He's a cow! [She means Brahma Bull.])
Royal Rumble Match – Cena! [She even waved her hand in front of her face!]

Robbie -

So those are my predictions for the Royal Rumble. What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? Please let us all know what you think. I personally feel this will be a great PPV and will set us off on fire on the Road to WrestleMania. IF YOU SMEEEEEEEEEELL WHAT THE ROB IS COOKING. See what I did there? I’m sorry.

Gesus -

There we have it. My predictions for the Royal Rumble 2013. There are a lot of unknowns on this PPV, which is great as fan but, makes predicting dismal. Please let me know what you think about the questions and post them as comments. There is plenty to talk about! I sadly won't be in the Live Blog, possibly pop in and out, but yet again there is a PPV party I will be attending. I expect a lot of arguing and this atmosphere will be great. I hope to hear from you all. Also for my thoughts, don’t forget I’m Gesusoliver on twitter though for Rock versus Punk, don’t expect much! That match should be one for the ages! Take care.

Ken -

I want to announce who came up with the highest percentage of correct predictions for 2012. The top three, in descending order are – Guy, Alex and Robbie. If anyone is interested in the actual percentages, please don't hesitate to ask.

I have to admit that I'm reeling from compiling all off these predictions. We're always a very diverse group, but this Royal Rumble has taken us to more obscure places than normal. I'll be thrilled if any of us have predicted the Royal Rumble Match winner, since there's 30 Superstars in the match, and only a handful of names have been confirmed. It's going to be a wild night, and the WNW Live Blog is the place to be! A number of the WNW Writing Staff will be in attendance, so make sure you come join us for a wild night of wrestling talk during one of the best PPVs of the year.

KB, Stacy, Alex, Brooks, Robbie, Gesus, Guy & Sam

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