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WWE Predicts - SummerSlam

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This Sunday, August 19th, the WWE presents SummerSlam from the Staples Center, in Los Angeles, California. While I'm really looking forward to SummerSlam, and RAW really got me excited, looking at this card, it's none too impressive. Hopefully they book some of these matches, like Ziggler versus Jericho and Kane vs Bryan in a way that leaves us with our jaws hanging open. They can do it, but will they be booked to do so?

Ken Predicts - Pre-PPV Show US Title Match – Santino (C) vs Antonio Cesaro w/ Aksana

As I said in my RIB, I really wish there was more backing up this match. I want a bit of storyline, a bit of reason behind this fight, other than Cesaro not getting over and Santino can get almost anyone over. Yes, I said it, Cesaro has been falling on his face at almost every time I've seen him. The man has not lived up to his potential. Whether it's his own fault or creative's, I can't say, but he sure needs to do something to get over pretty quickly as he's struggling every time I see him. While I love Santino, and I'd love to see him continue as the US Champ, I don't see as the US Title does a lot for Santino, and it could really help Cesaro right now. I think Cesaro HAS to go over right now before he's totally forgotten, as he's been totally forgettable since debuting on WWE TV.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Cesaro

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Cesaro

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Cesaro

Ken Predicts - Tag Team Championship Match – Kofi Kingston & R-Truth (C) vs Prime Time Players (Darren Young & Titus O'Neil)

I am not looking forward to this match. Young and O'Neil, especially O'Neil, are not ready to carry gold of any sort, yet I worry they might strap these green guys just to show Jossie (AW) that he isn't needed in any way, shape, or form. What I'm not happy about is that the Prime Time Players are the only tag team at all close to Kofi and R-Truth, and they are not at all ready. What happened to the Usos, Primo and Epico, and any other tag teams. I know the Tag Division is in shambles right now, but putting the straps on Young and O'Neil would be an absolute travesty. It's almost as bad as Ion being the X Division Champ in TNA. Now, I am completely worried that they're going to strap the Prime Time Players, I have to stick with my heart and pick Kofi and R-Truth, anything else would be admitting defeat and the absolute destruction of the Tag Division.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Kofi & R-Truth

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Young & O'Neil

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Prime Time Players

Ken Predicts - IC Title Match – Miz (C) vs Rey Mysterio

With Rey and Sin Cara going over Miz and Cody on Smackdown, I see Miz going over at SummerSlam. I know it's the cliché, but I still see the go home winner losing at the PPV. I think Rey would be a lovely IC Champ, but Miz just won the IC Title and he's going into a large push with his movie slowly creeping up on us. I don't see how they're going to push his movie with him as a heel, and I don't really want to see Miz as a face, but we'll have to see how that all goes down. No matter how that goes down, I see Miz retaining here. He's just starting off with his Title reign, and I expect to see a lot more from Miz in this role. Maybe they will actually start pushing some mid-card storylines, and who better than Miz?

Ken's Predicted Winner – Miz

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Miz

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Miz

Ken Predicts - Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho

If the Triple Threat Match we saw on this past RAW was any indication, this match could very well steal the show. Yes, the addition of Miz in the Triple Threat Match was a huge thing, but Jericho and Ziggler can more than carry a match together. This is the moment for Ziggler to put up or shut up. He told Trip that he can be a main eventer, and this match very well could prove or disprove that. I know it's not a Title match, or the main event, but Ziggler is in the ring with Jericho. Jericho is not on the roster full time, and has spent his time in the WWE elevating talent. While Richard prefers Jericho as a heel, I'm loving the return of Y2J. He told us not that long ago that Y2J was dead, but now he's back and as great as ever. That Jericho is pulling out his 'vintage' catchphrases, and selling them like few could, should show a lot of the younger guys really what it takes to be a top Superstar. Rock is only back here and there, but Jericho is around for bigger chunks of time, and accessible to the roster. To not watch Jericho closely and learning from him is just silly!

Anyway, I'm supposed to talk about this match. Again, I think it very well could be the match of the night, and I think these two will be the match to strive to beat. Jericho might be leaving to tour with Fozzy, but I see these two setting up for a future feud. With Jericho putting Ziggler over in this match, Jericho can leave the WWE with his head hung low, needing to go and regroup, train up before coming back and getting back into it with Ziggler. The big question is when with Jericho return and when will Ziggler cash in his MITB? I truly hope Jericho isn't gone very long, but I'm not going to hold my breath. I also hope that Jericho and Ziggler face off at WrestleMania, Jericho going after Ziggler's WHC. I think it would be great for Jericho to win the big one on the grandest stage of them all, and it would wrap up this storyline in a lovely way. Richard did say that creative wanted some matches set up and some things on the way for WrestleMania – why not go in this direction? Makes perfect sense to me!

Ken's Predicted Winner – Ziggler

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Ziggler

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Ziggler

Ken Predicts - Kane vs Daniel Bryan

I think this will be a very interesting match. Kane can still go, unlike most of his age and ring time, and Bryan is the best in the WWE, so unless this match is badly booked – or Charlie Sheen appears – this should be very interesting. I'm wondering what AJ might add into this match, as I don't see it being a straight up Singles Match without anything extra added in. I'm not looking for a First Blood Match, though it would be nice, and I doubt they will go with a Fire Match, they just can't push that PG too far, but I do expect something to be added in. I think there might be something going on between Kane and AJ, possibly adding more to this match, and driving up what might happen in the ring. As long as there's no Sheen and we get the sick match we all know these two will deliver, I'll be a happy girl.

For some reason I see Bryan doing something dirty to end this match. I don't see the ending being a clean one. Either Bryan will win through massive and horrible cheating, or he will cause a DQ, or something will happen with AJ or Sheen. No matter what, I'm calling for a screwy ending. (Please be forewarned, I'm almost always wrong when I pick this, so it has to come true at some point!)

Ken's Predicted Winner – Screwy Finish

Stacy's Predicted Winner - Kane

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Bryan

Ken Predicts - World Heavyweight Championship Match – Sheamus (C) vs Alberto Del Rio

I'm not at all interested in this match. One thing I did notice on Smackdown this week was that ADR is taller that Jericho. I always think of ADR as a small and wormy man, but that he's taller than Jericho and about as tall as Booker totally messed with my head. Not that this has anything to do with the match, but it completely messed with my head and made me rethink ADR a bit. Doesn't mean I want to see him on WWE TV at any time, but he's less small and wormy than I'd thought. It was actually quite interesting watching that Smackdown as Stacy walked through the room and commented that ADR was getting some solid heat. I told Stacy to look at the fans. The fans were giving ADR virtually no visible reaction, even though there was quite a bit of noise. I guess the WWE is adding more reactions to Smackdown than I'd previously realized. Sheamus, on the other hand, did have visible reaction from the fans.

Either way, I don't want to see this match, more, I don't want to see ADR as Champ. I thought he had a future early on, but all he's said in interviews outside of the WWE, and his lackluster performances in the WWE, I've lost all faith and just want him to go away. Because of this, I have to go with Sheamus to win this. Okay, it's more than just that, it's also that Sheamus' character has made a huge leap these past couple weeks. He's become funnier, a lot more riveting, he's more driven, and crazy vindictive. I guess I could attribute all of that to ADR, but I just can't do it. I give it all to Sheamus and the fact that he's not being booked to be a weenie more pathetic than Cena! But Sheamus will walk out as the Champ after this match.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Sheamus

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Sheamus

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Sheamus

Ken Predicts - Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship – CM Punk (C) vs Big Show vs John cena

Punk retains. Simple as that, Punk retains. Okay, it's not that simple with Big Show in the ring, but Cena will also be in there, so there will be more than just Punk trying to deal with the ticked off giant. I do see this being a rather interesting match, possible we'll see the destruction of Spanish Announce in this one. To me it makes more sense to happen here than in what will inevitably be the main event – not that Brock and Trip should be, but we're only peons. Anyway, I see this match being back and forth, around and through, and though the odds are against Punk, he will come out victorious. Punk's Title reign has been lengthy and engrossing, something we haven't seen much of in a very long time – though Punk is very deserving of such a reign. Besides, it needs to be Punk facing Punk at the Royal Rumble. The RR is my favorite PPV, so I'm itching to see Punk versus Rocky on that night. It will happen.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Punk

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Punk

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Punk

Ken Predicts - Triple H vs Brock Lesnar

Yup, the WWE screwed up big time by putting Cena over Brock. They completely screwed over Trip (not that he really needs anything to go his way as he doesn't need to be in the ring – though I want to see him there), but it's good to see him scramble and learn as he grows into the job he has to wear a suit for. Either way, Trip needs to win this match, but if he does, then Brock looks like the weakest piece of poo in the WWE, and they can't have that! But Brock has 'broken' Trip's arm, and then he 'broke' HBK's arm, so he's been looking almost too strong for him to go over Trip cleanly here. Basically the WWE has written Brock into a corner. You'd have thought with the money they're paying him that they would have planned out his year – at least the basics – so you wouldn't land in this mess. Just put it down that Brock would be at these PPVs, and would be facing these people. Yes, things change, but with someone like Brock, with money like this, you'd think they'd plot out the basic idea of what you'd like him to do over the course of the year. I, personally, think this is in the top five biggest mistakes TPTB in the WWE have made. I agree with what Richard said this past week in Ask WNW, but if we're going to look at other big mistakes, not planning out Brock's year in advance is right up there in the top five.

The only way I can see this working out in a way that makes any sense is to have someone interfere. Now, Heyman would be the most obvious, so I'm not going with him. So if not Brock's 'adviser', then who? There's Taker, and they can start setting up for WrestleMania. He can cost Brock the match, make Trip look strong – even though he's not really healthy enough for this match – and they start the slow setup for WrestleMania. Or, there's Steph who only wants to keep her husband safe and realizes the horrible thing she did in forcing Heyman's hand to agree with this match. Then Brock will win, but Trip won't look as weak as it's his own wife who throws in the towel – possibly by actually throwing in the towel. The only other thought I have is HBK. We've been told that he won't be at SummerSlam because of his injuries at the hands of Brock, but maybe he will be there. HBK was heard saying to someone to get away from him when he was flailing on the mat after Brock fled. Was it Trip he said that to? I thought it was. Maybe HBK does appear and screws his best friend out of the win. Stacy thinks that someone is going to show up to help Trip, but it will go horribly wrong and Brock will gain the win. Personally, I think any of the three are plausible, but the biggest thing I see happening is that Trip loses, but not because of anything he does in this match. That way he can come back and say that the loss was BS and he deserves a rematch, and he can do that at any point in the future. Honestly, I am not thrilled about this match because I'm not a Brock fan, but I can't wait to see how the WWE writes themselves out of this one!

Ken's Predicted Winner – Brock

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Brock

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Triple H

I know this was set up a little strangely, but Gesus was not able to write out his predicts due to a variety of reasons. He will be watching SummerSlam at an event where Hurricane will be live, so I'm a tiny bit jealous. That just means more of you need to come hang out in the Live Blog with me! Beyond that, I'll be surprised if we don't see Cody and Sin Cara in a short match somewhere in SummerSlam, or even the pre-PPV show. It feels as though something is lacking without Cody. I'm also guessing that Sandow and Funkasaurus will make an appearance, but I'm not sure if they will have an actual match.

Make sure to check out our live coverage of SummerSlam on the front page of WNW, and I will be in the Live Blog to talk about things as they happen. Make sure you join us here at WNW!

KB, Stacy & Gesus

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