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WWE Predicts - Survivor Series

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This Sunday, November 18th, WWE presents Survivor Series from Indianapolis, Indiana. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this Survivor Series, but I can't say it has the best card going in, and there's been a lot of turmoil backstage about the matches and how to book them going into the Road to WrestleMania. There's a lot of questions surrounding the Survivor Series matches, and hopefully we will come out of Survivor Series with more answers than questions. Honestly, with the state of affairs in the WWE and the card going into Survivor Series, I wasn't sure anyone would want to predict with me, but Alex has stepped up to face this mess, as have both Gesus and Robbie! I will admit that I'm shocked, but thrilled that I'm not facing this one alone.

Gesus -

I can’t remember the last pay per view I have been dreading to write. I have had to stare at the card 3 times to try and even develop the slightest clue of what I wanted to write. There is nothing about this pay per view that I want to see. It’s clear from the build to this PPV that WWE doesn’t know their butt from a hole in the ground. The build has been atrocious, the direction askew, and an over all sheer embarrassment as a fan. Alls I have to say folks is sorry. I am getting the stone cold construction for this bury job.

Robbie -

I am not looking forward to this pay per view at all. It was heading for disaster from day one. The way they changed their mind to change main events after announcing it and then having Team Foley go against Team Ziggler when they have no history together what so ever and then bringing the triple-threat match for the WWE Title a month forward leaving them thinking on what they need to do for next month. For the second pay per view in a row, they have backed themselves into creative hell in terms of how to book Ryback. But we shall see how this heads. Hey, who knows, maybe it will be one of those PPV’s which we all dread but then turns out to be one of the best. See, I still have a tiny bit of positivity in me.

Ken Predicts - Pre-Show Match – 3MB (Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre and/or Heath Slater) vs International Airstrike (Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel)

What in the world are TPTB in the WWE thinking? If it's not bad enough that VKM has pushed Ryback to the top much faster than most would expect, and possibly wrote himself into a huge hole because of it, but almost as bad are some of the names that have popped up. I've thought Michael McGillicutty was one of the worst names, and given to a young man who could do a lot with his family name. And then there was Eli Cottonwood, something that really held him back. And Fandango(o), what's up with that? And now there's International Airstrike? As much as I adore Kidd and Gabriel, I have to give this match to 3MB. I've been hoping 3MB would succeed since Slater was the 1MB getting his bum handed to him all summer by legends. I see something in Slater, and in Drew, and I hope this teaming works out for them. Actually, I feel the same about Gabriel and Kidd, but it feels like it's 3MB's time. I also hope that Drew and his family are holding together, and wish them the best after their loss.

Ken's Predicted Winner – 3MB

Stacy's Predicted Winner – International Airstrike

Alex Predicts - Pre-Show Match – 3MB (Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre and/or Heath Slater) vs International Airstrike (Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel)

WWE included this on their site as one of the matches, so I figured I would give a quick prediction for it. 3MB has been on a roll, and they are growing on me. Kidd and Gabriel, I think, would make a really fun, entertaining, and good tag team. Not sure if they teamed up or had a have a record as a tag team, but 3MB is what is being talked about now as the latest faction. I expect them to continue their band as there won't be anyone splitting away to become a solo artist just yet.

Alex's Predicted Winner – 3MB

Gesus Predicts - Pre-Show Match – 3MB (Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre and/or Heath Slater) vs International Airstrike (Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel)

First question I have is when the heck did Gabriel and Kidd team up? Am I missing something? Second question I have is who the heck decided to call them "International Airstrike"? I understand why they're named that but really? I am glad we moved away from Team (blah) like Team Rhode Scholars or Hell No, but what a disaster of a name. Thirdly, why the heck should we care?! This match is garbage. I want to find the maybe 1 person who watches this pre-show and goes "OH! I want to buy survivor series!" Just a complete joke. 3MB is a great concept and giving something important for guys who have basically been forgotten. My heart does go out to Drew, and hope he isn't there tonight. I just thought of another question writing this! How the heck do you book it? Squash a hot new promising tag team or squash a potentially good tag team. Two new teams who need the rub? Here's a great idea lets put them into a match together! The only good thing that could come from here is a feud but it’s WWE and consistency in the tag division isn't their strongest trait.

Gesus' Predicted Winner – 3MB

Robbie Predicts - Pre-Show Match – 3MB (Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre and/or Heath Slater) vs International Airstrike (Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel)

What I want to know is why they changed the match from 3MB vs. Santino/Ryder to 3MB vs. Gabriel/Kidd. I would rather watch the latter but just curious. But this should be a good tag match and I’m glad the tag division is receiving the attention it’s getting lately.

Robbie's Predicted Winner – 3MB

Ken Predicts - US Title Match – Antonio Cesaro (c) vs R-Truth

I fear that if Cesaro loses, this will be the end of his push, but his push hasn't been a whole heck of a lot in and of itself. Cesaro has had some shining moments, but beyond that he's been pretty piss poor since coming to the WWE. Hopefully something changes or Cesaro and his man-purse might be back off TV and trying to find a character that actually works for him. I think R-Truth is helping get him over, but they really need to pull out all the stops and go for it. So while I'm expecting this to be an interesting match, I think Cesaro is going to cheat in some way to win and retain the US Title, but it won't be the end of the feud between these two. Actually, I think Cesaro is going to do something in this match that will push this feud up a number of notches.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Cesaro

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Cesaro

Alex Predicts - US Title Match – Antonio Cesaro (c) vs R-Truth

This match is so clear to me. I like R-Truth, really prefer him as a heel though. Remember him against Cena? I enjoyed that, slightly. But, Cesaro has been on an incredible roll and he is going to continue with it. I don't see Cesaro stopping. He gets the win.

Alex's Predicted Winner - Cesaro

Gesus Predicts - US Title Match – Antonio Cesaro (c) vs R-Truth

Many of you know I am a huge Cesaro fan. If you don't, you should. and now you do. His gimmick has grown stale and I think taking Aksana off him was a big mistake. Those two together were money. Now he is on his own and it seems to really hurt him. R-truth on the other hand seems to be hurt no matter what he does. I just don't like the guy. To many wasted motions and flashy ring work that is pretty much useless. I think this is just a holding pattern feud to keep Cesaro relevant while finding something more important for him.

Gesus' Predicted Winner – Cesaro

Robbie Predicts - US Title Match – Antonio Cesaro (c) vs R-Truth

There is hardly anything I can say about this match except I hope Antonio comes out on top.

Robbie's Predicted Winner – Antonio Cesaro

Ken Predicts - Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match – Team Ziggler (Dolph Ziggler, Team Rhodes Scholars [Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow], Wade Barrett, ADR w/ Ricardo) vs Team Foley (Miz, Kofi Kingston, Team Hell No [Kane & Daniel Bryan], Randy Orton)

So VKM wasn't happy with how Foley got over with the fans the night he went to the ring and got into it with Punk and they set up this match. Now, that wouldn't have had anything to do with the fact that Hurricane Sandy was plowing into his house as he was standing in the ring and trying to keep his mind on his work? And I'm sure Trip had nothing to with how VKM is viewing Foley's abilities! Sorry, I'm a huge Foley fan and Trip need to be the top man, even when he's not working in front of the camera, really annoys me. You'd think he'd be able to get past his petty inadequacies by now, but I guess not.

Let me start off by saying that if Cody is not 100% ready to be in the ring, I hope he's removed from this match. I'd much rather he be completely healthy before returning than to have him rushed back to this PPV that is barely hanging by a thread anyway. I think it would be a smart spot to put Swagger, but I'm high up on his ring work and would hope he's able to come back repackaged and with a personality. I have see a few other names mentioned, but I think bringing Swagger back could be a nice surprise in an otherwise worrying PPV.

Beyond that, I am actually looking forward to the issues between the wrestlers on their own teams and think that Miz and Bryan could bring so much to this match for that reason. I'm also interested in seeing how over Miz is as a face outside of his hometown area. This would be the perfect time for Sandow to go over and look strong, as well as Ziggler who more than needs to come out looking great in this. I'd like to see the end coming down to Sandow and Ziggler against either Orton or Bryan. I think Ziggler more than deserves to come out on top here, so I'm going to hand this one over to Ziggler and his team.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Team Ziggler w/ Ziggler last man standing

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Team Foley w/ Miz last man standing

Alex Predicts - Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match – Team Ziggler (Dolph Ziggler, Team Rhodes Scholars [Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow], Wade Barrett, ADR w/ Ricardo) vs Team Foley (Miz, Kofi Kingston, Team Hell No [Kane & Daniel Bryan], Randy Orton)

This match is so messed up. One week it is something and the next it is something else. WWE has no idea what they are doing. I looked at the teams and there really isn't one strong person part of each. I like Orton for Foley while Ziggler is the top for his own team. Trying to eliminate, I have a slight feeling that Ziggler may come out on top. I think he will roll off this win and go to the World Title opportunity. That's my thinking. If it wasn't, this match is a dead tie.

Alex's Predicted Winner - Team Ziggler

Gesus Predicts - Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match – Team Ziggler (Dolph Ziggler, Team Rhodes Scholars [Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow], Wade Barrett, ADR w/ Ricardo) vs Team Foley (Miz, Kofi Kingston, Team Hell No [Kane & Daniel Bryan], Randy Orton)

Wow! So what was the final decision here? Who is on what team? This whole build has been a colossal disappointment. It insulted our intelligence, and in my opinion harmed the legacy to Survivor Series matches, even if it's only for this year. I knew Miz wasn't not going to be on a team. He is on the poster why wouldn't he be at least featured in this PPV at some capacity? As for the rest of Team Foley I don’t care. Rehashing old feuds into a giant tag team match, yay. The Face team really has nothing too exciting or promising. Though Team Ziggles has a lot to offer. There are a lot of people here trying to make a name for themselves as a top talent short of ADR. I sure hope Ziggles doesn't enter into a meaningless feud with Miz since it'd be an embarrassment for the fact the was supposed to feud with Cena. For some reason I could see the teams dwindle down to Ziggles and Orton. I don’t see the logic in having anyone betray their team like Show did at bragging rights style.

Gesus' Predicted Winner – Team Ziggles

Robbie Predicts - Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match – Team Ziggler (Dolph Ziggler, Team Rhodes Scholars [Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow], Wade Barrett, ADR w/ Ricardo) vs Team Foley (Miz, Kofi Kingston, Team Hell No [Kane & Daniel Bryan], Randy Orton)

As I said in the introduction this match just doesn't make sense. Why would you put two captains that have no history what so ever leading into this match? It’s had very little build which is a shame because there is some very talented wrestlers that is involved like Ziggler, Bryan, Barrett and Rhodes if he is able to go. For me, this would have been the perfect time to bring in Dean Ambrose. It’s a massive pay per view but to have Ambrose go on Team Ziggler then it would have made the match just a little bit more exciting. But sadly not to be. But if Rhodes is ruled out then hopefully they will go down that route.

Robbie's Predicted Winner – Team Foley

Ken Predicts - Divas Championship Match – Eve (c) vs Kaitlyn

I've said this almost every month since Eve won, it's time for Kaitlyn to beat her and take the Divas Title. Hopefully these two will be allowed to have a decent match, something they're capable of, but haven't been allowed to show at all recently.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Kaitlyn

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Eve

Alex Predicts - Divas Championship Match – Eve (c) vs Kaitlyn

I don't follow this division anymore because it's unappealing and lacks entertainment to the core. Not sure what kind of streak each diva is on, or who has the upper hand, but I think Eve will continue. I have that feeling.

Alex's Predicted Winner - Eve

Gesus Predicts - Divas Championship Match – Eve (c) vs Kaitlyn

Who cares?

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Eve

Robbie Predicts - Divas Championship Match – Eve (c) vs Kaitlyn

I know nothing should surprise me with the divas except if there is a good technical match, which we all know will happen once in a blue moon. But I was surprised by how fast they had Layla go under to Kaitlyn on Monday night. I know this shouldn’t surprise me because it was a typical diva’s match but if they wanted to go with that outcome at least make Layla a bit tougher.

Robbie's Predicted Winner – Kaitlyn

Ken Predicts - World Heavyweight Championship Match – Big Show (c) vs Sheamus

I will say that this match has had the only truly steady build. Not only is this an established feud, but it's one that makes sense. It might be a bit long in the tooth, and need to be wrapped up, but it's been solid with some very gripping moments. Even though I know Trip sees Sheamus as one of WWE's top Superstars, and that he will continue to be a big name on Smackdown, I don't think it's time for Big Show to drop the strap. He's been built to be virtually unstoppable, so having Sheamus stop him would feel very wrong. Not saying I want to see Big Show facing Khali to be taken down, but I think Mark Henry should come back to take Big Show, and no one smaller. So as much as I love Big Show and Sheamus, I want this feud to be OVER!

Ken's Predicted Winner – Big Show

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Big Show

Alex Predicts - World Heavyweight Championship Match – Big Show (c) vs Sheamus

This match doesn't have my interest at all. The World Title really fell through the cracks now. I like Big Show as champion as I really think he deserves it. I don't watch Smackdown much, so I really can't see what Show is doing, but I am glad he is at the top. Before him, Sheamus vs. ADR was down for the count and Sheamus is going to carry that to this rivalry. I am waiting for something exciting and I actually think it's soon. What that means is I feel Ziggler will cash it in. I have a crazy feeling that it will be this PPV, but I am not going to officially make that my decision. I will play it safe with The Big Show keeping the title.

Alex's Predicted Winner – The Big Show

Gesus Predicts - World Heavyweight Championship Match – Big Show (c) vs Sheamus

I was so sick of Big Show and thought he should just retire. Then the match him and Sheamus put on at HIAC was great! I would pay to see something like that again. Now it wasn't the greatest of shows wrestling wise but Show still did steal the, well show! I am hoping to see a good story to be told here. I think this is the only match I am looking forward to seeing. Normally that'd be saying a lot. but these boys put on a good match last time, and I want to see what they can do here. It'd be a mistake to take the belt off Show though. Since I have this renewed interest in his character, I want to see what he can do with a title run.

Gesus' Predicted Winner – Big Show

Robbie Predicts - World Heavyweight Championship Match – Big Show (c) vs Sheamus

Hopefully this match will be just as good like at HIAC. That match was top draw. I like the way Regal has become involved. I am a huge fan of Regal’s and it has added a little bit of spice to this match. Sheamus is not looking at only gaining back the World Title, but his looking for redemption for his friend. I wouldn't be surprised to see Regal getting involved in this match.

Robbie's Predicted Winner – Big Show

Ken Predicts - Triple Threat Match for WWE Championship – CM Punk (c) vs Ryback vs John Cena

Someone make this all stop! Simply put, VKM should not take the belt of Punk before Royal Rumble. That would be the perfect time for Rock to take gold from Punk, and if Punk loses the belt and then wins it back, the momentum he's built over the entire year will have been for naught. Cena can handle not winning the WWE Title, or even twice if they revisit this at TCL. Personally I think it's all on VKM's head if his precious little Ryback ends up not winning the belt at two or three PPVs in a row. I believe that Punk absolutely should hold the WWE Title until the Rumble and let the chips fall where they may. Why build for a match so long only to throw the spoils to someone who isn't proven? This whole thing is a total mess and it's about time VKM pulls his head out and stops micromanaging at every tiny little turn!

Ken's Predicted Winner – Punk!

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Punk

Alex Predicts - Triple Threat Match for WWE Championship – CM Punk (c) vs Ryback vs John Cena

I predicted that CM Punk would retain the title at Hell in a Cell. I was correct there. While that was such a creative mess, I have a feeling it will continue into this PPV. Vince keeps pushing Ryback as he is the newest project. Ryback reminds me of the WWE Network. Vince keeps doing everything but it really isn't getting much clearance. Yes, Ryback is receiving a lot more reaction, but Vince hasn't cleared Ryback, just like the network. If it would be up to me, I would give Ryback the title. Vince won't leave Ryback alone and he is worried and so forth, just push him over. Punk's reign may be long, but it's nothing special, in my eyes. Ryback would be over like Twinkies. I don't see this happening though. Punk will retain somehow and go on to be closer to the match with Rock.

Alex's Predicted Winner – CM Punk

Gesus Predicts - Triple Threat Match for WWE Championship – CM Punk (c) vs Ryback vs John Cena

Good job WWE, way to book yourself into another corner. Everyone has said this over and over, so I won’t go into detail. How do you logically end this match? I see Punk and Cena carrying Ryback through this match. Yes I know he can go, but not at the level that they can. He isn't ready. He is getting over yes, but I am not sold. Not many people are. I feel bad. I think he was pushed too soon, too quick, while wrestlers like Sandow or Ziggler are still fighting for their spot, who are quite honestly better. If they break Punk's streak for that joke Ryback only to get it back at TLC is just stupid, the streak is worth more than that. Also, Cena doesn't need the title. They need to find a way to have Punk steal that win and remain champ, then look strong at TLC to make the match with The Rock believable. Though I think everyone knows he is going to drop the title to the Rock. This entire match just seems dumb and poor booking by a misguided writing team ran by a delusional Vince. I don't think WWE is really looking at Raw on Monday let alone TLC or RR. They seem to be a ship without a captain and this match is proof.

Gesus' Predicted Winner – Punk

Robbie Predicts - Triple Threat Match for WWE Championship – CM Punk (c) vs Ryback vs John Cena

Well this should be interesting. What’s Vince going to do? He has backed himself into a corner yet again by bringing the proposed main event for TLC forward. Is he going to have Punk continue his 364 consecutive days as the reigning and defending WWE Champion? Are they going to have Ryback go top of the food chain? Or are they going to throw a huge spanner in the works and have Cena come out on top? I’m ruling out Cena straight away. Personally, I think the only thing that is stopping Vince to have Ryback coming out on top is in case The Rock gets mad because he wants to be the one to end the long reign of Punk despite how hard creative is pushing for Ryback to go over. So for me, I think Vince will succumb and will have Ryback come out on top and drop it next month at TLC. That is the only way I can see out of this to try and give some breathing room for the creative instead of digging them into a bigger hole that they can’t get out off.

Robbie's Predicted Winner – Ryback

Gesus -

So there we have it. Those are my opinions on the PPV. I hope this isn't as big of a disappointment as HIAC was. The only redeeming quality to this PPV, and the only reason I am watching is because I am going to a PPV party again. Sorry to all my loyal readers who hang on my every word in the WNW Live Blog, I won't be there. So please give Kendra an extra hard time for my sake. I am sure it'll be more entertaining than this craptastic PPV... on paper anyway.

Even after writing all this, I'm not overly impressed with what I'm seeing. WWE creative will need to pull out all the stops to get through this three hours of entertainment. Hopefully if everyone pulls together it won't be a total bust, and I will be going into it will an open mind. Join us in the WNW Live Blog to enjoy Survivor Series with wrestling fans who are not afraid to speak their mind and have a lot of fun!

KB, Stacy, Alex, Gesus & Robbie

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