WWE Predicts - Tables, Ladders & Chairs



Sunday the WWE presents TLC from Baltimore, Maryland. I have to admit that I'm really looking forward to this PPV. Many of the matches on the card are both interesting and well built. Even better, it looks as though Cena might not be at the event. Personally I think it's about time! Nothing against Cena the man, but he has main evented more WWE PPVs in a row than I care try counting. He's almost always entertaining and the face of RAW and the WWE, but there's something to be said for giving us a break from him every now and then. Even better if it's the fault of the newly re-masked Kane who keeps Cena from TLC!


Blitz here to predict the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs pay-per-view. Apart from the sledgehammer ladder match, this should be a good card with entertaining matches. The Blitz has spoken.

Ken Predicts - WWE United States Championship Match – Dolph Ziggler ( c) vs Zack Ryder

I am really looking forward to this Match. It's beyond time for Ryder to face Dolph for this Title and it's beyond time Ryder wins this Title so both can continue to move their way up the ranks on RAW and in the WWE. Dolph is destined to be a strap carrying main eventer within the next two years and it's time for him to push forward on that. Ryder is in the same boat. He took a big and daring step that he admitted would either get him noticed or fired, but did get him noticed. It's time for Ryder to win the strap and get the chance to prove himself as a Champ. For me the big question is if Swagger will be the catalyst behind Dolph losing his strap.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Zack Ryder

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Zack Ryder

Blitz Predicts - WWE United States Championship Match – Dolph Ziggler ( c) vs Zack Ryder

This should be one of the better matches of the night. Ziggler is a wonderful athlete, and Ryder is making great strides to improve his ring work to the levels his charisma resides. Unless Vickie and Swagger are banned from the ring, I can't see this ending cleanly. Ziggler wins this one, but Ryder will get the title next month.

Blitz's Predicted Winner – Dolph Ziggler

Dan Predicts - WWE United States Championship Match – Dolph Ziggler ( c) vs Zack Ryder

Finally Zack Ryder is getting his US Title match against Dolph. Dolph and Zack have done great work together during this feud. Their work on TV and the internet has been entertaining and it's no surprise as to why they are two of the most over workers in WWE right now. I look for Zack win this match and start his first run as a singles champ.

I do look for Vickie to somehow cost Dolph this match so he doesn't look weak, and I then am looking forward to what will hopefully be a Dolph/Punk feud. Dolph's character development has been great. He is the only person borderline worthy of being WWE Champ over Punk right now. #Awesome

Dan's Predicted Winner – Zack Ryder

Brooks Predicts - WWE United States Championship Match – Dolph Ziggler ( c) vs Zack Ryder

It's great that this match has arguably the best buildup of any match on the card. There's a ton of speculation that John Cena might make his presence felt here, aiding Zack Ryder. I don't think those are the plans for Cena on this show, though (more on that later). I've loved seeing this feud progress from Z! True Long Island Story to Raw and back again, and this Sunday could really be Zack Ryder's big moment. I expect the arena to be very hot for Ryder, which I hope translate to heat from Ziggler. Ziggler's on the rise, and once he gets more heat without Vickie's help, could easily transition to the main event scene. He's really coming into his own, and so is Ryder. I'm not sure if this is Ryder's moment, though. Ziggler's being thrown around by fans as a possible favorite to win the next Royal Rumble match, and him dropping the title now would only serve to elevate him for that. On the other hand, I can't shake the feeling that Ryder losing would get Ziggler the much-needed heat he's been looking for. If I were betting money, I'd go with Ryder, but I'll go with the longshot here and pick Ziggler.

Brooks' Predicted Winner – Dolph Ziggler

Gesus Predicts - WWE United States Championship Match – Dolph Ziggler ( c) vs Zack Ryder

To say picking the winner for this match was easy I would be lying. I keep going back and forth on these issues. What would happen to Ryder if he were to lose this? Where would his push be? Does WWE have enough faith to strap Ryder yet? Does Dolph need gold around his waste to back up his mouth. Could he drop the title during the first significant title defense in a while? If so does it make him weak? What if Dolph cheats to win does that give Ryder someone to chase? Give him a proper feud instead of bouncing around looking for a match to get on TV. Honestly this pick is going down a flip of a coin. Ziggles-heads Ryder-Tails. One last thought to think about, with Cena not being on the card do you see him being involved in the match? Special guest Ref? Maybe in Ryders corner? Do you see him laying more ground work for a heel turn by potentially costing Ryder the match? Needless to say, I am so excited for the possibilities this match has I will be watching very intently and closely.

Gesus' Predicted Winner – Tails (Ryder)

Ken Predicts - Tables Match – Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

I have to admit I'm becoming more and more impressed with Wade over the past month or so. I've never been a fan of his in any way other than his ability to get over as a heel when he first led Nexus into RAW. So he is getting better and getting noticed for it, but should he go over here? If he doesn't go over here, then he will be right back where he started from, so he has to win this one. The thing is that I don't see Wade winning this one clean. I see David Otunga Esq. stepping in and helping his former Nexus leader. Orton humiliated Otunga by putting him through a table, so Otunga has a bone to pick with Orton and how better than help Wade put Orton through a table?

Ken's Predicted Winner – Wade Barrett (dirty)

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Wade Barrett (dirty)

Blitz Predicts - Tables Match – Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

This should be a good match to kick off a lengthy feud between Orton and Barrett to elevate the Englishman into the main event picture. Both of them will beat each other harder than most wrestlers will go, but Barrett will wind up with the win to keep the feud going.

Blitz's Predicted Winner – Wade Barrett

Dan Predicts - Tables Match – Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

Barrett has done solid work with his Barrett Barrage, but I just don't see Orton giving him the rub at this moment. Orton has done his part in elevating workers as of late (Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler), but I just don't see him doing it again to Barrett. Barrett still hasn't reached the level of Rhodes and Ziggler yet in my opinion. Maybe if WWE revisits this match after the Rumble we could see a different outcome. As of now I fully expect an RKO to be a road block to the Barrage.

Dan's Predicted Winner – Randy Orton

Brooks Predicts - Tables Match – Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

Wade's stock has really risen in the last few months, and it's a shame that it had fallen in the first place. I've never been his biggest fan, but he can work a mic, has a good look, and is capable in the ring. The more credible he looks, the better, in my eyes. Wade still isn't at the level he used to be, as he main evented Survivor Series with Orton last year, but it looks like he's on the way back up with this match. RKOs always have the potential to look really good putting someone through a table, and the idea of a Wasteland through a table seems like it could look devastating. In my opinion, Randy Orton has had one of the best big-match years, if not his best, in his career this year. Sometimes I find him boring, but the fact of the matter is, he nearly always delivers when he needs to, and with a capable worker like Barrett, this should be no exception. This feud feels like it still has legs, so I'd expect it to continue possibly to the Royal Rumble. Normally this would mean the heel goes over, but unless he debuts a third faction to attack Orton "LIKE A PACK OF FERAL DOGS", Orton's going over here. I can't imagine the underdog in Barrett going over Orton so early in a feud.

Brooks' Predicted Winner – Randy Orton

Gesus Predicts - Tables Match – Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

This match should be an interesting match. Orton now a days has seemed so vanilla and boring. The man will get some props from me he has grown up and matured wonderfully. Being a parent has done wonders for himself but his character has gotten stale. Not really sure if you can correlate the 2 but either way just an observation by me. This should be a pretty decent back and forth. I see Barret on his way back to the main event scene. I really look forward to it. Though I see this match ending screwy. Probably a slip or some way to not bury Orton and make Barret seem strong at the same point. Maybe a slip off the apron, Wade fall wrong from the RKO? Just my idea but this feud isn’t over yet. I have been intreged so far but my money is on Barret.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Wade Barrett

Ken Predicts - WWE Intercontinental Championship Match – Cody Rhodes ( c) vs Booker T

I can see no possible good that can come of Booker being the IC Champ. I just don't see it being good for anyone other than giving Booker another Title run, but it's not really something he needs right now. If he's still feuding with Cody in a month, then maybe it could be time for Cody to drop the strap, have Booker hold it for a couple months then drop it to another establishing young wrestler, but right now doesn't feel right. I see Cody retaining here, but not necessarily doing so in a squeaky clean way. Possibly with the help of Cole? Just a thought.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Cody Rhodes (retains, possibly dirty)

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Booker T (new Champ)

Blitz Predicts - WWE Intercontinental Championship Match – Cody Rhodes ( c) vs Booker T

Booker still has it and we all know it. This should be a good match to boost the status of Cody Rhodes. We all know that Cody will win, but Booker T will put up one major league fight in what should be a close to 15-minute match.

Blitz's Predicted Winner – Cody Rhodes

Dan Predicts - WWE Intercontinental Championship Match – Cody Rhodes ( c) vs Booker T

This has been a cool little feud. Rhodes has been one of the bright spots of WWE this year, and going over Booker should be a nice rub for him. It's the only scenario I can see going down since I don't see this feud going beyond TLC. If it does WWE might strap Booker only to have him drop it back to Rhodes in a rematch...useless title reigns are the specialty of WWE.

Dan's Predicted Winner – Cody Rhodes

Brooks Predicts - WWE Intercontinental Championship Match – Cody Rhodes ( c) vs Booker T

Wut da hail? Dat supahero T-Book gettin' back in da ring! Awwww, shucky ducky quack quack! He gon' scissor kick wit da greatest of ease! Aw my goodness. All Booker T impressions aside, I'm thrilled that he's getting back into the ring. Booker looks nearly as good as he always did. When I watch him, I certainly don't remember that he's 46 years old. The fact that he's giving Cody Rhodes, one of the fastest rising stars in WWE, more attention just makes it that much better. I'd like to see this feud last a bit longer, but I don't think it will, due to the Road to WrestleMania starting up soon. I imagine Cody has big plans for the Show of Shows, so this should be a short feud. Booker's playing the victim, so while instinct may lean toward Booker winning, Cody's still the favorite for me. If there's a clean finish, that is. There's no reason to put the title on Booker, as much as I like him, but what would be even better than a decisive victory over Booker would be Cody screwing Booker out of one last run with a title. Booker teasing that he may return to the ring if he won the title this week just adds to the heat Cody would get by screwing Booker out of a win. Cody's walking out with the championship this Sunday, that much I know.

Brooks' Predicted Winner – Booker T (by DQ)

Gesus Predicts - WWE Intercontinental Championship Match – Cody Rhodes ( c) vs Booker T

The only thing I’m looking forward to in this match is that Booker won’t be on announce. I am happy the man found his passion for the business again since coming to WWE but honestly, I have never been high up on Booker. I feel like this match won’t really to much to elevate Rhodes. There are bigger things he could be doing. Yes booker is a legend and beating him will definitely be a feather in your hat, but honestly who cares? Though to almost sound contradicting, I don’t see Booker losing. I see this match getting a decent amount of time, I know they both can tell a story in the ring, I wonder what story it’ll be. Ending in Booker some how winning my DQ. There is no way they would strap Booker especially since he isn’t and active wrestler but then again his first match back in almost a year (correct me if I'm wrong) the will not let him lose. So like I said, I see him winning via DQ with Rhodes retaining.

Gesus' Predicted Winner – Booker via DQ

Ken Predicts - Sledgehammer Ladder Match – Triple H vs Kevin Nash

This is the one Match on the card that really has me worried. Ii don't think either of these men should be in the ring and the simple act of climbing a ladder could be detrimental to either of them. I hope there is some sort of interference and that this is dealt with in a very careful way. The last thing I want to see happen is two wrestlers who I respect (one I have drooled over since college) getting hurt because they were in the ring trying to end off a feud that was silly in the first place. I think it's silly because of their ages and the physical ailments plaguing them both. I'm hoping that choosing Trip to go over will make sense to creative and end this feud before these two old guys really hurt each other or themselves!

Ken's Predicted Winner – Triple H

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Nash (but Trip will get his turn with the sledge)

Blitz Predicts - Sledgehammer Ladder Match – Triple H vs Kevin Nash

Of all matches to put these two guys in, a ladder match is definitely not the best option. I'd love to know what WWE was thinking on that count or if they were even thinking at all booking this! Since it's still announced, Trips will probably force himself to appear, but I can't really see either of them climbing the ladder without hurting themselves. I could hope that they stay in a match without climbing the ladder, but both of them want that sledgehammer. The King of Kings will prove himself as the Cerebral Assassin and take out Nash.

Blitz's Predicted Winner – Triple H

Dan Predicts - Sledgehammer Ladder Match – Triple H vs Kevin Nash

I look for the sledgehammer to get involved in this match early as these guys are both banged up, and if their injuries both shine through the match could be ugly to watch. I also still don't understand the stipulation of this match. Is it whoever gets the sledgehammer first wins? Whoever gets the sledgehammer first gets exclusive use of it? Whoever hits their opponent with the sledgehammer first wins? Am I the only person who is confused here?

Dan's Predicted Winner – Kevin Nash

Brooks Predicts - Sledgehammer Ladder Match – Triple H vs Kevin Nash

This is a bad idea. I have a feeling this match is going to be decided by who goes the longest without blowing an ACL or tearing a quad. This feud has absolutely no steam anymore. Not many people care about the conspiracy, not many people care about Nash. The nearly two-month period with Triple H being sidelined really hurt it, even if the storyline demanded it. My gut would initially tell me that Nash goes over to extend the feud, but it seems as if creative has given up on this angle as well. WrestleMania season is around the corner, and Triple H needs to start focusing on who he'll face at that show. I hope it's not Nash, for the sake of quads everywhere. While it's plausible that Nash could go over, I see the most likely outcome being Triple H getting the hammer, putting his hand over the head of it like he always does, and delivering a devastating blow with the back of his hand to end this.

Brooks' Predicted Winner – Triple H

Gesus Predicts - Sledgehammer Ladder Match – Triple H vs Kevin Nash

This should be an interesting match. I am a little confused by the point of the sledge suspended above the ring. If the match isn’t decided by grabbing it what really is the point of the match? Trying to get a win so you can win the right to use a sledge? Who needs a right to a weapon? Nash sure didn’t to take HHH out on raw. It seems to make that they are trying to give a great singles match a little extra zing by saying there's a sledge. This could be a great old school match. Telling a great story, going back to basics in a wrestling match. I think with all the development of young talent seeing a match like this now adays is a good yard stick for what a good match is. Just like Taker and HHH at last years Wrestlemania. I see HHH winning the match but Nash grabbing the sledge to push the feud towards Royal Rumble.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - HHH

Ken Predicts - Chairs Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match – Mark Henry ( c) vs Big Show

I don't think there's anything left for these two. They have gone back and forth without any true winner for long enough. It was great to see the ring break a few months ago and it was wonderfully executed, but now it's time for them to move on. I say again that I think Big Show should win the Title and have Bryan turn heel for them to face at WM. There's little more I want to see between these two.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Big Show

Stacy's Predicted Winner - Henry

Blitz Predicts - Chairs Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match – Mark Henry ( c) vs Big Show

Again, Big Show does not need the title or the win at this point to look dangerous. With Daniel Bryan always in the corner of everyone's eye to cash in at anytime, WWE should probably keep the belt on Mark Henry for at least another couple months till another face contender pops up. This will be a brutal match by PG standards, and I wouldn't be surprised to see at least three chairs dented beyond repair. Big Show will dominate, but Mark Henry gets the nod in the end.

Blitz's Predicted Winner – Mark Henry

Dan Predicts - Chairs Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match – Mark Henry ( c) vs Big Show

WWE has been booking Henry to look weaker and weaker during his feud with Show. I'm looking for this title to change hands tonight, as Henry's time is up, and Show hasn't had a world title reign since 2002. It's time for Show to get another run in the spot light in the twilight of his career. Show has undoubtedly stood the test of time and is one of the top monsters in the history of pro wrestling.

Dan's Predicted Winner – Big Show

Brooks Predicts - Chairs Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match – Mark Henry ( c) vs Big Show

Big Show cannot go over here. Daniel Bryan cannot cash in Money in the Bank here. Those are the only scenarios I wouldn't be okay with. Mark Henry has been built as one of the most dominating champions in years. He needs to hold on to the belt at least until Elimination Chamber, where getting beaten by 5 guys doesn't weaken him. Ideally, he holds it til Wrestlemania and faces Daniel Bryan in a David vs. Goliath rematch. But I'm getting ahead of myself. The point is, Big Show winning here would destroy Henry's momentum and the entire story around his character. Big Show doesn't need a belt at this stage in his career; he's there to put people over. The other scenario, Daniel Bryan cashing in, also worries me. I'm the biggest Bryan mark around, but I want him to stay face for the time being. We'd all love to see the "I HAVE TIL 5!" Bryan in WWE, and I think we will, at some point. But not now. We have the potential for a fantastic underdog story with Bryan now. We have largely untapped potential with he and Cole. Don't throw that away by turning him heel and having him cash in. Just let Mark Henry re-assert his dominance and take out Show's leg with the chair. I just hope we don't see Henry almost take out Show's leg again, only to see Daniel Bryan valiantly cash in and lose in order to save Big Show. It'd be terrible booking, but given how Bryan's been booked in WWE, I wouldn't put it past them.

Brooks' Predicted Winner – Mark Henry

Gesus Predicts - Chairs Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match – Mark Henry ( c) vs Big Show

I think this is gonna be the match to kill the crowd. Yes these guys are veterans but I have not been a fan of this feud. I think it’s sorta crappy to make Show look weak at this stage of his career. Henry is on a push of a lifetime. His new hall of pain gimmick has really overshadowed the sexual chocolate or other gimmicks that that were embarrassing in the past. Neither of these guys are can flat out go as far as wrestling ability. Yes, Show can do stuff in the ring men his size shouldn’t be able to do but honestly his best matches aren’t with men his size. They are against Rey Mysterio's or D-Bry’s. At least that is my opinion. With the monster push I don’t see him dropping the title. Honestly I am hoping that Kane comes out some how and interrupts the match. It’ll be the spice these guys need for their feud, then again he is a Raw talent now. We shall see.

Gesus' Predicted Winner – Mark Henry

Ken Predicts - Triple Threat TLC Match for the WWE Championship – CM Punk ( c) vs Miz vs Alberto Del Rio

I can see this being quite the Match, but there's no way ADR will win the strap! There's no reason ADR should win the strap as he's been sucking wind as Champ every time he has the belt. Obviously ADR is not yet Championship material. Miz, on the other hand is absolutely Champ material, but I don't think he will this time around. I'd love to see a serious feud between Miz and Punk heading into the new year, but Punk should retain at this point. I do think this will be a fantastic Match and should be the Match of the night, no matter who might get involved. I'm glad I'm not any of those three as they will be hurting when this one is over, plus I like being a girl. Punk will have a glorious win after this is all over.

Ken's Predicted Winner – CM Punk

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Miz (dirty)

Blitz Predicts - Triple Threat TLC Match for the WWE Championship – CM Punk ( c) vs Miz vs Alberto Del Rio

This should be a most impressive match with three of the top stars of WWE. I include Del Rio as a top star because he is among the top in the in-ring work despite the most horrendous booking. I don't see Del Rio having a third reign in the space of four months given the horrible booking and lack of confidence, so Del Rio won't win, paving the way for a Punk-Miz program leading all the way into Wrestlemania (hopefully). I can't really see Miz winning it just yet, but I suspect that he'll win the title at either Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania. I'll give it to Punk in what should be a 25-minute+ affair.

Blitz's Predicted Winner – CM Punk

Dan Predicts - Triple Threat TLC Match for the WWE Championship – CM Punk ( c) vs Miz vs Alberto Del Rio

Before discussing who will win this match, I think we can safely say that Alberto Del Rio is not winning this match. After two unsuccessful title runs I have a feeling Del Rio will be pushed down the card to allow time for him to learn how to adapt with a gimmick to keep it fresh. The man's character has just gotten stale.

Miz has been great as of late, but he hasn't been Punk late. I hope to see a long title run for Punk, and when I say long I mean until at the earliest Fall 2012 long. Punk is the hottest thing in WWE right now, and he along with Dolph Ziggler are the most entertaining men in WWE right now. I just don't see Punk losing the title any time soon, even to a character like Miz who is showing good character development as of late. Unlucky for Miz, Punk backs his best in the world talk up in the ring.

For the record I don't think Cena will be involved in this match. The only Cena involvement I see happening is if it involves Kane. I could see Kane doing a PPV promo, with Cena coming out to attack him.

Dan's Predicted Winner – CM Punk

Brooks Predicts - Triple Threat TLC Match for the WWE Championship – CM Punk ( c) vs Miz vs Alberto Del Rio

Hear me out. I think I have this all figured out. This match is a perfect way to get face Cena more heat, in keeping with his new storyline. Turning Cena heel would only get the smarks to cheer him, so the slow turn it seems like they're doing in preparation for his match with The Rock is perfect. Imagine a battered CM Punk about to finally reach for his title at the end of the match, only for Cena to come out, just added to the match, and win? I think Cena's getting added to the match at some point during the night. Whether through involvement with Ryder or persuading John Laurinaitis, it's what I really think has a chance of happening. Cena's entire storyline is him trying to ignore the hatred of many of the fans. Subtly screwing CM Punk out of a win would be a great way to continue the slow burn of the John Cena character without abjectly turning him heel. He'd just be doing what he's always done, competing for the title. Just like when he beat Mysterio for the title earlier this year after Mysterio had just won a tournament. It's not direct heel tactics, but it's a way to lose the fan's respect regardless. After all, Cena did earn a shot at the title at TLC, but he gave it up in order to help Ryder out. He could just say he took advantage of an opportunity. It's a longshot, I know, but I still refuse to believe that Cena is being left off the card completely. If I were betting money, I'd probably go with CM Punk to win, but I think this is a completely plausible scenario. I can't word it eloquently, and I apologize for that. I just think that John Cena is going to be added to the match and win in a controversial fashion. If we can't keep the belt on CM Punk, let's at least hope for character development!

Brooks' Predicted Winner – John Cena

Gesus Predicts - Triple Threat TLC Match for the WWE Championship – CM Punk ( c) vs Miz vs Alberto Del Rio

I am really looking forward to the back and forth in this match. Everyone one of these men have won MITB. They all also have been champions. They know what it takes to reach that brass ring. Though I don’t see CM punk dropping the title anytime soon it is nice to see Miz back in the main event scene. I am a big fan of The Miz. I am interested in where this match will go. My guess is most likely the heels will beat up punk and then turn on each other like every triple threat match there is. Sort of a boring formula. These 3 guys have the creative genius to come up with some interesting twist to break the mold for this kind of match. I am very eager to see what either of them can do. I hope creative loosens the grip on these men and let them flat out go and preform. They have some great wrestling ability.

Gesus' Predicted Winner – CM Punk


Wow, this looks like it could be an amazing PPV. It is interesting that Cena's not on the card (though Brooks' ideas is very possible) and the Divas are nowhere to be seen, but I'm taking this as a good thing, at least for right now. I don't know when we're going to get to the potty or get a beer, but for me none of the matches are worth missing. Also, make sure you come and hang out in the WNW Live Blog. It gets rather quiet in there during TNA PPVs, so make sure you step in during those as well as the WWE PPVs which are always full of fun wrestling fans!

KB, Blitz, Dan, Brooks & Gesus

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