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WWE Top 10 of the Week

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Everything seems to be focussing on lists in wrestling, from the list of Jericho to the top 10 list on Smackdown, so I figured what better than to create my own as of 08/02/2018 (so no spoilers will be included). From here on out, I will be doing a top 10 list of Superstars (male & female) who are the best WWE has to offer across all formats (RAW/SMACKDOWN/205/NXT).

Number 10

The inaugural number will go to Roderick Strong. Strong came up from NXT to compete against former NXT compardre Hideo Itami in Drake Mavericks Cruiserweight Championship tournament. With Strong boasting that he is ready for his Wrestlemania moment it would be hard to bet against him. Rumour is circulating that Triple H has took charge of the 205 Live brand, and Strong was his choice to bring with him which if true shows the faith that he has in the man. I believe in a couple of months we could be looking at the next Cruiserweight champion.

Number 9

In at number 9 we have the Raw Womens Champion, Alex Bliss. Alexa has had a solid run, which appears to have lost direction somewhat recently which is why she features so low on the list. With the Elimination Chamber coming up this could be a great opportunity for her to get back on track – especially after the interesting development on Raw with Mickie James. Could we potentially be seeing a face turn for the champ?

Number 8

Number 8 is none other than Johnny Wrestling! Johnny Gargano has all the potential to be a top star in the WWE and he is demonstrating that and then some on NXT with his feud with both Almas and now the returning Tommaso Ciampa. This week saw Gargano agree to put his career in NXT on the line for one last shot at the championship that has eluded him thus far. I’m sure I am not the only one who is looking forward to seeing how this rematch plays out!

Number 7

At 7, we have Randy Orton. Now although Randy seems to be another talent that is ploughing through obscurity, there is always the intriguing factor of an RKO out of nowhere looming. This was seen this week on Smackdown when three top superstars fell victim to the Viper. Although it seems as if there is no plans for what to do with Orton – the constant striking we are seeing week in and week out means that something must be in the pipeline and something big…. Surely?

Number 6

Booby Roode, one of Ortons victims comes in at number 6 after his title defence against Rusev. Roode has been on an impressive run recently, someone who always shows solid ring work and has his character embraced by the WWE universe. Roode to me always seems better as the bad guy though, and seeing him as a face just doesn’t quite click personally. Hopefully we see him progress down the road into becoming the man we love to hate which would make him one of the top guys on Smackdown and even in the WWE.

Number 5

We kick off the top 5 with NXT Champion Andrade “Cien” Almas. The man has sky rocketed with Zelina Vega by his side and could easily be one of the best heels in WWE today. The thing about NXT is that it is meant for talent to progress and learn to one day take hold of the company top spot. I do not thing anyone would have said they could see Almas doing this when he first came to NXT but looking at him now I have full confidence that one day in the near future we will tear it up on the main roster!

Number 4

I’ve noticed a recurring theme with the Smackdown superstars, and that is a lack of direction. That in mind, coming in in the 4th spot is AJ Styles. As much of a talent as he is, being embroiled in the storyline with Owens and Sami just seems to have hurt his momentum. That along with the weird segments backstage with Shinsuke, is the reason Styles places at 4 rather than up higher. Hopefully the payoff is better than the how the angle has played out so far in both parts!

Number 3

In the bronze model position this week we have the Smackdown Womens champion. Charlotte week in week out demonstrates both solid in ring and work and a confidence on the mic. Going into Wrestlemania season I am sure she will push on picking up big momentum for her title defence at the Pay-Per-View which I personally would love to see against Asuka.

Number 2

The runner up for this week is the aforementioned, Asuka. The undefeated streak she is on is rolling and rolling and is really building toward her first defeat which is bringing intrigue into who will be the one to stop her. There is lots of potential for several of the female roster to do it and I think this is working in Asuka’s favour as even though her matches seemingly have nothing on the line like championships, there is always the streak which ties people in.

Honourable mentions

Before announcing the top slot this week, I would like to give a shout out to one male and female superstar, not featured on the list but were both viable options for the second half of it. First we have the winner of the Royal Rumble Shinsuke Nakamura. If it weren’t for the bad booking following on and up to his Rumble win he would easily be in the spot but I just find it hard to include him in the list as he never seems to actually do anything! For the females this week is Nia Jax. Nia had a dominant rumble showing, and I believe she should be in a triple threat at ‘Mania for the womens title, but will she beat Asuka? Not so sure. This week however saw her take a backward step going back to random jobber squash matches which is why she is not on the list.

Number 1

Coming in in first position in my first ever top 10, is none other than… Braun Strowman! Braun goes from strength to strength week in week out and ended Raw this week taking out two of the other competitors in the Elimination Chamber match, Cena & Elias. I think if the cards are played right, Braun could be the biggest thing in all of WWE he is beloved by the fans the only obstacle with him is putting the title on him and potentially how do you get it off him. The monster character can only stand for so long before he is beaten (although I know he has already suffered losses) and then it starts to dry up and become bland. In my opinion however, he is the best thing WWE has to offer at the moment and that is why he is number one in my list!

Agree or disagree with my picks? Want to discuss more about them? Simply contact me via Twitter @WNW_Walker and let me know your opinion on who the top should have been!

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