Bobby Lashley Signs With Bellator MMA, First Fight Announced

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Bobby Lashley is returning to Mixed Martial Arts, TNA Wrestling announced on Wednesday.

According to an official release, the current TNA Champion has signed a deal with Bellator MMA to face Josh Burns on September 5, 2014 at Bellator 123. Lashley's MMA record stands at 10-2, while Burns is 8-7.

Bellator 123 will be headlined by Pat Curran and Patricio Pitbull, a Featherweight Title fight, with King Mo also on the card. The show will emanate from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut and will air live on Spike TV.

  • Jesse Sherwood

    And now Lashley is doing the cross promotional BS with Belator… Who wants to bet that he gets hurt during the fight and we have another problem with the championship match at BFG? Not that I am wishing ill on him, because I’m not. But that seems to be TNAs curse right now thanks to how they are taping TV.

    • ldb

      I bet he gases out if it goes past the first round. I ve seen all his mma matches and he seems slow in all of them. Kongo or a real fighter on that level will squash him. The TNA champ will look like a chump i believe when he falls at Bellator. I like the Lashley but he should stick with fake fighting like Brock. Brock started hot, but like anyone else doesnt like a monster trying to punch you face in. I don’t blame him, Lashley should follow.

      • J Vomkrieg

        I think Brocks decline in UFC had more to do with him getting very ill than his ability as a fighter. And you can never take away the fact that Brock was a legit fighting champion, even if only for a short time.

        • Rus

          but you cant take away the fact that when someone punched Brock in the face he literally turned around and ran

          • J Vomkrieg

            Meh, he got beaten by a better fighter, that happens. Anyone who actually steps in an MMA ring to compete is not a coward who can’t handle being punched.

          • Rus

            I didn’t say he was a coward, I said he ran away when he got punched in the face. Go on youtube right now and watch one of his fights, he literally runs from his opponents almost everytime he gets a hard punch to his face

  • Dave Barton

    Interesting that Lashley’s pic is bigger than everyone else’s.