Braun Strowman Will Challenge for the... Tag Team Titles?

As far as it looks right now, it appears that Braun Strowman single-handedly won a tag team battle royale on RAW to earn a shot at the Tag Team Titles. But... will he have a partner when he faces The Bar?

  • Gary Schaber

    I think he should be allowed to choose a partner and go for the tag team titles that way.It would be awesome if he chose Bray Wyatt as a sort of Wyatt Family reunion and won the titles that way.

  • The Breaker

    This is… interesting. But I’m also against the idea that the entire tag division is inferior to one man. I mean, I’m a huge fan of Braun, but nobody’s push is worth sacrificing an entire division. I guess it’s just more proof that Vince doesn’t believe tag team wrestling can draw. Even though the hottest act in wrestling today is a freaking tag team. *sigh*