BREAKING NEWS: WWE and Fox Come to Terms on A Deal For Smackdown Live

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As reported by ESPN today, Fox and WWE have come to terms on a deal for Smackdown Live.  As previously reported here at Wrestling News World, WWE had been shopping for a potential new home for Raw and Smackdown.  USA later made a deal with WWE to keep Monday Night Raw, but allowed them to continue to shop Smackdown Live.  WWE had already been in talks with Fox, who seemed eager to bring WWE over.  Obviously, talks went well and, while we don't know the specifics yet, WWE Smackdown will switch over to Fox starting in October of 2019.  Smackdown has been on USA network since 2016, but has been on an NBC network since 2010 when they originally moved to SyFy Network.

  • The Voice of the Voiceless

    Dear Fox, please tell Vince McMahon we want a TV-14 product, no New Day on the show, and no Android Thousand Souls. Thank you. Signed, Everyone

    • Brian lestworth

      New day has been a bright spot for the product for a long time. Their chemistry is amazing to watch and your a fool to think otherwise.

      • The Voice of the Voiceless

        They belong either on Saturday Morning Slam or some indy promotion. I am an adult and don’t want some bullcrap comedy act on my TV. Unicorns, pancakes, Booty-O’s, and the disgusting gyrations of a large man are made for children and the simple minded. If you like their brand of comedy, then you’re the fool.

        • JeanVice

          Perhaps, rather than being booty, consider that The New Day on a TV-14 show could be even more entertaining. Picture it.

          • The Voice of the Voiceless

            New Day on a TV-14 program is Kai En Tai with the whole “choppy choppy” angle and Eddie giving Big Show diarrhea. I don’t need that at this point in my life.

          • Brian Lestworth

            Acting like an adult and being an adult are 2 different things. Their talent as a tag team in the ring are top notch. The matches they had with the usos were top quality matches, even the match that was cut short by the bludgeon brothers. If your are blinded by humor, then yes your a fool to not recognize the pure talent and chemistry they have as a top tag team in the industry.

          • The Voice of the Voiceless

            Were you paying attention, moron? At no point did I say they can’t wrestle. I said their act is for children and I don’t appreciate having my intelligence insulted by WWE portraying that this is how these guys are in real life. Wrestlers are supposed to be fighters. When was the last time you saw a boxer or an MMA fighter skipping down to the ring/cage? Or throwing pancakes? Or playing a musical instrument? It’s ridiculous and stupid.

          • The Breaker

            To be fair, WWE has never been about portraying realistic characters. Undertaker? Kane? Goldust? Repo Man? It’s always been about entertainment. WWE doesn’t hide the fact that it’s ridiculous. They flaunt it. And, for my money, New Day is one of the most entertaining acts in WWE right now. Their merch also happens to sell like hotcakes (sorry, had to), so it’s hard to argue against their push.

  • The Breaker

    Two things.

    1.) Does this mean SmackDown will become the A-show?
    2.) I heard reports that FOX will air it on Fridays. Would that mean it’s going back to being taped?

    • The Voice of the Voiceless

      WWE will tape the show at the Hardy Compound on a three week delay if the money is good enough, the saudi show taught us that.