WWE has announced today on Twitter that the United Kingdom will be having their own brand, with the brand being a NXT UK brand. Triple H and Johnny Saint made the announcement at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

We will continue to follow this story as more information is released.


  • Thumbs middles

    I wish it would not have been an NXT brand, that way they could move Sheamus, Ceasaro, and Finn Baylor over there to give the brand some credibility and give them a better spotlight since those three are far from featured on WWE TV

    • Zack

      The thing is, they still want it to be a developmental thing, but they want to expand internationally without having developmental talent move to the US

      • Thumbs middle

        It could be developmental without calling it developmental. WWECW was basically developmental, but presented as a third brand. You had new guys but you also had a few vets like Finlay and Matt Hardy. Since most people in the US don’t know any UK names, if you tell me a UK is a pro and not in developmental, I’ll believe you.