Brock Lesnar Returns To WWE To Confront John Cena

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Former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar returned to WWE at tonight's Raw Supershow, confronting John Cena in the show's closing segment.

As I broke exclusively here on Premium earlier today, Cena's name emerged as a possible opponent for Lesnar at Wrestlemania 29 next year. While I cannot confirm that is still the plan, there are clearly plans to program Lesnar with Cena.

Story developing..

  • dusty588

    This is awesome!

  • keagan

    best raw ever? YES! YES! YES!

    • Da KiDD

      I was there!! Yes! Yes! Yes! it was freakin electric in there!!!

      • Alex P

        I'm not sure if it was the best ever…but definitely the best in a LONG LONG time! I mean aside from the Rock just being there, Brock returning, the A-Train/Tensai debut and the matches being solid….the crowd was just AMAZING best crowd I've seen in a long time too

      • Guy Landau

        Super Kudos, you guys in the crowd last night made the show what it was.

    • Guy Landau

      Seeing as my rundown has an unprecedented 1 Neg (in booking Del RIo vs. Sheamus for Smackdown) for this past RAW with 7 posits, I think it's safe to say – YES! YES! YES!

  • Mark

    The only thing better than Lesnar returning was having him return and give that F5 to Cena

    • ryder

      That was a mark out moment Mark

  • Alex P

    I've definitely been keeping eyes on this sight over the past 24 hours and saw the potential news with Lesnar…but I was still jaw dropped at my TV with his return tonight….just awesome!

  • ryder

    Rock and Brock in the same night I loved this RAW I completely marked out when Brock gave the F5 to Cena.

  • Prprince

    Wow I really had a feeling…
    I feel that Brock maybe a regular on raw

  • gibbons08

    Let’s be honest, who all freaked out when Brock’s music hit?

    • squigee

      i wet my pants when i saw him, then shat my pants when he gave cena the f5. best. raw. ever.

      • Chopper


  • Prprince

    Wow I really had a feeling…
    I feel that Brock maybe a regular on raw
    I think rock should face Brock since rock lost the title to him at summer slam 2002

  • Joey

    The Best Raw I've watched in a long time! The Show was great and the crowd was on fire the whole night! A-Train returns under a new name ( which i'm interested ) The Rocks opens the show! We will see how his comments of one day having the WWE Championship again will fan out! AND of course Brock coming out was the best part! The Crowd went nuts! Its been sometime since i've jumped up out of bed when someone returns! Awesome Show! Too Bad for all those people that said they wouldn't ever watch Raw/WWE again after WrestleMania last night! There were quite a few of those people!

    • Da KiDD

      F*ck those people who said that!

      • Joey

        i agree with you lol

  • Joe

    Cena and Brock? I say Brock vs Rock – or even Taker vs Brock again would be awesome !

    • Tomas

      Taker and Brock had some really good matches!

  • Sam The Man

    Holly $h!7!!! Got goose bump!

  • That was one of the hottest non PPV crowds ever. They made Brock's return even bigger with their reactions and chants.

  • Alejandro

    Him giving the F5 to Cena was a huge mark out moment. Looking forward to seeing more of Lesnar back in WWE.

  • Whammaster

    far be it from me to actually protect cena.

    But why? why essentially bury the face of the company again? that is if Cena jobs out to Lesner like he did with the Rock ….

    • ryder

      In my opinion I really dont even think Cena is jobbing I think anyone on the roster would love to be in Cena's shoes and face top stars like Brock and The Rock and have some memorable moments/matches

      • Mark

        Not to mention these guys were the stars that paved the way for guys like Cena. These are the moments people will remember forever and Cena is just as much a part of that as The Rock and Lesnar

    • seakc87

      It was made pretty evident when the crowd booed him for not lashing out at the fans

  • stoney

    here come the pain

  • Mike

    I figured he’d come back soon enough, but I still marked like a bastard when his music hit. I’m going to mania next year, Cena vs Lesnar would be awesome to see. I don’t wanna speak too soon, but as of tonight it looks like the good WWE is back. I’m loving this right now.

  • Alex

    The crowd knew it too. Anyone else hear the Brock Lesnar chants about a minute before he came out? Cena's face clearly said he was trying to avoid responding to that chant lol.

    • TheVoid

      I thought they were saying "We want Rock"… then Brock came out and F-5ed him. I had to YouTube it and watch it again cause it was awesome… and I realized the crowd was saying "We want Brock"

  • Bill

    I totally jumped out of my seat when lesner’s music hit. Freakin awesome!!!!!

  • McCoy

    Am I the only one that feels that Brock looks horrible I guess he is off the juice or just haven’t been working out

    • outkazt09

      I hope you know he almost died twice right?

      • HATER

        Just cause he almost died doesnt mean he didnt look a little soggy all around but i still marked out when he did the F5 on Cena

    • Bault16

      Yeah he looked suuppeerr tiny lol

    • Wwe4L76

      Agree. Of the juice

  • LeBron James

    So is Brock back full time or just for Wrestlemania?
    Give us loyal fans the scoop Richard! C'mon now.

    • ryder

      I think he signed a one year deal with WWE and has a light schedule as well so I'm guessing we will be seeing a lot more of Lesnar up until Wrestlemania

    • Bryan

      Well, its so early to tell, Richard might not know the scoop at this point.

      • Ben

        I’m watching live raw in London on 16th praying he is there!!!

  • Joe

    Brock is only back part time he even said in an interview that he didn’t like traveling every week but still what If hes leaving a statement tonight cena next week punk

  • Mike L

    Cena gets buried two nights in a row! Cena=Lesnar’s B!7ch!

  • James

    cm punk v lesnar. I can't wait to see that match

  • mathew30

    im going to guess that hes not back full time due to the fact he hates full time travellign as a passion, plus just like the dead man and hhh, if they want him to be in top shape without injruies since it may be the fact hes only there for 1 year. then it could be that we will only see him for a few months, then goes away for a bit, then comes back etc

  • H.M.

    Wow this show was ****ing EPIC. Only JR on commentary could have made it better! I mean everything worked to near-perfection.

    Lord Tensai was a bad***, the Rock left us on an intriguing note and was awesome to see, Y2J actually made me want to punch him for what he did to Punk, Henry actually looked strong and the end result of the title match looked realistic, Laurainitis seems like he'll have an interesting reign on Raw, Del Rio returned, and the crowd was just insane – the 'YES' chants had me marking out and the 'SI' chants had me rolling on the floor! And Clay was hella over and it looks like he'll start becoming relevant again – his dance with Santino was priceless!

    AND HELL YES, HERE COMES THE PAAAIIIIN, LESNAR IS BACK. So hard to contain my inner fangirl when it happened though XD

    I am stoked; this post-WM Raw was just off the damn charts and was easily the best I've seen in months, if not years.

    The crowd made it 10x better. Darn this Raw felt like it was 1999 all over again. Only Cena's bland *** promo ruined an otherwise amazing show, but Lesnar more then made up for it. I can go on and on…hyped.

  • Brian

    Brock vs Cena =boring…if he cant beat Rock, then he can’t beat Brock. Hope this turns into Brock vs Rock…and yes, Brock looks out of shape vs the pics on the Titan Tron. Hope he hits the gym hard core!

  • Somehow I knew it was coming, I stayed up till stupid o'clock to watch it and at the age of 31 and at 4am in the morning I was jumping on the Sofa when he F5'd the shit out of Cena. Was a great RAW……

  • Cena Sucks

    Cena’s lady parts got scrambled!!

  • Logan_Walker

    In Your Prem Content i Fully Agree with all the names that you gave out…

    and i think that only the first one is the best option for him …. no the other two

  • DoJo

    Brock did look a bit out of shape & am surprised seeing as he has been busy with his MMA career………. BUT he is still a friggin’ monster lol I doubt he will be back full time seeing as he HATES the schedule but he could have a one year deal which gives him time off the road, use of the company jet & a HUGE pay packet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @commishg19

    SumerSlam YES! YES! YES!

  • sami

    Happy to see lesnar back! Happy to see an F5 to CENA! 😀 … the only question that remains is although as you put it about cena and lesner for next years wrestlemania… I thought Taker was to face lesnar at wrestlemania?

  • Ricky Valdez

    Cena has been there done that when it comes to lesnar, and that was lesnar at his best back then, this is not lesnar at his best right now.

  • Dexter

    Cena V Lesnar V Rock Wrestlemania 29?

    • LLL

      Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • Joe

    Rock vs Brock wm 29 special guest referee John cena

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Cena vs. Lesnar @ Wrestlemania 29 in "Snoopy's House" (aka MetLife Giants Stadium)? Hellsyeah!!! 'Magine that: Cena went from Rock to Brock. Talk about a bad week for Cenation. LOL.

  • Kevin

    My only problem with the Brock attack on Cena was that he didn't even punch or kick him first. He just put Cena on his shoulders, and then didn't even do the F5 immediately. And Cena just laid there. I know it was scripted to happen, but they should at least make it LOOK like it was real. Cena didn't even TRY to get free. And an uninjured Cena just lying on Brock's shoulders and taking an F5 without even attempting to fight it off just doesn't work for me. Brock could have at least kicked him in the gut first.

  • Darren Poole

    What’s with all these dudes saying they marked out. What the heck does that mean anyway. It sounds a little friut booty to me. I enjoyed raw myself thought it was the best in months. I’m not marking out or on. Glad to see Rock beat Cena at wrestlemania.

  • Darren Poole

    What’s with all these dudes saying they marked out. What the heck does that mean anyway. It sounds a little friut booty to me. I enjoyed raw myself thought it was the best in months. I’m not marking out or on. Glad to see Rock beat Cena at wrestlemania.