Brock Lesnar’s New WWE Contract Good For 3 Years

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar signed a three year contract with WWE on Monday, we can now confirm. The news was actually also confirmed in a report by the Associated Press, that we mentioned earlier.

Lesnar’s deal includes a hefty downside guarantee, structured bonuses and a part-time schedule.

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  • Trapdoor

    Crap. That’s the main title pretty much ruined then. No wonder Daniel Bryan & Dolph Ziggler are happy/fine being in the IC battle. Think of all the new writers/changes/structuring for current performers, that could of been made with that money. #EatSleepBoreRepeat

  • Stupid. Just stupid. Couldn’t disagree with this move more. Brock’s run has failed and the only thing it’s been good for is an excuse to see and hear Paul Heyman’s brilliance. That they re-signed him from three years is ridiculous. The WWE title will continue to mean almost nothing, we’ll rarely see him, and Paul Heyman will make up for when we don’t. We did this already. The idea of doing more of it is mind-numbing.

    • Xavier

      I’m really hoping Reigns goes over clean on Sunday but with the news of the resign I highly doubt Vince will make the right call. Brock seems to have Vince by the balls these days

      • ClintMurphy

        no lesnar going over reigns is the right call, they can build him back up after that, make it seem like he was over confident and that is the reason he lost, Reigns is not ready I know people will disagree, but since leaving the shield the man has devolved, how can you go from working with two of the best workers and great promo guys and actually not learn anything, I want reigns to succeed but you dont stick someone that isnt ready in the main event, look at Ryback, let Reigns evolve in his own way, dont force him, all its gonna do is annoy people

        • Xavier

          I disagree 100%. Reigns is getting better everyweek. There’s no long term value in putting Brock over Reigns.

          • ClintMurphy

            only because he has had the right people, bryan and heyman can make anyone look good but before that his work with show sucked and that showed me he wasnt ready

  • Mike McCarthy

    Lesnar’s gonna bankrupt this company LMAO. Hopefully we’ll get to see him face different people since four of his matches in his current run have been rematches.

  • Yves Heinrich

    AT LEAST THIS TIME HE WILL HELP TALENTS ON FEUDS RATHER THAN WINNING THE TITLE AND NOT APPEARING! I hope his feud with Reigns will continue to two more PPVs after WrestleMania because it can build Reigns, people wanted him against Bryan, hopefully that will happen too, I want to see him against Cesaro and Ryback, most likely will happen. Anyway, since Lesnar signed new contract, he should start caring about the talents who he faces and help them build more!

    • David F

      Lesnar v Ambrose would be a fun feud

      • Yves Heinrich

        Since Ambrose was an actual Pro-Wrestler and almost the same size as Lesnar by height, it’s not going to be a beating like Lesnar vs. Cena was. This one is better.

  • Vin Sidious

    Honestly, what are they gonna do with this guy when he (presumably, at some point) ISN’T in the world title picture? How viable is he in a mid-card feud? If he barely appears? And if he’s booked so dominant, how much can you have him sell for anybody beneath your top 5 – 6 guys? I just don’t believe this guy moves the needle enough – or the $9.99s enough – to be worth the money.

  • Alex

    Think of all the cool matchups we’ll get to see hopefully. Lesnar VS Sheamus, VS Ryback, shoots, we might even see a CM PUNK vs Lesnar MMA style match sometimes in the future. I like this. Just remove the strap from him on Sunday.

    • TheBigKing1


  • TheBigKing1


  • D Carter

    The real question is, how much money is Lesnar making them? They can’t possibly be making more with him not there and paying him more right?

  • Michael

    i just hope he works more matches in a year. 4 matches per year is too few

  • Chris

    If he’s signed for double the dates, and is contractually banned from working Triple H or John Cena, fine. Otherwise, couldn’t care less!