Brodus Clay Answers Questions, Jake Roberts & Scott Hall Get Heat, Stephanie & Linda McMahon Together

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  • _JIM_

    What is wrong with people? We are really becoming a society of scum bags. So what if you didn’t get you t-shirt, autographed picture, or whatever yet from Jake or Scott? Is that the only reason you donated to help them out? If so you should take a long hard look in the mirror. How about taking some satisfaction from the fact that your donation has helped to turn around the life of a person, who evidentally means something to you, that was in desperate need of your help? Look at just how far these two have come since they received your donation? Not to mention that trying to get themselves into shape, while trying to maintain their sobriety is a full time job on it’s own. I just wish that people didn’t feel like they deserve something in return for giving to what amounted to a charity. Just have a little class and some patience, and I’m sure you will get whatever trinket you feel like your owed. When you get it I sure hope it makes you feel like your donation was worth it…

    • wrestlingFAN 1

      Does that give them the OK to bad mouth the people who helped them on Twitter and other social media? You should see some of the messages Scott Hall has sent to his “fans” who donated their hard earned money to help him.

    • I completely get wanting to help just to help but if they promised fans something in exchange for their donation, it’s imperative they follow-through. I personally don’t care who people give their money too, just be careful and use wisdom. However, I don’t think it makes someone a scumbag if they get upset for not getting what was promised. With that said, I’m thrilled with the progress of Jake and Scott and feel they will make this right.

  • Lindsay

    I donated toward Scott’s surgery and my perk is the documentary. The main reason I donated was because I believe DDP was/is able to help him out. The doc is obviously something that takes time since their journey is ongoing. I feel they have had sufficient communication and have nothing negative to say about any of it. There were lots of donations and lots of perks to fulfill, it all takes time and there is no reason for folks to be sending hate mail.

  • Nostaljack

    Can we not do the two- page thing anymore? Rather just have it on one page. Harder to read on phones.