Buff Bagwell's Career, Divas MITB Ladder Match?, Rey Mysterio's Latest Wellness Violation, "Firings" Of Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins

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What ended the career of Buff Bagwell so early?

Buff Bagwell suffered what was have thought to have been a career-ending injury in WCW but returned ten months later. Bagwell has been working independent dates for the last several years and prior to that had brief stints in TNA and WWE. His closest ties seem to be with Universal Championship Wrestling in Georgia but I had not heard a lot from him recently prior to the car accident.

How do you think a Divas Money in the Bank ladder match would go over with the crowd? Providing of course they get more than 5 minutes to pull it off. I for one think it would be a fun twist and would help revamp the Divas division which is sorely needed.

One thing about gimmick matches is they can quickly become overdone and lose their significance. Anyone that knows me knows I'm not a big gimmick match guy but I do think they have their place when used properly. The Money in the Bank ladder match has been one of the best gimmick matches in WWE history, producing entertaining matches where the outcome has really mattered (obviously scripted but very indicative as to who is next in line for a championship push). Based on the way WWE pushes their female talent, I would oppose a Money in the Bank ladder match for the Divas. If the company had confidence in their female workers and the Divas Championship was a competitive title with prestige and significance, my position might be different.

Rey Mysterio's suspension came as a shock being that he hasn't been wrestling. Why do the wrestlers not take the initiative to get WWE's approval towards certain medication before taking them?

We still do not have details as to what caused Rey Mysterio's second WWE Wellness violation. However, this position that the policy is a mystery and workers do not know what will cause them to fail is erroneous. The entire WWE Wellness Policy is online at this link. Not only can workers under contract get full details on the policy in a matter of seconds, it is open to all. If you have a question about which substance is banned, go here. Once a talent under contract produces a positive test they are given a chance to provide a prescription for what caused it unless it is banned outright (such as Soma and Miltown).

Were the firings of Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins part of the post-Wrestlemania cuts?

As I talked about in yesterday's WNW Premium Mailbag, the "firings" of Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins were storyline. Obviously with cuts looming these are two names everyone is wondering about, however, official releases have not been given to them as of this writing.

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  • Daniel Limass

    No offense to WWE but I'm not buying anything that is "firing" from WWE. Yes, I'm looking at you, Cena.

  • Joe O.

    I’m not saying this is a creative way to get their name recognized or pushed, but it is getting the two of them noticed. I like both of these guys and think they can put on a good show. Maybe this angle does come with a payoff such as a tag team title match or something.

  • Goat

    I think a diva MITB shouldn't happen in the near future, though eventually it could work. Personally, I'd gain the momentum of both Kharma, Beth Phoenix and a few others, but I feel that if this where to happen WWE would need to invest time into getting more Diva's who may be able to pull of a ladder match, because Kelly Kelly is so so bad.

    • Jean

      Could not agree more. I feel all the good talent such as Melina and Maryse is all gone… the diva division is a joke now.

  • urnemystic

    A bunch of models in bikinis running around trying to "wrestle" in a ladder match? thanks but no thanks.

    • search4theyeti

      Think of the WARDROBE Malfunctions!

      • urnemystic

        That is the only possible good that would come of the match.

  • Lil Wayne YMCMB

    personally i think money in the bank match should be part of TLC PPV because Technically is a ladder match.

    • WyFo

      Agreed. And there needs to be one at WrestleMania too!

  • iCareWay2much

    Nothing WWE does can be taken seriously, they change their own history regularly and shovel lies down our throats. They took my sister. Remember when Khali had a translator, then a cousin, then a brother, and they were all the same guy?

    • Jonathan

      They took your sister?!

  • Apple Jack

    Say it ain't so Rey ??

  • Whammaster

    If it was a 4 way ladder match: Kharma vs. Naty vs. Beth vs. Tamina i would watch it.

    Other then that forget it.

  • Wwe is better than tna

  • matt

    Buff could've been a huge name in WWE and WCW, but I think what held him down was his attitude

  • Zach

    I am excited for kharma but will WWE even give her the chance to have decent times for her matches ??????