Charles Robinson Nearly Cuts Off His Thumb While Setting Up WWE Ring

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WWE referee Charles Robinson nearly severed his thumb while setting up the ring for the company's live event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Friday.

Luckily for Robinson, Senior Ringside Physician Chris Amann came to the rescue and was able to stitch him up. Robinson required 6 stitches to put things back together.

Goldust must have a stronger stomach than most as he watched as the stitches were sewn.

Below are some graphic and completely inappropriate photos:

  • ken

    Why should a seasoned referee like Charles Robinson be setting up rings? WWE does treat their people like s***.

    • mabus

      When WWE came to my town for a show me and my son watched as he ( Charles Robinson ) took the ring down. A security guy kept trying to get us and some others to leave sense the show was over, but we saw about half the ring get taking down. Any way it was only Mr. Robinson who was working on it. No help for the poor guy even.

    • BlazeKing

      It’s because he’s a trained “rigger”. Not just anybody can set up a WWE ring as it has to be done properly to ensure the safety of the performers. We can’t have ropes going limp or a turnbuckle collapsing just when a guy is about to moonsault off of them.

      Lil Naitch actually has a lot of clout regardless of whatever he’s doing. If WWE trusts you to set up their ring, you’re not getting treated like s*** at all. It’s an honor to touch that ring.

  • Ashley

    How are these pics graphic? It is just blood! Glad Charles will be fine though!

    • SweetCyn

      Agreed is graphic.

      • Ashley

        Agree on that!

      • Never saw that photo before! That completely made my week!

  • That looks like an ouchies.

  • Henry

    As a nurse, I’m usually in Goldust’s position. It’s not gross, more like awesome as hell.

  • jack

    Charles robinson has always set up and took down the ring hes been doing it since he started

    • Philip Thompson

      He probably gets paid extra.

  • Brandon Roberts

    oh poor guy hopefully he’s ok