Chris Jericho On The Origin Of "The List" And "Stupid Idiot"

On a recent appearance on a local radio station, Chris Jericho talked about the "stupid idiot" catchphrase and the origin of "The List." According to Jericho, Vince McMahon himself said that only Jericho could get something over like "stupid idiot" while whenever Vince would say something like that to the crowd, they would boo him. However, Jericho has been using the term "stupid idiot" for a long time and it only started being used as a term of endearment towards his character during his most recent run.

Jericho also talked about the origin of "The List," which is something that he credits to former Ring of Honor wrestler and current WWE Creative member Jimmy Jacobs:

"Working with this guy who's a writer in the WWE named Jimmy Jacobs. He used to be a wrestler. He came up to me one day and said, 'what if we do something where you put somebody on this list?' He\s like, 'I knew this guy once who had a list of people he didn't like.' I'm like, 'oh, that sounds funny.' So I said it and it kind of got a reaction. "The whole concept of The List went through the roof. The List is more popular than 85% of the guys on the show. The List is more popular than I am! And you just never know what's going to make an impression with fans."


  • Vomkrieg

    The list reminded me of the warhammer fantasy setting where the dwarves kept a “book of grudges” for every wrong done to them.

  • Dave Barton

    Jeez, I remember being a kid in the 70s, and the go-to phrase for someone you disliked was to call them a “stupid idiot”… retrospect, that was kinda redundant. But hey, it’s what we all said.