Christian Has Surgery During Break From WWE

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I am able to confirm that Christian underwent surgery on his shoulder to take care of lingering issues since haws told he wouldn't be used much on WWE programming until after he makes a scheduled appearance at TNA Bound for Glory next month.

Many, including me, had speculated the story of Christian undergoing surgery was a cover-up put out by WWE to prevent TNA from accusing them of an act of bad faith regarding their agreement for a quick talent swap. While  some of that may be true, Christian did indeed undergo the knife.

  • PainOfDemise

    At least WWE wasn't lying and isn't being a complete douche about this whole thing. It does seem they are taking advantage of it though as best as they possibly can as far as keeping Christian "cold" before he goes to TNA.

  • Jay Riverz

    i dont know.. is it me or is it just fitting that Christian Cage just STAY in TNA? I mean, the pops he gets when he goes there is 1000 times louder than WWE. In TNA hes a legend. in WWE, hes Edge’s former tag team partner. His character blossomed there. And WWE KNOWS IT. Thats why they keep rubbing it in and sending his ass over there. Shame on u Hogan for letting VKM play these idiotic games! Hes playing u guyz! Christian Cage is A TNA guy. Pay him and bring him back!! CHRISTIAN CAGE CHRISTIAN CAGE!!

    • Trist

      The reason the pops seem louder is because the audiance is less than half the size.

      • Wwefan4ever

        The reason why Christian does go to TNA is because he wants to be paid and I doubt TNA can pay him.

        TNA is too much of a failure to sigh Christian

  • Mike Gilreath

    I thought he already appeared once, so TNA gets 2 appearances for Flair going to HOF?

  • PainOfDemise

    I thought there roster was a lot bigger than that.

    • PainOfDemise

      Did not mean to post that here.

  • Joey

    Sad that this year hasn't been the best for Christian. He's gone on 3 injury hiatus.

    • Daniel

      This isn't an injury hiatus. He's being left out cold until he fills up the WWE contract with TNA for using Ric Flair. Why not get some pain/surgery issues done if you are not going to be wrestling?

      • Joey

        But won't this surgery keep him out a little long after the TNA deal?

        • Daniel

          Took me less then 5 weeks from a minor scope surgery. More then enough time for Christian to recover from what I've been told, after he induces Sting into the TNA HoF.

          • Joey

            Oh alright. Well thanks for the info man!

  • Eric

    yea so did cena