Christian's Return, WWE's Latest Game Changer, Antonio Cesaro Buried, Lesnar Damaged?

What is the status of Christian's return?

I've refrained from questions surrounding Christian because I don't have anything new. We were told in February that Christian was medically cleared to compete. He was part of Wrestlemania Axxess in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Apparently it's a situation where WWE is trying to find the right storyline for him. Other than that, we have nothing new.

Is the WWE Performance Center a copy of WCW's Power Plant?

The WWE Performance Center is the WCW Power Plant on steroids. Having a developmental facility is nothing new and something that has been done for decades. What is new is how impressive WWE's new facility will be. The WWE Performance Center, located in Orlando, Florida, is 26,000-square-feet and will feature seven wrestling rings in addition to its own strength-and-conditioning and physical-therapy areas. Not only will the facility be used to train up and coming talent but it will be a place where injured and rehabbing stars can go to prepare for their return. The pet project of Triple H, the WWE Performance Center is truly game-changing (pun intended).

Is Antonio Cesaro being punished by Vince McMahon because of CM Punk?

There was talk a couple of weeks ago that Antonio Cesaro was being humbled because of CM Punk's strong support for him and the rumblings about him being left off the Wrestlemania lineup. I don't know how much blame can be placed on Punk as this is just the way Vince reacted. I don't understand the point in building Antonio up, only to bury him out other than a good old fashion humbling.

A year ago we were eagerly awaiting the return of Brock Lesnar. A year later, which statistic do you find more surprising: the fact that he is 1-2 or the fact that he will soon be wrestling in his fourth match, three of which will be against a fellow part-timer in Triple H? Is WWE messing up a "can't miss" in their booking of Brock Lesnar?

The multiple matches against Triple H don't bother me as bad as the fact that Brock Lesnar is 1-2 in his three matches back in WWE. Clearly, WWE doesn't care about wins and losses and they don't seem to be as damaging as they once were, however, I categorically reject the way Lesnar has been booked. My only thinking is WWE is banking on Lesnar being a must-see spectacle rather than an unstoppable monster. A lot could have been rectified had they not fed Lesnar to John Cena right out of the gate at Extreme Rules last year.

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  • Winnipeg

    Remember all the big hype when Lesnar was going to fight his first MMA match? He lost! With in seconds! And he was still all they hype his next fight.

    • Jackwagon

      Can’t say as I remember that. I remember Lesnar winning his first UFC fight against Min Soo Kim on 6/2/2007. He submitted him 1:09 of the first round. I do remember Lesnar losing his second fight to Frank Mir by submission at 1:30 of the first round.

    • Win

      Where do you get your information from? No one remembers it, because it never happened kiddo. Brock won his 1st MMA match. Who needs facts, when you have a good lie to tell, I guess.

      • Xavier

        I think he was referring to Brock’s 1st fight in UFC.

        • Win

          He clearly stated 1st MMA match.

          • Xavier

            Or perhaps he didn’t realize that Brock fought before his UFC fight with Mir. A lot of people don’t realize that he fought Min Soo Kim because it barely received any media attention. It’s an honest mistake

          • Winnipeg

            Yeah I didn’t realize. I remember a few years ago all this hype about Lesnar loosing his first match. Maybe it was his first match back or something.

  • JYD

    I really don’t think WWE cares about win/lose records much right now. Just look at how they have been booking champs over the last few months. Especially IC and US belts. To me, it seems like they are not willing to put any one superstar above the rest other than Cena. Punk beating Undertaker could have given them an equal to Cena, but they chose not to go that way.

    • Xavier

      A win over Taker still wouldn’t have put Punk on Cena’s level. If a 435 day title reign which included multiple wins over Cena isn’t enough to move Punk passed Cena then nothing will at this point.

    • tomcatjerrymouse

      The WWE has always been in the habit of sabotaging pushes when guys have the potential to take John Cena’s spot as the top guy in the company. Look at what happened with CM Punk. In his 435 day title reign he was in only one main event at ppv events besides the times he wrestled Cena.

  • jdl

    They’re squashing Caesaro because of Punk’s support for him? That is an incredibly stupid reason to “humble” someone. “Hey, the biggest heel in the company thinks you’re great and is willing to go to bat for you. So, yeah, uh, welcome to squash town.”

    • Joey

      I totally agree! And I thought Punk was someone whom’s opinion they valued????

    • Patrick

      Vince has always had that mentaily Vince wants to be the only one to take credit for someone’ s success.

  • I can’t help but wonder if Christian not yet returning to WWE TV has something to do with that missed TNA appearance he was supposed to make last year. It’s possible he may have to go appear on their programming again to make up for it before he appears on WWE TV again.

  • ohmightycat

    “The WWE Performance Center is the WCW Power Plant on steroids.”
    I think Richard may want to rephrase that sentence.

    • john

      why would richard need to rephrase it? i thought it was amusing seeing as how wcw put ALOT into there attempts and the wwe is doing A MILLION times better than they were.

      • Josh

        Steroids… Wrestling… cough*

  • King Of King$

    There is probably more to it regarding Caesaro’s then we know. After all it is a backstage move on him. They probably don’t want to push him yet. As for Lesnar, I am surprised they are using him 3 times in a row against HHH. Why not use him to elevate someone such as Ryback, Miz, Caesaro or Sheamus…?

  • I’m guessing the WWE is “humbling” Cesaro right now just to see how he handles it. If he doesn’t complain we could be looking at the next Sheamus, if does complain then we are probably looking at the next Ryder.

  • Lebron James

    Is Vince mentally challenged? That piece of crap takes bullying to an all time high! How do you humble/punish somebody for something SOMEONE ELSE said. It makes no f*cking sense! I feel bad for Cesaro, he had no power over what Punk said, it makes no sense to punish him.

  • tomcatjerrymouse

    Actually a 1-2 record isn’t bad when you’re going up against the golden boy and the COO of the company.

  • Dave L

    all this part timer talk. WWE should make a faction. LOL