CM Punk Discusses His Tattoos, WWE '12, His Gaming Habits, More

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CM Punk recently did an interview with MachinimaSports and discussed his Pepsi tattoo, his likeness in WWE '12, his gaming habits, and more. In addition, Punk hints at wanting to be on the cover of next year's WWE '13, wanting to face "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and gives advice to those who may want to become wrestlers in the future. The full interview is embedded in the video below:

  • thatguy

    sorry punk, as you said you're not a gamer but ya def does not know how game development works. Trust, you were always in the game. As the devs said the only thing they had to do last min was new song and entrance.

  • HazMatt

    and you def does not knows English language, trust

  • thatguy

    What is this reddit? downvote for a factual statement.

  • Name

    Caffeine is a drug, too. So the tat kinda fails

    • Mario

      no one ever sucked a c*** for a cup of coffee….that really is a ignorant comment and quite insulting…. oh and there is several levels of sXe