Committee Forms To Draft The Rock As Presidential Candidate In 2020

Yes, the jokes were flying around that The Rock could be president but then things started to get a bit more serious as of late. CNN even ran a poll not too long ago showing that if Rock were to run against Donald Trump today, the Great One would easily win the presidency.

Now it's starting to get even more serious.

A campaign group has been formed called Run the Rock 2020 that aims to draft The Rock to indeed run for the highest office in the land in 2020 after Trump's first term comes to an end. This campaign was started by a man from West Virginia named Kenton Tilford and it is not known what his motivation or connection to Rock is if any.

Rock did also speak in a GQ interview earlier this year, stating that it is "a real possibility" that he would run against Trump and added that he would like to see "better leadership, responsibility and 'poise' from the Oval Office."

Of note here as well is that The Rock is currently registered as neither Democratic nor Republican but rather as an Independent.


  • Rus

    America your government has actually turned into a joke and can see your future being run by actors and entertainers for a very long time. But then again I guess you always have been ever since JFK

    • Vomkrieg

      Reagan was an actor, and considered by many in the US establishment to have been a fine president.

      Dwayne Johnson at least appears to have his heart in the right place and seems like a decent human being. That’s more than can be said for many politicians in many countries.

      • JeanVice

        I think that, compared to what we’ve been dealt lately, Rocky would make a much better president. Is he the best option for the US? Absolutely not, but he certainly ranks up there in my opinion. At least with him at the head of the government, we know that he would have the people in mind and would be a humble politician.

        • Vomkrieg

          In a perfect world, your ideal US president would have come from a humbe background, done 5 years military service while young, then gone to college and studied Law and International relations, then started a business and done quite well before entering politics and doing 10+years service at different levels of government before saying “I think i might be ready for the big job”.

          Sadly, this person probably does not exist.


    Who knows…

    Maybe the “People’s President” will be the key to uniting the world. That or he’ll just give everyone the Presidential Elbow, which would be hella entertaining


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