Comparing Belcher To Benoit, WWE Titles & Prestige, CM Punk In Real Life, Worked Shoot Promo

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What are your thoughts on how the media, NFL, fans and Kansas City Chiefs are talking about the player who killed his girlfriend and then himself on Saturday? It seems unfair that the WWE was look down at so much for how they honored Chris Benoit and now the NFL is faced with the same type of tragedy and it's ok to talk about him in a positive light.

Many Kansas City Chiefs players are reacting like many of the WWE stars did when they learned of the news of Chris Benoit. The link between Jevon Belcher and Chris Benoit is that both were liked and respected by their co-workers. This has caused a lot of grief but the other side of that is the very violent crime that preceded the suicide. The one break Belcher is going to get over Benoit is that Benoit killed a child - his own child. Crimes against children are much more heinous and perceived as such by the media. I've heard from many readers clamoring over the unfair media coverage but the fact of the matter is Benoit's crimes were worse because they involved the murder of a child.

It seems like all the titles in WWE except the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship have lost the importance. It was great when there were two tag titles and every title had its own share of rivalry. Why not nowadays?

I disagree in part with this. Kane and Daniel Bryan have restored the prestige of the WWE Tag Team Championship from recent years with their current reign. WWE has made rebuilding the tag division a priority and most fans notice and respect these changes. The WWE Intercontinental Championship holds less significance [than it used too] because there are two world titles. The less titles, the more prestige the belts hold. I do, however, like the two world titles because it creates more opportunities in the top of the card that wouldn't exist if there were only one. I would not be against eliminating the United States Championship and feel WWE did the right thing by eliminating one of the women belts and the other set of tag titles. Longer reigns are also important when building prestige and there will be a big payoff to whoever beats CM Punk for the WWE Championship.

Is CM Punk such a 'jerk' in real life like he is in the WWE?

I always say the best gimmicks are real-life personalities turned up to the max. That's what you see with CM Punk and it's no surprise the gimmick has connected with the WWE audience. Punk is very outspoken and opinionated as a result has the tendency to rub people the wrong way. He's always had his fair share of detractors backstage but it hasn't stopped him from rising to the top.

What was it like backstage when CM Punk started that rant on WWE Raw last year?
Was everyone watching? Was Vince fuming?

CM Punk's worked shoot promo was approved and it was very well received by everyone backstage. This is talked about on the new CM Punk DVD that I recommend checking out for the firsthand account of the reaction. Vince McMahon wasn't fuming; he was seeing dollar signs!

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  • channesson

    Richard belcher left an infant child parent less who will grow up to find out that her dad killed her mom.. How can you say that what Benoit did was worse? It’s just as bad.. No one will ever know what Benoit had in his mind that weekend… Maybe he at first was going to let Daniel live but than he didn’t want him to see those images of his mom dead and his dad dead.. Plus Benoit had a severely damaged brain and didn’t hoot them several times which belcher did and planned to shoot her as he already had the gun with him..

    • Richard Gray

      In the court of public opinion you are never going to be able to justify the murder of a child. I understand your point but it's not going to change the perception.

      • Batman

        So you CAN justify the murder of someone else? Is that what you’re saying?

        • Richard Gray

          No let's not be ridiculous

  • ted

    benoit was also viewed as more of a pariah in society because he was a pro wrestler. the mainstream media for the most part hates pro wrestling anfd thinks that pro wrestlers are drug users, steroid users who participate in a fake circus form of entertainment.

    • Richard Gray

      This is also true.

      • channesson

        I wonder if he had drugs in his system I guess we will have to wait and see… Either way him and Benoit both deserve a place in hell for what they did..both acts are just as bad equally!!!

      • isaac

        RIchard mad respect for you taking to time to talk to your fans and answer questions keep up the good work

  • jambo masai from kenya

    Daniel bryan is a real life character turned on the volume!

    • -|AZ|-

      Daniel Bryan is a calm and composed guy… Check out some of his unscripted interviews and you'll know

  • thebops

    I understand mental illness has many forms and isn’t widely accepted as ‘real’. However… What these two guys did disgusts me and I am through making excuses for this sort of thing.

    It turns out our parents were right. ‘Life isn’t fair’. Mine sucks too, but that is no reason to kill another person. If things are that bad for you and you want to off yourself, then I disagree with your decision but go ahead. Although, there is no reason to take anyone with you.

    • Robert

      Why is that comment allowed yet my comments are never on the site? Nobody will even know what happened they could have had Roid rage or anything. Or even bipolar disorder

  • Dmendoza2

    Being a cop for 4 years I totally agree with your statement about the difference between Benoit and Belcher. Its one thing to kill and murder an adult, its totally different to kill and murder a child. Most adults that do kill a child are in protective custody in prison because if they were put in general population they wouldn’t last more than a day.

    • WhyNot?

      Not to sound too heartless, but wouldn´t putting them in with everybody else kind of solve a problem? (Given there has been a fair and correct trial beforehand of course)

  • Spike westphal

    I think Vince was mad at punk last year after his promo but then after Vince calmed down he relised that there were dollar signs in his eye balls like the old cartoons we used to watch

    • The arbiter

      What part of "the promo was approved" dont you get?

  • Viks

    When people talk about unifying the world titles they miss a very important factor that is "house shows". Having two world titles help them promote more cards with world title matches and sell more tickets. It also help the wrestler who holds the title. If there is only one title imagine the workload of the champion, he will have to defend it on both RAW, Smackdown and then the house shows of both the brands.

    • KingKongBrody

      That’s how they did it in the old days hogan, savage, backlund, hart, suck it up be a man this is this the life you pick.

  • Ray

    Yeah, I dont think we have the right to judge. A hospital in Concord, Massachusetts, claimed that the level of brain damage Benoit had can cause cognitive impairment, dementia, depression and irrational behavior and that his brain was deteriorated to that of a 80-90 year old man. That being said we were not in the hosue to see what happend, I don't think we have the right to judge. The fact of the matter is, how long did doctors let that go with out noticing?

  • Doug

    I saw CM Punk at house show in Elmira,NY when he was ECW Champion i told him he was the man and he looked at me and said I Know LOL

  • Miles

    There is a possible link between Benoit’s career and the reasons behind why he did what he did, drug abuse and getting hit on the head could have been a factor

    • Darkstalker

      So NFL players dont do drugs and/or roids? Have you looked at some of those? =) And speaking of getting hit … well … last I checked, there´s lots of hitting in football (given, there are helmets and pads, but still…)

  • Leo Devlin

    If they changed the US TITLE to the European title it would be better specially since Cesaro is holding it. Man I remember when the European title had prestige! Wow two world titles just simply ruined the business.

  • William Shatner

    CM Punk's not a jerk. Just because he speaks his mind and doesn't downplay his own abilities to make others feel better about themselves it doesn't make him a jerk. Just because he abstains from drinking/smoking/injecting poisonous chemicals for a quick high it doesn't make him a jerk. Quite the contrary. He lives his life as he chooses, speaks his mind when he wants, doesn't give in to peer pressure and do dumb-ass things like smoking or binge-drinking, and has supreme confidence in his own abilities. He is better than most, after all. Why deny that? Rather than being a jerk that's to be admired in my opinion. I've far more respect for him than I have for people who pretend to be just like everybody else.

    • John

      Alot of people who have met CM Punk will tell you otherwise. I've heard him talk in many out of character interviews, mostly on MMA shows, and he sounds like a pretty cool guy to me, however alot of people who have met him in person say he's a bit of an a$$hole to fans.

  • Brian

    I am on board for getting rid of the US Title. Plus it would be easy because it's an old WCW title.

    But if they ever added or changed a belt I wouldn't mind an "Internet Championship" kinda like the old TV Title. Works since they have shows online more now.

  • Maxx Stylez

    My understanding is that his girlfriend was pregnant, and while some do not, I see that there was a child slain. I see it as the same as Benoit. I respect the accomplishments but despise what he did

    • KCMO

      She was not pregnant, they had just had a child a few months ago

  • Jason

    you know i have been saying this for years and we hear this coming from jerry lawler himself referring to CM Punk "Respect the accomplishments of one's career, but you dont have to respect the man" therefore when people talk about chris benoit you dont have to respect him for what he's done in his personal life (even though i still feel that kevin sullivan had something to do with this to set it up as a murder-suicide which its straight fact kevin sullivan has had history with benoits wife and him and chris didnt like each other so do the math) but respect what he's done in his career best technical wrestler in history which he does deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame.

    • John

      Benoit does deserve to be recognised by the WWE in some way, however i have my doubts that it will ever happen. The vast majority of the WWE's audience these days probably don't even know who Chris Benoit is, so why would the WWE want to bring it all back up again and have to deal with all the negativity that would no doubt come with it.

      As for Benoit being the best techinal wrester of all time.. I personally disagree. Bret Hart was not only the best technical wrestler in my lifetime, but nobody told a story in the ring quite like Bret Hart.. he truly is the greatest pure wrestler there ever has been.

      • Matt

        Obviously Task Master did it!

      • The best there was

        Shawn Michaels could outperform Bret Hart every day of the week, and that was even back in the days when HBK had a lot of demons to fight. The Undertaker tells a better story every time he steps in the ring nowerdays. Dont get me wrong, Bret was good – as a package. In pure technical abilities – there are better. In pure storytelling – there are better.

  • Torben

    No life is worth more than another, even that of a child. To even compare the two is rediculous. Both crimes are as equally heinous.

  • Jitters84

    In response with the comments about the DV / Benoit.. Both are tragic.. Benoit killed his kid.. This kid has no parents.. I’m not a parent.. Just an uncle with my ex.. But I love my 3 nieces like my own.. It’s a tragedy.. Regardless.. With the cm punk.. If he’s a jerk, he’s going back to the old school matality.. His ring hear is paying homage to the late randy savage.. Who never broke character.

  • Stoney

    The WWE Championship is regaining prestige, even though it's only headlined 3 ppvs this year.