WWE Contract Updates On PAC, Sara Del Ray, Matt Taven

We've received a lot of questions about popular indy names signing WWE developmental contracts. Below is the updates:

  • PAC has completed the pre-screening process and passed his physical. He is scheduled to report to NXT Wrestling in Tampa, Florida shortly.
  • The same can be said for Sara Del Rey as she has pass her physical and is set to report to developmental in Tampa.
  • Matt Taven had a problem that prevented him from being signed thus he was let go from his contract.
  • J-Dub

    Who is PAC?

    • nefty131

      The best high flier in the business at the moment, IMO. YouTube him. Best thing u can do.

    • Y2Jay

      i said the same just youtube this guy he will be a main eventer and hopefully rather quickly his matches are ridiculous to watch

  • BigMike

    Sara Del Ray has been in ROH as late as last week

  • Mike

    I just saw PAC on YouTube for the first time my jaw is still on the ground AMAZING