Current & Upcoming WWE Storylines Revealed - Reset After Survivor Series

WWE has reset after Survivor Series and will continue some storylines, while introducing some others. We’ll give you what we know:

  • The direction of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is for Roman Reigns to chase Sheamus. The match has already been announced for next month’s WWE TLC pay-per-view.
  • For now, Dolph Ziggler and Tyler Breeze will continue their program as WWE introduces Breeze as a main roster performer.
  • The Wyatt Family will move on from their program with program with The Brothers of Destruction to feud with The Dudley Boyz.
  • Charlotte versus Paige is slated to continue as they battle over the WWE Divas Championship.
  • Speaking of title feuds, WWE is teasing The New Day vs. either The Usos or The Lucha Dragons and we’ve noted on multiple occasions it was a matter of time before The Usos got back in the hunt for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

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  • BIG M

    At least we have something to look forward to with KO vs Ambrose.

  • Zack

    The booking of The Wyatt Family is mind boggling to me. How many times can we slam on the accelerator then slam on the breaks?

  • Hani

    unfortunately, nothing is really interesting in any of the current storylines. !

    Who watch the last SM would think that Roman is the new champion, and Sheamus is the one who chase him !

    It’s really ridiculous how WWE still focusing on Roman in very exaggerated way !

  • Derek Kleinsmith

    They should have held off for The Ascension and The Dudleys. That would have made a decent story line. Now we get rehashed stories and Champs that blow a rusty trombone.

  • GuywoodThreepbrush

    Wyatts are feuding with dudleys….I think I have completely lost faith in WWE.

  • BlackLotus

    Of the six “feuds” listed, the only one that is remotely interesting is Ambrose/Owens. The other five are all likely to be lackluster and stupid beyond belief. I believe its safe to say that WWE is creatively bankrupt and has been for quite some time.

  • Michael

    Just give us The New Day vs The Usos vs The Lucha Dragons in a TLC match!

  • Eddie Edwards

    Damn. Can we actually watch the matches before being so negative?