Damien Darling Calls Tammy Sytch "An Uncontrollable, Violent Demon"

Embedded in the video below is a local news report on the recent troubles of Tammy "Sunny" Sytch including a statement by her ex-boyfriend Damien Darling:

  • Patrick Peralta

    the bails bond person was proabably promised a good time in Bed by her…… what a moron; he is…. great way to lose a job. Unless I'm wrong I don't think driving people who he does bussines with is part of his job discription.

  • Darla

    Wow really????? The bail bondsman drove her there…He must be a real ass, he should have known..This girl needs help and driving her to a place the bondsman knows she isnt supposed to be was destructive…And how about the so called ex boyfriend, he must be a real gem, Damien Selvaggio aka Damian Darling, well he is no darling and I am sure he isnt as innocent as it may seem…Yes Damien, she is an amazing person huh when? you mean when she is hooking you up with contacts for your wrestling career? No one wants a wus in the wrestling world, go back to the Big Ang show where you belong with other smut.

    • n1ck

      you fools actually defend her…the definition of mark is well within these comments

      • Darla

        No, its not about being a fool or defending her, its about caring about people with a problem….People with an addiction don't realize they have one, refuse to believe it, thus so many wrestlers, actors, etc have died…So its about knowing she has a serious alcohol problem and maybe even drugs, so what should we just say as some heartless person commented to "let her die?" Thats sick, where I come from we hope that the person would beat the addiction and come to realize that there is LIFE without the alcohol and drugs….

  • Jason

    what kinda name is "darling" anyway? was he high?