Daniel Bryan Reveals Why He Is No Longer A Vegan

Brian Soscia recently interviewed Daniel Bryan. In the interview, Bryan reveals he is no longer a vegan because he developed a soy intolerance and without it, it become impossible to get a desirable amount of protein in his diet. Bryan clarified he's not "eating loads of meat" and eats mostly eggs for protein. You can watch the interview embedded in the video below:

  • Matt

    It's nice he's worried about his health like that, meat and eggs are fantastic for you, just like most foods, in controlled amounts.

  • robert

    good Vegan isn't good for you without a load of supplements

  • jose

    He always took tons of protein supplements. Anybody who says they are an elite athlete on a pure vegan diet without massive protein supplements is lying.

    A vegan diet is fine if you don't do much more than walk around the block each day. If you want to live a strenuous life with lots of running, jumping, kicking, and punching then you need protein rich food sources — also known as meat.

  • scott seefong

    well that explains that segment

  • Christopher K.

    anyone ever notice how Vegans have the most trouble later in life…..be it a soy tolerance where they need protein or to much of this or that or not enough of this or that etc…be american peope and eat meat,live long and helthy with no such troubles at all…why give yourself body troubles by being a vegan..it is not only dumb it can kill you.

  • VegetarianA**Beater

    Clearly, none of you "meatheads" (sorry, had to go for the bad pun) are athletes. I've been a vegetarian, mostly vegan, for years & I'm also an athlete. I was a Division 1 wrestler in college & I still train to stay in shape. I'd say I'm doing just fine without meat and I don't use ANY supplements. Yes, being vegan or vegetarian can cause health issues if you don't understand how to eat properly, but with proper nutrition, either dietary choice can be very healthy. Bryan actually did eat a healthy vegan diet. He just happened to be unlucky enough to form a soy intolerance. It's no different than people becoming lactose intolerant as an adult, when they were fine as kids. Stop making ignorant statements you obviously know nothing about.