David Otunga Explains The Origins Of His Lawyer Character & His Coffee Mug, More

Chicago Focus recently conducted an interview with David Otunga, in which he discussed his time on "I Love New York," the busy schedules of both his wife and himself, and more. In the following excerpt, Otunga discusses the origins of his coffee mug prop and his lawyer character:

Hacksaw Jim Duggan has a 2X4, Triple H has a sledgehammer, but you have a coffee mug. How did that prop develop as a part of your character?

Otunga: "Funny you should mention that because I’m drinking out of it right now. The thing about the coffee mug, is that it’s really me. One day I started using it on camera and people are led to believe it’s a part of my character. But it’s really me and not just my character's role."

The gateway to the WWE for you was being a part of the group called "Nexus". Then slowly you branched out to becoming a legal counsel for many WWE wrestlers and executives. Was the lawyer role something that was always on the back burner or did you pitch this idea to the creative department?

Otunga: "That was something that I did definitely. I was kind of turning into the A-lister and Hollywood star person but I’m more of a different character. I really am a lawyer and no one else is which sets me apart from everybody else. One day I went out to cut a promo and I was supposed to talk about something else but did the lawyer thing and they loved it. So we stuck with and it felt pretty good."

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  • Matt

    I love David Otunga, such a great person, great in ring athlete. Now to get his mic skills up to par and he'll be upper card before too long

    • Xxhowie1973xx

      I agree! David Otunga has the physique and if he tweaks his in ring and mic skills he could be a main eventer. I think WWE is misusing him and many others like him.

      • Mr.Love

        You both are smoking something…… Otunga is as talented as these superstars tensai(boring), ADR (boring), Vladimir koslov(no talent and boring), great khali (boring and can’t take a move). Otunga couldn’t wrestle himself out of a paper bag, even if I put instructions on the inside of how to get out of the paper bag

        • Terra Ryzing