Dean Ambrose On A Potential CM Punk Feud; The Latest On Shaul Guerrero's Return; Trish Stratus Update

Dean Ambrose Interview

The Monitor has posted a new interview with United States Champion Dean Ambrose, who discusses his transition from fan to performer, a potential feud with CM Punk, and more. Click here to read it.

Shaul Guerrero Return

Vickie Guerrero posted the following update on the return of her daughter Shaul Guerrero:

Trish Update

Trish Stratus provided an update on her pregnancy via her Twitter account:

  • Lisa

    If Ambrose was smart he’d stay the hell away from CM Punk. Look what has become of guys like Ryback & Axel. Thise guys feuded with Punk and get completely buried by him. Punk wears Cesaro’s shirt and Cesaro hasn’t been doing much of anything lately. Working with Punk is a career killer for young up and comers. I’d hate to see Ambrose become a victim of that

    • smark calloway

      i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. to guys in the business it is about the dollars and cents..they need to make as much money as possible , they dont get a retirement fund , remember that.. im sure that guys like ryback and axel loved working with punk and all the money they got from working a program with him , a top guy high up on the card..especially ryback who worked a main event match with him …ambrose knows he would make big money in a feud with punk , im sure he would not turn down an opportunity to make money

  • jack whittle

    I really hope your joking